2021’s Best Wooden Halloween Toys

Best wooden Halloween toys.
Best wooden Halloween toys.

Both spooky and fun, I’ve handpicked the best wooden Halloween toys to make your October even more memorable.

Halloween has some dark and scary themes. Yet it remains one of the most looked-forward-to holidays for both children and adults — because Halloween is full of family fun too!

Candy and costumes are awesome! But there’s an entire world of Halloween-themed wooden toys just waiting to be discovered.

Let me introduce you to my top picks offered by independent sellers on Etsy — which has a great selection of Halloween costumes and decorations, by the way.

We’re here for the Halloween wooden toys! 

Get ready to be spooked! Let’s jump right in. 

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Halloween Wooden Rainbow Stackers

Let’s start with my personal favorite! Well known for their bright colors and open-ended playability, Montessori-inspired wooden rainbow toys are one of the decade’s most popular wooden toys. When I found out about Halloween-themed stackers, it was love at first sight. In my humble opinion — they’re the very best wooden Halloween toys money can buy! 

Orange and black striped wooden rainbow stacker. Those unmistakable contrasting colors are a dead giveaway this stacker is intended exclusively for Halloween season playtime. Just imagine all the creative ways toddlers can stack and sort the rainbow stripes — like sorting by color or matching with other Halloween decorations you have in your home. Plus, I’ve got to say I love that fun little Jack-O-Lantern center piece, with its friendly smile. 

Pumpkin-shaped wooden rainbow stacker. The original rainbow stacker was met with such acclaim by Montessori and Waldorf parents that independent wooden toy makers took note, and later started crafting up their own unusual variations in special shapes — which sometimes resemble non-rainbow objects. Like this one. It looks just like a pumpkin. It’s even got that adorable stem piece on top. 

Wooden pumpkin toy? Yes, please! — it’s the perfect toddler play toy for Halloween and the entire autumn season. I’ll have some pumpkin pie with it too, please! 

Halloween Wooden Peg Dolls

Painting peg dolls is a craft where each person has their own personal touch, and I am astonished to witness the creativity professional peg doll painters brought to the table for Halloween. With such diverse artistic styles and Halloween inspiration, I couldn’t even begin to even scratch the surface in this blog post. Instead, I’ll show you a few of my favorites — some friendly, some scary — all excellent examples of the Halloween spirit. 

Halloween monsters wooden peg doll set. This incredible six-piece set is on the not-too-scary side, with its smiley Halloween characters. A mummy, a ghost, a skeleton, a Jack the Ripper pumpkin head, a Count Dracula — and one party-pooper who’s out of costume (but at least is wearing a Halloween striped sweater). For a friendly bunch of wooden Halloween play pals, a set like this is your best bet! 

Zombie wooden peg dolls. This twin set of peg dolls is rated PG-13, because of some gruesome blood smears on their clothing and mouths. This is Halloween after all, and zombies do eat brains! No, it’s not appropriate for young children, but it’s perfectly appropriate for older teens and adults around this haunted holiday. Be afraid. Be very afraid. They’re coming for you! 

Pumpkin clown peg dolls. Pumpkin head monsters are already pretty frightening. Put them in creepy vintage clown clothes — now they’re absolutely terrifying. Some people are deathly afraid of clowns. (Coulrophobia is real.) The menacing grins on these figurines are the stuff nightmares are made of. Are you afraid of the dark? You will be after playing with these creepy wooden peg dolls. 

Frankenstein peg dolls. A horror film classic turned into a one-of-a-kind wooden Halloween play figurine. The incredible level of detail painted into Frankenstein’s facial expression really makes make him come alive — or to be more accurate “It’s alive!”. 

Halloween Wooden Baby Teethers & Rattles

Don’t forget your littlest one! These Halloween-themed handmade wooden baby toys are both made with safety-first natural materials and designed not-so-scary, so you’re little one can get to sleep even on the year’s spookiest holiday. Even before your bundle of joy is big enough to eat big-kid candy, he or she will get to enjoy the Halloween festivities along with the older kids. 

Halloween-shaped wooden teethers & rattles for babies. Made from natural American hardwood without any harmful dyes or wood treatments and sanded smooth to ensure top-notch safety standards, these teethers are delightfully shaped into your pick of four Halloween figures — a ghost, a pumpkin, a skull, or a piece of candy corn. Each teether includes a rattler center piece with wooden rings for a little extra fun for your baby. 

Beaded wooden baby toys in Halloween colors. These beaded teethers and rattlers are made with soft silicone beads and natural wooden rings. You can choose between the Halloween-themed “candy corn” or “witch, please” color schemes to match your baby’s style. As a bonus parents can appreciate, you can add a pacifier clip onto your order — so that dropping the toy is just one less thing to stress about during all the other Halloween craziness. 

Halloween Wooden Nesting Dolls

I’m not sure whether or not they celebrate Halloween in Russia, but I’m 100% sure Russian dolls inspire world-class wooden Halloween toys. This is another Halloween toy category where a single blog post section doesn’t do it justice. Each professional nesting doll painter adds their personal touch. So even for the Halloween theme alone, there’s a painted nesting doll for every artistic preference — from cute and goofy to dark and spooky. 

Whether you’re looking for a gothic holiday decoration or a fun Halloween play toy, I highly recommend you look into the wide selection of hand-painted wooden nesting dolls. Here are just a few of my favorites. 

Wooden ghost nesting dolls. Do you believe in ghosts? After playing with this set of five friendly ghosts, you certainly will. Nesting together not only makes it a fun toy but is a parent-approved feature when it comes to storage. After Halloween’s over, these ghosts will conveniently disappear, and take up very little storage space (…until their haunting return next year’s Halloween). 

Wooden pumpkin family nesting dolls. If you’re a family of pumpkins, there’s a good chance Halloween is your favorite holiday. This set includes a father in a business suit, a mother in a formal black dress, and three wee little children — each with a friendly smile on their pumpkin face. With this level of hand-painted detail, it’s easy to forget they’re nesting dolls altogether! 

Black cat mummies wooden nesting dolls. We all know black cats are unlucky, but these particular cats are so unlucky that — like an Egyptian pharaoh’s prized pet — they’ve become mummified! Since it’s just a toy and the cats have adorable facial expressions, these mummy cat nesting dolls could very well become a cat lover’s most cherished Halloween keepsake. 

Haunted house wooden nesting dolls. In a bright orange, neon green, and pitch-black color pallet, this set of five nesting dolls is haunted with a thousand spirits — as sinister as could be. It looks like a nightmare straight out of Tim Burtons’s darkest film. Enter if you dare! 

Halloween Personalized Wooden Name Puzzles

For kids with October birthdays, what could be a more memorable gift than a personalized Halloween-themed wooden puzzle that spells out their own name? When a kid finally learns to read and write his or her name, that’s a huge milestone! This toy makes learning letters a lot of fun. I can’t think of anything more encouraging.

Just one thing to pay attention to — if you need it before Halloween, make sure to check how long it takes to be custom-made and shipped. 

Halloween-themed personalized wooden name puzzle. This is a wonderful children’s gift that offers a fulfilling learning experience and the excitement of the Halloween spirit. You can custom order a puzzle for names with up to nine letters, and they’ll chip in the ghost, pumpkin, and bat puzzle pieces in for free! 

Personalized wooden letters puzzle with pumpkin. This is a lot like the first puzzle we looked at, but lets you customize up to twenty letters and offers just one Halloween-themed pumpkin puzzle piece. You’ll also notice the black letters have a special sparkly paint, which I’m sure would look great with your other Halloween decorations.

Halloween Wooden Cut-Outs For Crafts

What’s better than Halloween? A Halloween full of fun crafting activities to enjoy with the family. When the clock strikes midnight on October first, creative moms and dads know the crafty season is upon us.

If you’re new to wood-painting crafts, I recommend starting with wooden cutouts. They’re child-friendly (with adult supervision) and a great place to start for parents who’ve never painted wood before. With some easy-to-use acrylic paints, you can make your own wooden toys and decorations. There are all kinds of Halloween-themed wooden cutouts to choose from. Here are just a few to get your cauldron of creativity brewing. 

Jack-o-lantern wooden cutout. Pumpkins are usually orange, but with a paintbrush in hand, you get to choose. Behold the power of hand-painted wooden crafts!

Trick-or-treat letters wooden cutout. Halloween’s the holiday when candy is king, make sure you’re prepared with some delicious sweets and treats. (Or else…)

Skull wooden cutout. Paint on your own story of this unfortunate soul’s demise. He’s missing his crossbones, so if you’re nice, you could craft up a pair for him, too.

Boo letters wooden cutouts. A slimy font for you cast out a chilling ghostly murmur! Did you hear that sound? It was probably just the wind.

Spider web wooden cutouts. Paint on your own kind of creepy-crawlies. The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water spout. 

Bonus: Uncommon Halloween Wooden Toys 

I’m excited to show you three kinds of wooden Halloween toys you (probably) have never seen before. Even though they don’t fit into any of the Halloween toy categories we’ve looked at so far, each of these uncommon wooden Halloween toys has a unique aspect of educational play, so you can combine the holiday excitement with something your little ones can take back to school. 

Halloween wooden memory game. A 24-piece wooden cards matching game, with caricatures of cute friendly monsters on each card — and a matching pair for each monster. It’s an excellent educational Halloween activity for a preschool, kindergarten, or homeschool, where your child can meet fun Halloween monsters while building cognitive skills like focus and concentration. 

Pumpkin wooden puzzle. A nifty six-piece wooden puzzle in the shape of a pumpkin designed for toddlers age two and up. It’s a great activity for shape recognition and motor skills, and a perfect addition to any Halloween toy collection. 

Wooden pumpkin peg game. I first learned about this classic peg game while having lunch at the Cracker Barrel. It’s too advanced for toddlers, but it’s perfect for older kids and adults — even though to this day, I still have not mastered the strategy. The object of the game is to remove as many pegs as possible, but the tricky part is you need to jump straight over the adjacent piece to remove it. (Peg game rules, here.) This set comes with a pumpkin-shaped wooden peg board, a full set of wooden pegs, and a carrying case — so you can conveniently bring it along to your Halloween get together. 

Wishing You The Best Halloween Ever!

There you have it! 2021’s best wooden Halloween toys for all ages — some spooky, some fun. I hope you’ve discovered a new and exciting toy for this year’s October festivities. 

Let me know in the comments below!

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