Best Wooden Dentist Toys For Bright-Smiling Kids & Toddlers — Top 5 Toothy Play Sets

Best Wooden Dentist Toy Kits For Kids And Toddlers
Best Wooden Dentist Toy Kits For Kids And Toddlers

For kids who dream of becoming a dentist — or just need a reminder to brush their teeth — today’s your appointment with a brand new dentist play kit!

Specially designed for young dentistry professionals, this is the perfect setting to teach your child about good oral hygiene — or even curb the anxiety about your little one’s next dentist’s visit.

Kids’ dentist tools range from “realistic” to “minimalist” — think toothbrush, dental floss, and a teeth-shaped dental mold.

It’ll be smiles all around!

Dentist sets are age-appropriate for both toddlers and kids (3-6 years old) — that means excellent oral hygiene from an early age!

We’ll find you the best dentist play set — so your kids have something to smile about!

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Don’t forget to floss!

You’ll miss out on some super unique dentist toys at the end of this review…

But if your little dentist’s birthday is in just a couple of days — and you need a dentist toy prescription on the stat — we’ve got you covered.

For bright smiles, healthy habits, and all the laughs without the laughing gas — here’s you’re out-patient roundup of the best wooden dentist kits.

  • (01) Plan Toys Wooden Dentist Set is the wooden dentist toy that started it all — eco-friendly and fun for kids.
  • (02) Umu Minimalist Wooden Dentist Toys are a great for toddlers (and for parents who like Scani-style).
  • (03) Melissa & Doug First Aid Kit Play Set doubles as a dentist and doctor kit for kids ages 3-6.
  • (04) Tresbo Kids Dentist Toolset offers realistic oral care instruments — just like you’d find at a real dentist’s.
  • (05) Meroco Toothbrushing Model teaches your child to brush their teeth using the Montessori method.

Prefer doctor over dentist? I’ll stay out of the heated healthcare debate! We wrote a full review of the best wooden doctor play sets for tiny medical professionals of all ages.

Best Dentist Toys For Kids & Toddlers

(01) Plan Toys Eco-Friendly Wooden Dentist Set (“The Original Dentist Set”)

The trendsetting dentist toy that (I think) started it all — eco-sustainable joy in a kids dentist toolkit!

See it on Amazon

For parents who prefer eco-friendly toys — the Plan Toys brand is no stranger.

Their entire line of toys is crafted from chemical-free rubberwood trees — and processed with environmentally sustainable methods and materials.

Well-known green toys that unlock kids’ imaginations — Plan toys dentist set is one of the most popular eco-friendly options — and for good reason.

Honestly, Plan Toys is the trendsetter when it comes to kids’ dentist toys. All the other brands kind of copy Plan Toy’s dentist toy design.

The set includes 16 pieces with a convenient reusable cloth bag to carry all your kid’s dentist gear — and as such a flagship to create a dentist line like this, you’ll notice the other sets try to check all these boxes too.

(02) Umu Dentist Minimalist Wooden Dentist Toys For Toddlers

The minimalist wooden dentist toy for toddlers — with adorable play teeth and all the teeth-cleaning supplies.

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Recommended for toddlers 3 to 5 years old — this one’s my top pick for aesthetic beauty.

With a whimsical natural wood color palette — plus white and pastel accents — it’s like Mother Goose gave the Tooth Fairy some style advice.

Beyond Umu brand’s IKEA-esque Scandinavian appeal — expect a fun-packed dentist toolbox for toddlers to explore! Get ready for a wide variety of dentist accessories — from a stethoscope & ointment to a toothbrush and dental floss.

Plus all kinds of dental inspection play tools your toddler will teach you how to use. All in the name of oral care!

(03) Melissa & Doug First Aid Kit Play Set (Double Dentist & Doctor)

The ever-popular Melissa & Doug dentist set — where is that Super Smile!?

See it on Amazon

Try as you might — the Super Smile Dentist Playset — despite acclaim as one of 2020’s best dentist play sets — seems to have all but disappeared.

Try an alternative quite similar in style — the Melissa & Doug First Aid Kit Play Set.

With a handy medical toolkit, gauze pads, bandages, soothing gel for a sore tooth, and more — it’s not labeled as dentistry — but it sure works for playing dentist.

Great gift for preschool-aged tots (3 to 6 years)!

(04) Tresbo Realistic Wooden Dentist Tool Toys (With Real-Working Stethoscope)

A dentist set with teeth, tools — and even a stethoscope that lets you hear the heartbeat.

See it on Amazon

This kit really left no stone unturned when it comes to tools and instruments from a dentist’s office.

Recline back in that dentist’s chair, and let’s get those cavities filled! The play dentures from the Tresbo brand are so fun — you can pull out the teeth for demonstration.

Plus just about every other dentist thingamajig you could ask for — syringe, thermometer, toothpaste, dental forceps, oral mirror, prescription pencil & paper, many more — and even a teeth grinding tool. Ouch!

For role-play like a real dentist — this is the set for you!

(05) Meroco Montessori Practical Life Brushing Teeth Model & Cards

Realistic set of teeth on a wooden tray — to teach your child to brush their teeth the Montessori way.

See it on Amazon

A big part of an at-home Montessori education is fostering independence — and letting your little one “do the work”.

Lots of parents look to dentist toys to teach their kids about oral hygiene — and try, try, try to get them to brush their teeth.

Two to three times each day, please!

As a true Montessori material — Meroko brand’s includes a realistic teeth model so without any abstraction. It looks exactly like a real set of teeth.

With a wooden tray, cognition flashcards, and a toothbrush for hands-on practice — it’s the Montessori way to teach tooth care.

That’s important in Montessori — to help ground kids in reality. So that they learn how to brush their teeth in real life.

Dentist Play Materials Worth Smiling About (Bonus!)

Dentist Play Materials Role Play Kids Clothes Personalized Dentist And Tooth Toys
Credit: (Top) Melissa & Doug Role Play Clothes, (Left) Giggles Of Love Dentist Badge, (Right) Whisker Works Personalized Wooden Baby Tooth Storage Box

[A] Dentist Pretend Play Printables

Shop Printable Possum on Etsy

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

“A dentist, ‘cuz I love to smile, ‘n I want my friends to smile.”

To level up your dentist play — Printable Possum brand’s professional-grade dentist printable worksheets and activities are perfect for kids on the dentist career track.

With some real dentist know-how — take pretend play all the way to the American Dental Association.

Learn the scientific names for teeth. Cross off a patient checkup checklist. Write a prescription to take care of your friend’s icky toothache!

Pages and pages of tiny printable dental clinic tidbits at-home learning.

[B] Dentist Role Play Kids Clothes

Shop Melissa & Doug on Amazon

You know where masks were popular even before the pandemic? At the dentist’s office!

Okay, Melissa & Doug’s kids’ dress-up set is technically for doctors but works just right for dentists too.

Made to fit children ages 3 to 6 — here’s a dentist role-play clothing set complete with 7 pieces — like dentist scrubs, a face mask, and some (plastic) medical checkup equipment in the mix.

Look the part to play the part! For kids with bright smiles — playing dentist dress-up is like the ultimate cherry on top!

Melissa & Doug Doctor Role Play Costume Dress-Up Set (7 pcs) Frustration-Free Packaging

[C] Personalized Dentist Badge

Shop Giggles of Love on Etsy

To make your imaginary dentist’s visit all the more convincing — how about a personal identification for your toddler?

Little Lucy DDS
Professional Dentist
Call me in case of a toothache!

With this reusable kids’ dentist ID — use a regular whiteboard marker to write your
child’s name, and slip on a small photo of your kid too.

For kids who aspire for a career in oral care — personalize it with a permanent name. You’ll make it there someday!

[D] Personalize Baby Tooth Storage

Shop Whisker Works on Etsy

This one is more in line with the Tooth Fairy — though if your child needs a tooth pulled at the dentist, it’ll have some overlap.

Handmade in the USA — Whisker Works brand’s personalized wooden baby tooth storage box turns your child’s baby teeth into an adorable keepsake to cherish for years to come.

Whisker Works brand’s loose-tooth solution — available in quality hardwoods walnut, cherry, hickory, and mahogany — each with its own visual appeal.

Personalize it with your child’s name, and keep all your child’s baby teeth in one beautiful wooden display!

Get all the laughs, without the anesthesiologist’s laughing gas!

I just love to see the smiles on kids’ faces when they’re playing make-believe!

Dentist toys are ideal for at-home play, homeschooling, and child care facilities!

We’ve covered the best eco-friendly wooden dentist kids — to make pretend play all the better, to build fine motor skills, and to learn practical life skills.

Educators love facilitating role-play experiences for kids and toddlers — for a range of benefits — including creative thinking, tooth care, hand-eye coordination, social skills, and many more.

Cheers! To healthy smiles and happy giggles — and “No Cavities” at your little one’s next checkup.

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