South Dakota Wooden Toys

Support local South Dakota toy makers! Here’s a hand-picked collection of the best wooden toys 100% Made-in-South Dakota!
Wooden Toys Made In South Dakota
Wooden Toys Made In South Dakota
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Discover handmade wooden toys made by your neighbors right accross the state line!

Local South Dakota Wooden Toy Brands

Magnum Enterprises

Rapid City, SD

When the clock strikes high noon, it’s time for a Mount Rushmore State showdown! Magnumis a homegrown wood toy rubber band gun company out of Rapid City, SD. From toy pistols to rifles, from toy handguns to automatics — Magnum has just about every kind of kids’ rubber band shooter you can think of.

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Gramps’ Toy Shop

North Spearfish, SD

Gramps’ Toys is owned and operated by a retired South Dakota woodworker — a husband, a father of eight, and a grandfather of fifty four — when he’s not dealing with family matters, you can find him in his wood shop! As a firm believer in life’s simplest things, Gramps starts with a selection of fine woods for each project — everything from birch to cherry to walnut — and then hand crafted into wooden toy construction vehicles (and some snazzy pizza peels, too).

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Scissors & Saw

Sioux Falls, SD

Even though it’s on the crafty side of the wooden product spectrum (rather than play toys) — when I saw Scissors & Saw’s complete collection of wooden state cutouts, I jumped for joy! From thick-cut block-style state shapes to laser-cut minis, you’ll find exactly the kind you’re looking for — no matter which state you’re from.

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Chivilla Bay

Groton, SD

Specializing in handcrafted home decor & gifts — Chivilla Bay offers a small stock of miniature wooden play farming equipment and wooden lawn games. Owned by a farmer and a crafter — they’re carving out a comfortable country life, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

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TS Foster Sales

Peever, SD

A disabled veteran-owned custom woodworking company specializing in finely detailed hardwood medley products. With as many as 14 hardwoods crafted into a single piece, TS Foster’s plagues, trays, and toys celebrate the full spectrum of natural wood’s beautiful variations.

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Wooden Toys Made in South Dakota

“Ultra Tech” Wooden Rubber Band Toy Rifle

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“M-60” Wooden Toy Rubber Band Rifle

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“Magnum 45” Wooden Toy Rubber Band Pistol

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Wooden Toy Pie Tin Rubber Band Shooting Target

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Thick-Cut Wooden State Cutouts

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Mini State Wood Cutout Hangers

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Bulk Miniature State Cutouts For Crafts

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Did I miss anything? Let me know if there’s another South Dakota-based wooden toy company you think should be on the list — especially if you’re the owner! I’m always on the lookout for quality wooden toys to promote, and I’m here to support small businesses — so I’d love to hear from you. Contact Me

Neighboring States

Discover handmade wooden toys made by your neighbors right accross the state line!

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