45 Most Play-Worthy Christmas-Themed Wooden Toys

Best Christmas-Themed Wooden Toys
Best Christmas-Themed Wooden Toys

With Black Friday right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to think about holiday toys for the little ones.

I found lots of Christmas toy shopping guides in general — but not one featuring the best Christmas-themed wooden toys. So, here we are!

Get ready for wooden toy Christmas trees, Santa Claus, snowmen, nativity scenes, and a whole lot more!

Most Christmas decorations and ornaments are nice to look at — but aren’t very kid-friendly. So in this list, I’ve focused on “playability” — wooden toys that make hands-on play into a new holiday tradition.

I hope you find something you love, and have yourself a Very Merry Christmas — full of memories, joy, laughter, and PLAY!

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Christmas Tree Wooden Toys

1. Christmas Tree Toddler Sensory Lacing Toy by Education Wooden Toys – The most visually-appetizing Christmas tree toy I’ve ever seen! Your toddler will develop fine motor skills while decorating the tree with festive little candy bits.

2. Christmas Tree Montessori Pom Pom Game by Wooden Toys For You – Made with eco-materials and water-based dyes, kids will enjoy setting out patterns of adorable little pom-poms puffs onto the Christmas tree.

3. Christmas Tree Pattern Matching Activity by Wooden Toys For You – With colorful dots and stars and pattern cards to follow, this wooden Christmas tree toy is like a special puzzle to strengthen your child’s color recognition.

4. Green Baby Stacking Christmas Tree by Wood And Care – An adorable wooden stacking rings for babies and small toddlers — in the shape of a Christmas tree. Your little guy or girl will feel a sense of accomplishment when he or she gets to put the star on top!

5. Natural Baby Stacking Christmas Tree by Wood And Care – Exactly like the model we just looked at, this time unpainted and completely natural wood with an alluring pine smell!

6. Christmas Trees & Snowmen Building Blocks by The Curated Set – Building blocks in the shapes of Christmas trees and snowmen? Yes, please! This is an open-ended toy toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners can all enjoy.

7. Christmas Tree Kids Puzzle by Berkshire Bowls – Unlike fast-fashion plastic kids toys, Berkshire Bowls’ wooden puzzles are eco-friendly, sturdy, colorful, fun, and made to last. In the shape of a Christmas tree, this one makes for the perfect Christmas gift your kiddo will love year after year.

8. Abstract Christmas Tree Puzzle by Cozy Eco Planet – Blurring the lines between toy and art, I absolutely love the blob-shaped abstract puzzle pieces that make up this Christmas tree.

9. Natural Eco-Friendly Christmas Tree Puzzle by Ecopuzzle – Known for their environmentally-conscious and toddler-friendly toys, Ecopuzzle even lets you choose whether to order with or without a natural edible linseed oil finish.

10. Natural Christmas Tree Stacker by Global Gumnuts – Made out of pine and finished with natural beeswax, this is another wooden stacking toy for an all-natural Christmas.

11. Christmas Tree Stacking Blocks by Piron Design – Photographed in green, but this independent wooden toy maker lets you choose which color to stain your wooden Christmas tree: green, brown, purple, blue, turquoise, red — or even rainbow! That’s a great way to add some color to your kid’s Christmas festivities.

12. White Minimalist Christmas Tree Stacker by Piron Design – Yes, it’s a Christmas tree stacking toy, but it’s designed so minimal that it could pass for a stylish home decoration. The white variation has quaint little X-mas details painted on, like snowflakes, ornaments, and (I think that’s) mistletoe!

Piron Design Brand Olive Minimalist Wood Christmas Tree Stacker
Credit: Piron Design on Etsy

13. Olive Minimalist Christmas Tree Stacker by Piron Design – Just like the toy we just looked at, but this ones got its own tasteful cascading olive color palette, without the hand-painted detail.

14. Traditional Christmas Tree Puzzle by Wooden Caterpillar – A beautiful traditional wooden Christmas tree toy, with one surprising detail — each of the cute little ornaments are an individual puzzle piece!

Christmas-Themed Wooden Games & Activities

15. Christmas-Themed Sling Shot Toy by A Little Lark – Until I saw this, giving a slingshot as a Christmas gift had never crossed my mind! A Little Lark’s offers classic wooden slingshot toys in various color schemes. You can even mix-and-match the slingshot color with the color of the felt balls when you order.

16. Children’s Classic Wooden Sled by VISPRONET – When I was a kid, sledding was one of my favorite parts of Christmas break! Even though it’s the only outdoor toy on this list, when I saw this classic pull-along wooden sled, I just had to add it.

17. Christmas Blocks Memory Matching Game by Everwood Friends – With twenty-four engraved maple wood blocks, this is the perfect gift to celebrate the season and teach about Christmas traditions — all while practicing memory and reading skills.

18. “Winter in a Box” Montessori Play Set by Cats Crafts Toys – A simple Montessori-inspired stocking stuffer with classic Christmas shapes, like a snowflake, snowman, Christmas tree and star — all in an all-purpose round wooden container.

19. Christmas-Themed Memory Game by Little Dance – This memory game is a wonderful way to pass the time during this holiday season. These round wooden tiles are beautifully illustrated with your favorite Christmas-time imagery — from elves to nutcrackers and Christmas puppies to gingerbread houses.

20. Nativity Montessori Matching Game by The Buttercup House – It’s nice to see a memory game that’s all about remembering the reason we celebrate Christmas in the first place. This particular set can even be custom-engraved with your child’s name on the back of the wooden tiles.

21. Christmas-Themed Montessori Matching Game by The Buttercup House – Another personalize-able wooden memory game — this time with universal Christmas symbols like Christmas bells, mistletoe, Rudolph the reindeer, and more.

22. Paintable Christmas-Themed Cut-Out Set by The Confetti Home – Even you’re not that crafty, this set comes with everything you and your little one need to create your own homemade Christmas crafts. The set includes kid-sized wooden cut-outs in all sorts of Christmas shapes: Santa with his sack, a mug of hot chocolate, a stuffed stocking, a Christmas wreath, and more.

23. Paintable Christmas Ornaments Set by The Confetti Home – The same indoor activity we just looked at — this time as a series of wooden Christmas ornaments with little loops at the top, so you can hang them on the tree after their dry.

24. Paintable Gingerbread & Christmas Candy Cut-Out Set by The Confetti Home – Another all-in-one paintable Christmas craft set — with snowflakes, candy canes, gingerbread people, and a gingerbread house.

Santa Claus, Snowmen & More: Christmas Character Wooden Toys

25. Toddlers Snowman Mini Bowling Set by Shop Sunshine And Pine – Whether your family is into bowling or not, this adorable toddler-sized Christmas bowling set is the perfect indoor activity when it’s cold outside.

26. Santa Claus Gift Delivery Figurine by Toys Wooden Gifts – Santa’s expression on this toy makes me chuckle! As an adult, I have great empathy for how hard it must be to deliver toys to kids all around the world. The gifts and tree in this set are little wooden blocks, so your kid can give jolly old Santa the helping hand he deserves.

27. Santa’s Sleigh & Reindeer Waldorf Figurines by Vulps Toys – A Waldorf-style figurine set with noble Saint Nick and his trusty reindeer companion that lets your child play out the night before Christmas to the limits of his or her imagination.

28. Rainbow Snowmen Color Matching Play Set by The Curated Set – What better way to make your winter less chilly and more cheery than with these rainbow snowmen ready for open-ended playtime? In addition to color-matching and block-stacking, your kiddo can direct their very own winter wonderland story!

29. Snowman Pattern Matching Activity by Wooden Toys For You – A snowman-shaped frame with colorful dots and pattern cards to follow. It’s a special wintertime puzzle that will strengthen your child’s color recognition.

30. Toddlers Christmas Angel Puzzle by Oxemize – Made from natural solid birch wood and covered with non-toxic child-safe paints, this wooden angel puzzle is as pure as an angel up in heaven.

31. Toddlers Snowman Puzzle by Oxemize – From the same toymaker as the angel we just looked at, this is one wooden puzzle that’ll enable your kids to build their first-ever indoor snowman. Even better? It won’t melt all over the carpet!

Nativity Scene & Advent Calendar Wooden Toys

32. Baby-Friendly Nativity Block Set by Almond Rod Toys – An open-ended fully-featured nativity set with artwork on both sides of the wooden blocks. The set includes Mother Mary, Father Joseph, (of course) the little baby Jesus — the entire cast of other animals and visitors paying their honors.

33. Minimal Montessori Nativity Set by Loving Wood Com – Simple in design and excellent grade quality, this minimal wooden nativity set will help teach your little ones about the story of Jesus’ birth — and looks great in your home too!

34. Waldorf Figures Nativity Scene by Mikheev Manufactory – A classic-style complete fourteen-piece nativity set with wooden Waldorf-inspired figures including the three Wisemen bearing gifts and some humble stable animals.

35. Advent Calendar Waldorf Figurine Set by Vulps Toys – When you think of an advent calendar, a board of dates you hang on the wall usually comes to mind. The creative woodworkers at Vulps Toys flipped that idea on its head and came up with this hand-on, immersive, and open-ended wooden Advent Calendar play set to countdown the days.

36. Personalized Advent Calendar Countdown Box by DUSTandTHINGS – Personalized with your kid’s name engraved on the casing, this wooden Advent Calendar is like a little suitcase with tiny little Christmas surprises every day leading up to the grande-finale on Christmas Day.

Reindeer, Penguins & Polar Bears: Christmas Animal Wooden Toys

37. Penguin Figurine Play Set by All About Kids Store – A beautiful handcrafted, handpainted set of Waldorf-style wooden penguin figurines and ice blocks.

38. Natural Penguin Waldorf Figurines by Tiny Fox Hole – An hand-carved family of three penguins with mommy, daddy, and little baby. Unpainted and finished with all-natural linseed oil, this makes a perfect gift for an environment-loving new family of three.

39. Natural Polar Bear Waldorf Figurines by Tiny Fox Hole – From the same family-run toy shop as the penguins we just looked at — this sets the same idea for a polar bear family of four.

40. Polar Bear Waldorf Play Set by Toys Wooden Gifts – A fun family of three painted wooden polar bear figures. This set’s got a school of tasty fish for the bears to feast on, and a chilly igloo home for a wintertime slumber.

41. Penguin Waldorf Figurine by Wooden Caterpillar – Whether the penguin’s from the south or north pole, the toymakers at Wooden Caterpillar have done a great job with this Waldorf wooden penguin figure — resembling how penguins look really in the wild.

42. Polar Bear Waldorf Figurine by Wooden Caterpillar – From the same small business as the penguin we just looked at, this one’s a life-like wooden polar bear toy.

43. Reindeer Waldorf Figurine by Wooden Caterpillar – Also from the folks down at Wooden Caterpillar, this one’s a realistic wooden reindeer figurine.

44. Arctic Polar Bear Kids Puzzle by Berkshire Bowls – A gorgeous wooden polar bear puzzle, with pieces shaped like jagged icebergs.

45. Toddlers Reindeer Puzzle by Oxemize – A majestic wooden reindeer puzzle dashing forward in the arctic climate.

Over to you!

There you have it — Christmas 2020’s best Christmas-themed wooden toys for kids and toddlers — natural, beautiful, and ready for hands-on play!

Let me know about your favorite wooden Christmas toy in the comments below!

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