Best Wooden Elephant Toys: Unique Elephant Gifts

Best Wooden Elephant Toys For Kids
Best Wooden Elephant Toys For Kids

Time to talk about the elephant in the room!

Elephant toys are a “ton” of fun! They’re just as essential for kids as they are for elephant-lovers of all ages.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or looking for a unique elephant gift, don’t fret — I’ve done the “multi-tusking” for you.

Here’s my safari-fresh collection of the best wooden elephant toys that “ivoryone” can love!

Get ready for some “ele-phantastic” elephant gift ideas!

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My Top Picks: Best Wooden Elephant Toys

Wooden Elephant Push & Pull Toys

Wooden Elephant Stacking Rings

Wooden Elephant Puzzles

Wooden Elephant Stacking, Nesting & Balancing Toys

Wooden Elephant Toy Figures

Wooden Elephant Push & Pull Toys

Wooden push and pull toys are an excellent choice for toddlers to help develop motor skills. They come in all different shapes and sizes — and you bet they come in elephant styles, too.

Hape Wooden Elephant Push And Pull Toy For Toddlers

Classic Wooden Elephant Push & Pull Toy by Hape

Hape toys is a very popular wooden toy brand, and this elephant push and pull toy is no different. Perfect for ages 12 months and up, it’s equipped with a pull-along rope and a handle etched out of the elephant’s back to help your toddler practice hand-eye coordination and balance.

Petit Collage Jumbo Sized Elephant Wood Pull Toy

Contemporary Elephant Wooden Push & Pull Toy by Petit Collage

Petit Collage is another brand highly regarded for its wooden and educational toys. Their elephant push and pull toy’s design is abstract and contemporary, perhaps more appealing. As a nice added surprise, the wheel axles are intentionally positioned slightly off-center, so the elephant will bob up and down when pulled around.

Wooden Elephant Stacking Rings

Stacking rings are a classic toddler toy — perfect for toddlers as young as one year old! You’ll be pleased to know there’s elephant-specific types, too!

Melissa And Doug Wooden Elephant Rocking Stacking Rings For Toddlers

Rounded-Bottom Wooden Elephant Stacking Rings by Melissa & Doug

As one of the most acclaimed children’s toy brands, you can hardly find a mom or dad these days who’s not familiar with Melissa & Doug. With its curved base and purple elephant top-piece, this wooden elephant stacking ring set is a fun, wobbly way to boost your toddler’s fine motor skills.

Orcamor Stacking Rings Wooden Elephant Toy For Toddlers

Toddler Wooden Elephant Stacking Rings Toy by Orcamor

The Orcamor brand’s wooden elephant stacking rings toy has a sturdy base, so it’s easier to play with than the Mellisa & Doug model we just looked at. Even though both stacking ring toys we’ve looked at are recommended for ages 12 months and up, every child will develop at his or her own pace, so it’s nice to have a simpler stacking toy to start with.

Wooden Elephant Puzzles

Since elephants are known for their excellent memories, it’s no wonder they make some excellent elephant puzzles for kids to put together — as long as you can remember what an elephant looks like in the first place.

Red Fish Toys Colorful Wooden Elephant Puzzle With Letters Of Alphabet
Red Fish Toys Educational Elephant Wooden Puzzle With Numbers Zero To Ten

Educational Wooden Elephant Puzzles by Red Fish Toys

The folks down at Red Fish Toys in New York make some of the most colorful, educational, and wooden puzzles around. They offer two unique types of wooden elephant puzzles for kids — one with each letter of the alphabet and one with each number one through zero ten. Both are self-standing puzzles shaped like a mama elephant with her baby elephant calf.

Puzzimals Elephant Wood Puzzle With Pink Skin Tone
Puzzimals Wooden Elephant Puzzle With Brown Skin Tone

Diverse Skin-Tone Wooden Elephant Puzzles by Puzzimals

The independent toymakers at Puzzimals celebrate diversity with their collection of self-standing wooden elephant puzzles. Grey-skinned elephants first come to mind for most people, but Puzzimals mashes together elephants of all different skin-tones — grey, black, tan, brown, and even pink! (Yes, pink elephants exist in Asia!)

Ecopuzzle Small Wooden Elephant Puzzle With Red Heart
Ecopuzzle Small Wooden Elephant Puzzle With A Herd Of Three Elephants

Small Unpainted Wooden Puzzles by Ecopuzzle

When simplicity is what you’re after, the Ecopuzzle brand is right up your alley. They offer a range of smaller and simpler wooden elephant puzzles for babies and younger toddlers.

Wooden Elephant Stacking, Nesting & Balancing Toys

Part puzzle, part stacking blocks — these wooden elephant toy sets come with a variety of little elephant pieces, that you can stack up into structures or nest together into a snuggly-fit shape — all while building your kid’s spatial perception, fine motor skills, and ability to carefully balance objects.

Tangame Wooden Elephant Wooden Montessori Balance Stacking Game

Wooden Elephant Stacking Game by Tangame

The Tangame brand’s balancing toy comes with a set of chunky semi-circular elephant pieces and a series of long board pieces. By placing the board atop an elephant’s back, the two combine into a fulcrum and lever for hours of balancing play. Plus, these elephants are fun-patterned and super-duper colorful!

Your Wood Master Brand Wooden Elephant Stacking Blocks
Your Wood Master Brand Wooden Elephant Blocks For Stacking And Nesting

Wooden Elephant Stacking & Nesting Toy Sets by Your Wooden Master

Specializing in handmade wooden puzzles for toddlers and children, the Your Wooden Master brand offers all kinds of natural wooden toy sets shaped like families of miniature elephants snuggling together. Great for parents and children to play together.

Wooden Joy Toy Big Family Of Elephants Natural Wood Stacking Toy With Red Heart
Wooden Joy Toy Two Elephants Handmade Wooden Toy With Red Heart

Wooden Love Elephants Stacking Sets by Wooden Joy Toy

If you love elephants (and I bet you do), the family-owned wooden toy brand Wooden Joy Toy presents a line of wooden love elephants — stackable, nestable natural wood color elephant toys with one bright red heart. Elephants spreading the love? Talk about a unique elephant gift for a baby shower or few family!

Puzzleson Dark Wooden Elephant Stacking And Balancing Blocks
Puzzleson Light Elephant Stacking And Balancing Wood Blocks

Wooden Elephant Stacking Puzzles Sets by Puzzleson

I admire the craftsmanship coming from the Puzzleson workshop. They’ve specially created sets of wooden stacking elephants that fit together in a variety of ways. So-called “elephant towers” make for a simple yet challenging game, where your kid can create hundreds of elephant shape combinations.

Wooden Elephant Toy Figures

Sometimes keeping it simple is the best way to go. The simpler the toy, the more your kid will stretch his or her creative-muscles come up with imaginative play scenarios. To a boring adult, these wooden elephant figurines are just solid blocks of wood carved into an elephant shape, but to the inner-workings of a child’s mind, they’re an entire world of playtime possibility!

Two separate German wooden toy brands — Ostheimer and Holztiger — are uber-popular in circles of Waldorf and Montesorri moms and dads. And they both offer quaint variations of wooden elephant toys.

Ideen Reich Berlin Ostheimer Elephant Wooden Toy
Ideen Reich Berlin Ostheimer Baby Wooden Elephant Toy

Wooden Elephant Figures by Ostheimer (sold by Ideen Reich Berlin)

Idee Rich Berlin has a wide selection of both Ostheimer and Holzinger elephant toys. What’s the difference? Ostheimer is usually more abstract and a little higher priced, while Holztiger is slightly more realistic and a little bit easier on the wallet. The Modern Mindful Mom blog wrote a great comparison piece about the two if you’re interested.

Holztiger Wooden Elephant Figure For Kids With Trunk And Tusks
Holztiger Elephant Wooden Figure Toy With Trunk And Tusks

Wooden Elephant Figures by Holztiger

Holztiger elephant figurines can also be purchased on Amazon. I like the one with the elephant trunk raised-and-a-tooting.

The Wood Pecker Factory Wooden Elephant Figurine Toy With Safari Palm Tree

Wooden Elephant Figures by The Wood Pecker Factory

The Wood Pecker Factory brand is a family-owned business known for organic wooden toys. With a bright and colorful line of wooden safari animal figurines, including mama and baby elephants, they’re a colorful alternative to Ostheimer and Holztiger.

Wooden Caterpillar Brand Painted Wooden Elephant Figure Toy

Wooden Elephant Figures by Wooden Caterpillar

The handmade wooden toys brand Wooden Caterpillar is another excellent place to check out. They only offer one style of wooden elephant, but they specialize in a fantastic array of creatively painted wooden figures for infants and toddlers.

Happy Bungalow Brand Plain Unpainted Wooden Elephant Toy

Unpainted Wooden Elephant Figure by Happy Bungalow

I saved the very simplest for last! The Happy Bungalow brand offers wooden elephant shapes as simple as could be. You can even choose whether to order the toy with or without a natural beeswax finish.

Over to you!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this “mammoth” collection of the world’s best wooden elephant toys — with an elephant gift idea for “ivory body”!

Let me know about your favorite elephant toy in the comments below!

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