Best Mindfulness Toys — Because Positive Kids Mental Health Matters

Best Mindfulness Toys For Toddlers Kids And Family
Best Mindfulness Toys For Toddlers Kids And Family

Baby, Toddler, Child, Teen, and Adult — we could all use a little more mindfulness. So I’ve curated a collection of exceptional mindful play toys you might like in your life.

With cell phones and screens bombarding our kids more than ever — encouraging your child to start mindful practice early in life is more helpful than ever.

Mindful self-care is mainstream. The BBC even has a radio show all about taking moments to unplug, breath, and decompress.

Let’s look at the best mindful play solutions for your baby, toddler, and child.

Plus one surprise selection for mindful moms and dads.

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Take your time

To get a holistic view of the soothing world of mindful children’s toys — here are some of our favorites (plus a few for mommy and daddy):

(01) For Your Entire Mindful Family (All Ages)

Tumi Ishi (Mindfulness Desk Toys)

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Inspired from a Japanese thousand-year Zen stacking stone tradition — tumi ishi wooden balancing stones are a type of building blocks specifically made for mindful stress relief.

Blocks in general are a perfect open-ended play activity to open your child’s mind.

Rock Blocks brand’s odd-shaped blocks require more calm and care to stack. They’re designed to foster spontaneous moments of mindfulness at your office desk — or at home with your child.

Because mental health matters — both for children and adults.

As a modern version of the spiritual rock-stacking rituals practiced for generations, Rock Blocks help you achieve balance in your (and your child’s) life.

Each set boasts its own unique tranquil color scheme, so it’s no surprise they make a unique gift for the people in your life who need a moment of relaxation in their day-to-day lives.

There is no better mindfulness desk toy. You’ll look forward to that tiny 5-minutes in your day — when you get to calmly re-balance and appreciate your tumi ishi stones — peculiar and delightful!

Tumi ishi brand’s wood rocks are available in beautiful natural wood tones.

Not to mention — They’re Made In Utah, USA. We wrote a full review of the best building blocks made in USA where you can learn more.

(02) Mindfulness Toys For Kids

Kids Finger Labyrinth (Kids Meditation Toys)

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You’ll find an amazing selection of kids’ mindfulness toys made from natural materials that support positive mental health.

Straight to the mindfulness guru’s best-kept secret — wooden finger labyrinths help kids calm and center themselves.

Some kids’ labyrinths are designed as a marble maze — others are designed specifically for meditative relaxation. Labyrinths encourage your little one to slow down and be more mindful of the moment.

Tracking your finger slowly around and around enabled deep focus and helps kids reach a peaceful inner state.

Wooden Contraptions brand offers a set of two child-sized finger labyrinths made from premium quality walnut and alder woods.

Agactanya brand adds a primary color scheme with their Montessori finger labyrinths in red, green, and blue.

Shalinindia is an Indian import offering a budget-friendly option — a wooden marble maze labyrinth that’s also finger-friendly.

(03) Mindful Play Toys For Toddlers

Worry Stones & Bubble Fidget Toys (Mindful Fidget Toys)

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Your toddler might have their favorite blanky or stuffed animal they look to when they’re feeling a little insecure.

Mindful Kin brand’s worry stones are an emotional grounding tool for kids feeling anxious, upset, or insecure.

It’s like a mastermind toys alternative — a little bit more focused on children’s mindfulness and emotional resilience.

These delightful pastel-colored worry stones are age-appropriate for 3 years and up.

Another option is kids’ fidget toys.

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Popular in 2021 — bubble fidget sensory toys help toddlers and kids with stress relief. Made of silicone, it’s like a chunky child-sized bubble wrap — pop and re-pop to your heart’s content.

So satisfying!

This silicone toddler stress reliever is available in all sorts of shapes and colors — even rainbow!

Regarding materials, it’s true that fimo clay and silicone are not as natural as wood.

I recognize they’re not as eco-friendly as most toys I recommend — but in this case, your toddler’s mental health is our main focus.

(04) Calming Sensory Toys For Baby

Wooden Baby Gym & Wooden Beads Sensory Teether (Mindful Baby Sensory Toys)

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Before you hand your baby an iPhone or iPad, remember boredom and quiet time are good for your baby.

Without a screen to entertain your baby, stimulate your baby’s senses — your baby has quiet time to explore their imagination and become in-tune with their surroundings.

Getting bored spurs all kinds of creating thinking, and raises kids that create more than they consume.

For babies, simple sensory toys will do.

Wooden baby gyms may sound like a workout — but they actually deeply support baby mindfulness.

Little Dove brand’s foldable wooden baby frame includes adorable wooden beaded danglers — some soft to the touch, and even one that makes sounds.

When your baby isn’t actively handling the baby beads — they’ll be peacefully laying on their back in a perfectly peaceful position.

Not a sound in the room, so your baby will learn to play imaginatively with the toys above — full of positive energy.

Another option is a mindful baby teether.

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Manhattan Toy brand’s classic large wooden baby beads and clutching toy.

What’s most unique about this multi-sensory teether is how the wooden spheres are interconnected via durable elastic.

So it’s like a cluster of grapes your baby can press flat or squish together. The grapes will always go back to their original shape.

Exploring colors (baby-safe water-based finish) and grasping into elasticity — here’s a teether that promotes sensory awareness on a much broader range than a simple solid wood teether.

(05) For Mindful Mommies & Daddies

Interconnected Wooden Spheres (Mindfulness Desk Toy)

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Honestly, I thought about my own dad when I discovered this incredibly unique toy.

The PLAYABLE ART Ball looks like is a cluster of wooden spheres you can shape and mold into countless fascinating shapes.

Available in primary rainbow colors, pastel rainbow colors, or all-natural wood — this toy is truly a work of art.

Intriguing for ages 3 to 99 — it’s perfect for toddlers and up. Grandma and Grandpa would love to have a try at Christmas. It makes a tasteful and mindful office companion at work too.

Love yourself and have a wonderful smiling day!

To make mindfulness a part of your child’s life — start early by providing opportunities for mindful play activities.

With more screens to occupy our children’s attention — it’s up to parents to make room for a little more mindspace.

Today, I’ve showcased a collection of kid-friendly mindfulness tools you might like in your life.

Mindfulness and the benefits of breathing become more important in a more connected world.

Babies, toddlers, children, teens, and adults alike — we could all use a little mindfulness in our lives.

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