Top 13 Toddler Backpacks + Back to School Bags (Eco-Fashionable)


For your toddler’s first ever backpack — it’s got to be eco-friendly, roughhouse-ready, and make a fierce fashion statement!

For a milestone like for first day of school — you’ll send them off with nothing more than a backpack of belongings (from Mom and Dad with love and protection).

Starting school is scary! But it’s less scary with a trendy new backpack your kiddo’s totally jived about. It fits their personality just perfectly…

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Best Backpack for Toddlers Back to Daycare or Preschool

(01) HawLander Preschool Kids Backpack with Zip Pouch and Chest Strap

This blue and green backpack is a good option for children between 2 and 3 years old. It measures 12 x 11 x 5 inches, and is made of 100% polyester. It has two zippers to open the main compartment, which can facilitate small children with the grip for opening.

The handles are padded and adjustable, plus it has a strap that closes on the chest to generate balance between the backpack, weight and movement of children. The weight of the backpack is 8.9 ounces, so it is considered lightweight, and also integrates 2 side pockets with mesh lining, to place the water bottles.

(02) Leken Ashley Design Custom Toddler Seersucker Backpack (Fabric Color + Embroidery)

This type of backpack is made of 100% handmade cotton fabric (Seersucker) and with a size of 10*7*4 inches, perfect for children from 2 to 4 years old (you could order it in a bigger size) — and it can be personalized with the name of our child and choose from a wide range of colors.

It is a monochromatic style with straight lines, which can be personalized with the child’s name and also a logo or drawing of a particular preference. I think it’s a unique style, comfortable for the child because it has a flexible zipper that fits their little hands, plus it includes a small zippered pocket on the front and a flexible side pocket for water bottles or bottles. If you are looking for a style of backpack to choose in pastel tones, which is personalized with different elements, this is a very good option.

It brings a top zipper to open it, with an easy grip for children. It also has two side pockets for storing water bottles, adjustable straps, and a small zippered external storage. If you like pastel tones, and a monochromatic style, these backpacks are ideal, and can also be used as a diaper bag.

(03) Fjallraven Kanken Mini Classic Backback for Everyday Toddler / Kids Travel

An iconic brand of backpack is the popular Fjallraven kanken. Their main advantage is that they are super light, just 0.5 pounds and their entire manufacturing material is a type of vinyl, very resistant to wear, dirt and water.

This particular model can perfectly fit for small children (between 3 to 5 years old) as its size is 11.4*7.9*5 inches.

It has a large zipper to open the backpack in half in a bidirectional way, which makes it easy to manipulate by children, it also has two side openings for small bottles, but they are not extensible. An additional advantage is that it has two integrated handles at the top, so that the child can also carry it by hand.

The handles are height adjustable, and the brand’s iconic color is the mustard version. A neutral style and design for the little ones, which can be combined with the larger version for adults and go with the little ones.

(04) Dainty Bean Bold Contemporary Pattern Tiny Packs for Toddlers

A small backpack measuring only 10*10 inches, handmade and made of fabric with vegan leather bottom. It is ideal for children from 2 years old to carry a few items to the park or daycare. It encourages responsibility for carrying their belongings and taking care of them.

Many beautiful designs are available upon request, and the most interesting feature is its magnetic snap closure system for children’s little hands. It has a top handle for hanging on coat racks and its straps are made of polyester with an adjustable system.

(05) MUNI Accessories Creative Themed Full-Face Kids Designer Backpack

MUNIshop’s backpacks are all inspired by nature, and their designs are beautiful. You can choose between animals or elements of nature for the design of the backpack. It can be ordered in two sizes: the smaller one suitable for children from 2 to 5 years old 11.4*10”, and for children from 4 to 10 years old 14*12” respectively.

They are rectangular in shape and have a single top zipper, which slides in one direction for opening. Made of cotton fabric, it is very flexible and soft to the children’s touch. It has polyester straps with adjustment system, and the lining is made of the same material. You can order it with the ears of the animal of your choice, or without them, which makes them even more fun and colorful for the little ones of the house.

(06) JanSport Half-Pint Mini Backpack (Small Backpack for Children and Adults)

This legendary brand of JanSport backpacks has a smaller version measuring 12.09 x 10.43 x 2.24 inches, which can be used for children between 5 and 8 years old, and for adults.

It is made of highly water-resistant polyester. Its zipper system is double to be able to open it in both directions, which can make it easier for children to manipulate it. Its strap adjustment system allows it to fit all sizes, and its front zipper allows storage of small toys.

The neutral color of the backpack is black, but it can be purchased in other colors. A very resistant, comfortable and high capacity option.

(07) Mini Kids Boutique Custom-Embroidered Name Cotton Pattern Backpack

If you are looking for a backpack with a rainbow design, and that allows you to personalize your child’s name, this is a lovely option. They are handmade from Turkish cotton fabric, and can be ordered in two size bands: 25*20*10cm for children between 1 and 5 years old, and 32*25*13cm for children between 6 and 12 years old. There are three kinds of design: red with rainbow, blue with rainbow, and orange with butterflies and rainbow.

It has a single zipper for opening, in one direction only and of a size that allows it to be easily handled by children. It should be noted that it does not come with side compartments for storing water bottles.

(08) White Dolphin Toys “Busy Backpack” Life Skills and Fine Motor Toddler Toy

If you like the Montessori method, this backpack is ideal for your child. It is a mix between backpack with practical life activities for children to develop fine and gross motor skills, learning numbers, learning to tie shoelaces, open and close zipper, insert buttons in its hole, among others … It has everything integrated into its exterior, and larger with an internal capacity of 8.6 x 3.9 x 11.1 inches, enough to carry personal items, recommended from 12 months of age.

It is manufactured in a plush material, and has ASTM, CPSIA, own certificates of the United States, which represents the respect of the materials for the environment, and the quality of the product towards children. The closure system is with Velcro, very easy for small children. The soft plush material can be introduced to babies from 12 months of age as a form of play, and as they get older, practice with the included activities and serve as a storage tool.

(09) Ecodudo “Pop Culture Patterns” Polyester Water-Resistant Little Kids Backpack 

For dinosaur lovers, this backpack is ideal for both boys and girls for its design in a variety of colors. It is made of polyester very resistant to use and is very light.

It integrates a strap adjustment system for back height, its straps are spongy and thick to balance the weight of the shoulders and adds the chest strap, which helps the child to balance the load and make it more comfortable to carry the backpack. The closure system is zippered, and can be opened in both directions. It has two side pockets for storing water bottles, and a small front pocket with zipper. Measuring 11.8 x 4.7 x 9 inches, this backpack is suitable for children ages 4 to 6 years old.

(10) Pink Ever After Custom Monogrammed Seersucker Pink Preschool Backpack

If you are looking for cotton backpacks with the option to personalize the baby’s name, place your initials, or put the name with fun letters, this proposal would be a good choice. In addition to being able to choose the style of the name, you can select from 5 different colors with the striped fabric background: blue, pink, gray, turquoise and purple.

It measures 12.5″ x 9.5″ x 3.5″, suitable for toddlers ages 2 to 4 years, has two rubberized side pockets for water or milk bottles, a one-way zipper and a small zippered front pocket. The straps are adjustable in height and are padded to give more comfort to children’s shoulders.

(11) Kaylan Kreationz Mini Personalized Toddler Hip Hop Fashion Backpack 

If your little one likes street style, he will love this backpack. Its design is black, classic, but you can personalize it with the name on a leather badge. The backpack is made of Oxford fabric which is a very breathable and lightweight material. Its capacity is 11 “x7.9 “x4.3” suitable for children from 3 to 6 years old due to its strap regulation system.

The opening system is by zipper, in one direction, easy to handle for small children. It has an additional front pocket with zipper and although it does not have external side pockets for water bottles, you can store them inside, because it integrates two expandable pockets.

(12) Camtop Tie Dye Pattern Backpack for Preschool and Kindergarten

Camtop on Amazon

For dreamy pastel colors in tye dye (with or without butterflies, flowers, or other traditionally feminine imagery — the kind girls, boys, or anyone today might love! Pick from over 12 special pastel and neon tye dye styles — some dark, some bright, all very attention grabbing.

The backpack itself is a great size for 3 to 8 years at 15″ x 12″ x 5″ — not uncommon for this age group. Plus, when you learn it comes with a complimentary matching lunch bag (10″ X 7″ x 4″), it makes me want to squeal for joy!

(13) BLANKSMALL “Pink or Blue Stripes” Seersucker Toddler-Sized Cotton Backpack

A cotton fabric backpack with polyester lining that has a classic blue striped design. Very neutral but pretty and with a size of 12*9,5*4 suitable for children from 2 to 5 years old.

It has a side strap adjustment system, and its opening is with one-way zipper. It includes an external zippered pocket and two side compartments with stretch mesh fabric to store water bottles. Due to its compact design and type of fabric, it can be easily washed and dries very quickly. This particular backpack does not allow the personalization of the name.

What size backpack is best for toddlers?

The backpacks for the little ones at home, we parents have a dilemma, because there are so many models, thicknesses and sizes, which in the end generates doubts in whether the chosen one will be the most appropriate and comfortable for children.

The first thing to take into account when choosing a backpack, would be the age of the child, and there is a standard with a suggestion of measure that is associated with age. For example, if our child is between 2 and 3 years old, the size of the backpack should not exceed 22-25 centimeters.

If the child is between 3 to 4 years old, the recommended size should not exceed 26-30 centimeters, and for children between 4 to 6 years old, the size would be between 31-34 centimeters.

In addition to the length of the backpack, there is a suggested width measurement, which should not exceed 15 centimeters.

The measures, although they are recommended by age, there are exceptions, since there are 4-year-old children who are taller than average, or very small 3-year-old children. Here the important thing is to have a reference and based on that, decide.

On the other hand, take into account that the backpack, when it is on the child’s back, should be placed 5 centimeters above the waist. This will ensure that the weight is equal and that the back is not curved. To ensure that it is at the correct height, it will be enough to adjust the adjustment levels, which, as a suggestion, should be padded for younger children.

Which toddler backpack fabric type is most eco-friendly?

An ecological backpack is one that in its different stages of life is respectful of the planet. In this case, they are backpacks made with recycled materials or materials that respect the environment and its subsequent degradation in the earth. Among the most common materials used to manufacture eco-friendly backpacks are canvas, synthetic leather, recycled plastic, different types of fabric, neoprene… 

If we want to choose more innovative options, backpacks are also made with apple waste fiber, banana and mango shells, fabric fibers with a combination of coffee beans and biodegradable wood pulp, among others.

The most affordable material and one with which most backpacks for children are made is recycled polyester, which is the reuse of PET bottles, transforming it into fabric, becoming a moldable, waterproof material, and with a more sustainable manufacturing.

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