Top 3 Zero-Waste Toys For Christmas 2021 — Sustainable Holiday Gifts For Kids

Zero Waste Christmas Gifts For Kids
Zero Waste Christmas Gifts For Kids

“I’m dreaming of a Green Christmas, just like the ones I used to know — except a little more eco-friendly.” To have a holly jolly zero waste holiday, here are my picks for the best sustainable Christmas gifts for kids.

From companies that care about their impact on the environment as much as they do about bringing smiles to children’s faces — these toys offer the best of both worlds.

This year, waste-free is the way to be!

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Last minute holiday shopper?

You bet — the holidays sneak up faster than you think every year! Here’s your fast-track to finding the perfect Christmas gift for your little environmentalist.

  • (01) Wood & Hearts Pikler Triangle is the ultimate zero waste indoor climbing toy for ages 6 to 36 months. Probably 2020’s most popular eco toy, and it’s back again in 2021.
  • (02) Maple Landmark Name Train is a sustainably sourced wooden train personalized to spell your child’s name. Doubles as an heirloom Christmas decoration and play-tastic toy train for toddlers and kids.
  • (03) Bannor Toys U.S. State Baby Rattle makes the perfect natural stocking stuffer for babies (ages 0 to 18 months) born in any of the great U.S. states. Need a one-and-done gift for all the babies on your list? This one’s made with eco baby safety in mind.

If you’re looking for sustainable kids toys — specifically in holiday red and green colors — check out our Christmas-themed wooden toys guide.

(01) Pikler Triangle: Sustainable Climber For Active Toddlers

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If you’ve never heard of a Pikler Triangle before (like a lot of first-time parents) — now you’re in for a treat.

The Pikler triangle became one of the most sought-after sustainable kids climbing toys during 2020 — the year Christmas took place during a pandemic and most kids were locked down inside.

It’s perfect for indoor climbing during the cold winter months — definitely worthwhile to purchase while Black Friday discounts of 25-50% are floating around.

6 to 36 months is the perfect age to get a Pikler triangle for your baby or toddler, and kids up to 6 years will still have a blast climbing their Pikler. It’s a Christmas gift that you can bring out year after year (or rotate Montessori-style).

Not to mention — winter means our kids stay inactive indoors much more than in the summertime. Getting your kids active indoors even when the weather’s not so nice — is one thing parents love about the Pikler.

Hip hip hooray! To a healthy and active climb-tastic Christmas 2021 — with your little one’s brand new Christmas climbing triangle!

Be sure to get a foldable Pikler triangle. That makes storage a sinch — plus a big-ol’ gift that still fits under the Christmas tree.

Which one’s right for you?

If you’re looking for a colorful Pikler triangle — in bright rainbow, pastel rainbow, and other imaginative color palettes — Wood & Hearts brand makes an excellent 3-piece Pikler triangle set as beautiful and climb-worthy as could be.

Get a Pikler triangle, Pikler arch, and climbing bridge piece for an ideal indoor climbing set up to develop your child’s gross motor skills, problem-solving, and so much more.

Wood and hearts is also available on Etsy.

An interesting tidbit — Amazon requires product photos to have a white background, while Etsy allows for full-color shots of the product in action — with kids playing to their hearts content.

Wood and heart’s reviews don’t look like much on Amazon — but people on Etsy are going absolutely bananas about this pro-environment play toy.

Or if you prefer a natural wood Pikler plain and simple (no paint, no colors) — I really love the versatile multi-angle foldable Pikler triangle from GoodEvas.

I like to say — “You’re Gonna Love GoodEvas!” With a price tag you can agree with, and 6-10 day shipping for those of you who are “almost-last-minute” holiday shoppers.

We wrote an in-depth review of the best Pikler triangles where you can learn more.

(02) Personalized Name Train: Eco-Friendly Christmas Decoration & Kids Play Toy

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For families who look forward to breaking out the ornaments and decorations each year — the personalized wooden name train is an eco-friendly gift your child will look forward to year after year.

Each toy train car is a single letter of your child’s name. Whether your child wants to push and pull the train around on a surface, or see their name up on a Christmas mantle display.

Maple Landmark brand’s signature wooden “NameTrain” is my top pick!

As a culmination of quality woodwork, reasonable pricing, play readiness, and visual beauty — everything that matters. Plus, it’s made in the USA with all-natural locally sourced wood. Yep, wood is one of Mother Earth’s most abundant renewable resources.

Choose from classic rainbow colors, pastel rainbow colors — or unpainted without colors in all its earth-friendly glory!

Here’s a nifty Christmas eve idea! If you get a wooden train track to go along with it, Santa Clause may even set up the train track around the base of the Christmas tree. Talk about a magical Christmas morning miracle for your kids to wake up to.

For this Christmas with less waste, You just can’t find a better kid’s name train!

Maple Landmark’s personalized trains are available in sets by the number of letters — or you buy each letter individually. Personally, I think getting the complete set is much easier — one less thing to worry about during the holiday shopping craze! So, here you go:

Maple Landmark’s is available on Etsy, too if you prefer.

Looking for other styles? You’ll find one to match your child’s name and personality in our complete personalized name train review.

(03) U.S. State Shape Rattle: Zero Waste Stocking Stuffer For Babies

See it on Etsy

New parents usually have friends with babies, too. This is exactly the kind of one-and-done zero waste Christmas gift for every baby on your Christmas list — as long as the babies on your list are born in the USA.

Bannor Toys — one of the best USA-made wooden toy companies — makes adorable wooden teething and grasping toys for — each in the shape of a U.S. state.

They’re made 100% zero waste and baby safe — with solid wood construction made from sustainable walnut, maple, or cherry wood. Even states divided by major bodies of water — like Hawaii or Michigan — have a solid wood construction Mother Earth can approve of.

50 states equals 50 different teethers. When you’ve got lots of parents and babies to shop for — from extended family, friends across the country, and coworkers celebrating their new family’s first winter holiday.

For the littlest ones, I just can’t think of a better eco-friendly stocking stuffer!

Make it “Green Gifting” this holiday!

Giving a zero-waste (or less-waste) Christmas present is more important than ever!

As parents, it is our job to show our children how choosing sustainable alternatives spreads positivity around the world.

For a Christmas list with a green thumb, I’ve taken you through a handful of my personal favorite eco toy companies.

Wishing you and your family — A Very Merry Christmas!

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