Personalized Baby Block: What it is + Where to buy

Best Wooden Baby Block Review And Buyers Guide
Best Wooden Baby Block Review And Buyers Guide

Congrats! First time to personalize a baby block? Then there must be new baby to welcome in this world. Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Whether you’re looking for yourself or helping a friend plan their baby celebration — as a gift to proud parents, it’s so much more than a custom-engraved wooden block.

It’s a celebration of today, and a keepsake for a lifetime.

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Before We Pop The Champagne…

To get you where you need to go — allow me to make one important distinction.

This buyer’s guide is talking about a custom-engraved personalized wooden baby block. When you buy, most people just buy just one block.

Each of the wooden block’s 6 faces can be personalized with your baby’s name, birth date, other basic birth stats, and countless “special request” customizations depending on the brand you buy.

There’s another type — called “Baby Name Blocks”, “Personalized Nursery Blocks”, or just “Personalized Baby Blocks” (That’s why I needed to explain the difference. Same name, different block type.). For this type, a single block has a single letter of your child’s name — and the entire set spells your child’s entire name. I’ll make a mental note to write about those soon!

Things You Can Personalize

Each personalized baby block starts out as a blank wooden cube block. The smallest cube blocks measure 1.5” inches — and the largest 4” inches.

That means you’ve got 6 block faces ready for the complete customization!

Your baby’s name and birthday are just the beginning! To get your wooden baby block exactly the way you want it to look — here are the 12 most popular personalization options to know before you buy.

  1. Baby’s Name – Because you chose it best.
  2. Birth Date & Time – For the most special day.
  3. Birth Stats – Weight and length and birth.
  4. Color & Wood – Unfinished, stained wood or painted?
  5. Monogram Letter – For the first letter of your child’s name.
  6. Personal Note, Message, or Quote – For an extra meaningful gift.
  7. Parent’s Names – Because nothing’s more important than family.
  8. Holiday or Special Occasion – Baby showers are just the beginning.
  9. Location – Like birthplace or where you’re celebrating from.
  10. Full-Color Photo – A pixel-perfect photo of your child or family.
  11. Gift Box or Photo Holder – Gifting accessories to put the cherry on top.
  12. Ornament Hook & Ribbon – So you can hang it up anywhere (like a Christmas tree).

Of course, a personalized wooden block is not the only gift appropriate for the special occasion.

This is my little hobby — writing about wooden toys and sustainable children’s gifts. I hope you like it!

Personalized wooden name puzzles are an ultra-popular gift for baby-centered celebrations — like

You betcha — next we’ll put you front and center with the top picks for your baby’s big day!

12 Best Places To Buy A Custom Baby Block

More accurately — here’s my personal top picks for where to buy a custom wooden baby block online. Each seller offers 100% engraved, painted, stained, or printed personalization.

When you search for baby blocks online, you often face a wall of seemingly identical blocks — so I’m going to deconstruct it for you down to only the simplest and most important.

Here’s my “New Parent’s Baby Block Buyer’s Guide” — because making a good decision in no time saves you a ton of time to do more meaningful things!

Gotta love that!

(01) Glitzby — “Because You Deserve The Little Things!”

See it on Amazon

An all-star selection of over 200 different styles of baby blocks to personalize. All the different categories they list offer avenues of inspiration for special occasions where a baby block is appropriate. Such a friendly little shop — and on-point specialized for custom baby blocks!

Glitzby Custum Engraved Wooden Block For Baby Shower
Credit: Glitzby on Amazon (Also available on Etsy)

(02) Co Kind Wood — “Quality Products. Quality Relationships. Made in California.”

See it on Etsy

Maybe you’re looking for something a little more modern than Glitzby? With tiny engraved rainbows, seashells, zodiac constellations — or a whole bunch more — these blocks feel like a tasteful outdoor wedding. The various wood tones and natural stained wood hues have tons of personality. This one’s my personal favorite. Adorable!

(03) Blocks Etc — “Unique, Affordable, Personal Wooden Block Gifts For All Occasions”

See it on Etsy

With color-a-plenty, 5 sizes to choose from (2” to 4” inch), and classy monograms that reveal dark woodgrains — here’s a wooden keepsake block brand with best-in-class customization opportunities. Get a new style to add to your collection each year — and before long you’ll have a working building block set to hand down through generations.

​​(04) Smiling Tree Toys — “Wood Blocks For Families Who Love The Earth.”

See it on Etsy

Unlike all the others we’ve looked at so far — Smiling Tree Toys focuses on all kinds of playworthy high-quality all-natural hardwood toys. These particular customizable keepsake birth blocks are made from the same Maple hardwood as other toys — for heirloom quality and none of those icky chemicals. That’s peace of mind if you want your newborn to handle the block you made in their honor.

​​(05) Birchmark Designs — “Personal & Custom Wood Blocks, Keepsakes & Heirlooms.”

See it on Etsy

You’re going to love the 4 dark stains and 5 paint colors offered — each with eloquent white printed baby birthday details that’ll match with just about any white nursery decor. Your baby’s unique details will be custom-designed into stylized fonts and infographic-style visuals. And anyway — it’s nice to have some darker blocks in the mix!

(06) Craft-E-Family — “Hand-Custom-Made Natural Organic & Eco-Friendly Baby Block”

See it on Etsy

Everything a custom wooden baby block should be — and nothing it shouldn’t. Hailing from Indiana, the Craft-E-Family has been engraving baby blocks — years before the other companies we looked at even existed. With limited fonts and just one type of dark burnt wood effect — it’s a classic baby block just like the one your parents may have given you.

Cheers — to baby’s special day! Thanks for shopping with Oddblocks.

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