Wooden Robot Toys: Perfect Montessori & STEM Gift For The Tinkering Toddler

Best Wooden Toddler Robot Toys
Best Wooden Toddler Robot Toys

When your toddler loves robots. You’ve got options. Here are 7 eco-friendly robot toys for toddlers and kids.

Today we’ll explore the intersection between Montessori and STEM — wooden robot toys that develop STEM skills alongside Montessori-aligned principles.

There are tons of reasons to support your toddler’s interest in robots.

(A) Open-ended robot toys are an excellent medium to build fine motor skills like hand-eye coordination and finger dexterity.

(B) Most eco-friendly toddler robot toys are recommended for ages 3 and up, but with proper parental supervision a few months earlier is OK.

(C) Robot toys teach core STEM capabilities by completing simple engineering tasks — piecing together a stable robot structure

(D) Robot toys are a super-duper cool gift for geeks of all ages — it’s 2021 and robots look just as good on an office desk as they do in a toddler playroom.

Loving learning about robot toys? Let’s find the best robot to buy for your toddler’s next birthday.

Beep. Boop. Please proceed.

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Need a robot in a hurry?

You’ll miss out on lots of likable robotic personalities we cover later in this review…

But if all your kid wants for their birthday is a nifty new robot toy — here’s the fast way to find the right wooden robot toy for your toddler or child (ages 3 to 10).

  • (01) Areaware Cubebot Wooden Robot Cube Toy is a super-duper kid-favorite wooden robot toy.
  • (02) Tegu Magbot Magnetic Wooden Block Set A is a magnetic wooden robot building block set sized for a toddler’s hands.
  • (03) Magblock Magnetic Wooden Blocks takes STEM stacking and connective activities to the next level.
  • (04) Happy Bungalow “Tots First Bot” is a baby-safe wooden robot figurine handmade from all-natural non-toxic materials
  • (05) Mamuma Bird Wood Transformer Toy is a magnetic robot action figure with beautiful woodgrains still visible.
  • (06) Bamloff WooBots Wooden Transformer Toys are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic Transformers toys.
  • (07) Begin Again Tinker Totter Robot is a toddler-friendly cartoon robot set full of lively characters.

(01) Areaware Cubebot Wooden Robot Cube Toy

The world’s most popular kids wooden robot toy.

See it on Amazon

The cubebot is a 3D puzzle and action figure rolled into one.

Twist and turn cubebot into a perfect cube — a kid’s robot puzzle toy that folds to resemble a Rubik’s cube. Unfold cubebot into a wooden robot action figure toy.

Toddlers and kids can shape cubebot into dozens of different poses. It’s fully transformable.

Available in a dazzling rainbow assortment of colors — cubebot is yummy eye candy on top of a playroom shelf or office desk.

Made of beech wood — Cubebot is a natural toy both child-safe and environmentally safe. Not to mention, it’s so curious — adults will enjoy taking Cubebot for a spin too.

Cubebot is not designed to be put in your child’s mouth — so it’s better for toddlers 36 months and up.

Both interactive and educational — the unofficial play age for Cubebot is 3 to 99 years.

Cubebot comes in 3 sizes — Medium, Small, and Micro — so you can choose the perfect size for your little one’s stage of fine motor development. Hint: Bigger is better for younger toddlers and smaller is appropriate for older kids.

(02) Tegu Magbot Magnetic Wooden Block Set

A magnetic robot block set that’s perfectly sized for a toddler’s hands.

See it on Amazon

If you’ve never played with magnetic wooden blocks before — you’re in for a treat.

Magnetic wooden toys are the perfect fusion between natural roots and innovative toy design.

And Tegu brand’s Magbot wooden magnetic block set is exactly that.

Tegu is a brand with an honorable story about sustainable manufacturing. Tegu makes innovative magnetic wooden toys with natural materials from Honduras, where their eco-conscious factory creates sustainable jobs for dozens of local families.

Beep. Boop. This is a toddler’s wooden robot puzzle you can feel good about buying.

(03) Magblock Magnetic STEM Robot Car Set

An advanced magnetic wooden block set for ultimate kids STEM learning.

See it on Amazon

Magblock brand’s Magnetic Wooden Robot Car Set gives Tegu’s a run for its money.

Both are recommended for kids ages 3 years old and up. Both are reasonably priced and won’t break the bank.

Magblock’s magnetic wooden robot block set includes 22 pieces in 7 kinds of shapes — triangles, parallelograms, cubes, planks, columns, and wheels.

Piecing together integral parts to form a robot car will boost your child’s analytical thinking and STEM skills.

It’s a toy that will get your kid’s gears turning!

Don’t forget it’s made of wood with embedded magnets — so that it’s child-safe without loose parts to mess with.

(04) Happy Bungalow “Tots First Bot” Non-Toxic Baby Robot Toy

Best wooden robot for babies — handmade with baby-safe non-toxic wood and finish.

See it on Etsy

Here’s a simple little robot for your littlest one.

It’s a solid wood robot without moving parts. While it’s not made expressly for baby teething, it’s safe if babies and toddlers to take a taste test.

Standing almost 6 inches tall and 3 inches wide — it’s big enough for kids to play with as an action figure, too.

Handcrafted with top-quality ash and walnut wood, then finished with homemade all-natural beeswax polish — this wooden baby teether doubles as a robot action figure toy — non-toxic and safe for babies and kids alike.

A wonderful handmade non-toxic wooden robot baby toy.

Not to mention — Happy Bungalow offers over 14 funky types of kids’ robot toys.

Ever thought about throwing a robot-themed kids party? Make it happen with Happy Bungalow — Made in Ohio USA.

They’ve got a unique children’s robot for every kid at the party. And the parents will get a kick out of them too.

(05) Mamuma Bird MAMUBO Natural Wood Magnet Robot Blocks

The most natural magnetic wooden robot — where nature lovers and science geeks come together.

See it on Etsy

For me, Mamubo’s Natural Wood Magnetic Robot Transformer Toy was love at first sight.

Here’s a magnetic robot toy that’s made of perfectly natural wood you can still see the woodgrains in. Handmade of hardwood and coated in natural beeswax.

It’s both gravity-defying and Mother Nature-approved.

You can choose between get Mamubo alone — or get the family set with mommy, daddy, and baby Mamubo robots all together all ready for action.

I’m a huge fan of magnetic blocks — they’re the one type of building blocks [LINK] I believe to become more and more prevalent in the future.

This is an eco-toy that environmentalist parents can agree with — and a STEM toy that your toddler’s next invention will prove worthwhile.

Wholesome robotic fun all around!

(06) Bamloff WooBots Wooden Transformer Toys

An eco-friendly hats-off to the Transformers brand for both kids and adults.

See it on Amazon

Bamloff brand WooBots are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic transformer toys.

Their 3D wooden robot puzzles transform from a vehicle into a robot — just like the Transformer, you know from the movies.

They made several different models so you can choose based on your kid’s preference — like a fighter jet, submarine, beetle bug, school bus, and more.

They’re recommended for older kids — because they are too advanced and have loose parts that aren’t safe for young children.

Wooden transformer puzzles stretch children’s imagination and boost creative thinking.

With undeniable retro charm, it’s a toy the adults will take to as well.

Transformable robot toys carved from blocks of natural wood — for your little Transformers fan, for families who care about the environment.

(07) Begin Again Tinker Totter Wooden Robot Character Set

A toddler-friendly wooden cartoon robot puzzle full of lively futuristic characters.

See it on Amazon

I just couldn’t finish the best robot toy list without mention of Begin Again brand.

Their Tinker Totter Robot Character Set is a 22 piece robot block set for toddlers to put together 4 main characters — and zillions of other character combinations your kid thinks up!

Recommended for ages 3 to 10 years — its chunky peg-and-hole components are an excellent tool to teach your child stacking and connecting techniques.

With cute and curious cartoon robots of all shapes and colors — This Begin Again’s set really puts the “A” (Art) in STEAM learning.

Hello, Dave. Goodbye, Dave.

Now that you’ve been introduced to so many environmentally-friendly robot toys — would you ever look back to plastic robot toys again?

Does not compute!

As a true fusion of Montessori and STEM approaches to children’s learning — open-ended robot toys have all sorts of benefits for toddlers 3 years old to kids as old as 10.

Thanks for stopping by!

In the spirit of following fun interests — I hope you found something that piqued your interest today.

For a child who loves robots — I think all seven of these robot toys are great picks!

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