Best 6 Sock Puppets You Can Buy


The sock puppet — a specific type of hand puppet with a sock body. Here are the best ones + Where to buy.

Today it’s all about designer puppets made from a sock — made by professional puppet makers. (This is not an article about DIY puppets making kits.)

Here at Oddblocks, it’s all about eco-friendly early childhood development. Now a story time sock puppet fits like a glove!

Sock puppeteering is an activity for all ages. A stretchy one-size-fits-all sock means Toddlers, Kids, and even Adults can fit their hands and arms inside. Babies can play along as long as someone else is actively handling the puppet!

Why buy a “simple sock puppet” and not a “normal hand puppet”? The answer is simple. It comes down to style — you’re gonna fall in love with these eccentric sock puppet personalities.

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Best Sock Puppets 2022 (They’ll knock your socks off!)

(01) Cate & Levi Premium Reclaimed Wool Sock Puppets

Cate & Levi on Amazon

These cute-looking sock puppets are a great source for story-telling and imaginative play. Handcrafted from wool, they are lightweight enough for the little hands to perform finger play conveniently. Being eco-friendly is another plus point for these miniatures as they can be machine-washed again and again. 

(02) Puppetude Cotton & Wool Felt Animal Sock Puppets

Puppetude on Etsy

These originally designed animal puppets made from socks are so amusing to grasp the attention of young children. The best thing is that you can move their mouth open wide as they are cut and sewn for being the perfect talking puppets. Material is safe and comfortable enough with hand-dyed cotton sock base, felted wool, and plastic snaps (produced for baby clothing) sewn (not glued).

(03) SockRider Felt & Knit Funky Friend Sock Puppets

SockRider on Etsy

If you are looking for a custom design with perfection and high quality, then these puppets are definitely great to buy. You can’t help but grab on to these customized puppets with googly eyes, pompoms, yarn, and the felt material.

(04) Pennington Bear Company The Original Sock Monkey

Pennington Bear Company on Amazon

Technically it’s not a ‘sock puppet’ because you can’t put your hand inside, but it’s the world’s most popular plush toy made with a sock. Let’s take a closer look.

This cute monkey will make you fall in love with it at first glimpse. This popular sock toy is knitted in soft plush material for a soft touch. Its length (approximately 20 inches) is reasonable enough to make it fun to hug this cute knitted monkey. Your child will develop a sense of love, care, and affection by hugging and carrying it while a long drive, at bedtime, or anywhere during shopping time.

(05) La Sol Imports Bright Striped Sock Animal Puppets

La Sol Imports on Amazon

Crafted with great attention to detail, they have the moveable mouth to engage the child even more in verbal communication. Made with fine cotton fabric and polyester, they are perfectly sized for the children’s hands and are so engaging to keep the children away from the screen time.

(06) Boobalach Fuzzy Stretch Sock Puppets (Primary & Pastel Colors)

Boobalach on Etsy

Boobalach sock puppets are made in Israel — because when it’s love at first sight, love only grows stronger with distance. Made with a super-elastic type of sock, these amazing fuzzy sock puppets stretch to match hands and arms of all sizes.

What’s so great about a sock puppet? (You’ll love them)

  • They make great toys for all ages. They can be used to play pretend games along, with other children, or with adults leading a story circle. They fit both the adult’s and child’s hands.
  • Visually entertaining and attention grabbing for kids. They look so lively, bright, and colorful that children can’t resist wearing them at first sight. Lucky you — they teach hand-eye coordination (​​motor skills), and self-expression (language, vocabulary) , and communication skills (verbal, emotional).
  • They’re an excellent visual aid and teaching resource for school teachers, daycare caregivers, and homeschoolers. (Remote teacher ready too — like you’ve never seen a puppet on YouTube before?!) Wiggly eyes and hilarious gestures really get the kids’ to follow along.
  • ECD-recommended for all types of people and places. You’d be surprised how many different types of professionals use puppets to get the point across with their clients. Parents, Educators, Pediatricians, Speech Therapists, Library Book Readers, Theater Drama Coaches — bonafide helpful! 
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