Top 8 Finger Puppets for Toddler / Baby Giggles & Storytime


Invite a few new finger puppet pals into your household — imagine what could happen! 

Look to finger puppet play for bright colors (color recognition), exciting themes (imaginative pretend play activities), and fun characters (socializing, communication, and acceptable behavior).

Babies and toddlers — your tiny fingers deserve the best!

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Best Finger Puppets (You’ll love them!)

Busy parents who want the best for their kids — this is your closest thing to a “five-finger discount”. Here’s a 5-second best-in-class finger puppet collection — Oddblocks at your service!

  • (01) Folkmanis Realistic Animal Finger Puppet Collection
  • (02) Beebee & Bongo “5 Little Frogs / 5 Funky Monkeys” Finger Puppets
  • (03) Super Z “Family Members / Popular Animals“ Finger Puppet Sets
  • (04) The Puppet Company “Farm / African Animal” Finger Puppets 6 Pack
  • (05) MerryMakers “Crayon Characters / 5 Little Monkeys” Finger Puppet Playset
  • (06) Ecoleeko Organic Baby & Toddler Finger Plush Toy Collection
  • (07) Vanmor Rubber Bath Finger Puppets for Toddlers & Kids
  • (08) IncaBox “Ethical Wholesale” Handknitted Finger Puppet Bulk Order

Benefits of Finger Puppets

What are the best reasons to get a set of finger puppets for your baby, toddler, or preschooler? I can count them on one hand!

  • Engage your child holistically. These beautiful plush puppets provide a sensory experience — visual through colors, shapes, and objects — tactile through feeling the fuzzy, stretchy, scratchy fabric materials on your skin — cognitive through focused attention and cause-effect thinking — social by naturally inspiring verbal communication skills and language development through play.
  • Most finger puppets are one-size-fits-all. That means the same puppet set fits both adult and child sized fingers. Yessiree, they’re easy to wear.
  • In 2022, you can pick from all kinds of styles — “realistic features” to “cutesy and kawaii”. It’s tiny finger puppets with compact designs that deliver a big impact!
  • Spice up your toddler role-play! Get engaged during storytime by singing songs, introducing new letter sounds, or starting puppet shows. It’s a full-scale puppet screenplay!
  • They’re a welcome addition anywhere you find kids. Enrich education at home, daycare, or preschool. Or hand them out as a giveaway gift at your kid’s next birthday party. Or an eco-natural baby shower gift?

(01) Folkmanis Realistic Animal Finger Puppet Collection

Folkmanis on Amazon

Premium high-quality and my best-of-the-best favorite. Need I say more?!

These engaging miniatures are ideal for interactive finger play.

Always animated, always colorful. Look to Folkmanis for realistic details. They look so real to engage the children in storytelling, role-play, and dramatic play for teaching and learning purposes.

Get ready for all the animals (elephants, sharks, ducks, mice, rabbits, bugs, and more)! Having high-quality materials, they are easy to re-use hygienically after washing again and again.

(02) Beebee & Bongo “5 Little Frogs / 5 Funky Monkeys” Finger Puppets

Beebee & Bongo on Etsy

If you are looking for fairly hand-made finger puppets, these Ethically made in Cambodia puppets are the best choice for you. They are eco-friendly and delightful at the same time.

The five little frogs and the five little monkeys can amuse a child in any imaginative and play-based learning experience. They can go along with famous nursery rhymes/stories for preschool circle time or bedtime for a purposeful puppet play.

(03) Super Z “Family Members / Popular Animals“ Finger Puppet Sets

Super Z on Amazon

If you want the easiest-possible solution, then add one of Super Z’s budget-friendly finger puppet sets to your cart. Your choice of “Animals” or “Family Members”.

These sensory puppets are an adorable way of teaching the children (especially the children with learning disorders like ADHD) about different zoo animals and members of the family (if your family is like mine, the two themes are not far off). The colorful plush material not only makes the children’s room more attractive and entertaining. 

(04) The Puppet Company “Farm / African Animal” Finger Puppets 6 Pack

The Puppet Company on Amazon

Super-cute interactive animal finger puppets are an adorable addition to any toddler or child’s room. They are the best resource for teaching and introducing African/Farm animals to young children.

To engage the child for this purpose, you can use them in finger-play along with the children’s favorite rhymes like Old McDonald had a farm and teach animals sounds like a cow (moo…), duck (quack…), sheep (baa…), and so on.

(05) MerryMakers “Crayon Characters / 5 Little Monkeys” Finger Puppet Playset

MerryMakers on Amazon

“Fun dolls for book-loving kids?” What a superb idea to put the children’s dream into reality! These superbly designed puppets are truly the reflection of the bestseller storybooks and adventure tales in their appearance and presentation.

Young children would really feel eager to role-play and have puppet-show to follow these tales and stories for developing language skills by having these cute puppets. They are safe and perfect for toddlers and children of all ages.

(06) Ecoleeko Organic Baby & Toddler Finger Plush Toy Collection

Ecoleeko on Etsy

Quite safe with organic cotton, terrycloth, and organic yarn, these adorable finger puppets are irresistible for a baby, toddler, and above. Add it to a baby nursery or present as a baby shower gift and engage a child to indulge in the world of imagination and fun.

Just remember each is sold separately, so you have to build your collection one by one (not a set).

(07) Vanmor Rubber Bath Finger Puppets for Toddlers & Kids

Vanmor on Amazon

A high-quality and colorful puppet set is a perfect bath toy for a learning-based fun time for a toddler or a child. Not the most eco-friendly, but rub-a-dub fun in the tub!

Its water-resistant soft rubber material with a transparent storage bag makes it convenient to take it to a pool or beach too. High-quality texture and intricate details make it a perfect gift for kids who like this type of kawaii characters.

(08) IncaBox “Ethical Wholesale” Handknitted Finger Puppet Bulk Order

IncaBox on Etsy

Not my favorite looking, but knitting fans love this style. IncaBox is ethically sold in bulk to benefit the makers in Lima Peru. Pick from large quantity sets of 25, 50, 100, 200, 500 finger puppet packs or more.

They are lightweight and colorful as they are purely hand-knitted in wool. Having a customizable variety of animals, people, fairy tales, and your child’s favorite character — they can serve best for story-telling props and role-play puppets. 

Coming soon to your kiddo’s Finger Puppet Theater Extraordinaire — a lovely new cast of fun interactive play, and a great gift choice for a young puppeteer.

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