Best Toddler Plant Growing Kit for Flowers, Veggies, Herbs, and Microgreens


A lesson in plant life, from seedy sprouting to flourishing foliage. It takes an extra healthy toddler to grow an extra healthy plant.

Let’s see which plant growing kits are most age-appropriate for the younger years. The world should know — with proper parental supervision on those pokey sharp tools and icky smelly soil mixtures — your toddler can grow and care for a plant responsibly.

For a safe indoor gardening experience (and less mess made in the process), try a plant growing kit specifically designed toddlers.

Plants, Flowers, Succulents, Herbs — and OUCH was that a cactus?! Let’s grow.

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(01) Green Toys “Three Plant + Pot” Indoor Gardening Kit

This gardening kit is a great way to make children explore some gardening skills indoors and outdoors and develop a love for the world of nature by taking care of it. This set has all the essentials like a cute peapod-shaped planter tray, pots, trowel, soil pods, and, three kinds of organic seeds. The zinnia, basil, and teddy bear sunflower seeds are all of the good quality to make the children watch nature at work as the seeds sprout and grow into beautiful plants. 

(02) Garden Republic Junior “Paint + Plant” Growing Kit

Combining STEM activities ripe with creativity — here’s the best gardening kit for school children interested in both art and science. The guide included in the set encourages the children for plant growth to broaden their scientific knowledge through live and hands-on experience. The stencils, acrylic paints, and the 10 weeks activity book are great to help for the reflection of this activity even later to revive this planting experience. The whole art kit is beyond superb to keep the whole family busy for a great learning experience to grow the knowledge as the plants grow. 

(03) Hortiki Plants Kids Organic Garden Kit for Toddler STEM Education

This educational fun activity kit is beneficial for building 21st-century skills for science, technology, engineering, and math development. The set comes safe and eco-friendly to make this experience simple, safe, and fun. The 14-page activity book is full of amusing activities. The crayons and drawstring backpack are a good addition for making it easier to carry all material to the backyard, garden, or any outdoor place to soak in the sun rather than being lost in screen time. Great to motivate children to harvest their own organic cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes, etc. through organic soil and seeds indoors in a sunny window all through the year. 

(04) Grow and Make “Little Gardening Greenhouse” Kids DIY Grow Garden

Having this DIY gardening kit is great to teach children real-life skills for harvesting and growing their own flowers and fresh vegetables. Plucking live vegetables from the garden — like Zucchini, Cucumber, Pumpkin, Beet, Carrot — can you just imagine!? Take them to mommy for cooking their favorite ones or pluck some blooming flowers to learn flower arrangement. The booklet included inside the kit is full of relevant planting activities and it is good enough to have all instructions for caring for plants from seed to harvest. 

(05) Raleigh Seed Co. “Naturally Fun” Animal Pot Grass Grow Kit

These ceramic pots are so adorable for adding cuteness to the backyard, and outdoor and indoor ambiance. How cute these animals look having grass grown on their heads….lolz… It’s simple and easy to use for children of all ages who don’t have any gardening experience to develop basic knowledge for hands-on experience with plants to see them sprout and grow in front of their eyes. It’s also suitable to teach children for caring of plants by watering, styling, and trimming them to style the character’s hair (which is actually grass) as it grows. Fun and learning in the same place. 

(06) Bryte Products “Paint & Grow” Fairy Garden with Real Flowers and Fairy Figures

Another superb fusion of mythical fairtytales with good old arts and crafts. Buy this kit to grow a magical flower fairy garden from start to finish and make dreams come true. Having the booklet instructions, flower seed packets, the gardening tools, paint set, chalkboard, tin flower planter, and last but not least the fairy figurines are wonderful enough to distract a child from screen time and engage in some healthy pastime. They can have a great indoor and outdoor time to paint customize, plant, and grow their own mini blooming garden. 

 (07) ​​Zestigreens “Montessori-Perfect” Microgreens Growing Tray

What’s the most convenient and stylish way to grow fresh microgreens? Having a wonderful hemp mat, and quality seeds with maximum variety, this growing kit is a real value for money for home-grown microgreens for a quick salad bowl or fresh baby veggies on hand and also for adults who prefer organic food. It needs very little effort to take care of these crops as they need no special lighting, no soil, and no daily misting. The best way to grow more nutritious and organic microgreens with your toddler indoors. You’ll breeze by those expensive greens at the grocery store every week. This makes it a great fit for a Montessori classroom for a botany lesson and care of plants. 

(08) Educational Insights Sprout & Grow Homeschool Plant Growing Science Kit

A unique and wonderful science kit for the little botanists to observe the plant growth from root to leaves just like an x-ray of the plant. This unique transparent planter is self-standing and easily portable anywhere you want. Wonder soil is wonderful for the optimum growth of beans and peas with step-by-step instructions, suggested activities, and a journal inside for helping out the little gardeners. A real helpful way for school children, homeschooling, or a Montessori classroom to familiarize the children with the whole of plant development while it sprouts develops roots and grows leaves. 

(09) Tickle Me Plant Plant Gift Box “The Only Plant That Closes Its Leaves When Tickled”

Buying this ‘Tickle Me Plant’ kit is more than exciting to have fun and interactive learning at the same time. It’s so great to familiarize the children with the wonders of nature and make them even more curious to be closer to nature. It is also good to develop care for plants and promote patience in children to wait and watch the plant grow. They feel so curious for it to grow and let them tickle it to see the magic as soon as possible. They feel so eager to discover the fun till the time comes to tickle it and it responds by folding its leaves and dropping its branches. A wonderful Get Well Soon gift has cute pinkish flowers to bring relief and peace of mind. Great to keep indoors as an open invitation for children to tickle and play as a great amusement. 

(10) Garden Outside The Box High-Yield Organic Children’s Veggie Garden Greenhouse

This high-quality mini garden kit is wonderful for hands-on learning and Science FUN! The little gardening lovers can have the finest seed collection and grow organic veggies as cute as themselves. They can enjoy their hand-grown and hand-plucked fresh veggies for their meals. It’s great learning for children to see their carrots, popcorn, snap pea, tomato, cucumber, and mini pumpkins are grown in front of them gradually. The easy-to-use Seed Starting Instruction and the Plant ID TAGS, the Kelp meal, and the wooden crate are so helpful to support the little gardeners to grow their own mini organic garden. 

(11) Dan & Darci Young Kids Flower Kit with Paint Pot and Flower Name Plaques

Nothing can be better than such a fantastic kit for the curious and active learners. With all sorts of paints, brushes, and markers to keep track of, the instruction guide and art kit keep toddlers busy and on task. They can design their planters after sowing the seeds while waiting for the sprouts to show. They can have a blast seeing their flower garden growing full of Marigold, Cosmos, and Zinnia flowers – with vibrant colors and pleasant scents A great educational gift for children to refine their gardening skills, art, and craft skills, STEM skills, and suitable for all ages for healthy activity.

(12) Window Garden “Sow Much Fun” Seed Starter + Planter with Stickers

Having this self-watering plant is so convenient to take care of as an indoor plant. You just fill the pot up to the line, keep the inner pot in the outer pot, and here the reservoir takes care of newly planted seed packets to absorb water as needed. So great! It’s completely hassle-free to keep anywhere on a windowsill or over a ledge with plenty of sunlight as it has no drainage of water onto the surface. A good source to develop curiosity and learning in children and make them observe the germination process and decorate it with pop-up stickers. Good addition for engaging children in an activity for caring for the environment and developing communication skills by having a family talk time over it.

(13) Nature Favors Personalized Nursery + Baby Shower Gift Planter Boxes 

Such an adorable cute little handy item for any celebration for friends, family, employees, and more for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays, and any similar occasion. This personalized gift-ready party favor comes with a variety of shapes for the soil disc to be presented on different occasions like the heart for wedding guests or near & dear ones, star shape for children’s birthdays, flowers for mother, X-mas Tree for Christmas, etc. Great buy for developing love and affection in a cute little way to nurture love as the plant grows.

(14) Uptown Farmer Kids Wheatgrass Light-Up Lantern Terrarium Kits (Unicorn / Dinosaur / Fairy Garden)

The perfect kit for kids when you want them to be creative and imaginative at the same time. The large range for both the boys and girls is so stimulating and engaging for STEM activities and educational play. Very suitable to polish their language skills, imaginative play, and explore nature and science is through different miniatures included inside this kit. The seeds, string lights, cute figurines, and step-by-step guide, are so helpful to make it a perfect STEM activity and a bedtime play as well.

(15) Recycled Ideas Kid-Friendly Plantable Paper Party Favors

Perfect grab for the event organizers and a thoughtful gift for multiple occasions with such a presentable appearance and packaging. The unique hang-tag to identify the seed with GROW message is such a unique idea to make it more than attractive. The plant pots and the tie-up ribbon are equally cute. Planting instructions are included inside and the hand-size crafting paper packing is superb for making it a perfect giveaway.

(16) Chia Pet Decorative Terra Cotta Chia Seed Pottery Planter

Perfect and affordable gifts for any budget to suit you for any occasion. This Chia pet grows very fast to make a lush green coating in almost two weeks. The planters are washable to keep the dirt off and you can reuse them again. The drip tray and chia seeds are really good quality. A large variety of terra cotta planters to choose from like the presidents, actors, emojis, and everyone’s favorite characters to grow their favorite ones. A great grab for young and old for a fun gardening experience and cute addition to the backyard.

(17) Decker Seeds “Hands-On Earth” Soil Pellets + Seed Tins Toddler Grower 

A good quality product with easy to grow kit for engaging the kids in a real-life experience and enhancing their gardening skills. They feel so eager to watch their live seedlings as a part of a scientific experiment. It’s equally helpful for physical activity, language development, and hand-eye coordination to make up a healthy routine for watering, marking, and labeling each pot and transplanting them when they grow up. A great holiday gift with a cute muslin bag for children and also for gardening lovers to keep themselves busy in outdoor and indoor fun.  

(18) Back to the Roots Organic Microgreens Grow Kit with 6 Edible Varieties 

To grow your own microgreens intended for consumption (you’re gonna eat them), these greens help towards better health and a heartier lifestyle. These nutritious and organic microgreens indoors are easy to grow every week and to be hand-plucked instantly rather than commercial or market purchase. A perfect gift for foodie, garden-loving, and eco-conscious friends and family with a huge range of seeds available for wheatgrass, mushrooms, chili peppers, basil, and so much more notorious and purely organic. 

(19) Beanstalk Kids White Paper Pot Variety Flower Growing Kit 

Growing a lovely flower garden was never so easy before this easy-to-use growing kit. All essentials needed for seeding, shearing, and digging, the stylish bamboo-fiber flower pots, and engraved markers are super cute to make it a great gift. Perfect for enhancing gardening skills in young and old who love to beautify indoor spaces with live plants and flowers. Very suitable for teaching children about caring for the environment, educational STEM activities, and a great family bonding activity rather than individual screen time. 

(20) Urban Sprout “Minimalist Mindset” Bonsai Tree Starter Kit + Tools 

Cultivating a bonsai tree (like the cutest Red Maple and Scots Pine) is a one way ticket to indoor zen. The Step-by-step guide is included to assure your success even if you are a beginner. Plenty of quality seeds, necessary tools, pots, and potting mix are all included in the kit. The Tree Pots, Soil Pellets, Plant Markers, and the Pruning kit are all beautifully packaged for a one-of-a-kind present. The personalized gift card option is a great idea to make some memories to cherish. 

(21) Avergo “5-Color Bonsai” Mini-Bonsai Plant Growing Kit with Tiny Japanese Tools

This DIY Bonsai kit contains everything you need to grow your very own stunning bonsai tree indoors. Very suitable kit for adult hobby enthusiasts, kids, and even for beginners to learn gardening as a new skill. Great for a birthday, anniversary, and holiday just to show you care for someone. Great way to beautify indoors with a sensation of harmony, peace, and balance. 

(22) Urban Sprout “Cactus in a Box / Grow Your Own Cacti” Easy Instructions Cactus Growing Kit

This wonderful gift makes the best kit for garden lovers to have their own little prickly plants. It is so simple to grow a variety of Cactus like Golden Barrel, Saguaro, Hedgehog, Ferocactus, and Organ Pipes to beautify indoors or place it anywhere outdoor. The cute cactus pots, wooden plant markers (popsicle sticks), fertile soil, watering bottle with mister, and detailed instruction book make it a hassle-free garden kit for any beginner or a child even to develop some practical skills and observe nature closely. 

(23) Bach “Cactus From Seed” Stocking Stuffer Mini Cactus Potting Set

Pricky to some, but cuddly to me. “My Little Cactus” makes the perfect souvenir for desert vegetation lovers anywhere in the world. The seeds inside each packet are good quality and outgrow well into cute and prickly Saguaro, Prickly Pear, Cholla, Golden Barrel, Fishhook Barrel, and Hedgehog Cactus. The Mini greenhouse and the pot both are super-cute and a good addition to the indoor housewarming. Great holiday or get-well gift to nurture love, care, and empathy and promote peace of mind. 

(24) Home Grown Succulents and Cactus Grower with Ceramic Pots and Trays

This home-grown succulents and cacti kit is an ideal present for beginners or young children — even if they’re scared of getting pricked! Bring the joy and engagement of gardening to keep stress away and keep them away from the cell phone screen. The best thing is that it doesn’t need much care like frequent watering, transplanting, or special care. Having drainage and drip trays, it is very suitable for placing indoors; in the kitchen, living room, porch, or even children’s room to beautify indoor ambiance and work as a natural air purifier.

(25) Creativity for Kids Magic Beanstalk / Pizza / Sunflower Garden Grow Kit 

Having this grow kit is an exciting project and magical experience for the children. It’s a perfect STEAM activity for the school children and a great holiday gift to enhance creativity, responsibility, and botanical knowledge, and boost their art skills. The unique idea of “beans carry the secret message” is awesome to develop patience in children as they wait for the beans to sprout and reveal the secret message. Their excitement is worth watching and beyond limits when they read this message engraved on the pods. A super exciting fun activity to keep the children engaged and exciting and surprising fun.

(26) National Geographic “Arts and Crafts” Herb Growing Kit with Pots, Paint, Stickers

Having this kit is a great fun and learning experience for children for a plant life STEAM activity. Very helpful for making kids busy in some hands-on activity and be off from screens. Good to learn botanical facts, and science behind the garden by observing the plant’s growth and caring for them by labeling, watering, painting, and decorating them with the paints and stickers along. A superb holiday gift for a great engaging activity and teach some nutrition facts about basil, chive, and oregano. 

(27) Indoor Certified Organic Vegetable Garden Starter Kit with 5 Seed Types

A unique way to spice up the mealtime with a little gourmet flavor from home-grown veggies. This indoor garden kit is the best kitchen gift to be easily portable on a windowsill, or countertop balcony too. A great gift idea for any gardening lover man or woman, mom dad, or even the children to have their hand-grown veggies and see nature at work. All the items are high quality; the wood-burned tags, the certified seeds, and detailed pamphlets are all great to contribute to making it the most suitable choice for a great gift. 

(28) Mr. Sprout Organic Veggie Garden “Seeds to Sprout” Toddler-Friendly Germination Tool Kit

An ideal gift for beginner gardeners young, old, and children for homegrown vegetables. Very suitable for vegetarian and vegan friends and families to enjoy the hand-plucked freshness with much more nutrition. The package has everything that it needs to sow and harvest naturally organic tomatoes, onions, zucchini, carrots, and broccoli. A great grab for the gift of gardening with all necessary essentials like pots, seeds, soil discs, plant markers, and the instruction guide to get directions for all you grow.

(29) Garden Republic Herbs + Herbal Tea Garden Seed Starter Kit 

Perfect gift for the tea-lovers, hobby growers, and health-conscious moms to make them into master growers. It’s so convenient, to grow their own chamomile, lavender, lemon balm, and peppermint seeds with 24/7 help and an instruction guide included. You can grow them anywhere indoors on the kitchen countertop, windowsill, balcony, porch, or even your outdoor garden. The burlap bag with waterproof lining, potting soil disks, bamboo plant markers, gardening shears, and a lined wood box are all great to make it an easy-to-use kit and enjoy a fresh cup of tea straight from your home garden. 

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