Outdoor Pikler Triangle: What You Need To Know


A Pikler triangle for outside play on a bright and sunny summer’s day? Yes please, and ice cream too!

After publishing my review of the best Pikler triangles, I noticed a lot of interest about Pikler triangles for outdoor use — specifically for outdoor use.

So let’s get to it!

You’ll be surprised to know, there is no Pikler triangle intended exclusively for outdoor use.

But don’t worry, all Pikler triangles can be played with outdoors.

Certain Pikler triangles are intended for both indoor and outdoor play.

In addition, there are ways you can weatherproof a Pikler triangle so that it’ll last longer if you want to keep it outdoors too.

That’s the long and short of it. Now let’s check out the specifics.

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Outdoor Pikler Triangles: What You Need To Know

Can You Use A Pikler Triangle Outdoors?

Yes, all Pikler triangles can be used outdoors.

Even if a Pikler triangle is designed for indoor play, your kids can still take it outside for a climb on a clear day.

Some companies even advertise their Pikler triangles to be used for outside play — even though there’s no material difference in how they’re made.

No matter how it’s advertised, any Pikler triangle you buy isn’t made to weather extreme conditions.

Weather Conditions & Pikler Triangle: What You Should Know

So you bought a Pikler triangle and want to take it outdoors?

Indoor environments are controlled and pose no problems. But outdoor conditions vary, and there are specific weather conditions to watch out for.

(Keep in mind — we’re talking about playing with it outside. We’ll talk about keeping it outside later.)

When playing with a Pikler triangle outside, avoid prolonged exposure to intense moisture (rain, mud, or snow), intense heat or sunlight (UV rays), or intense cold. Exposure to moisture and cold may warp or rot the wood. Exposure to extreme sunlight may cause the wood to fade and crack.

Keep your Pikler triangle dry, and store it indoors between uses to ensure it’s not exposed to the extreme weather conditions described above.

If your Pikler triangle accidentally gets wet or dirty, wipe it dry and clean — and let it air dry indoors.

Also, place your Pikler triangle on a sturdy and somewhat soft surface — like a grassy lawn — and never concrete or hard ground.

Playing Outside Vs. Keeping Outside

So far, we’ve only talked about playing outdoors.

Whether or not you can keep it outdoors is a different story — and it depends on how the wood is treated.

If you want to keep your Pikler triangle outside, the wood needs to be treated with a special heavy-duty sealer to protect it from nature’s elements.

To my knowledge, no Pikler triangle offers this degree of treatment.

Or at least it’s the minutiae of the woodworker’s trade — and something the average consumer doesn’t ask. So they don’t tell you upfront. Or on their website.

(Understandably, so.)

Let’s learn what that’s all about next.

Outdoor Wood Sealer: How To Outdoor-Proof A Pikler Triangle

Maybe you’re tight on indoor space. Or understandably — you’re not interested in lugging a Pikler triangle to and from the backyard all summer long.

Treating your Pikler triangle with an outdoor wood sealer is the best way to protect your Pikler triangle from nature’s elements.

We’re talking about the same kind of wood sealer used on decks and fences — the kind that penetrates into the wood to protect against water damage and harmful UV rays.

Just like how a deck or fence will weather over time — if you store your Pikler triangle outdoors it won’t stay brand-new forever. But if your intent on leaving it outside through the seasons — this is your best bet.

Outdoor Wood Sealer: Which Is Best?

Yes, child-safe environment-safe wood sealer options are available — though I find it hard to believe any would be safer than pure natural wood itself.

When choosing a wood sealer for your Pikler triangle — that’s safe for children, pets, and plants — here are few things to look for:

  • Made specifically for wood
  • Protects against moisture (water damage & mildew)
  • Protects against sunlight (UV damage & fading)
  • Water-based
  • Non-toxic
  • Low- or no- VOC
  • Can be cleaned with just soap & water
  • Available in clear (to keep the original wood color) or a hue that you like (light wood vs. dark wood hues).

Two kinds of outdoor wood sealer that check all the boxes are Seal-Once and Thomson’s.

It’s worthwhile to note — almost all Pikler triangles you buy will be shipped already finished. Usually via wood treatment, paint, stain, varnish, or wax. Therefore:

  • First, weatherproofing your Pikler triangle yourself won’t necessarily expose your child to more chemicals than a store-bought Pikler.
  • Second, an unfinished Pikler triangle (without any wood treatment at all) offers the best surface to apply your DIY wood sealer.

I know all this feels a little overwhelming — when it’s something your child will be climbing in close contact (and possibly putting their mouth on).

That’s why for Pikler triangles that can be kept outside — above all else — I recommend the PlayWilder brand.

Let’s talk about that next.

Best Outdoor Pikler Triangles (Top Curated List)

Quick List

I hope learning the ropes about how to use the Pikler triangle outdoors use wasn’t too boring.

Finally, let’s see some Piklers!

By now you’ve probably decided whether or not applying wood sealer yourself is something you want to do.

Applying wood sealer will give you the most weatherproof outdoor Pikler triangle possible, but you have to do it yourself. You should choose an unfinished Pikler triangle for best results, and that’s what I’ll show you.

Buying a pre-finished Pikler triangle means it can be played with outside, but you shouldn’t keep it outside for prolonged periods — and I’ll show you Pikler triangles recommended for both inside and outside use.

Whether unfinished or hybrid — here are your top picks!

Unfinished Pikler Triangles (Ready for DIY Wood Sealer)

  • PlayWilder: American-made unfinished Pikler triangle
  • GoodEvas: Adjustable unfinished Pikler triangle
  • Joey Co.: Budget-friendly unfinished Pikler triangle

Hybrid Pikler Triangles (Intended For Both Indoor & Outdoor Use)

Unfinished Pikler Triangles (Ready for DIY Wood Sealer)

(Unfinished Pikler Triangle) The wood is just pure wood without any finish, varnish, or sealer. Pure wood is the ideal surface to apply a coat of wood sealer, which is the best way to weatherproof a Pikler triangle.

1. PlayWilder: American-made unfinished Pikler triangle

Check price on Etsy

Playwilder American Made Unfinished Outdoor Pikler Triangle
Credit: PlayWilder on Etsy

Not only is PlayWilder American-made, but they’re also the only Pikler triangle company that offers instructions and customer support for applying wood sealer.

Another thing to love about PlayWilder is their economical package deals. The more you buy, the more you save.

So many other Pikler companies offer a low price for the frame, only to ding you with overpriced accessories. PlayWilder offers outdoor sets with multiple outdoor climbing triangles and ramps for compounding savings.

All around, the way PlayWilder operates demonstrates their genuine commitment to their customers — and for customers ready to apply a wood sealer finish, PLayWilder is the most trustworthy pick.

2. GoodEvas: Adjustable unfinished Pikler triangle (also affordable)

Check price on Etsy & Amazon

Goodevas Adjustable Inside Outside Unfinished Pikler Triangle
Credit: GoodEvas on Etsy & Amazon

What’s to love about GoodEvas is that it’s adjustable. All the other outdoor-ready Pikler triangles are foldable — meaning open or closed only.

GoodEva’s is adjustable to every 30 degrees, so you can adjust it at a safe low slope for your infant’s early months, and hike it up to a super-tall triangle climbing challenge for your older kids.

Since it’s unfinished and ready to take a coat of wood sealer (DIY) — that means it’s affordable, flexible, and can be kept outdoors (after you apply wood sealer).

3. Joey Co.: Budget-friendly unfinished Pikler triangle

Check price on Etsy

Joey Co Budget Friendly Unfinished Pikler Triangle For Indoor And Outdoor Use
Credit: Joey Co. on Etsy

A classic foldable Pikler triangle at an affordable price.

The climbing frame comes unfinished — so it’ll be ready for outside storage after you weatherproof it with a wood sealer (DIY).

It’s pretty normal in terms of frame style and attachments available. Even if it’s not as innovative as other models — it’s still the least expensive way to get a fully outdoor-proof Pikler triangle.

Hybrid Pikler Triangles (Intended For Both Indoor & Outdoor Use)

(Hybrid Pikler Triangle) You can play with it both indoors and outdoors as purchased. But it’s not necessarily weatherproof, so you shouldn’t keep it outside for storage.

4. RAD Children’s Furniture: American-made wood-sealed Pikler Triangle

Finished with safe water-based sealer

Check price on Etsy

Rad Childrens Furniture American Made Wood Sealed Weatherproof Pikler Triangle
Credit: RAD Children’s Furniture on Etsy

RAD is an all-American Pikler triangle company — designed and manufactured in California — that follows the true Pikler philosophy of early childhood education.

Plus, they’re the only Pikler company that comes out-of-the-box with an environmentally safe, non-toxic, water-based wood sealer — the best type of finish for weatherproofing.

Their designs are less innovative than other Pikler triangles on the list and the price is higher (as you’d expect from an American-made company) — but since you’re here for an outdoor Pikler triangle you can count on, RAD might be exactly what you’re looking for.

5. Wooden Workshop: Outdoor-friendly Pikler triangle

Finished with safe linseed waxed oil

Check price on Etsy

Wooden Workshop Outdoor Friendly Pikler Triangle Playground Set
Credit: Wooden Workshop on Etsy

Even though you won’t be able to keep these Pikler sets outdoors — they take full advantage of the extra space an outdoor environment provides.

With Pikler triangles in all different sizes and Pikler attachments in unique curved shapes like no other maker — that makes Wooden Workshop a really compelling buy!

If you’re looking to create a full-on Pikler playground in your backyard — definitely worth a peek.

6. Wood & Hearts: Great value hybrid Pikler triangle

Finished with safe varnish

Check price on Etsy & Amazon

Wood And Hearts Great Value Hybrid Outdoor Indoor Pikler Triangle
Credit: Wood & Hearts on Etsy & Amazon

Ready for both outdoor and indoor use — here’s an affordable Pikler triangle without compromising on quality.

Plus a bold color selection, a medium-large size, and a standard selection of attachments. All this makes Wood & Hearts a great value worth considering.

7. Jr. Climber: Budget-friendly hybrid Pikler triangle

Finished with safe varnish

Check price on Etsy

Jr Climber Budget Friendly Hybrid Outside Inside Pikler Triangle
Credit: Jr. Climber on Etsy

Quality-wise, I’m not a big fan of Jr. Climber.

But since their Pikler sets come cheap — at just over $100 (at the time of writing) — and they’re playable indoors and out.

Another plus is their interesting color combinations — like blue and pink frames — that no other Pikler maker offers.

Over to you!

Outdoor Pikler triangle — a simple concept, but a choice needs to be made.

Today we’ve gone over everything you need to know about getting the right Pikler triangle for your backyard.

You’ll need to choose which path is right for you, your family — and most importantly your little one.

  • Unfinished Pikler Triangle (Weatherproof After You Apply DIY Wood Sealer Yourself)
  • …OR…
  • Hybrid Pikler Triangle (Ready For Indoor/Outdoor Play Out Of The Box, But Not Weatherproof)

Let me know in the comments below which path you chose! How’s it going?

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