Michigan Wooden Toys

Support local Michigan toy makers! Here’s a hand-picked collection of the best wooden toys 100% Made-in-Michigan!
Wooden Toys Made In Michigan
Wooden Toys Made In Michigan
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Discover handmade wooden toys made by your neighbors right accross the state line!

Local Michigan Wooden Toy Brands

Uncle Goose

Grand Rapids, MI

Michigan’s most famous wooden toy brand. Known for their beautifully-designed wooden blocks in all sorts of varieties — including world languages and creative picture blocks.

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Palumba (Camden Rose)

Plymouth, MI

All-natural manufacturer and retailer of Waldorf-inspired wooden toys, kids’ furniture, and art supplies — with awesomely high standards for quality, safety, eco-friendliness.

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Curious Minds Busy Bags

Dorr, MI

A family-run business who develops their own original kid-friendly learning activities. For classroom-quality educational wooden toys (and more), this is a toy shop parents, teachers, and occupational therapists trust!

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Woodlander Toys

Jenison, MI

To stimulate your baby’s sensory functions and keep them happily playing all day, Woodlander’s it Michigan’s top source for Montessori-style wooden teethers and rattles — handmade and natural for the little ones in your life.

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Happy Oak Toys

Vestaburg, MI

Natural toys for little hands and big imagination. Made with locally sourced, American hardwoods — finished with avocado oil and beeswax. Perfectly safe for babies.

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Wooden Toys Made in Michigan

Wooden Planet Blocks

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Wood Building Blocks (Cherry, Walnut & Maple)

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Wood Stacking Rainbow Tower

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Quirky Wooden Number Set

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Monochrome Wooden Silicone Baby Rattle

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Classic ABC Blocks

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Hardwood Play Tool Box With Tools

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Large Wooden Nuts and Bolts

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Did I miss anything? Let me know if there’s another Michigan-based wooden toy company you think should be on the list — especially if you’re the owner! I’m always on the lookout for quality wooden toys to promote, and I’m here to support small businesses — so I’d love to hear from you. Contact Me

Neighboring States

Discover handmade wooden toys made by your neighbors right accross the state line!

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