Top 8 Wooden Sleds For Snowy Fun This Winter (Kids, Toddlers & Baby)

Best Wooden Snow Sled For Kids Toddlers And Baby
Best Wooden Snow Sled For Kids Toddlers And Baby

It just wouldn’t feel like wintertime without a snowy sledding adventure! From classic to modern and all types in between — here are 8 awesome wooden sleds the entire family can enjoy.

Get ready for Winter 2021-22’s best wooden kids sleds for all types of sledding — downhill, out in the woods, or right in your backyard.

From the most adorable baby pull sled, to the speedy kids’ snow hill racer, the toboggan with people piled on — you’ll discover the specific type of wooden sled that’s best for your child’s age.

You’ll learn how to pick out the right lightweight, durable, performant, size-appropriate, and eco-friendly sled for your particular winter play plans.

Let’s get sledding!

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Before The Next Fresh Snow

Nothing beats being the first one to the hill after a fresh snowfall to sled down that fresh powder! We hope you have time to learn the ins and outs of kids’ wood sleds with me later in this article…

If the weather forecast says snow next week — then you’ll be needing your new sled right away.

Here’s your fast-track to finding the best wooden kids sled in no time.

(01) Flexible Flyer Metal Runner Sled. Steel & Wood Steering Snow Slider

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Flexible Flyer Metal Runner Sled. Steel & Wood Steering Snow Slider

It comes in two sizes, a 48” inch model intended for one person and a 60” inch model that can ride tandem.

This is the stuff memories are made of!

You can steer with your hands when lying on your belly or steer with your feet when sitting on your bum.

It’s suitable for both kids and adults — but not toddlers. It’s too heavy and hard to steer for babies and toddlers under 4 years old.

One thing I don’t like is that there’s no rope. It’s ready for the thrills of downhill sledding right out of the box — but if you want to pull the sled across flat snow, you’ll need to rig up a rope yourself.

The wood is quality Northern Birch smoothed to coast across the snow plain like a dream. The steel frame and runners are ultra-durable — something your grandkids might get out to play someday.

The runners underneath are lined with a special permanent powder-coating for even less friction and faster speeds during downhill sledding.

Flexible Flyer has around since 1889 — a sled-maker you can trust.

For people who prefer saucer sleds — but want to avoid cheap plastic that’ll warp and break in a single winter — I definitely recommend Flexible Flyer durable bright red saucer sled made in the USA for better durability and better sledding performance.

(02) L.L. Bean Premium Quality Kids Wooden Pull Sled With Cushion & Rope 

See it on L.L. Bean Website

Ll Bean Premium Quality Kids Wooden Pull Sled With Cushion And Rope
Credit: L.L. Bean

When I was a kid, my dad had more than a few L.L. Bean magazines lying around.

Here’s one brand that is well known for making family-friendly outdoor gear — especially matching adult-sized and kid-sized gear and apparel. L.L. Bean’s Wooden Pull Sled With Cushion Seat is a top-quality option. 

It’s fashioned from woodcraft-quality kiln-dried Northern Hardwoods and winter-sealed to withstand melting snow. No glue here — the wooden beams, runners, and sled blades are screwed together for lifetime durability.

L.L. Bean brand’s premium children’s pull sled is as good for a long outdoor forest trek as it is for an easy-breezy frolic through the backyard.

It’s available in two sizes — small (31″ inch length) or large (40″ inch length) — so you can buy the right size for your child this winter.

Like a limousine-style tandem sled and a sled with an adult-sized wooden push handle — perfect for pushing around your baby or toddler when there’s snow on the ground.

(03) Flexible Flyer Baby & Toddler Pull Sled With Safety Side-Rails

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Designed for children ages 18 months to 4 years, the Flexible Flyer offers the ideal size for babies and toddlers. 

Flexible Flyer brand’s wooden baby toboggan is a full 29 inches long and 14 inches wide — with a low center of gravity to avoid topsy turvy tipping over. There’s a recommended maximum weight of 40 pounds here. Made with Northern Hard Rock maple wood — the design is durable for lasting baby comfort and security for years to come.

For babies who have a little trouble holding themselves up through the bumps on the snow path — the side rails add a comfortable safety barrier to keep your early-month baby upright.

It’s also small enough that it promotes toddler independence. You’re biggest little tyke can take the rope themselves and pull around their friends and siblings.

And here’s something to celebrate — this complete toddler sled solution comes fully assembled. So you can unbox and head straight for the snowy outdoors.

And for added comfort, the optional custom-fit bum-saving cushion makes sitting for an afternoon a lot more smooth-riding.

Also called the Flexible Flyer “Baby Boggan” — it’s simply ideal for new parents to tow their kids through the light fluffy snow. Flexible Flyer has a premium upgrade model BCL-40 that’s slightly larger and includes metal bars under the sled runners for added durability and protection.

(04) Color Tree Modern-Look Foldable Wooden Sled

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What you’ll notice right off the bat is the Color Tree brand’s sleek modern design.

With minimal Nordic-style parallel wood beams and wintery-blue accents — this contemporary sled looks like a perfect vacation to the snowy hills of Northern Europe.

Unlike other sleds — you’ll love that this one folds up for storage and easy portability. 

Almost every time you head out for a sled adventure, you’re going to need to pack your sled in the car. Color Tree brand’s foldable sled is best-in-class for this use case.

One thing though — some reviewers say the sled is not suitable for downhill sledding. They say the plastic adjustable pieces don’t hold up under the speed, bumps, and jumps of downhill sledding.

(05) Flexible Flyer Large Full-Family Toboggan

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Some families choose toboggan-style sleds exclusively. That’s because toboggans are made to fit up to 3 riders. If you pack in there tight — you can fit an entire troop of tots or the entire family!

With a heavy load like that, let’s give a shout-out to the person pulling the sled!

At almost two yards long, Flexible Flyer’s wooden toboggan is fit for a family of three to five. It measures a full 72 inches long and 14 inches wide with plenty of space to jump on for the ride.

If you like the toboggan style, L.L.Bean brand’s Toboggan and Cushion Set is a premium quality alternative you might consider. 

Still, top-quality costs top-dollar so if this is your first toboggan, I’d choose the Flexible Flier, since it’s low-cost and great for entry-level tobogganing — it’s all most families will ever need.

(06) Millside Industries Convertible Garden Wagon Sleigh

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Just imagine that, a kids wagon that can be used year-round — even across the snow-filled winter months of the Northern United States.

During the summer months, it’s a classic wooden wagon with wheels — Millside Industries brand is just like the Radio Flyer of sleds. It’s got that classic style you’re used to.

Then when the temperature drops and hot cocoa becomes a daily necessity — you simply replace the 4 wagon wheels with 4 sled skis.

Just like that, you’ve transformed your wooden wagon into a wintertime sleigh to traverse the icy plain.

For an extra Christmassy feel — take a look at Millside Industries, hybrid wagon and sled with a festive red carriage overtop.

(07) Excursions Wooden Foldable Dog Sled Kicksled

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If Todo the dog can ride along, then your kid can too!

This wooden dogsled is smaller-sized to fit a child — and comes with everything you need to harness up your doggie and go!

It measures 43” inches long, 18” inches wide, and has an ultra-comfortable “captain’s chair” backrest standing 32” inches tall. Toddlers can even stand upright as they take the reins and Giddy-Up Little Doggy!

With Excursions kid-size dog sleed — you’re in for a hilarious little moment when — you’d expect your doggo to pull you around, but sometimes it’s the human who ends up doing all the work. 

Just let your little one know that it builds character!

The frame is made from Solid Maple Wood, and the runners have a slick Teflon band laying right on top of the snow surface — ensuring a super smooth ride.

It folds up when not in use. For most of us who only have play-worthy snow on the ground for 2 months of the year — that’s a big plus for convenience.

Before you know it — you’ll be hopping on for a dog-pulled ride with your child!

(08) Planet Vine UA Baby & Toddler Indoor Wicker Sled

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When I was a kid, sledding was one of my favorite parts of Christmas break! Even though it’s the only outdoor toy on this list, when I saw this classic pull-along wooden sled, I just had to add it.

Plan Vine brand’s wicker and wood children’s sleigh makes wonderful living room decor during the peaceful winter months — and is durable enough to withstand mild play as an actual sleigh.

It measures 40” inches long and 20” inches wide — a great size for babies, toddlers, and preschool ages kiddos.

Made of all-natural hand-woven wicker and wood — this is an heirloom style keepsake to get out each year.

Imagine just how cute your little one will look posing inside this thing for Christmas card pictures. Definitely get your dog or cat into the photo too. Adorable!

Technically, you could take this outside after a fresh snow and ride around. It won’t be the smoothest sledding experience, and you’ll need to thoroughly dry it off after use.

“Sleds & Sleighs For A Merry Winter’s Day”

Today we looked at the best wooden sleds for kids, toddlers, and babies.

Wooden sleds are the most durable type of children’s sled — albeit not as performant for downhill speedsters as sleds made from synthetic materials.

There are tons of different kinds of wooden sleds for kids of all ages to enjoy — and adults too! 

Look for a sled that’s a good weight, made from quality materials, is the right size for your child, and fits within your budget. I hope one of the sleds we looked at today turns into your next magical sledding memory.

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