Best Thanksgiving-Themed Wooden Toys For Kids

Best Thanksgiving-Themed Wooden Toys
Best Thanksgiving-Themed Wooden Toys

Shopping for Thanksgiving toys is tough!

Compared to other holidays, like Halloween and Christmas, there are far fewer toys made for Thanksgiving — and that’s probably a good thing.

After all, Thanksgiving is all about being grateful for what you already have.

Give thanks not just on Thanksgiving Day, but every day of your life. Appreciate and never take for granted all that you have.

– Catherine Pulsifer

(I’m thankful you decided to visit Oddblocks today, by the way!)

With a little bit of imagination, lots of toys fit right into your Thanksgiving festivities. Here’s a collection of my best ideas for Thanksgiving-themed wooden toys. (Wooden toys are my favorite kind.)

Even better? Most are appropriate for the entire autumn season, so they won’t be collecting dust in the attic for 51 weeks out of the year.

Let’s get cooking!

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Best Wooden Toys For Thanksgiving

Native American Themed Wooden Toys

Children’s Native American Inspired Teepees

Pilgrim-Style Wooden Building Log Toys

Thanksgiving Themed Wooden Toys

Vegetable Harvest Wooden Toys For Toddlers

Football Themed Wooden Toys

Thanksgiving Themed Wooden Teether Toys For Babies

Native American Themed Wooden Toys

With all the good eats and treats around the Thanksgiving holiday, sometimes we’ll forget where the holiday came from. Here are a few Native American wooden toys to remember why we celebrate Thanksgiving in the first place.

Native American Wooden Peg Dolls

Native Americans Pilgrims Family Wooden Peg Doll Set

Native Americans & Pilgrims Family Peg Doll Set by ToysWoodenGifts

A 12-piece of two peg doll families — one Native American and one fresh off the boat from England. The Pilgrims discovered a whole new world of Native American heritage when they first landed in America, and this set comes complete with a teepee, a canoe, and a totem pole, a fire pit, and a fish. The family business at Toys Wooden Gifts Shop knows a thing or two about the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

Native Americans Tribal Family Peg Doll Set By Toys Wooden Gifts

Native Americans Tribal Family Peg Doll Set by ToysWoodenGifts

This 8-piece set is just like the first Thanksgiving peg doll set we looked at — minus the Pilgrims. A perfect set to celebrate Native American tradition year-round.

Children’s Native-American Inspired Teepees

Turn pretend play into a meaningful American history lesson with life-size teepees. Your kids can set it up, crawl inside, and play Native American themed games. With wooden rods and natural canvas, these children’s teepees make a very imaginative gift for toddlers all the way through to early elementary.

Natural Wood Kids Teepee Tents By Minicamp Brand

Natural Wood Kids Teepee Tents by MINICAMP

The MINICAMP brand offers some of the most beautiful kids teepees available. 100% handmade and inspired by both Native American and Nordic roots, each teepee has its own unique, minimal, and natural look.

Hand Printed Children Wooden Play Tents By Cocoon Brand

Hand Printed Children’s Play Tents by Cocoon

The Cocoon brand offers high-quality children’s teepees made from natural materials and 100% cotton canvas. They’ve got a bit more outdoorsy look than MINICAMP’s selection, with bolder-colored and uniquely printed canvas. Definitely worth a gander!

Native American Printed Teepee Payhouses By Poco Divo Brand

Native American Printed Teepee Playhouses by POCO DIVO

The POCO DIVO brand makes a series of play teepees with traditional Native American style printed fabric. For a budget-friendly alternative to the first two handmade kids teepees we looked at, these are a great place to start.

Pilgrim Style Wooden Building Log Toys

Even though when you think about the pilgrim’s living standards, eloquent colonial architecture comes to mind — you better believe most of our American forefathers were roughing it in log cabins built by their own bare hands. As your kids build their own Plymouth Colony, it’s a hands-on history lesson perfect around Thanksgiving time.

Oak Creek Lodge Wooden Building Logs Lincoln Logs Set

Oak Creek Lodge Wood Logs Building Set by Lincoln Logs

This 137-piece set comes with everything your kid needs to build a one-room homestead, plus an outhouse for historical accuracy. Made of maple wood, Lincoln Logs are a classic American wooden toy with educational benefits, like eye-hand coordination, spatial reasoning, and problem-solving.

Log Cabin Village Wood Logs Building Set By Lincoln Logs Brand

Collector’s Edition Log Cabin Village Wood Logs Building Set by Lincoln Logs

When the Pilgrims settled in the east coast, they picked a suitable location, chopped down some timber, and built their new homes from the ground up. This 327-piece wooden building logs set comes fully equipped to build a settlement big enough for everyone on the Mayflower.

Thanksgiving Themed Wooden Toys

When holidays like Easter, Halloween, and Christmas roll around, it seems the supermarket is packed full of dedicated seasonal toys. But for Thanksgiving, there are just a select few. Here’s my handpicked collection of wooden Thanksgiving toys for your family to enjoy this year.

Thanksgiving Wooden Puzzles & Stackers

Both appealing to the eye and fit for children’s play, these next holiday picks are where the line between Thanksgiving home decorations and play toys blurs. They’re beautiful, festive, and simply the best Thanksgiving wooden toys of the season!

Childrens Wooden Turkey Puzzle By Birkshire Bowls Brand

Children’s Turkey Wooden Puzzle by Birkshire Bowls

Gobble gobble! What would Thanksgiving be without a turkey? This rare handmade turkey-shaped wooden puzzle makes the perfect Thanksgiving day gift.

Pumpkin Wooden Stacking Toy By Skandico Toys

Pumpkin Wooden Stacking Toy by Skandico Toys

Just like the original rainbow stacker, but this one looks just like a pumpkin. It’s even got that adorable stem piece on top. Wooden pumpkin toy? Yes, please! — it’s the perfect toddler play toy for Thanksgiving and the entire autumn season. I’ll have some pumpkin pie with it too, please!

Apple Wooden Stacking Toy By Skandico Toys

Apple Wooden Stacker Toy by Skandico Toys

From Skandico Toys, the same creative toy maker as the pumpkin we just looked at, but in the shape of a ripe apple. Makes me hungry for some apple pie!

Vegetable Harvest Wooden Toys For Toddlers

It’s no wonder Thanksgiving comes at the end of the fall season, as the weather gets chilly and the year’s last harvest is reaped. Gobbling up hearty foods is everyone’s favorite part of Thanksgiving day, but we’ve got to remember to be thankful for all of nature’s tasty blessings.

These wooden vegetable toys are a wonderful way to teach your child not to take for granted the bounty we enjoy in our modern lives! Carrots, potatoes, radishes, and mushrooms? Sounds like the very same veggies served at Thanksgiving dinner!

Wooden Vegetable Garden Toy Set By Plan Toys Brand

Wooden Vegetable Garden Playset by Plan Toys

This 19-piece miniature-scale wooden vegetable garden playset is made from all-natural organic recycled rubber wood, so your child will learn the importance of taking care of the environment through imaginative play.

Wooden Veggies And Tools Playset By Small Foot Brand

Wooden Veggies & Tools Toy Set by Small Foot Wooden Toys

This comprehensive wooden play set includes organic seeds, fertilizer, four kinds of vegetables, and the kid-sized gardening tools to grow some scrumptious healthy treats. Perfect for early-childhood role-play that’ll help your little ones develop a green thumb.

Football Themed Wooden Toys

For some families, Thanksgiving is all about the big game! These wooden football toys will keep your little fan entertained all the way through the fourth inning.

By the way, if you didn’t know already, here are the kick-off times for Thanksgiving 2020’s NFL schedule:

  • Texans at Lions 12:30 p.m. ET Fox
  • Redskins at Cowboys 4:30 p.m. ET CBS
  • Ravens at Steelers 8:20 p.m. ET NBC

NFL Wooden Push And Pull Toys By Masterpieces Brand

NFL Wooden Toys For Toddlers by MasterPieces

The MasterPieces brand offers a series of wooden toys in NFL team colors. If your kid’s a (future) superfan just like you, these wooden NFL toys for toddlers and babies make the perfect collectible to show your team pride!

Wooden American Football Puzzle For Kids By Birkshire Bowls

Kids’ Wooden Football Puzzle by Berkshire Bowls

This 12-piece self-standing wooden puzzle in the shape of a football. It works just as well as a play toy as it does a nursery decoration for your little football fanatic.

Thanksgiving Themed Wooden Teether Toys For Babies

If this is your bundle of joy’s first-ever Thanksgiving, congratulations on parenthood! Here are some wooden Thanksgiving baby teethers and rattles to let your little baby join in all the holiday fun.

Turkey Shaped Solid Wood Baby Teether By Little Wooden Wonders

Turkey-Shaped Solid Wood Baby Teether by Little Wooden Wonders

At just a few months old, he or she might not be ready to gobble real turkey, but here’s a turkey-shaped wooden teether he or she will enjoy just the same!

Autumn Themed Wooden Baby Teethers By Bee Kind Boutique

Autumn Wooden Teethers & Rattles by Bee Kind Boutique

For other festive autumn-colored wooden teethers, I definitely recommend the folks down at Bee Kind Boutique. Known for their handmade baby gifts, they’ve got a great selection of baby-tested, mother-approved baby toys fit for Thanksgiving and all year round.

Over to you!

Thanksgiving is one of those special times of the year when the entire family gets together. With planning, preparations, shopping, cooking, and cleaning — it’s also a time moms and dads get crazy busy.

Having some festive wooden Thanksgiving toys around will keep your kids happy and entertained. Just one less thing to worry about!

I hope you found your new favorite Thanksgiving toy. Let me know in the comments below!

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