Best Wooden Scooters For Toddlers To Kick, Push & Cruise

Best Wooden Scooter For Toddlers Babies And Kids
Best Wooden Scooter For Toddlers Babies And Kids

Kick, push, kick, push — Sliiiiide! I remember when the Razor scooters first became popular when I was a kid — now let’s recreate that excitement for our next generation — with an eco-friendly wooden scooter for eco-active toddlers (1 to 5 years)!

Bing, Bang, Boom — Let’s talk about: (1) What a toddler’s wooden scooter should look like; (2) Which type of scooter is best for a toddler’s needs; (3) Plus, some common toddler scooter alternatives to know before you buy.

Plus, when you buy sustainable — you get +1 Good Karma for helping Mother Earth. It’s smiles all around!

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Speedy Shopper’s Scooter Stash

From Zero To Zooming In No Time! Take our quick tips to find the perfect wooden scooter for the little ball of energy in your life.

  • (01) Lil’ Rider Beginner’s 3-Wheel Wooden Kick Scooter (2-4 Years)
  • (02) Hape “Scoot Around” Ride-On Wooden Scooter Bike (12+ Months)
  • (03) Janod “Vespa-Style” Wooden Ride-On Scooter (3-5 Years)
  • (04) Champion Sports Wooden Scooter Board (Gym Class Style)
  • (05) Top Bright Wooden Baby Scooter Ride-On Toy (1+ Years)
  • (06) Globber “Light-Bright Wheels” Foldable Kids Scooter (3-5 Years)
  • (07) Razor “The Original” Wooden Cruiser Big Kids Scooter (5-10 Years)

We’re focused on toddlers (2-4) — and still include several nice picks for babies (1-2) and kids (3-5).

Reasons To Love

To keep things concise — the top reasons to love a toddler scooter include:

[A] Balance, Motor Skills & Overall Development

The number of wheels you choose is like the choice of “Training Wheels”. More wheels are like “keeping the training wheels on” — helping wobbly new walkers hoist themselves up and maintain balance scooting around. Fewer wheels are like “taking the training wheels off” allowing for faster speeds and more advanced acrobatics.

[B] Exercise, Strength & Health

Your squirmy munchkin gets a super-duper exciting new outlet to use up all that pent-up energy! They’ll get their circulation going, strengthen just about every part of their body, and foster regular exercise habits for a lifetime of fitness.

Toddler Scooter Buyer’s Guide: What to look for

For a lightweight, safety-first, smooth-riding toddler experience — find a play scooter that checks all the boxes.

Seat or No Seat

The term “scooter” is flexible. Do you want the “Handlebar + Pushboard” or “Handlebar + Seat” style scooter? Think “Razor scooter vs Vespa scooter” minified for your toddler!

Seat Height

(If your model has a seat…) Measure your kiddo’s “crotch-to-floor”. Get a seat height a few inches higher than the crotch height to leave room to grow.

Number of Wheels

2, 3, or 4 wheel styles. Support from 3+ wheels helps babies & earlier learners balance at 12-36 months. 2 wheels is a good challenge for 3+ years.

Wheel vs Tire

Most indoor models have solid material wheels with “Rubberized Perimeter”. Make sure they’re scuff-and-scrape proof for your floor surface. For outdoor use, check for “Inflatable Rubber Tires” or “Rollerblade-Style Cast Wheels”.

Safety Features

Indoor scooters (especially for young kids) commonly come WITHOUT brakes — intended for flat surfaces only. Outdoor scooters (especially for older kids) often include a rear-wheel foot-brake or a handlebar hand-brake. Child-safe natural woods, wood finishes, and sturdy metal fasteners are most common — yet plenty of other types of toddler scooters are available — like metal, plastic, or other synthetic materials.

Assembly Required

Putting a scooter together should be straightforward — as long as you make sure you have the required tools. For a few of the wooden kids’ scooters we list today — they come ready-to-go out-of-box no-assembly-required.

Top 7 Best Wooden Scooters For Toddlers, Babies & Kids (1-5 Years)

(01) Lil’ Rider Beginner’s 3-Wheel Wooden Kick Scooter (2-4 Years)

Love, love, love the calm and serene baby blue color scheme — with natural wood accents. It’s pretty much what you imagine up when you think of wooden scooters in the first place!

See it on Amazon

Measuring 22” inches from front to back & handlebars at 24” inches tall — the scooter itself is from a composite of birch plywood and solid beech wood — with rubberized solid wood wheels ideal for indoor hardwood and kitchen floor surfaces.

As far as wooden scooters for toddlers — this baby blue wonder is what dreams are made of!

Lil’ Rider brand claims a perfect-fit for 2 to 6 years — and I’d say a full 4 years age range is a tall order. I’d say — 2 to 4 years is more accurate.

Notice the 3-wheel scooter set up — with 1 in front and 2 in the back. Compared with other scooters with 2 in front and 2 in the back — it’s more in-tune with cycle-steering of the years to come.

Whether you want a double in front or back is down to preference. This “Direct Drive” is 360-degrees with no limitations.

This is the first toddler scooter model you’ll see without brakes.

“No Brakes” is rather common for toddlers’ scooters. Only models for big kids and adults have “Hand Brakes”. Some models for kids have “Rear Wheel Fender Friction Brake”. Most toddler & baby indoor scooters don’t have brakes at all. (You’ll see what I mean.)

(02) Hape “Scoot Around” Ride-On Wooden Scooter Bike (12+ Months)

Babies just 12 months old are ready to get kicking — with a delightfully refreshing lime green 4-wheel push scooter & balance bike combo!

See it on Amazon

“Wow! I wish more toys looked like a little praying mantis!” — The lime green grasshopper-inspired toddler scooter is as cute as a button.

This is the first time you’ll see a scooter with the “4-Wheel Baby Safety Wheelbase”. The front two wheels are ≈8” inches . The rear two wheels are ≈12” apart. So, the scooter stands sturdy on its own and makes it easy for footloose toddlers to start, stop, and steer.

The natural wood scooter frame measures 21” inches long with handlebars 15” inches high. For babies able to hold themselves up and balance while straddling — they’re ready!

It’s the only wooden scooter with refreshing lime green rubberized wheels. A zesty color — and a no-scuff rubber type that will protect hardwood floors. (Best used indoors. Not the best for the outdoors — expect rapid wear and tear from rough sidewalk surfaces.)

Cheers! To an easy breezy afternoon.

(03) Janod “Vespa-Style” Wooden Ride-On Scooter (3-5 Years)

Is it Throwback Thursday? This spiffy wooden toddler scooter looks just like the classic 1946 Vespa scooter — like you’re little traveler is cruising along the California sunset.

See it on Amazon

Sporty with oodles of cuteness included — the accent-color Vespa style seat that adjusts up and down to fit your kiddo’s current stage of growth. (From 12” inches to 13” inches — suitable for toddlers 3 to 5 years old.)

To get the most out of your investment — it’s time to measure your 2 year old’s inseam — and start getting out in the sunshine. It measures 30” inches long, and the handlebars are 20” inches high.

One major plus — both wheels are inflatable rubber tires. (Far better for outdoor riding than “solid rubberized wheels”.)

One important thing — there are no brakes at all. It’s a true wooden push scooter. As far as your toddler pushes it is as far as it’ll go.

Parents, this fact merits extra caution. Pro Tip — Since the tires are inflatable, try using a LOW TIRE PRESSURE. Lower tire pressure causes more friction and grip on the ground — it’s a natural way to keep your wobbly toddler scooting at a SLOWER SPEED.

Available in your choice of a “Pretty in Pink” or “Seafoam Mint” — I generally don’t like to say certain colors are for certain genders — but the gift-giving purpose behind this “Pink vs Green” color choice is pretty clear.

(04) Champion Sports Wooden Scooter Board (Gym Class Style)

The ultimate gymnasium-style scooter play day between a bunch of rambunctious friends! Relive those PE class classics with a 360-degree 4-wheel toddler scooter board.

See it on Amazon

Get ready for a flashback to your elementary PE classes in the school gym. On that lucky Friday morning — when Coach breaks out the school’s entire supply of scooter boards — for the kids to go bonkers in the gymnasium.

The “Scooter Board” is a special type of children’s scooter — typically a rectangle or square measuring 10” to 20” inches — including 4 swivel cast wheels for 360-degree maneuverability.

The 12” inch model is featured in the photograph. Try Champion Sports brand’s 16” inch large scooter board — for bigger kids or just a bigger scooter surface.

The wheels are coated with non-marring rubber tread — and the full board base perimeter is lined with non-marring rubber bumpers. (Non-marring means it won’t leave black marks on the floor or walls — but this model still does leave some black scuffs behind.)

OK — now you can have your own little type relive those memories — with the all-time best scooter games like “Tag You’re It” and the scooter-version relay races & obstacle courses.

As kids scooter board technology makes leaps and bounds in technological advancement — some children’s motor skill experts are experimenting with futuristic “Wave Shape Scooter Boards” for a totally unique look and play experience.

(05) Top Bright Wooden Baby Scooter Ride-On Toy (1+ Years)

With 12 months on the ticket (or even early for the most active infants) — here’s a flaming-red hot-rod style wooden baby racer with 4-wheel “safety training wheels”.

See it on Amazon

“B-b-b-b-b-b-b-bad — Bad To The Bone!” — Families with a Harley Davidson in the garage will appreciate the flaming red decals and black-on-red wheels.

With a 10” inch high seat and 16” inch handlebars — it’s rip-roaring ready-to-go time for little ones between 12 and 24 months.

Steering is made a top priority by Top Bright brand — with 60-degree rotation — it’s just the right balance between maneuverability and safety.

(If you’ve ever used a scooter with 360-degree handlebars — you know it’s a dead stop when you t-bone at 90 degrees. Top Bright’s 60 degrees limit avoids that altogether.)

4-wheels means it stands without being supported — and supports wobbly babies’ safety best. (Better than 3 or 2 wheeled scooters.)

The wheels are plastic-bodied and rubberized along the treads — standard for baby scooters primarily intended for indoor use (like this one).

One last nifty perk — this is one of the rare sets where you won’t need any tools to assemble the scooter out of the box. (Correct — no tools required.)

(06) Globber “Light-Bright Wheels” Foldable Kids Scooter (3-5 Years)

What makes it “Primo”? Definitely, it’s the lights?! It’s a 3-wheel wood-and-metal hybrid design for older those in-between years (4 to 6 years).

See it on Amazon

For this particular model — the best time to buy is around 3 years old — by 4 years, your kiddo will be fully grown into it. Then you’ll get 2 to 3 more years of playtime out of it.

Over the years, the lights in the wheels are bound to lose battery. No problem! Easily pick up an exact-match replacement pair with a pair of a fresh shining LED spinners.

One downside — I don’t really like the plastic rear brake. For a “street speedster” style scooter that can reach speeds on par with a skateboard or rollerblades — a hefty metal rear brake is more durable, reliable, and performant.

(See Razor brand’s metal safety brake next.)

(07) Razor “The Original” Wooden Cruiser Big Kids Scooter (5-10 Years)

Hey, big kids (and small adults) — here’s a Razor Original with a longboard skateboard style wooden deck sized for kids who’ve grown too big for pint-sized baby scooters.

See it on Amazon

For those of you who’ve always dreamed of an eco-friendly exact alternative to the classic metal Razor Scooter — here’s a wood-and-metal hybrid made by The Original Razor Brand.

With an extra-wide flexible wooden base — it makes the scooter ride feel more like a weight-bearing longboard. Smooth sailing, brothers & sisters.

Collapsibility, pro-grade safety brakes, and totally fresh street stylings you’d expect from the ever-innovative Razor brand.

We spoiled our toddlers a little too much — with so many options for those early years 1 to 4. Not here — this one’s fit-to-suite kids aged 5 to 10 years old. (By 11 years and 100 pounds — it’s probably just time to consider an adult-sized wooden scooter.

At 30” inches from front to back wheel — with adjustable handlebars that stretch as high as 35” inches tall — this one’s ready to start out preschoolers and kindergarteners onto their career path in the X-Games Extreme Scootering.

(P.S. It’s available in “Longboard Style” too — a slightly longer & wider premium option.)

Cheers — To scouting out your toddler starter pack & doing oodles of scooting!

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