Best Wooden Rainbow Stacking Toys For A Bright & Smiley Playtime

Best Wooden Rainbow Stacker
Best Wooden Rainbow Stacker

In a world of a thousand rainbows — which rainbow is different from the rest? Colorful and creative — wooden rainbow stackers offer open-ended play complete with bright smiles!

We love the rainbow stacker! But shopping online, most look basically the same. What gives?

Today, let’s take a practical approach — and find the very best wooden rainbow stacker for your growing child’s particular tastes.

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Top 11 Rainbow Stackers For Toddler & Baby (Compared & Reviewed)

Today we’re talking about the rainbow stacker – a playset of rainbow-shaped wooden stacking and nesting arches.

“Rainbow, rainbow in the sky — I love how you make me smile.”

If you’ve only heard of Grimm’s Rainbow – let’s expand your horizons a bit.

Get ready for a wooden rainbow stacker in every shape, size, and color scheme — and at least one awesome pick for every budget!

  • (01) Wood City Large Wooden Rainbow Stacking Toy is a value-awesome classic wooden stacking rainbow.
  • (02) Lewo Mid-Sized Wooden Rainbow Stacking Toy has a friendly price tag compared to the Large Stacker.
  • ​​(03) Grimm’s Large Rainbow is “The Original Rainbow Stacker” and the blueprint all the rest started from.
  • ​​(04) Sabo Concept Contemporary Color Pallet Rainbow Arch Stacker is the best-looking — in my humble opinion.
  • (05) Wenini Pastel Toy Stacking Rainbow is a chunky baby stacking rainbow in adorable pastel.
  • (06) Manzanita Kids Natural Hardwood Rainbow Stacking Puzzle has the best-quality wood & beautiful woodgrains.
  • (07) MerryHeart Large Wooden Stacking Rainbow is same-same for toy design & oh-la-la for exciting colors.
  • (08) Child Universe Personalized Wooden Rainbow Stacker is the ideal baby shower gift with a custom name.
  • (09) Piron Design Handmade Rainbow Stackers are shaped in unusual boho rainbow & mountain stacker shapes.
  • ​​(10) Duckboxx Modern Color Small Rainbow Stacker boasts modern color choices — at a very reasonable price.
  • ​​(11) Skandico Toys Specialty-Shape Rainbow Stacking Toys nest and stack the same way — and look like fruits & vegetables.

The rainbow stacking toy is one of the first wooden toys that ever caught my eye — so it’s a really special toy to me. I wrote another piece demonstrating how to play with a rainbow stacker if you need a little inspiration!

Fine motor & eye-hand coordination, reasoning & logic, and imagination & creativity await!

Check back with us another day for info about other types of wooden rainbow toys — like Haba brand’s lighthouse rainbow stacker or Towo brand’s rainbow stacking boxes. Both examples are rainbow-colored, and both are stackers — but they’re not exactly “Rainbow Stackers” tried-and-true.

Other kinds of rainbow stackers? What about silicone? Some parents simply prefer silicone over wood — typically because it’s easier to clean. Two silicone rainbow stackers I have my eye on are — Blue Ginko on Amazon brand for bold and pastel rainbow colors and Triple The Joy Boutique on Etsy brand for their earthtone boho-style baby stackers.

(01) Wood City Large Wooden Rainbow Stacking Toy (14” Inches, 12 Pieces)

At a significantly lower price than Grimm’s Large Rainbow Stacker — here’s a generic brand offering awesome value.

See it on Amazon

The original large wooden rainbow stacking arch measures 14” inches across the base and includes 12 individually colored rainbow arch pieces.

About 5 years ago — when rainbow stackers first gained popularity — people wanted to know whether or not Grimm’s is worth the price (over $100 at the time of writing). Fast-forward to today — other wooden toy companies have entered the arena.

Made of natural pine wood designed to withstand cracks, finished with non-toxic and water-based colors, and measuring the same as the Grimm’s design (14” Inches, 12 Pieces) — it’s a less-expensive “Grimm’s Exact Alternative”.

We looked at several “Large Rainbow Re-Makes” from other generic brands. For the classic large rainbow arch, Wood City offers the best stacker overall value (quality and price). QZM Toy and MerryHeart brands are two other options.

(02) Lewo Mid-Sized Wooden Rainbow Stacking Toy (10” Inch, 7 Piece)

Excellent stackability & the bright colors you love — and a friendly price tag (compared to the Large Stacker).

See it on Amazon

Hey — if the large rainbow was the older brother — where’s his little brother?

Meet the medium-sized rainbow. 10.5” inches across the bottom with 6 colorful rainbow pieces in each of the “Roy G. Biv” colors — perfect for memorizing the colors of the rainbow!

Not ready to invest in the full-sized model? Recommended for ages 3 years and up — Lewo’s got you covered!

With bright colors, stackability, a friendly price tag, and over 1,500 five-star reviews (at the time of writing) — there’s lots to love about Lewo’s rainbow sorter and stacker.

Coogam brand’s is another small-sized rainbow stacker for comparison. It offers a slanted rainbow piece design allowing kids to stack the pieces from bottom to top in a perfect cone shape. Same size, new play possibilities.

​​(03) Grimm’s “The Original” Rainbow Stacker

Grimm’s brand is very much the reason you and I are talking about rainbow stackers today.

Check out the shop

Hats off to the original rainbow stacker.

The “Rainbow” was Grimm’s brand’s original design — available in Large (14” inches, 12 pieces), Small (7” inches, 7 pieces), and Mini (4” inched).

If you haven’t noticed, you will soon enough.

Basically, all rainbow stackers sold today follow Grimm’s brand’s original measurements.

Widely regarded as the golden standard in quality wooden rainbow stackers — Grimm’s is the company that made the rainbow stacker popular in the first place.

At the time of writing — only the Mini (4” inch, 6 pieces) is available on Amazon.

​​(04) Sabo Concept Contemporary Color Pallet Rainbow Arch Stacker

Clean, simple, and painted in carefully selected colors — you won’t find a better-looking rainbow stacker.

See it on Etsy

If you love toys with gentle nature-inspired colors, you’re going to love Sabo Concept brand’s take on the rainbow stacker.

Take a gander at serene “Lagoon”, “Night”, “Olive”, and “Cherry” rainbows — the most tasteful rainbow colors I’ve ever experienced.

It’s available in both small (7” inch, 7 pieces) and medium (10” inch, 7 pieces) sizes.

(05) Wenini Chunky-Cut Pastel Toy Stacking Rainbow (11” Inch, 6 Pieces)

A baby rainbow stacker in adorable pastel — that proves baby stacking can go big!

See it on Amazon

Pastel is such a popular color pallet for baby toys and nursery decor — that it’s no surprise the nursery-friendly rainbow stacker comes in pastel.

Wenini brand’s pastel rainbow stacker is a sizeable 11” inches in diameter, with just 6 thick-cut nesting rainbow stripes.

You’d think for a baby toy, smaller is better. Here’s a great example of how baby stacking play can still go big. With baby-safe chunky pieces perfect for the tiniest of hands — it’s almost as large as the largest wooden rainbow stackers.

If you’re a loyal Grimm’s shopper — or simply prefer the original — you should know that Grimm’s offers their own pastel color rainbow too.

(06) Manzanita Kids Natural Hardwood Rainbow Stacking Puzzle

For people who prefer the look of natural wood grains — this stacker’s made with premium-quality Maple, Cherry & Walnut hardwoods.

See it on Etsy

There’s no better quality wooden rainbow stacker — this is it.

As a family-owned American wooden toy brand — I really like Manzanita kids. All their toys are handmade in Washington, USA with the very best Maple (light hue), Cherry (red hue), and Walnut (dark hue) premium hardwoods and treated with all-natural beeswax and a special jojoba oil.

Considering the top-notch wood, materials, and craftsmanship that goes into each toy they make — I’m really surprised to see how its price is on par with the “Made in China” rainbow stackers we reviewed in the top spot.

Honestly, If I thought more people had the same tastes as me — I’d rank Manzanita Kids’ wood-tone rainbow stacking puzzle to the top of the charts.

For those of you out there looking to make this an extra special birthday or baby shower gift — you can personalize it at checkout as simply as typing in a name. The very same size and shaped rainbow is available in “Maple Wood Only” too — that’s the lightest color wood of the 3.

(07) MerryHeart Lime Green & Bold Blue Large Wooden Stacking Rainbow

An up-and-coming wooden toy maker offering stackers in all sorts of exciting colors.

See it on Amazon

The reason to love the MerryHeart brand is — they offer standard size and shape large wooden rainbow stackers (14” inches, 12 pieces) — in distinct cascading color palettes.

Try a visually appetizing lime green stacker for a vibrant tropical feel. Or the bold blue stacker that puts cool colors first.

Take a look at MerryHeart brand’s full spectrum of colorful stackers — and you’ll probably find a color you really like.

(08) Child Universe Personalized Wooden Rainbow Stacker For Baby Shower

Choose a color to match the newly remodeled nursery — and spell your newborn’s name for a most memorable baby shower gift!

See it on Etsy

Shopping for a baby shower? Child Universe’s wooden nursery rainbow comes custom-engraved with your baby’s name.

I’d never wondered about the stork’s favorite colors — but as soon as I saw this custom name rainbow stacker’s simple and pure color selections — yeah that’s it.

Pristine, untouched, and available in either pure white or natural alder wood — Child Universe brand is a great pick to create a calm and peaceful ambiance where your baby sleeps.

Since the rainbows are the same size regardless of color (9.5” inch, 7 pieces) — your baby can easily mix-and-match white and natural colors together for practice with color patterns. It’s not just to look nice in your new baby’s bedroom — it’s totally playworthy too!

(09) Piron Design Designer-Shape Handmade Rainbow Stacker

Looking for something a little different? Enjoy soft-tone colors in unique boho rainbow and mountain shapes.

See it on Etsy

Autumn, summer, ocean, and fresh — Piron Design brand’s fun-shaped rainbow stackers draw creative inspiration from natural environments.

Hand-making each stacker from raw materials — Piron Design uses water-based paints environmentally responsible and child-safe. The plywood used creates a smooth-textured parallel line effect alongside the edges.

Available in small (7.5” inch, 5 pieces) and mini (5.5” inch, 3 pieces), they’re less expensive than Ocamora brand’s creative rainbow stackers — it’s a great balance between sustainability, playability, and price.

​​(10) Duckboxx Modern Color Small Rainbow Stacker (7.5” Inches, 7 Pieces)

For a fresh natural color scheme — Duckboxx is the most budget-friendly wooden stacking rainbow.

See it on Amazon

Recommended for babies 18 months and up — Duckboxx brand’s small rainbow stacking toy (7.5” Inches, 7 Pieces) offers nature-inspired colors at a low price.

If you liked the colors from Sabo Concept and similar artistic toymakers — Duckboxx offers their fresh bright colors like a rocky mountain and light colors like a spring meadow.

Made from beech wood — superior to low-quality MDF — Duckboxx is a brand on a mission to make rainbow stackers accessible for every family.

​​(11) Skandico Toys Specialty-Shape Rainbow Stacking Fruits & Vegetables

Like an autumn harvest cornucopia of stacking fun — fruit & veggie nested stacking toys are an oh-so-delectable idea!

See it on Etsy

Rainbow stackers shaped like seasonal fruits and vegetables? The idea sounds a bit fruity — but the Skandico Toys toy studio made it into a reality!

Pumpkin, pineapple, or pear? Apple, avocado, or pomegranate?

Or how about a set of all three?

Handmade from lime wood and shaped from the minds of creative toy-making geniuses — take a gander and see if Skandico’s fresh produce stackers match your individual taste!

​​With one single rainbow stacker — turn toddler playtime into a world of a thousand rainbows. Thanks for shopping with Oddblocks today!

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