Best Tegu Blocks: Eco-Friendly Magnetic Baby & Toddler Builders

Best Tegu Blocks Magnetic Wooden Building Blocks Made In Honduras
Best Tegu Blocks Magnetic Wooden Building Blocks Made In Honduras

Welcome to the future of block play — Tegu blocks innovative wooden blocks feature magnets embedded below a smooth surface for gravity-defying open-ended play.

With both sustainability and playability at center stage — Tegu may be slightly more expensive than regular blocks. 

But believe me, the magnets and shapes are a game-changer — totally worth it!

It’s Tegu’s fashion-forward toy design, quality local-grown hardwood, and the magnets that make all the difference.

If the pieces didn’t make that satisfying “click-clack” sound when the magnets inside snap them together — you wouldn’t even know magnets were in there. 

Most Tegu blocks are age-appropriate for 1 year and up — but many of their blocks are chunky-sized to jumpstart your newborn baby’s building and stacking skills.

(Not to mention the safety and peace of mind parents get — knowing the materials are eco-safe to the highest international standards. With the magnets embedded securely inside, your child will never come in contact with them.)

Cheers! To celebrate the simple joys of creative play — with Tegu blocks’ imagination infinity. 

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Kids, Wood & Magnets: A Match Made In Honduras

Feeling the magnetic attraction already? 

Here’s your fast track to the future of wooden block play. It all starts with Tegu brand’s sustainable, ethical, and innovative line of top-quality magnetic wooden toys.

  • (01) Classics: Best Overall Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks
  • (02) Pocket Pouch: Best On-The-Go Tegu Blocks For Toddlers
  • (03) Travel Pals: Best Tegu Blocks Travel Set For Babies
  • (04) Classroom: Best Large Tegu Blockset For Educational Facilities
  • (05) Naturals: Most Eco-Friendly Unpainted Tegu Blocks
  • (06) Racers: Best Tegu Magnetic Wooden Vehicles & More
  • (07) Swivel: Best Magnetic Wooden Teether For Infants
  • (08) Perfect Blocks: Futuristic Engineered Wood Building Blocks

(01) Classics: Most Popular Tegu Magnetic Blocks (14- or 24-piece sets)

Welcome to the future of building blocks — Tegu’s classic magnetic blocks are the perfect starter set to introduce screen-free play into your home.

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With magnets safely embedded underneath the smooth surface of the wood — Tegu remixed magnetic stacking blocks for toddlers into a whole new dimension of gravity-defying block play.

This is the future of open-ended play! Forget the instructions manual, forget the flashy screens and sounds — and try pure creativity and imagination on for size.

Don’t let the dinosaur or land cruiser on the box curb your imagination — these are completely open-ended blocks for your child to build limitless thingamajigs.

Tegu’s classic magnetic blocks 14-piece set comes complete with 8 planks of different lengths, 4 perfect cubes, 4 columns, and 2 parallelograms. The 24-piece set includes 14 planks of different lengths, 4 cubes, 4 columns, and 2 parallelograms.

Both sets are 100% cross-compatible, so you can build up an impressive Tegu collection over time — and build bigger and better block buildings held together by the power of magnetic pull.

Here’s a Tegu-shopper’s pro-tip — you can buy Tegu wheels separately to add an extra 4 to 8 wheels onto your block-creation. I just can’t emphasize enough just how much added push-and-pull versatility you get with an extra set of wheels.

(02) Pocket Pouch: Best On-The-Go Tegu Blocks For Toddlers

The icon tegu travel blocks pack for ages 0-99 — just hit the road and engage in 1,000-mile open-ended magnetic block play!

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With a spark of curious creativity — Tegu blocks travel pouch sets come with 8 magnetic prism blocks plus a perfect-fit charcoal-hued cloth pouch for ultra-convenient storage on the move.

With “prism-style” triangular and trapezoidal block shapes — your little one will break away from the standard “cube-style” blocks into a world of unusual nooks and crannies for extra stimulating constructive play.

If this is your first time with Tegu — this easy-to-carry starter set offers the perfect magnetic blocks for toddlers’ development.

Whether in the car or on the plane — you and your child will begin to recognize that gratifying “click and clack” sound — the sound Tegu blocks make when the magnets snap them snugly together.

Simply block-tastic!

(03) Travel Pals: Best Tegu Blocks Travel Set For Babies (6-piece set)

Chunky magnetic baby blocks — in the shape of animals or vehicles — perfectly sized for tiny hands & convenient for travel.

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For Tegu’s Travel Pals are the perfect traveling companion for your youngest block-lover.

Appropriate for all ages — even newborn babies — here’s your littlest’s one-way ticket to blockplay on the go. Yes indeed — these are some of the best magnetic baby blocks for traveling tots.

Each adorable baby block set comes with 6-pieces — the same sustainable magnetic wooden blocks you’d expect from the Tegu brand. They’re available in vehicle sets — like an airplane, tugboat, or space rocket — and animal sets — like a hummingbird, kitty Cat, or whale.

But remember, in the true spirit of open-ended play — your child can shape and mold these 3D baby blocks into any shape they can imagine!

(04) Naturals: Most Eco-Friendly Tegu Blocks (24- or 42-piece set)

Simple, natural unpainted hardwood Huesito magnet blocks — in all the classic Tegu shapes, sizes you love!

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Love the idea behind Tegu’s magnetic building capabilities — but prefer the look and feel of natural wood? Tegu’s natural blocks are unpainted Huesito wood — an eco-friendly hardwood locally grown and harvested in Tegu’s Honduras headquarters.

Available in both 14-piece and 24-piece sets — get all the blocks, planks, and odd-shaped pieces Tegu’s know for — yep with the magnetic abilities too.

(05) Classroom: Most Complete Tegu Blockset For Childcare Facilities (90- or 130-piece set)

Everything you love about “single-player” magnetic Tegu blocks — this time in a tutti frutti variety ready for groups of kids to build things together.

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Block play is a classic solo activity that offers new learning experiences when played together with other kids.

For daycare, preschool, kindergarten educators — Tegu’s large-and-in-charge classroom-ready magnetic wooden block sets set groups of kids up for collaborative open-ended play.

They learn to take turns, and share toys, cooperate on projects, develop healthy friendships, and entire pecking order of positive learning outcomes.

Classroom-sized Tegu block sets are available in a few different color and shape varieties. For a futuristic feel, check out Tegu’s futuristic robot classroom block set  — a full-sized spin on the original Tegu robot blocks.

(We wrote a full review of the best wooden robot toys for your science & technology buffs.)

For the magnetic-agnostic — Tegu offers a massive 340-piece set of innovative Perfect Blocks — offering enough variety for even the busiest classroom environments.

(06) Racers: Best Tegu Magnetic Wooden Cars & Vehicles

Hand-sized wooden push and pull cars (for 1 year and up) — that double as a Tegu-style magnetic block set for unscripted open-ended play.

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Magnetic wooden push and pull toy vehicles that 

One thing I personally appreciate about their 3-piece magnetic wooden racer toys — is that you each buy each car individually. There’s just something so minimalist about that — gotta love it!

There are 5 different car models in different colors and shapes — some more boy-ish and some more girl-ish. You’ll definitely find an adorable car your child will love!

Each of the 5 models is perfectly compatible with each other — so if you have 2 to 5 siblings — this is a great way to get the kids building together.

Of course, they’ll practice the skill of discernment too, when it comes time to collect all the pieces of their car. “Hey, that’s my block!”

Tegu’s collection of magnetic toy race cars are just the beginning! Check out Tegu’s line of daredevil stunt team vehicles — with helicopters, speedsters, and skyhooks. Each is 100% compatible with other magnetic Tegu blocksets.

(07) Swivel: Best Magnetic Wooden Teether For Infants

The Swivel is a swiveling wooden baby play toy for 12 months and up — teether-safe and great for developing early fine motor skills.

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One thing people love about Tegu blocks is that they’re suitable for all ages — so they grow with your child all across those early years.

People love them for their blocks — but they’ve never heard of their baby teether and grappling toy.

Even some of Tegu’s most loyal fans don’t know about this baby-friendly Tegu find!

(08) Perfect Blocks: Futuristic Honeycombed Wooden Building Blocks (40-piece set)

Colorful, lightweight, and unbelievably sturdy — this just may be the future of wooden stacking blocks. 

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Unlike other Tegu treasures — this one’s not magnetic at all. They’re similar to KEVA planks — yet Tegu’s Perfect Blocks are colorful and play-worthy for all ages.

It’s made of engineered wood — injected into a mold and shaped into this futuristic honeycomb pattern unlike any other block in existence.

(The engineered wood is ≈50% wood content, 100% free of icky chemicals — in case you were wondering.)

BONUS — Tegu Alternatives: Play-Worthy Magnetic Builders

Tegu Blocks Alternatives Silicone Baby Blocks And Magnetic Building Tiles
Credit: Tubelox (Top), Picasso Tiles (Left), Mini Tudou (Right)

If you’re considering building toys other than Tegu — you’ve indeed got options. Here are a few Tegu alternatives to know before you buy.

[A] Picasso Tiles Magnetic Building Tiles (Plastic)

If it’s magnets and buildability you’re looking for — Picasso Tiles are arguably even more versatile than Tegu blocks — because of the lightweight precise-shaped plastic shapes.

Picasso tiles are also somewhat less expensive.

With plastic building tiles, you’ll miss out on the environmentally-friendly nature of wooden blocks that Tegu offers with their renewable Huesito wood material.

Picasso Tiles’ most popular magnetic play tiles include their 100-piece standard set and their entry-level 60-piece starter set.

(An alternative to an alternative? Yes, we’re going there! FYI for comparison purposes — Magna-Tiles has a similar offer with their 32-piece set.)

[B] Tubelox MagnetBlox Magnetic Soft Blocks

As far as innovation and extreme stacking toys go — Tubelox brand MagnetBlox life-size magnetics soft blocks fit right in with Tegu.

Like a foam kids couch in building block form — MagnetBlox are cushy comfy 15-inch mega-jumbo blocks that let your child build play structures as tall as they are.

[C] Mini Tudou Silicone Baby Blocks

No, Mini Tudou’s silicone baby blocks are not magnetic — but they’re grippy and and “prongs and openings” like LEGOs and DUPLOs so that they fit together?

Looking for a budget friendly set of baby-safe blocks — here’s a great pick!

[D] Magz Wooden Magnetic Building Bricks

Big fan of brick-shaped blocks? Like “magnetic Jenga” — Magz brand magnetic wooden blocks offer the same brick-shaped wooden blocks as Jenga towers — this time with magnets inside for stacking tower that actually stays together.

In a bright primary color pallet — and a few column pieces for extra variety — Magz brand 45-piece “Jenga magnet tower” is a colorful puck for developing toddlers and young children.

(Note — it’s offbrand, not an official Jenga brand variation.)

Hasta Luego — My Fellow Tegu Toy Fans

Tegu’s innovative magnetic blocks for babies, toddlers, young kids, and the young at heart of all ages — they just can’t be beat!

With an ethical business model — aligning childrens’ learning, parents’ aspirations, a Honduran region’s economy, and Mother Nature’s wonderful smile — Tegu is a magnetic wooden toy brand I truly admire.

Magnetically magical, visually divine, and perfectly in line with your little one’s learning objectives — Tegu is the future of block play!

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