Top 10 Wooden Dinosaur Toys For Kids & Toddlers Prehistoric Play

Best Wooden Dinosaur Toys For Kids And Toddlers
Best Wooden Dinosaur Toys For Kids And Toddlers

The dinosaur toy is a timeless toy concept — one that’s survived 65 million years since dinos roamed this earth. Here’s a collection of eco-friendly wooden dinosaur toys — to help Mother Earth survive 65 million years more.

I guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover 2021’s best wooden dinosaur toys — both imaginative and innovative.

These toys are dino-mite!

For the little person in your life who’s got a place at the bottom of their heart for dinosaurs — let’s check out the coolest T-Rex toy you’ve ever seen.

Not just T-Rex — dozens of other play-tastic carnivores, omnivores, and herbivores.

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Need a dino toy in no time?

Dinosaurs lived on this earth for approximately 165 million years. That’s a long time!

But if you’ve got a dinosaur-lover in your family and a holiday right around the corner — here’s your fast guide to finding the perfect dinosaur gift for kids and toddlers.

(01) Holztiger Waldorf Dinosaur Toy Figures (Ages 3-8)

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In Waldorf circles, Holztiger brand kids’ wooden dinosaur figures are all the talk.

Holztiger figures are handmade in Europe. Their signature look is two-sided large wooden blocks between (4” and 6” inches long). Each dinosaur is self-standing and is sanded smooth with child-safe chunky rounded edges.

The entire line of Holztiger animal and dinosaur figures is handpainted in the same whimsical artistic style that Waldorf families adore.

While Montessori-advocates tend to prefer realistic animal toys for kids in the first age plane (birth to 6 years), Waldorf-advocates tend to prefer stylized toys — exactly the style popularized by Holztiger.

For kids dinosaur toys as timeless and imaginative as a complete Waldorf education — Holztiger is a wooden wonder.

(02) Timber Kid Toys Wooden Toy Dinosaurs

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Here’s a bestselling baby- and toddler-sized wooden dinosaur stacking toy — in an awesome jungle pastel color palette.

Essentially, Timber Kid Toys brand’s solid wood toy dinosaur figure set is a low-cost alternative to Tender Leaf Toys brand dinos.

What’s to love? In just one set, you get 8 popular dinosaurs — Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, Brontosaurus, Stegosaurus, Protoceratops, Pterodactyl, Ankylosaurus, and Velociraptor.

Even though it’s advertised as a Montessori toy — calling this a Waldorf toy would be much more accurate.

Appealing to little ones are young as 12 months old, Timber Kid Toy toys are made baby-safe with solid birch wood and non-toxic water-based paint — so you can keep peace of mind when these end up in your baby’s mouth.

Don’t forget the canvas carrying pouch included. Taking a herd of dinosaurs on the road just got a whole lot easier!

(03) Melissa & Doug Montessori Dinosaur Party Play Set

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Montessori parents typically prefer realistic play objects — like dinosaur toys that accurately portray what real-life dinosaurs looked like before going extinct.

That’s because it helps kids better associate playthings with the world around them.

Those practical do-good life skills you’ve come to know and love from a Montessori education — Melissa & Doug’s dinos check off the boxes!

The dinosaurs themselves are made from a featherlight foam-like material — definitely not as eco-friendly as natural wood — but they maintain that realistic detail.

The dinosaur compartment tray is made of wood, and the educational graphics are printed on cardstock.

One thing though — Lots of people seem a little disappointed by the quality of the dinosaur materials. If the word is true, they might break easily and might even look a little cheap. Remember — this is a budget-friendly option, so for premium quality, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

(04) Anamalz Natural Wood Early Learning Tyrannosaurus Rex

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What’s not to love about this modern-classic toddler dinosaur toy?

With thick natural cotton rope legs and limbs — this adorable T-Rex figure is free-standing, bendable, and pose-able — so you can place it on the bookshelf in any pose you want.

To keep with the prehistoric creature’s theme — try their sea turtle or crocodile. Both of which have existed on this planet for millions of years alongside the dinos.

You’ll love the fluffy colorful fabric accents that make this friendly prehistoric pal’s cuteness really come alive! The wood is BPA-free and kid-safe, and it’s finished with non-toxic paint.

As the brand name Anamalz would suggest — if you like the style of this dinosaur, they’ve got an entire line of posable animal figurines too.

(05) Detour Goods Realistic Wooden Dinosaurs With Magnetic Joints (Large ≈14-28” Inches)

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Detour Goods dinosaur toys are my personal favorite.

Large and in charge — these sturdy and free-moving dinosaur action figures look just like the real thing.

These toys are 14 to 28 inches from head to tail — in the hands of tiny tots, they’ll absolutely love the chunky playable large size.

Dinosaurs are supposed to be huge, right?!

Take a closer look at the durable construction of these lightweight dinosaurs — and you’ll find 360-degree free-moving dinosaur legs and limbs.

With magnetic dinosaur joint technology — you can take apart these dinosaurs and put them back together like a STEM construction toy.

An anatomically correct dinosaur shape — scaled down into a child-friendly size. This is the kind of dinosaur gift for dinosaur fans who look up dinosaur facts will definitely appreciate.

(06) WOOD CITY Wooden Educational Dinosaur Puzzle 6-Pack (Ages 2-4)

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In bright pastel colors — this toddler-friendly dinosaur puzzle set of six has large chunky puzzle pieces perfect for tiny hands.

Appropriate for ages 2 to 4, your toddler will experience such a feeling of accomplishment when they put the last piece to complete their new self-standing dinosaur friend.

With WOOD CITY’s pack of 6 — Tyrannosaurus, Pterosaurs, Ankylosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus, and Pliosaur — after your child finishes the first puzzle, they’ll have plenty more to practice their problem-solving and fine-motor skills.

For toddler-safe dino puzzles, you might want to take a peek at a set of alphabet blocks too. Begin Again toys make a dinosaur alphabet block set in the shape of a stegosaurus.

(07) All Alive Wooden Dinosaur Eggs (Jurassic Tumi Ishi Blocks)

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Here’s something straight out of Jurassic Park.

Did you ever watch that scene in Jurassic Park where a new family of velociraptors hatches? If you did like me — then you’re probably already infatuated with dinosaur eggs. And let me tell you, they make a very unusual gift!

All Alive brand’s Jurassic-colored Tumi Ishi Blocks look exactly like Wooden Dinosaur Eggs.

Tumi ishi blocks are irregular-shaped wooden balancing stones.

With such a wild jungle color palette, they’re handmade to resemble extremely rare petrified wood.

It’s a one-of-a-kind beech wood dinosaur eggs with drastic bold woodgrain lines that look like a 60 million years fossil — that’s a once-in-a-lifetime gift for dinosaur lovers or any paleo-nature historian.

(08) Orlando Wooden Toys Hardwood Dinosaur Push & Pull Toys

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Orlando Wooden Toys American-made hardwood dinosaur baby teethers are available in 4 popular dinosaurs — Tyrannosaurus, Brontosaurus, Triceratops, and Stegosaurus.

Can’t choose? Buy the entire set of four wooden dinosaur baby toys and save!

These all-natural baby teething toy is from North American hardwood and finished with organic beeswax and mineral oil. For premium baby-safe standards, Orlando Wooden Toys is a trusted brand that takes care to handmake each piece to perfection.

It’s a 2-in-1 baby toy — with smooth sailing wheels on the bottoms of each teether, your baby will engage in both active push & pull play and calming grasping & teething.

(09) Busy Puzzle Personalized Wooden Dinosaur Name Puzzle

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Baby name puzzles are the hottest eco-friendly gift for newborns and their first birthdays.

By the time the little one in your life becomes interested in dinosaurs — that’s the perfect time to etch their love for all things dino into the wood.

A simple single-line name puzzle with a single dinosaur figurine piece. This one allows for up to 20 letters, so if your kid’s name is Probrachylophosaurus (20-letters — and yes a real type of dinosaur) then you’ve still got space to spell it out in full.

Your choice of the best dinosaur puzzle to spell your child’s name is really up to you — it’s as personalized as it is personal!

My favorite dino name puzzles are from Busy Puzzle, but really beautiful dino-themed alternatives include Child Universe and Big Woodi brands. I’d check them out too!

(10) Arks & Animals Made-in-USA Wooden Dinosaur Block Set

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Made in New York state — Arks & Animals is a family-run woodworks business specializing in high-quality natural hardwood toys.

Their classic hardwood dinosaur block toys come complete with 7 less-common dinosaur types — T-Rex, Brontosaurus, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Velociraptor, Protoceratops, and Spoonbill.

(A spoonbill is a large funky-looking, long-legged, long-beaked wading bird that’s still alive today — though it looks as prehistoric as an alligator.)

Not to mention the lava-filled volcano piece and square boulder blocks set the stage for your child’s imaginative dinosaur adventure.

Cheers to Toy-a-saurus Rex!

The best dinosaur toys — the kind we review here at Oddblocks — we believe are better when aligned with the environment.

Sustainable, natural, and non-toxic — wooden dinosaur toys are an ode to nature that’s chemical-free for your child to play with.

Today we explored a collection of wooden dinosaur toys for toddlers and kids — for the little one in your life who’s in love with dinosaurs.

2021’s proven as much dino-rific toy innovation as any of us could’ve hoped for! As dino toys climb in popularity — we’ve served up your T-Rex-approved list!

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