Top 10 Wooden Baby Swings (Indoor-Safe & Eco-Beautiful)


Eco-conscious and Montessori-curious parents look to baby swings made of wood for a natural alternative to plastic — to swing your baby to sleep just as Mother Nature intended.

Baby Safe Swing Shopper’s Checklist

Recommended for any baby — a minimum 50-pound weight limit. Especially for ceiling-hanging models, it’s important to install securely with care and test with 3 to 5 times the weight of your baby before use.

Pick a safe space for baby swing playtime and naptime without sharp things or ouchy obstacles (avoid head injuries).

Most baby swings are intended for indoor use — if you plan to hang it outdoors, first make sure the model you pick is explicitly listed as an outdoor swing (able to weather extreme temperatures and humidities). For babies, swing ropes fair better than chains (soft to touch).

Pick the right seat style for your infant-to-baby-to-toddler development stage (big-enough, leg-openings, back-height, etc) — do you want a seat swing, bucket swing, or hammock swing? If the particular model comes with a belt — “For Pete’s Sake” please adjust it according to the directions.

After that, it’s all lullabies and giggles — and plenty of Zzzzz’s for baby!

Best Indoor & Outdoor Wooden Baby Swing

The wooden baby swing (vs plastic and other synthetics) is a popular choice indeed! Some made to hang from the ceiling (installation required), some include standalone frames (simple assemply required). Take your pick and it’s counting sheep to Cloud Nine.

(We’re not talking about baby bouncers or playground style-swings. We’re talking about natural material infant swings you use in your home or in an protected outdoor area.)

  • (01) CaTeam Canvas Baby Swing and Hammock with Pillows
  • (02) Swing Away Creations Eco-Friendly Fabric and Wood Baby Swing
  • (03) Ecotribe Indoor & Outdoor Wooden Horse / Unicorn Baby Swing
  • (04) Greenwood Modern Wooden Baby Swing (Personalized) 
  • (05) Sweet Swinging High / Low Back Indoor Baby Swing  
  • (06) New River Natural Store Hardwood Outdoor Baby Swing
  • (07) Kidodido Indoor Baby / Toddler Swing Chair (Wood Stand + Mobile)
  • (08) Kimboo Toys 2-in-1 Wobble Board + Indoor Swing (Walnut Wood)
  • (09) Pineapple 4 Kids Snazzy Two-Pattern Waterproof Wood Baby Swing
  • (10) Mass Lumber Macrame & Crochet Whimsical Cradle Swing

(01) CaTeam Canvas Baby Swing and Hammock with Pillows

This sturdy hammock swing offers two styles of canvas baby swings, one is traditional like a baby seat; the other is reclined back like a baby hammock. The best thing is that it comes with heavy-duty installation hardware and is almost already assembled and ready to use. Only you need to do is adjust the rope’s length according to the desired height. Being suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it is easy to be installed anywhere in the living room, baby’s room, backyard, porch, or garden. The hanging chair is cozy enough with soft upholstery fabric and 2 stuffed pillows with skin-friendly polyester for the extra comfort of your baby.

(02) Swing Away Creations Eco-Friendly Fabric and Wood Baby Swing

Offering the upgraded pillows to zippered pillow closure, these Natural and Handmade swings are promising for cleaning and hygiene. When spot cleaning doesn’t help, take off the cover and machine-wash for spotless cleaning. These swings come with extra padding for extra comfort for the baby and also are more durable as sewn inside and out for extra support. Stuffed with 100% polyester hypoallergenic stuffing and crafted with natural wooden dowel rods, they are comfortable enough with suitable safety features for the baby to swing and enjoy the ride. 

(03) Ecotribe Indoor & Outdoor Wooden Horse / Unicorn Baby Swing  

Ecotribe on Amazon and Etsy

ecotribe indoor and outdoor wooden horse and unicorn baby swing
Credit: Ecotribe on Amazon and Etsy

Crafted from all-natural materials, this toddler swinging horse with front-side safety harness and delightful experience for your youngster’s development, helping improve mood, alertness, and mobility. It is laboratory tested for all safety guidelines.

Get ready for smooth untreated wood and strong cotton ropes. A handy swing tool kit is additionally included which has everything you need for quick assembling of the swing. You will just follow some simple, step-by-step instructions and your swing will be ready in no minutes. 

(04) Greenwood Modern Wooden Baby Swing (Personalized) 

Personalize it with your message on the back of the swing (on one or two bars) — with a few words, short quotes, dates, or whichever custom message tickles your fancy. It’s made in Lithuania — Colorful, Artsy, and Minimal reminiscent of IKEA’s Swedish modern style.

This beautiful modern style swing is an excellently thought-out handmade construction. Made with wood, non-toxic water-based finish with organic dyes, it is completely safe for youngsters who know to sit independently. Fit and comfortable for toddlers up to three years, it is worth every euro! Best giveaway for baby showers, and birthdays to use indoor and outdoor playtime. 

(05) Sweet Swinging High / Low Back Indoor Baby Swing  

These handcrafted swings are adorable with some unique canvas patterns available and also “High-Back” or “Low-Back” options to choose from (as well as a good safety consideration depending on your baby’s development stage — are they ready to set up high?). They are high quality and sustainable with braided nylon rope and double-stitched with industrial-strength thread for durability. Its front and back panels are padded for extra comfort for the baby/toddler.

It’s a popular style similar to “Swing Away Creations” but has some unique canvas patterns you can only find from Sweet Swinging brand — a good option for nursery furniture, baby shower, birthday, or Easter gift.

(06) New River Natural Store Hardwood Outdoor Baby Swing

These wooden swings are made of 100 % Oak hardwood that is finished with Outdoor Defense Oil. It is non-toxic and eco-friendly. The swing will last longer and keep its original color longer if it is not exposed to a lot of rain or sunshine as light changes the color of any natural wood. A good investment for your child’s outdoor fun and perfect to give away as a Christmas or birthday present. 

(07) Kidodido Indoor Baby / Toddler Swing Chair (Wood Stand + Mobile)

This indoor Swing/hammock is an adorable helping tool for a baby nursery or playroom to soothe a baby and make him/her sleep and enjoy a cozy ride. It is crafted with the highest quality natural beech plywood. Finished with child-safe oil, it has extra smooth and rounded edges for an appealing and luxury look with a parent-assured safety strap built in at waist-level. Having a variety of four colors available, four colors are available, it is a perfect gift for a baby girl/boy’s birthday or baby shower.

(08) Kimboo Toys 2-in-1 Wobble Board + Indoor Swing (Walnut Wood)

A multifunctional and unique board that renders very well. Made with birch plywood and natural hemp rope, it’s an enjoyable balance board that can be transformed and used as a swing. Perfect for the children of age 18+months to engage in indoor fun and leisure. The good thing about it is that it is easily switchable from swing to balance board without using any additional tools. Playing with this balance board will help the child on the equipment to develop an exercise routine, imagination, creativity, spatial awareness, develop gross motor & fine motor skills. 

(09) Pineapple for Kids Snazzy Two-Pattern Waterproof Wood Baby Swing

Pineapple swings are suitable for great indoor and outdoor activities. Designed for safety and comfort, plus contemporary, unique, and adorable patterns. The seat fabric is sewn in double-layered, extra padded, thick waterproof & fade-proof polyester, suitable for machine wash for better hygiene. The playful wooden beads and dowels are child-safe as made of beech wood, and treated with natural oils. The company offers a personalization box for the gift purpose. The swing comes with smooth polypropylene rope (perfect for 2,5m [99 inches]. And it is a plus for this swing that if you need a longer rope, you can mention it while placing the order.

(10) Mass Lumber Macrame & Crochet Whimsical Cradle Swing

These exceptionally elegant swing chairs are specially handcrafted for infants. The macrame and crochet “knitted style” is the specialty of this brand to make the swings unique and adorable in appealing patterns. Knitted with the best quality Macrame weaved cord, they are suitable for 7 months up to 4 years. Every detail has been designed uniquely in terms of ease of installation on wooden and concrete ceilings. This swing meets everything a parent may like while buying such a boho baby swing with its design, naturalness, and safety. Additionally, it includes a storage bag for you to carry while traveling or to store when not in use. It’s definitely a unique choice for a present to buy for Christmas, baby shower, infant, or toddler birthdays.

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