Top 3 Wooden Gem Blocks — Plus 3 Other Gemstone Toys You’ll Love

Best Wooden Gem Blocks
Best Wooden Gem Blocks

Shimmering, shiny, and sparkling! Gem blocks are the most magical kind of kids’ blocks — with delightful glittery acrylic gems embedded in the surface.

Gem blocks are recommended for toddlers and kids aged 3 years and up.

Gem blocks are like a diamond crested children’s building block — popularized by Montessori-approved toy brands like Bauspiel.

Wooden gem blocks typically measure just over 1 inch for square blocks (with just one gem) and 2” x 1” inches for rectangular blocks (with two gems).

(Do pay attention to younger toddlers — these gemmed unit blocks’ small parts may pose a choking hazard.)

They come in one-sided or two-sided variations — meaning the acrylic gems are on just one side versus both sides.

Plus, we’ll showcase some glitter-rific gem blocks alternatives for your glowing souls out there!

For a Bauspiel & Grimm’s-style style wooden gemstone blockset focused on children’s play and development — you’re in the right place.

Show me the shimmer!

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Block Play — Bejeweled!

One quick note — you might be looking for tumi ishi blocks. Those are odd-shaped wooden balancing blocks specially designed for mindful play and stress relief.

Today we’re talking blocks with acrylic glitter stones — as sparkly as could be.

Like wooden diamond building blocks for Princess Montessori herself would adore — here’s your fast track to finding the best gem blocks for your child.

  • (01) Everwood Friends Maple Wood Gem Blocks is the best Bauspiel alternative for U.S. Shoppers — with the best variety of geometric shapes and colors to mix-and-match.
  • (02) IFIT Montessori Gem Blocks With Tray offers a convenient 64-piece set of beautifully gemmed blocks.
  • (03) Timber Play Gemmed Blocks is an up-and-coming natural cherry wood gem blocks maker with unique gem color schemes.
  • (04) Agergle Acrylic Rainbow Window Blocks are a rainbow-transparent blockset your child can peek through to see the world in colors.
  • (05) Grimm’s Acrylic Glitter Stones are standalone colorful kids gemstones — wooden blocks out of the equation.
  • (06) Healing Crystals & Tumbling Stones — aren’t specifically intended for children, but I find them to be a healthy parent-child bonding activity gem-lovers will love too.

Best Wooden Gem Blocks

(01) Everwood Friends Wooden Gem Blocks

See it on Etsy

The real advantage of buying Everwood Friend’s gemmed maple building blocks is that you get to mix-and-match block shapes.

You may have heard of the European Bauspiel Gem Blocks that serious homeschool moms and dads rave about. As a European company, Bauspiel proves to be a little hard to find and a little pricey.

Everwood Friends is my number one pick for U.S. Shoppers who want top-quality Made-in-USA gem blocks at a more reasonable price than Bauspiel.

Made of all-natural solid maple wood — the most sought-after wood type for gem blocks.

These beautiful blocks are embedded with shiny colorful acrylic gems. Block-styles include steps and castle versions for extra imaginative play.

You’ll create a cohesive gem block set uniquely your own — with your favorite colors and shapes in a rainbow of glitz and glamor.

(02) IFIT Montessori Gem Blocks With Tray

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For a Montessori materials selection, expert educations can agree on — take a look at IFIT Montessori.

Categories by Montessori learning objecting — IFIT offers an entire line of over 620 Montessori-approved wooden educational supplies for both childcare facilities and at-home use.

IFIT doesn’t offer as broad a variety of block shapes and colors as Everwood Friends — but IFIT offers a complete set of gem blocks with a convenient tray busy Montessori moms and dads will love.

Their standard gemmed wooden unit blocks include a handy tray make for tidier play and easy clean-up. Talk about a true beauty bejeweled wooden storage box!

You’ll enjoy a complete set at a great value — 64 square and 64 rectangular double gem blocks in a shimmering variety of 9 acrylic gem colors.

Not to mention the beautiful — in all its glittery glory — IFIT’s sparkling gem blocks make an eye-catching conversation piece to place on the coffee table.

IFIT’s wooden gem mandala and gem building set to add a new dimension of creativity to your child’s bright-shining collection.

Sparkling Blue Mandala Puzzle / Geometric Building Blocks / Gems wooden blocks

(03) Timber Play Gemmed Blocks

See it on Etsy

TImber play is the newcomer on the block when it comes to wooden blocks that ignite your child’s imagination.

One thing you’ll like about Timber Play’s gemmed blocks is — they’re available in your choice of gems on just one side of the block (single-sided) or gem on both sides of the block (double-sided).

Made from delightful cherrywood — can you just imagine the subtle cherry scent handling these succulent blocks?!

Each piece (including the tray) is finished with sustainably made linseed oil — for a 100% Mother Nature approved sparkling gemmed building set.

With rainbows color palettes — and even a gem blocks gold and silver set for those who enjoy a more monochrome look — you’ll be sure to find a color choice to tickle the princess or price inside you.

Glittery Gem Block Alternatives

A — Acrylic Rainbow See-Through Blocks

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A 24-piece geometric Montessori block set with colorful translucent windows inside each block.

Your child can bring them up to their eyes like binoculars to view the world in brilliant green, yellow, blue, or red.

Both educational and playful — your child will interact with basic shapes and experience colors through their own pair of eyes. It’s like a multifaceted sensory experience plus the cognitive & problem-solving benefits of constructive block play.

Wait for sunset and place this rainbow block set next to the window. You’ll cast a colorful rainbow into your home so your child can explore surfaces in all-new colors.

B — Grimm’s Acrylic Gems

See it on Grimm’s Website (Europe)

Grimm’s Acrylic Glitter Stones is a vibrant and glitterful collection of adorable gem stones. Just the gem. Without the block.

Known for their remarkable and influential Grimm’s rainbow stacker — Grimm’s knows the magic of colorful play.

As simple as could be, you should engage and interact with these delicate and precious little stones. Explore the colors and textures. Practice color and shape recognition as you move from one unique gemstone to the next.

For advocates of open-ended play, sensory gemstones offer an interesting perspective.

For kids who err towards the paleontologist track of interest, a kids gemstone dig set might do the trick. You’re child brushes away tiny-sized dirt to uncover precious gems buried below.

C — Healing Crystals & Tumbling Stones

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While not specifically designed for children’s use — here are two out-of-the-box ideas people naturally drawn to glitter will love.

Tumbled & polished stones offer a high-energy certain spiritual experts say has healing powers. In a beautiful assortment of Turquoise, Fluorite, and Blackstone — simply exploring the intricate patterns of the surface of these exotic rocks feels like a mindful break from the busy world.

Like tumble stone glitter stones for your mindful household.

For parents more in-tune with their Chakra — a healing crystal set is like a tidy all-in-one spirituality exercise including dazzling crystals of all shapes, sizes, and textures.

Like polished glitter crystals to elevate your positive vibrations.

I’d like to think these intricate trinkets offer some health benefits — and I’m certain it’s a forward-thinking parent-child moment to share.

We wrote all about our favorite mindfulness toys here.

Cheers To Gem-Tastic Sensory Play!

Bringing a sparkle of imagination to your child’s open-ended play — gem blocks shine puts a smile on kids’ faces.

With gorgeous glittery acrylic gems embedded onto the surface of a smooth wooden unit block — wooden gem blocks are prime at-home educational play — reinforcing basic match skills and geometric concepts.

For curious learners aged 3 years and up — cheers to the glitz and glamor of these Grimm’s and Bauspiel inspired gemstone block sets.

With this kind of glitter, you know you’re going places!

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