Best Wooden Baby Doll Crib, Bed & Cradle for Sleepytime Play


A cozy crib — doll-sized, made of wood, lovely adorable — means a tiny lullaby, a warm milk bottle, a peaceful nap, and sweet dreams for babydoll!

Your toddler will tell you — Baby Doll needs beauty sleep too!

For 14″ to 20″ inch dolls (usually 18″ inch like American Girl dolls), wooden toddler cribs deliver the same real baby sleep standards as a real wooden baby crib.

Your ideal pick is out there. The one that fits your child’s doll exactly (14” to 24” inch dolls) and matches your other babydoll play furniture perfectly.

Let’s count sheep.

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Top 8 Wooden Cribs, Beds & Cradles for 14″-24″ Inch Babydolls

Welcome to the pretend Oddblocks Babydoll Mattress Megastore.

It’s time to showcase the best wooden babydoll beds, cradles, and cribs.

To be 100% clear — we’re talking about baby doll toys age-appropriate for toddlers 18-48 months old to play with their life-like baby dolls.

For the baby doll lover in a hurry — here’s your quicklist of wooden baby doll sleep furniture.

For your child’s one and only loving snuggles baby doll — quality counts!

(01) Badger Basket White Doll Crib with Cabinet & Wheels

American Girl doll owner’s first pick for a comfy bed with all the accessories.

Badger Basket on Amazon

Badget Basket is a brand that specialized in perfect-fit for standard American Girl dolls at 18” inches.

Their white-painted wooden bed frame has great utility features — like wheels at the bottom of each leg for easy room redecoration, and a full-sized two-door cabinet to store Dolly’s accessories collection or stuffed animal friends.

Fully equipped with a musical mobile that fits on the bed rail; with a 3D padded crib lining in pink and white gingham pattern.

The free name personalization kit is a little bit of a bummer — it’s nothing more than an ABC sticker kit and nothing you couldn’t pick up at a Dollar General.

(02) KidKraft “Lil’ Doll” White Wooden Cradle

A wooden baby doll rocking cradle. No-frills value-focused for 19” inch dolls.

KidKraft on Amazon

For dolls up to 19” inches — KidKraft is a no-frills value-focused brand with a full line baby doll furniture.

Their rocking crib is full white — made of MDF manufactured wood (lightweight, durable, low-cost, not-the-most natural).

The doll cradle design is not the most unique — and the pink patterned comforter, blanky, and pillow are the basic essentials.

For no surprises and good value, KidKraft is a good pick. But it’s not the most stylish. I’d pick KidKraft’s cradle ove Robud brand’s any day.

(03) IKEA Doll Bed with Essential Accessories

Nothing says “bed” more than this simple-as-possible wood frame doll bed.

IKEA on Amazon

Pine wood bed frame fashioned in simple Swedish design — an unpainted natural wood doll bed frame plus snazzy IKEA-stylish confetti sheets (machine washable linen).

The IKEA LEKKAMRAT Doll (which appears to be discontinued in the US) measures 18” inches in length.

It’s a good fit for the international standard babydoll size.

The fact that the bed posts are sanded smooth — rounded instead of sharp edges — makes me sleep better at night too!

(04) LappsToys Amish-Made Wooden Baby Doll Crib

Lapp’s toys customers enjoy the perks of 100+ years American Amish toymaking heritage.

Lapp’s Toys on Etsy

Made in USA in old Amish country Lancaster Country, PA — take your pick from heirloom quality wooden cradles, cribs, beds, and more.

You’ll be tickled pink — or teal, or white, or blue — with all the different babydoll bedsheet color choices Lapp’s Toys makes aplenty.

You wouldn’t have imagined a company with generational toy making tradition makes an innovative wooden swinging cradle (probably) unlike any other you’ve seen.

I’m not exactly sure what the connection is between Lapp’s Toys and Amish Toy Box brand, but both offer the “same qualities” (see what I mean?).

(05) Melissa & Doug Wooden Play Bed for Dolls

The heart shape carved into the dollbed headboard might be just enough to make your heart melt.

Melissa & Doug on Amazon

melissa and doug wooden play bed for dolls
Credit: Melissa & Doug on Amazon

A good fit for 18” inch dolls, Melissa & Doug is one of America’s favorite educational toy companies.

Each one is on-point with toy design experts delivering specific developmental skills — in this case, the fine motor skills and self discipline to put Dolly to sleep.

Add in a nifty doll-sized sleep accessories — a removable mattress, a cozy blanket, and a puffy pillow — Dolly’s ready for an extra restful naptime.

Melissa & Doug makes a princess style doll crib too — worth a peek.

(06) Palumba (Camden Rose) Cherry Wood Doll Cradle and Crib

Premium quality cherry wood — Made in the USA with Waldorf principles close to nature.

Palumba (Camden Rose) on Etsy

When you see a long wooden cradle frame board with an uninterrupted woodgrain — that’s when you know it’s made of genuine solid wood (instead of a manufactured wooden composite)

Fit for dolls up to 18” inches, it’s simple dense wood that is handmade to last better than any factory manufactured crib.

Palumba (Camden Rose) hails from Michigan, USA — a homegrown wooden toys and kids furniture brand — who’s apparently got tons of love for tired baby dolls and a knack for top-quality doll-sized wooden furniture.

(07) Design Dua Natural Wicker Baby Doll Basket

Ultra-minimalist design wicker basket to carry Dolly along for a picnic.

Design Dua on Etsy

Unique, captivating design — a carry-along wicker basket made for general toddler play wear and tear.

In a world of wooden cribs, it’s all-natural and one-of-a-kind.

I’ll admit — at just 17” inches in length, the basket isn’t big enough for standard 18” inch dolls.

It’s the perfect size for smaller dolls 12” to 14” inches.

You get to choose from 3 high-class genuine leather handle colors — pink, white, or tan — or go vegan for a leather-less model.

(08) Bebe Bask Wicker Baby Doll Bed with Luxe Mattress

All natural Boho style wicker bed frame for smaller dolls under 15” inches.

Bebe Bask on Amazon

The doll bed fits smaller dolls up to ≈15 inches. (A bummer if you’ve got a standard sized doll.)

The intricate wicker stylings make Mother Nature smile, and help your newborn babydoll sleep in style.

The intersection of functional babydoll furniture and trendy interior design.

It ships completely assembled — ready for Dolly’s first nap straight out of the box.

A lullaby for Babydoll and oodles of positive vibes headed your way!

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