Best Wooden Mushroom Toys: Make Fungi Fun Again

Best Wooden Mushroom Toys
Best Wooden Mushroom Toys

What’s the number one reason to introduce mushroom toys into your child’s play collection?

They’re so “mush” fun!

Most wooden mushroom toys are made from organic materials, so they’re are an environmentally-friendly way for your kiddo to explore the magical world of fungi.

Time to put the “fun” back in “fungi”!

Without further adieu, here’s my hand-picked list of the best wooden mushroom toys for your little one to enjoy!

Wooden Mushroom Screw Toys

The mushroom-shaped screw toy is a modern classic in the kids’ mushroom toy genre.

Originally, this type of screw device was used as a kitchen tool to crack open walnuts and other large nuts. Like so many other creative wooden toys, woodworkers caught wind of the idea, shaped it into a mushroom, and remixed it into a kids toy — and voila!

Mushroom screw toys will become an excellent learning opportunity for your toddler. By practicing twisting and untwisting, your little one will develop greater fine motor skills in both the fingers and the entire hand — a real-life practical skill some adults (like me) still haven’t mastered.

Classic Wooden Mushroom Screw Toy by Wooden Caterpillar – As an Etsy bestseller, you can’t go wrong with this handmade mushroom screw with natural wood and a beautiful dark-brown mushroom cap.

Natural Wooden Mushroom Screw Toy by Simply to Play – For eco-conscious families who appreciate natural wood grains, this is a perfect match! Unpainted and accompanied by an organic cotton or linen pouch, the Simply to Play brand keeps it simple and natural.

Red-Topped Wooden Mushroom Screw Toy by The Wood Pecker Factory – Even though red-capped mushrooms are a rarity in the wild, that doesn’t mean they need to be a rarity in your playroom. This mushroom toy’s got a white-spotted red top for a magical play experience.

Colorful-Topped Wooden Mushroom Screw Toy by Carpathians Wood – If it’s color you crave, then you’ll love this one. Pick from eight different colors to bring home a mushroom toy in your kid’s favorite color (or to match your home decor)!

Amazon Wooden Mushroom Scew Toys Red And Dark Brown
Credit: Amazon (Left, Right)

If you prefer handmade wooden toys, then Etsy is definitely the way to go! But if you prefer the convenience of Amazon, there are some similar picks for you as well.

Wooden Rainbow Mushroom Loose Parts

What the heck are loose parts? They’re a collection of Montessori-inspired small objects that kids use for open-ended play. Think of it like this. Most commercial toys are designed for a single play scenario with a single set of directions, but loose parts let your child think creatively about how to mix-and-match different loose parts together and create limitless play scenarios.

Wooden loose parts are just one kind of loose part toys, and mushroom-shaped loose parts are an even rarer find. Mushroom-picking activities and more — just imagine all the pretend play ideas your kiddo will come up with!

Rainbow-Colored Mushroom Wooden Loose Parts by Chickadees Wooden Toys – For mushrooms as bright as the rainbow, look no further than the folks down at Chickadees Wooden Toys — whose brand logo even has mushrooms in it! They even offer the ideal colorful loose parts starter-set — including wooden eggs, wooden acorns, and of course wooden mushrooms.

Classic Rainbow Mushroom Wooden Loose Parts by Little Birds Play – For an absolute classic — simple as could be, Little Birds Play’s set of seven wooden mushrooms is an excellent choice. Since the mushroom caps are painted in Roy G. Biv colors — it’s an educational opportunity for your little one to learn the colors of the rainbow.

Waldorf-Style Wooden Mushroom Figurines by Mommy’s Gift Shop – These wooden toadstools with caps as red as fly amanita mushrooms themselves have the handmade-appeal we’ve come to know and love about Waldorf toys.

Wooden Mushroom Color-Sorting Bowls

Sorting bowls are a subgenre of loose parts play toys — specific for sorting certain colored pieces into their matching-colored bowl. Color recognition and shape discernment are important parts of early childhood development — and some of the first ways toddlers start to categorize and describe things they see in the world.

Mushroom play offers a magical world of color-sorting opportunities ahead — with deliciously colorful wooden mushroom and bowl combo sets for your kids to explore! Remember, it’s recommended to buy the loose parts and the bowls together — or at least from the same toy brand — so that the bowls’ and pieces’ colors match perfectly.

Montessori Wooden Mushroom Color-Sorting Bowls by House Mountain National – My top pick definitely comes from the folks down at House Mountain National. They offer various different types of mushroom color-sorting sets — delightful pastel-colored sets, nature-inspired earth-tone sets, and even some peg dolls with toadstool hats. All from a family-run business focused on wooden Montessori toys and organic children’s gifts, it’s definitely worth a gander!

Bold Color Wooden Mushrooms & Bowls by Whiskey Rose Studio – Another brand I really like is Whiskey Rose Studio. Even though you need to buy the mushroom pieces and bowls separately, the bold color schemes between the two match perfectly. There’s something special about the bold colors and quality crafted wood here.

Wooden Mushroom Picking Board Toy

Mushroom picking board sets come with two defining parts — a wooden geoboard with small pegs lined up in a grid-pattern and loose mushroom pieces that can be placed onto the pegs. When played in combination, the whole is greater than its parts. It becomes an educational mushroom-picking game that helps your kid develop various cognitive skills like fine motor skills, sensory coordination, and color perception — plus it’s great for learning basic math and geometric shapes.

By stacking mushrooms on top of each other and pegging them onto corresponding pegs, your child will get hands-on exploring his or her world through touch. That’s important — because for kids, the sense of touch is key to understanding the world around them.

Mushroom Wooden Sensory Board by Happy Tree Store – This one’s my absolute favorite! It comes with twenty-five wooden mushroom pegs in twelve different colors — that’s two pegs per color plus one extra unpainted peg. The mushrooms are chunky and large — suitable and safe for the tiny hands of young toddlers in early developmental stages.

Colors Games Brand Montessori Wooden Mushroom Geoboard
Credit: Colors Games on Etsy

Montessori Wooden Mushroom Geoboard by Colors Games – With a straightforward brand name like Colors Games, this toddler toy delivers exactly what you’d expect — a wooden mushroom game in vivid rainbow colors and beyond.

Pastel Wooden Mushroom Picking Peg Board by Egorka Store – For families who appreciate a softer color scheme, this mushroom table playset is made in a creamy pastel color palette that’s soft on the eyes and smooth to touch.

Other Unique Wooden Mushroom Gifts For Kids

If you’ve read any of my other wooden toy shopping guides before, you’ll know I like to categorize them as best I can. But since there are truly infinite types of wooden toys, sometimes it’s hard to fit a toy I love into a particular category.

The next mushrooms we’ll look at don’t really fit into any category — but they’re so magical, I just had to share them with you!

Wooden Mushroom Kaleidoscope by Plan Toys – Visually appealing from the outside, but the real magic happens when your little one peeks through. This kid-friendly kaleidoscope toy’s prism effect transforms the world into a spectacular visage of colors and shapes — inspiring kids to discover a whole new world enchanted by beautiful patterns! And since it’s from the trusted eco-friendly Plan Toys — what’s not to love?

Wooden Mushroom Stacker by Piron Design – With a mushroom-shaped centerpiece, this is one truly unusual wooden rainbow stacker toy! Whether you’re looking for a beautiful nursery decoration or an imaginative kids toy, this mushroom stacker is beautifully crafted in the natural colors of the forest — positively perfect for a family of nature-lovers.

Mushroom House Wooden Forest Play Set by All About Kids Store – This set of Waldorf-style wooden figures comes with an adorable mushroom home, a raccoon pal — along with forest trees and shrubs — a combination of play figures fit for magical imaginative play. Made from all-natural wood and non-toxic water-based paint, so that you can see the wood grains underneath the soft translucent colors.

Natural Wood Mushroom Figures by Mamuma Bird – Handmade set of unpainted champignons (that means “edible mushroom”, but remember these are non-edible wood). As a life-like mix of different mushroom shapes — white button, shiitake, portobello, and porcini — they look just like the kinds of mushrooms you’ll find at the supermarket!

Wooden Mushroom Lacing Toy by Ecopuzzle – This mushroom learning toy lets your kiddo lace thick string through openings in the wooden parts. You can choose from three different shades of wood and nine bright cord colors. The chunky wooden aglet at the end of the cord makes it easier for tiny hands to grasp and manipulate. So, it’s the perfect toy for toddlers to build fine motor skills during their early stages of development.

Mushroom Jumbo Beads Lacing Toy by Wood And Care – The same idea as the lacing toy we just looked at, but this one comes with seven large wooden beads (shaped like mushrooms, of course), so it’s like a DIY beaded jewelry activity for toddlers.

Unfinished Wooden Mushroom Pegs & Cut-Outs For Painting Crafts

Here, “unfinished” means unpainted and without any stain or wax added on — just pure wood carved into a mushroom shape. Unfinished wooden mushrooms are perfect for at-home parent-child craft activities, letting you and your little one paint your own custom mushroom toys.

Just like wild mushrooms, unfinished wooden mushrooms come in all different shapes and sizes. Since each craft project is unique, It’d be difficult for me to tell which kind is best for you. Instead, I’ll show you a little gallery representing all the different varieties available and get your creative juices flowing.

Where to buy? Both Amazon and Etsy offer a great selection of unfinished wooden mushrooms for your next craft project.

Amazon Unpainted Wooden Mushroom Pegs And Cut Outs For Painting Crafts
Credit: Amazon
Etsy Unfinished Wooden Mushroom Craft Pegs And Cut Outs
Credit: Etsy

Over to you!

There you have it — the world’s best wooden mushroom toy shopping guide complete with the “fun-nest fun-gi” around!

Did I miss any essential toadstool toys? What’s your favorite kind of mushroom toy? Let me know in the comments below.

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