Fourth Of July Kids Toys, Games & Gifts (Patriotic + Eco-Friendly)

Eco Friendly Fourth Of July Gifts Toys And Games
Eco Friendly Fourth Of July Gifts Toys And Games

The problem with most Fourth of July toys and novelties is — they’re used for just one day then tossed away.

It was a star-spangled Independence Day, but it sure added to a landfill somewhere.

This year, why not switch to eco-friendly patriotic toys? The kind made with natural materials — both child-safe and environmentally sound.

The kind your child will love to play with year-round — not just on July 4th.

To celebrate freedom — try these long-lasting wooden toys in beautiful red, white, and blue!

Kids’ Fourth of July items that are Mother Nature approved.

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(01) Red, White & Blue Rainbow Stacker

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Have you ever heard of Grimm’s rainbow stacker? Here’s a star-spangled stacking rainbow for open-ended play on the Fourth of July.

Painted like the American flag, let your toddler piece it together like a red, white, and blue rainbow puzzle.

Made of natural wood, it’s Mother nature approved and will last for years. We’re talking toddler-safe July 4th toys that won’t end up in the trash can.

Unique and inviting — even parents will want to try this thing out. With patriotic visual appeal too, it makes a perfect Independence Day decoration too.

Post a photo of your USA Flag rainbow stacker to Instagram!

(02) Red, White & Blue Wooden Yard Dice

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Why let your toddler have all the fun. Giant yard dice is a game the entire family can enjoy on a July afternoon.

Play Platoon’s red, white, and blue wooden lawn dice set comes complete with everything you need to get started. That includes 6 USA-colored dice, instructions for 3 different games, a scoreboard, and a carrying bag.

If you’re looking for a natural look, try RH2 Creations’ handmade rolling dice. Available with red, white, and blue dots, this one lets the beautiful wood grains show through.

(03) American Flag Wobble Board

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Who wouldn’t wobble to the beat of this patriotic balance board?

Kate Haa brand makes premium class wooden wobble boards — this one with a bald eagle and American flag design on the bottom.

Wobble boards can be used by babies, toddlers, and even adults.

Made sturdy and stable with light-colored Baltic birch plywood and a child-friendly water-based finish.

What’s all the wobble about?

Well, this year why not watch the fireworks from this All-American wobble board.

We reviewed the best wooden balance boards where you can learn more.

(04) Patriotic Baby Rattle & State Rattles

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Here’s our top pick for babies born in one of the fifty United States of America.

Bannor Toys is an American company that makes wooden baby teethers in the shape of U.S. states.

Yes, 50 states equals 50 different state rattles. There’s one for your home state!

If you’re looking for a red, white, and blue color palette, try Freedom Found brand’s patriotic wooden rattle with silicone teethers.

(05) Wooden Name Puzzle (Fourth Of July Colors)

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Do we have any July birthdays out there?

I’m not sure if you’ve thought about celebrating your child’s birthday together with a holiday-themed party — but here’s a July birthday gift to win them all.

Jane E. Kids brand’s first birthday wooden name puzzle makes for a personalized birthday decoration that’s great for toddler’s puzzle play too.

A patriotic personalized puzzle that spells your newborn’s name — a perfect baby shower gift for a patriotic new family.

We rate other personalized wooden name puzzles in our full roundup review!

(06) Baby Walker & Toddler Wagon

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Part of the American Dream is to earn your own money to drive an amazing car.

Before the allure of driving a real car crosses your toddler’s mind — get them an American-style toddler-sized vehicle that’s the talk of the neighborhood.

Wagon and walker technology has come a long way since I was a kid.

Radio Flyer is a classic American brand that’s been around since WWII. They’re a modern classic toddler walker wagon is like a piece of Americana for your little one’s first steps.

And don’t forget the timeless original Radio Flyer wooden kids wagon.

Available in a retro red color from the 1950s drive-thru burger joints — Luma Goods brand makes the most fashion-forward wooden toddler walker.

(07) Wooden United States Map Puzzle

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Montessori mommies and daddies — this is the one for you!

Environmentally conscious and thoughtfully designed, here’s a wooden Montessori map puzzle with an earthy color palette.

Tromigou brand’s Montessori USA map puzzle is the perfect addition to any Montessori home’s learning corner.

Hand-painted using biodegradable paints and varnish — it’s 100% eco-friendly, 100% Montessori-approved, and 100% aesthetically pleasing alongside your contemporary home decor.

It’s personalizable too! You can custom engrave your toddler’s name on the back of the puzzle.

Now that’s a memorable Fourth of July toddler gift!

We reviewed the best kids’ USA map puzzles so you can find the perfect one for your child.

(08) Patriotic Loose Parts & Sensory Play

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Learning Safari Loose Parts Sensory Play For 4Th Of July
Credit: Learning Safari on Etsy

If you’ve never heard of sensory toys before — you are in for a treat!

Sensory play is an open-ended activity that allows your child to explore different textures, colors, and sensations.

A sensory bin comes with all sorts of child-safe loose parts for toddlers to play with.

Learning Safari brand’s patriotic sensory box includes beautiful all sorts of wooden knick-knacks alongside toddler-safe rice — every piece in a red, white, and blue color scheme.

Montessori-inspired loose parts come in all different sorts, shapes, and sizes. Since they’re perfect for open-ended play — all different kinds of loose parts can be mixed and matched into a unique learning activity.

Learning Safari brand makes an All-American wooden sensory bin with USA-colored mushrooms, rainbows, and rings. Learning Safari even makes a sensory tray designed like the American flag.

Mountain Mom Studio brand makes patriotic sorting stars and bowls.

If your little one loves running around in the backyard, try Bright Life brand’s red, white, and blue hand kite to make your child feel like they’re flying like an eagle.

(09) USA Colors Wooden Connect Four Game

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The original Connect Four tabletop game had red and black pieces. Now, here’s the Fourth of July version of the classic 4-in-a-row game.

It’s a portable tabletop board set for easy transport to your Independence Day backyard BBQ get-together.

Not much room on the picnic table? Go for the giant-sized game!

Standing 3 foot tall, Yay Day Designs brand makes Connect Four into a giant backyard board game perfect for your family picnic.

(10) Patriotic Peg Dolls (Or Paint Them Yourself)

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We already talked about loose parts play for your Fourth of July, but for some parents — it’s all about the peg dolls.

Peg dolls are small wooden dolls shaped like simple peg people. If you’re already a peg doll fan, then it’ll be no surprise to find these friendly patriotic pegs ready for the fireworks show!

Rainbow Peg Dolls makes hand-painted peg dolls for the Fourth of July — meet Uncle Sam, Lady Liberty, and the whole gang!

Of course, you can make peg painting into a family-friendly July 4th activity — where your family gets together to paint your family onto pegs.

Both Amazon and Esty offer blank pegs at very low prices. Just pick up some non-toxic acrylic paints, and you’ll be ready to paint your own peg dolls!

Not very artistic? I’d say give it a try anyway! It’s the fun that counts.

Or check out My Mini Fam. They specialize in custom peg dolls personalized to look like your family.

Your family will look great as pegs. Super trendy!

In Wooden Toys We Trust!

Most 4th of July party supplies last a day, then get tossed into the trash can.

Today we looked at some exceptional eco-friendly alternatives — the best Fourth of July gifts that your child will play with for years to come.

One last note. If you prefer the “Made in USA” label — very important time of year — you’ll love our best wooden toys Made in America buyer’s guide.

If you’re looking to support local businesses in your area, check out all the wooden toys made in your state.

Happy Independence Day!

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