Best Wooden Workbench For Toddlers & Kids To Work With Their Hands — Top 12 Tool Bench Toys

Best Wooden Workbench And Tool Bench For Kids Toddlers And Babies
Best Wooden Workbench And Tool Bench For Kids Toddlers And Babies

Hands-on learning — means your child learns by doing. Handy people who are good with tools are more self-sufficient — with practical life skills to keep the gears turning.

Anybody who’s used tools before knows it’s a “learn by doing” type thing.

For kids mesmerized by the real tools in the garage — what could possibly get the little builder in your life more excited and ready to learn?

Starting from a young age — working with play tools is a healthy avenue for imaginative role play. Completing all sorts of projects — all by themselves — your kid will builds hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, and self-confidence.

Especially when you buy a workbench most conducive to your child’s learning objectives. Let’s get your toddler on that track — shall we?

The right tool for the job is right around the corner.

To help you find the right workbench for your needs — here’s what to look for (8 essential tips):

  1. Sturdy base. Because a wobbly workbench has got to go!
  2. Eco-Safe. Natural wood & non-toxic colors are a must.
  3. Nuts & bolts. Your kids will love “Plug and Play” tools.
  4. Hand tools. Check for essential tools before you buy.
  5. Stuff to build. Open-ended play pieces are my favorite part.
  6. Storage. Find a tool bench with a spacious storage area.
  7. Age & Size. Tall benches get more playtime over the years.
  8. Safety. Get chunky tools & play pieces without sharp edges.

Okay — you’re all set!

Now let’s head down to the hardware store — for the world’s best play-worthy wooden tool benches!

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In a hurry? Here’s your best wooden tool bench top 12 drilldown!

Time is money, and your kid’s got a project to complete!

If your toddler’s got clients breathing down their neck about that construction project deadline — you’ve got to gear up fast.

Here’s your “Utility Meets Play” quick list of the best wooden workbenches for toddlers and kids — plus a few for you adorable babies in the audience.

  • (01) Hape “Master Workbench” Kid’s Wooden Tool Bench Toy is the one to buy if your toddler is 3 to 6 years old and you don’t have time to shop around.
  • (02) Tender Leaf Toys Nordic Design Tabletop Tool Bench For Kids has modern appeal with its contemporary Nordic style.
  • (03) Melissa & Doug Solid Wood Project Workbench Play Building Set is an excellent pick — all-natural wood and a lofty 26” tall.
  • (04) SainSmart Jr. Wooden Bench Toddler Construction Set is a bench your toddler will build with various nuts & bolts included.
  • (05) Fat Brain Toys “My Fixer Upper” Wooden Baby Tool Bus is a tool-themed baby activity walker for 2 to 4 years.
  • (06) Robud Wooden Tool Workbench Toy for Kids & Toddlers is the new brand on the block — and I just love their variety.
  • (07) Raven Skull Magic Personalized Name Workbench comes engraved with your child’s name — both workbench and family keepsake.
  • (08) Spiekind Pretend Play Workbench Workshop Toy For Kids & Toddlers has a full-fledged 50-piece 3D builder set.
  • (09) Ohuhu Wooden Construction Bench Toy hypothesizes wacky kids experiments — including 88+ STEM tool bench knick-knacks.
  • (10) Kidwill Wooden Chair Constructive Building Play Set is a “Tool Chair” that gives tool benches a run for their money.
  • (11) Hape Discovery Scientific Wooden STEM Workbench is a STEM learning work area for older inventive toddlers age 4 and up.
  • (12) Robud “Black & Yellow” Kids’ Pretend Play Workbench is a perfect wooden alternative for the plastic Black + Decker workbench.

For toddlers & kids tools to foster an inventive, can-do, no-mountain-too-high mindset — tool benches are just the beginning. It’s 2021, and wooden tool sets come in all varieties — toddler tool belts, kids tool boxes, STEM specialized sets, and more.

(01) Hape “Master Workbench” Kid’s Wooden Tool Bench Toy

Standing 32” inches tall — it’s the most popular wooden workbench for parents who want years of playtime out of their purchase.

See it on Amazon

Ranked #1 on the list — Melissa & Doug brand’s “Master Workbench” has it all.

Standing 32” inches tall, it’s got an adjustable height to grow with your child. We’re talking years of playtime for 3 to 6 year olds.

Next, the spacious 22” wide by 11” deep work surface offers plenty of storage. Need a real-working kids workspace? How does a roomy 242 square-inch tabletop sound?

In a bold color pallet of natural wood and bright green & blue, the STEAM-tastic 35-piece kids’ tool bench has the kids’ tools and accessories.

A play hammer, saw, screwdriver, and wrench — with the screws, nuts, bolts, gears, links, and more all included. Check out the vice for clamping pieces in place — a real crafts(wo)man will tell you just how helpful one of those is in a real workshop.

Checking all the boxes — As we continue shopping, you’ll notice other kids’ tool benches with very similar tools sets as Hape’s “Wooden Master Workbench”.

I guess that’s why it’s one of 2021’s best-selling and award-winning kids’ wooden workbenches.

Award-winner, but which award? For your benefit, I looked into “which award did Hape’s master workbench win?” — but came up empty-handed. I’ll let you know as soon as I find the answer!

Or for a smaller handheld wooden toddler tool box set, check out their Hape “Fix It Kids Handy Workshop”.

(02) Tender Leaf Toys Nordic Design Tabletop Tool Bench For Kids

Fits right into a modern household with its contemporary Nordic design & creative quirks.

See it on Amazon

I thought the Tender Leaf Toys brand made classic wooden toys — but this one proved me wrong!

Completely remixed into a contemporary Nordic-style wooden workbench — it’s something parents who think IKEA first to take notice of.

With a symmetrical dot grid for plugging play pieces and using play tools — your kiddo’s got a thousand horizons opportunity for open-ended play.

You must have noticed that little wooden robot critters that comes with the set. I think they look so much like The Minions — mischievous and entertaining.

Scandi toy lovers will call this one close to their heart — and I appreciate Tender Leaf Toys rebrand, and look forward to more.

(03) Melissa & Doug Solid Wood Project Workbench Play Building Set

Must love natural wood — an ultra-popular functional 26” tall wooden workbench for a kids’ woodshop vibe.

See it on Amazon

Age-appropriate for 3 to 6 years old — I love this wood-centric model — with less paint and more all-natural wood to work with.

The first thing you should know is the assembled workbench is ​​26” inches tall.

That means toddlers age 3 can reach onto the tabletop and kids 6 years old can still stand beside the work surface to get the job done.

It checks the boxes on the toddler tool variety too. With a real-working vise, built-in tool rack, an essential set of wooden hardware — you’re kiddos ready to get building.

(04) SainSmart Jr. Wooden Bench Toddler Construction Set

The nuts-and-bolts focused bench your toddler will actually build (12” inches tall for 3+ years)

See it on Amazon

Made of premium beech wood for ages 3+ — SainSmart Jr. brand’s DIY toddler workbench is a wrench-and-screw-centered construction toy?

What exactly is a construction toy? It means you assemble pieces together to build a complete. Common examples include K’NEX and erector sets from the old days.

Your toddler will unbox an entire set of delightful panels, fastening bits, support beams — and YES — all the tools they’ll need to build something awesome.

Lots of parents (and other toy reviews I’ve seen online) may be fooled by the rather simple-shaped tools and toddler construction materials. But those wooden nuts, bolts, nails, and screws really do need precise fastening into the board’s threaded holes.

Maybe if Mommy and Daddy do the constructive play themselves — at 12” inches when the workbench is fully assembled — perhaps it’s a good-sized set for tots younger than 3 years old to play with (just keep an eye on the small-ish nuts and bolts parts).

Always remember size when buying toddler workbenches — That is only 12” inches tall. This is not a work surface tall enough for your 3 year old to stand next to. The activity is more size-appropriate for a tabletop.

(05) Fat Brain Toys “My Fixer Upper” Wooden Baby Tool Bus

The baby workbench on wheels — a tool-packed baby activity walker for 2 to 4 years.

See it on Amazon

It’s never something I’d ever thought about personally — “what if they put a workbench on wheels?”

But that’s exactly what the creative minds at Fat Brain Toys came up with. Babies and young toddlers aged 2 to 4 years, will practice walking and take their new fix-it business on the go.

The toddler tool bus’ body comes equipped with a circular analog clock. That’s one way to teach the handy(wo)man in your life to meet a deadline!

Another reason to like Fat Brain Toys as a brand is — they source all their wooden toy selection from US manufacturers. It’s a nationwide brand that works with mid-sized shops around the country too.

(06) Robud Wooden Tool Workbench Toy for Kids & Toddlers

A best-selling newcomer to the wooden tool bench arena — with essential wooden play hardware.

See it on Amazon

I’ll be the first one to say — “Robud brand? Never heard of them.”

I assume they’re a “manufacturer brand” — which means you get a quality wooden building toy for a low price, usually for a one-off purchase.

But after reviewing their selection, I was blown away!

For 3 years and up — the Robud brand offers a complete line of play tools​ — including 4 different wooden tool bench models ready to tackle your toddler’s next project.

Their best-selling model stands just 14” inches tall — with tools and a “peg-in-hole” tabletop surface like we saw from other companies. Robud offers a teeny-tiny 11” inch tall pastel toolbench too — as cute as a button!

One other note — Robud’s is an available alternative if you looked everywhere but just couldn’t find the discontinued Imagination Generation wooden workbench — which for some reason had pirate decals on it. Pirates plus hand tools? What a peculiarly awesome concept! For kids who love pirates and tools — that 0.0001% of kiddos who really love the two — a pirate-themed toolset is the kind of gift you’ll remember your entire life.

(07) Raven Skull Magic Personalized Name Workbench (Spell Your Child’s Name)

A keepsake workbench with your kiddo’s name engraved in the wood — worth displaying on the mantle.

See it on Etsy

Hey hey – for those of you out there who’ve never seen a personalized wooden toy before — you’re in for a treat.

Before you order, simply spell out your kid’s name. The folks down at Raven Skull Magic (a peculiar name for a toymaker) will hop to it — engraving each letter into the front of the workbench bottom storage layer.

It’s just a foot tall (12” inches) when assembled as a workbench — a good size to display it on your kiddo’s dresser or the living room mantle.

One thing about personalization — if you love the idea of creating a play-worthy keepsake out of your child’s carefully chosen name, I highly recommend you check out our personalized name puzzles review — or take a gander at South Bend Woodworks on Amazon.

(08) Spiekind Pretend Play Workbench Workshop Toy For Kids & Toddlers

With 50 pieces to build 3D structures — it’s a value-packed construction toolset and workbench combo for toddlers 3 and up.

See it on Amazon

Standing at 17” inches tall when assembled, it’s another small-sized workbench with the work surface about 12” inches off the ground.

One definite plus — it comes with 50 pieces in total. Having a healthy variety of workbench play pieces lying around spurs creativity — 50 pieces is plenty to construct a plane, a crane, or other DIY structure.

With that in mind — I still really like Melissa & Doug’s natural wood workbench for playability through the years — it’s a full 26” inches tall.

In general, (I believe) Spiekind is another “manufacturer brand” — so for people looking for an excellent value — take a peek!

(09) Ohuhu Wooden Construction Bench Toy (STEM Table Play Kit)

A scientifically crazy 88+ toolbench geared towards STEM learning objectives — plus I love the bold colors!

See it on Amazon

Overall — it’s an open-ended kids tool play bench with a universal dot grid benchtop for logical & geometrical constructive play.

I love the perfectly symmetrical, perfectly geometrical dot grid on the tabletop — without “exact to fit holes” that only accept one toy piece — these universal holes lend themselves to more open-ended play.

Designed for a wide age range from 3 to 7 years — this bold color palette reminds me of a jungle safari — so it’s nice to see a kid-friendly cartoon cat and dog decals on the sides.

The bench stands 17.5” inches from the floor. The tool rack on the takes isn’t designed to “rack up points for height”. It just holds tools — just like the spacious full-area storage rack below.

The sides include universal holes that accept the sets of various nuts and bolts. That’s what I call “Plug & Play” problem-solving!

(10) Kidwill Wooden Chair Constructive Building Play Set (Nuts, Bolts & Tools)

Why let benches have all the fun? This chair builder toy set offers an educational building experience — backed by a cartoon lion clock.

See it on Amazon

Okay, we’ve talked about benches all day long. But what about chairs?

Kidwill brand’s toddler tool construction play chair teaches your kid (3+ years) the nuts and bolts of how to build a chair themselves.

Albeit, at 15” inches tall — don’t expect to sit on it.

The finished product is a bright yellow and green chair with a cartoon lion clock to “turn your back to time”. But first, it’s time to get out the wooden hammer and screwdriver to piece together chair parts with wooden nails and screws.

Another wooden toy construction chair you might be interested in — available in “Back to Basics” primary colors — is available from the My Gifted Education brand.

I think it’ll look nice in a fundamentalist child care or preschool setting — and there are plenty of other primary color wooden toys to match.

(11) Hape Discovery Scientific Wooden STEM Workbench (10 Science Experiments)

Designed for older toddlers age 4+ plus — as a transition from basic early childhood development to a universe of science learning.

See it on Amazon

A real working pulley and lever system on a workbench? It’s “Back to the Future: Workbench Edition”!

This techno-futuristic kids learning workbench is far less popular than their “Master Workbench” — because it caters to that awkward in-between stage of “old toddler, young kid”.

Ages 4 to 8 represents tons of transitions and milestones in children’s education — from their very first day at school all the way to 2nd grade science projects.

It’s the right age to start specializing your kid’s education track to applied skills — and Hape’s workbench takes a STEAM approach to build fundamental skills every good (wo)man of science needs to succeed.

With 58 scientific play pieces — a combination of “structural wood & functional plastic” — every feature gets your growing child hands-on with a new geometry, physics, or engineering lesson.

(12) Robud “Black & Yellow” Industrial-Grade Kids’ Pretend Play Workbench

A wooden alternative for people who love the Black + Decker style — who also pride themselves on purchasing eco-friendly toys.

See it on Amazon

Yep, this is Robud brand’s second appearance on the list — because this one’s perfect for people who like the Black + Decker or Home Depot style workbench — but want it in wood.

You know — play tools that look exactly like the hardware store equipment you’ve got in the garage. For STEM learners ages 3 and up — it stands 30” inches tall (and that large end of the spectrum).

With that unmistakable black on orange — the original Black + Decker is one of the most popular kids standing workshops ever created.

As a natural wood tool bench decorated in heavy-duty black on yellow colors — Robud’s industrial-grade wooden tool bench is precisely the right toy for you to solve that “Hedonist vs. Environmentalist” internal conflict swelling inside.

Also, check out Toy Choi or iBase Toys for similar and less-expensive alternatives.

You just gotta have the right tool for the job! Thanks for shopping at Oddblocks, and have a lovely day!

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