28 Crazy Jenga Variations You Didn’t Know Exist (Special Edition)

Crazy Jenga Variations Special Edition
Crazy Jenga Variations Special Edition

For diehard Jenga Fans, here are the 28 best Jenga variants and special editions — like on a need-to-know basis. Jenga games similar to the original, yet completely one-of-a-kind.

Tired of the regular old plain wood Jenga? Or maybe you’ve got a birthday coming up for someone in your life to absolutely adores the game of Jenga.

Get ready for over 28 unbelievable and Jenga styles — you’ve probably never seen before.

Most are from the official Jenga brand. Some you might call Jenga knock-offs.

I kept all the “Jenga Classic Wannabees” out of the list. Every single Jenga set listed here offers unique value, an interesting twist, or an awesome variation.

If you were underwhelmed by the original Jenga. You’re not alone. No, Jenga does not hate you. Maybe you just weren’t playing with the right set to suit your tastes.

Let’s change that today — with a crazy Jenga game that (I promise) really does exist.

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All types of Jenga — How crazy is that?

We’re starting off our ultimate list of limited edition Jenga variations with some heavy hitters — and finish off with a few non-official Jenga-like games (too cool to call a knock-off).

You’ll miss photos and commentary about each special edition Jenga variant…

But if you already know the specific “Jenga with a twist” you’re looking for — here’s your fast-track Rolodex to check out the special Jenga set that tickles your fancy.

(01) Jenga Classic Game

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Here’s an ode to the original — the Jenga set that started it all.

(02) Jenga Mini Game

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Yes, it really exists! This teeny-tiny version of the standard Jenga game fits in your pocket and is ready for Jenga-on-the-go. As the slogan goes, “Mini Jenga, Gigantic Fun”. The adorable minified Jenga set includes 18 mini hardwood Jenga blocks — 2.4” inches long and in the same shape as the original.

(03) Jenga Giant Game

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With bigger blocks, it’s the ideal Jenga for outside. The official giant Jenga turned the classic family game into a party-favor adults love to play too. Got a series of backyard barbeques coming up this summer? Jenga’s original giant outdoor game offers a fun sunshine group activity all summer long.

(04) Donkey Kong Jenga Collector’s Edition Game

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Here’s a retro throwback — Donkey Kong Edition Jenga just like the classic Nintendo arcade game. But watch out for bananas and barrels along the way!

(05) Super Mario Edition Jenga Game With Bowser Boss

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How cool is it when Hasbro collaborates with Nintendo ​​to bring you a testament to the world’s most popular video game — Super Mario?

(06) Jenga Tetris

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It’s time to go Tetris crazy Jenga style! Imagine physical Tetris-shaped blocks you can pick up with your hands. Now — the time is ticking in the Tetris version of Jenga. Just like the classic video game, you can use a timer to limit how long each player has to complete their turn. And here’s a cool twist on the original rules. If you perfectly complete one row of the tower, you get to choose the next player to put into jeopardy!

(07) Jenga Fortnite Edition

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Hasbro Gaming Jenga: Fortnite Edition Game, Wooden Block Stacking Tower Game for Fortnite
Fans, Ages 8 & Up

Jenga with a Fortnite twist — this version comes with a Fortnight-themed spinner. Players spin the spinner and must follow its commands. In true Fortnite style only its most loyal fans will appreciate — here’s a Jenga set to spin, stack, and climb your way to Fortnight victory. It comes with the spinner, character pegs, and three brick-type Jenga blocks.

(08) Sushi Jenga IUP OH! 寿司 Japanese Sushi Game

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Each little Jenga-shaped sushi is a tiny box that opens up — so you can store little treasures. Play with your fingers — or with chopsticks for a more traditional Japanese sushi game.

(09) Jenga Ocean

See it on Bureo website

Jenga Ocean Recycled Jenga
Credit: Bureo

A Jenga game for a worthy cause Jenga® Ocean™ & Bureo brand collaborated to bring a sustainable Jenga board game made from recycled fishing nets. In beautiful black, the nets were salvaged and recycled via Bureo’s Net Positiva recycling program.

(10) Rustic Series Dark Stained Wood Jenga Blocks

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This one’s my absolute favorite of the bunch. As a wooden & eco-friendly toy blogger — it’s not surprising to see why. This rustic series Jenga game comes with carefully stained natural wood blocks in various shades from light wood to dark wood. In my meager opinion — it’s one of the most beautiful Jenga sets you can buy.

(11) Jenga Octagon Game

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Here’s an 8-sided twist on the classic square tumbling tower game. This octagon tower features different shaped blocks — and now players have to face all kinds of ​​master challenges. Switching colors that can be stacked, turning Jenga pieces on their side — all while maintaining the octagon shape.

(12) Jenga Bridge Edition

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It’s the same original Jenga classic — this time played on top of a wobbly wooden tabletop rope bridge. With that rickety bridge blowing in the wind — who knows what could happen next! I simply can’t handle the suspense!

(13) Parker Brothers Jenga Max

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This is honestly the craziest Jenga I’ve ever seen. Yes, it’s made by the original Jenga brand. No, it doesn’t look anything like any other Jenga set at all. It’s a plastic base pendulum with a set of orange and yellow plastic clips that you can hook and hang onto the next. It’s similar to the original Jenga because the object of the game is to keep the structure from tipping over. This time that just depends on the free-moving pendulum and how far off the center of gravity you’ve gone with your last clip!

(14) Therapy U “Breaking Barriers Down” Jenga For Therapy

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Here’s the first of a few we’ll look at that aren’t made by the official Jenga brand. Therapy U brand approaches group games from a therapeutic perspective — developing kids’ social skills, awareness for their feelings, and emotion and stress management. The blocks are in primary colors with matching cue cards that prompt players to explore and share their emotions — and the entire deck and Jenga questions game for therapy. We wrote an entire article talking about how to use a regular Jenga set for mindful Jenga. This one’s made for it right out of the box!

​​​​(15) UNO STACKO Mattel’s Jenga Alternative

See it on Amazon

Not to get controversial here or anything — but here’s the story of Mattel, a competitor to Hasbro, who made their own colored stacking blocks game to go head-to-head with Jenga. It’s an interesting fact and a noteworthy Jenga alternative — and it turns out Jenga won center stage popularity. UNO Stacko combines the strategy of the UNO card game with chunky physical Jenga play.

(16) Django Unchained The Movie

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This one’s just for humor’s sake. By now you’ve realized the word Jenga’s pronunciation is almost indiscernible from the word Django’s pronunciation. For director Quentin Tarantino fans — sorry, Django-themed Jenga blocks just don’t exist! I suppose you could watch a movie like Django — if you don’t have a Jenga set to work with.

(17) Jenga Monopoly Edition

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This time — yes! Please do pass go, please do collect $200. Monopoly is the game of enterprising and cut-throat business tactics. Now take your stake in this Monopoly-themed Jenga toy. With a color palette just like the plaster player pieces from monopoly, stacked up nicely it looks like an art-deco skyscraper. Like 70s groovy disco!

(18) Jenga National Parks Edition

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Hardwood Jenga blocks with over 100 facts and trivia all about America’s National Parks. Plus, a portion of the proceeds go back to fund US National Parks Services.

(19) Godzilla Jenga Extreme Edition

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Based on the old Godzilla movie franchise turned cult-classic today — the Godzilla Extreme Edition Jenga is designed to look like a skyscraper for Godzilla to tear down. The set includes a stand-up Godzilla fold-out, so you don’t have to leave anything to the imagination.

(20) Jenga Quake Edition

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Like a Jenga earthquake struck the ground, here’s a liquid-hot volcano re-made into a tabletop kids and family game. Complete with aftershocks and falling blocks — the stakes at hand in this Jenga variant are much higher than the original! The tower of plastic stone-style Jenga bricks stands atop a boulder pedestal — what’s more the pedestal randomly shakes to turn up the heat!

(21) ShiZap! Shock-Touch Glow-In-The-Dark Jenga

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Not recommended for kids — for this glow-in-the-dark non-official Jenga set, batteries are required. With an eerie green glow, the blocks look like kryptonite from a space-invader future Superman comic. Watch out — this set’s craziest feature is that it’ll tap players at random times. If getting a Jenga block wasn’t hard enough, now you’ve got to worry about getting “ShiZapped!”!

(22) Jenga Virtual Online Video Game With Friends

See it on Github

As a single-player option, here’s a 3D Jenga game you can play online on your computer or mobile phone — made by Chandler Prall. Or to spend some time with friends, just take out whatever Jenga edition you own and call up a friend on Zoom video chat. Since all official Jenga sets have 54 blocks — it’s a fair playing field even if it’s each player with a tower of his or her own.

(23) Jenga Wedding Guest Book

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OK, this one’s not actually made by the Jenga brand — so some might say it’s a Jenga knock-off. But I think it’s a wonderfully warm-hearted idea! It’s a blank wooden Jenga block tower with a transparent acrylic glass display case. When your wedding guests arrive, just show them the paper instructional sign (included) and ask them to sign in. It say’s “please sign a block”. These are Jenga blocks you can write on to make the memory last forever.

(24) Neon Pop Jenga Building Blocks

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The same Jenga tower shape you know and love — this time in neon-colored translucent Jenga blocks. I can’t imagine how crazy these things would look under a blacklight!

(25) Jenga Scooby-Doo Edition

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From the hilarious 70s mystery cartoon — the set comes in four bright-colored blocks that stack together to build a sandwich for Scooby or Shaggy to eat. An interesting twist on the rules here — your goal is to make a delicious sandwich, but don’t let the lettuce fall out!

(26) Bob’s Burgers TV Edition

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This set comes with ID Cards for each Bob’s Burgers family member — even Teddy gets one too. There’s a special quest in this type of Jenga to beat Jimmy Pesto’s Burger Boss for extra points. And many more mediocre burger-themed surprises where that comes from.

(27) Jenga For Nintendo Wii

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I think that’s just so cool! In the other examples like Super Mario Jenga — It’s Jenga that puts the video game characters onto the blocks. But this time it’s the video game platform Wii putting the Jenga game on their console.

(28) Melissa & Doug Suspend Family Game (Jenga-Like Sticks Game)

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Here’s a zany Jenga alternative to throw into the mix — a suspending sticks family game of balance and hand-eye coordination. Like a crazy tipping, shifting, and wobbling tower of skinny sticks — you’ll have your hands full trying not to let the rods fall down. Essentially, it’s a game like Jenga but with sticks. For an award-winning family game night, try Melissa & Doug Suspend Family Game.

Will the insane Jenga styles ever end?

You can play Jenga — and then you can play specialty Jenga variations.

What’s your favorite Jenga spin-off? Personally, I think the dark-stained wood Jenga blocks are my top pick. I just love the unique wood shades.

Theme-specific Jenga sets make the perfect gift for fans of that specific theme. For your friends who didn’t know this type of Jenga even existed — imagine just how surprised they’ll be when they unwrap one of these.

I hope you enjoyed this grand tour of rare Jenga variations.

Similar to the original Jenga, yet completely one-of-a-kind.

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