Top 6 Wooden Airplane Toys For Toddlers & Babies Who Love Planes

Best Wooden Airplane Toys For Toddlers Babies Kids
Best Wooden Airplane Toys For Toddlers Babies Kids

Welcome aboard your flight! Destination — a full review of the best wooden airplane toys perfect for kids with their eyes on the sky.

Eco-friendly & child-safe — we’ll find a matching airplane toy for your child’s age and developmental stage.

Wooden airplane toys are made from all kinds of wood. Handheld wooden airplane vehicle toys are typically made from hardwood like birch, beech, maple, or rubberwood. Whereas, wooden airplanes that fly are typically made from lightweight balsa wood.

We’ll show you exactly what to look for — to meet your specific needs.

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Enjoy your flight!

We hope you’ll fly with us all the way to the end of this airplane toy review…

But if you and your kiddo have an (imaginary) flight to catch, here’s your passport to the top 6 imaginative wooden airplane toys for toddlers, babies, and kids of all ages.

  • (01) Hape Little Plane Wooden Toy Vehicle is ideal for tiny hands — a chunky and rounded wooden baby airplane toy.
  • (02) Melissa & Doug Wooden Airplane Play Set is great for toddlers’ imaginative play — complete with 1 airplane and 8 airport accessories.
  • (03) Lapp’s Toys Amish-Made Solid Wood Toy Airplane offers heirloom quality, trusted Amish craftsmanship, and the “Made in USA” label.
  • (04) Green Toys Toddler Airplane Toy is made from 100% recycled plastic — an eco-friendly plastic airplane for action-packed toddler play.
  • (05) Guillows Balsa Wood Glider Plane is a real flying airplane toy to create your child’s first lesson in physics and flight.
  • (06) Kind Woodpecker is the best personalized baby gift for airplane-loving bundles of joy — get it personalized with your child’s name.

(01) Hape Little Plane Wooden Toy Vehicle

A chunky and rounded baby airplane toy absolutely perfect for tiny hands.

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  • Age: 10 months and up
  • Size: ≈5” (L) 2.5” (W) H: 4” (H) inches

What’s not to love about Hape brand’s baby-safe little wooden airplane?

Coated in a beautifully bright-colored baby blue non-toxic paint — you can keep peace of mind even if the toy ends up in your baby’s mouth.

Recommended for ages 10 months and up, here’s a toy airplane perfectly sized for babies.

The wheel hinges are elasticized and flexible — allowing the wings to adjust up and down ever so slightly.

Available as an airplane, a helicopter — or an entire fleet of other Hape wooden vehicle toys — By your child’s first birthday, their imagination (and hands) will make their little aircraft soar through the air!

(02) Melissa & Doug Wooden Airplane Play Set

An open-ended passenger plane play set complete with 1 airplane, 4 play people, and 4 suitcases as cute-as-could-be.

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  • Age: 3 to 7 years
  • Size: ≈21” (L) 5” (W) H: 5“ (H) inches

What’s so unique about Melissa & Doug’s airplane playset is that you can play with figurines inside and outside the plane — plus take the plane for a spin just like other types of airplane toys we talk about today.

The dual-purpose wooden airplane playset opens up imagination to infinity!

Meet a friendly crew aboard — with an essential set of wooden toy airplane accessories — a pilot, a crew member, and 2 passengers. Each of them has their own suitcase to take along for the trip.

Age-appropriate for toddlers and children ages 3 to 7 — it’s a toy that encourages cognitive development and problem-solving skills.

Watch as your little one learns how to sort, match, and count all the colorful airplane play pieces. Through the power of play, your child will practice using their hands — and improve their eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.

Well known for their award-winning educational toys — Melissa & Doug also offers a children’s DIY “decorate your own wooden jet plane” play set — for your crafty airplane lovers out there!

(03) Lapp’s Toys Amish-Made Solid Wood Toy Airplane

Best heirloom quality hardwood toy airplane with the “Made in USA” label

See it on Amazon & Etsy

Lapps Toys Made In America Amish Hardwood Toy Airplane For Age 4 And Up
Credit: Lapp’s Toys on Etsy & Amazon
  • Age: 4 to 10 years old
  • Size: ≈7” (L) 7” (W) 3.5“ (H) inches

Perfect timing to buy this one for a 4-year-old because you’ll get a clean 6 years of playtime out of it.

Lapp’s Toys (also known as Amish Toy Box) are located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania — a place with deep-rooted Amish tradition. That means centuries of Amish woodwork techniques passed down for generations.

At first sight, you’ll fall in love with the two-tone wooden craftsmanship. These wooden transport toys are carefully handcrafted from top-quality Baltic Birch wood — and finished with a child-safe two-tone finish — combining both dark and light wood hues.

That’s a darkwood and lightwood effect wood aficionados will truly appreciate. (Love it!)

Lapp’s full line of classic wooden vehicle toys is as good for the environment as they are for kids 4 and up to explore transportation, driving, sailing, and flying.

When your toddler turns 4 — it’s the perfect time to upgrade from their baby-sized airplane toy to a toddler-sized airplane toy like this.

There’s lots to love about Amish airplane toys — hardwood quality, sustainable for Mother Nature, and built to last a lifetime of play.

(04) Green Toys 100% Recycled Plastic Toddler Airplane Toy

An action-ready and toddler-awesome eco-plastic airplane toy for all ages.

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  • Age: 1 to 10 years
  • Size: ≈9” (L) 9” (W) 4“ (H) inches

Here’s a plastic airplane toy that people who prefer wooden toys might love.

Green Toys brand makes all their toys from 100% recycled plastic milk jugs. They’re 100% free of nasty chemicals like BPA, phthalates, and PV. Even the printed decals are done using soy-based ink.

Most plastic toys contribute to greenhouse gas emissions — but Green Toys is on a mission to reduce energy waste with 100% child-safe plastic playthings.

With durable construction and free-moving parts — the spinning propeller and fully functional landing gear make this like a toddler aeronautical simulator just like a real aircraft.

Not to mention, it’s water-proof too for bathtub play or an emergency landing into the mud.

Their airplane is available in red and blue.

Helicopter, Seaplane, or Seacopter — you’ve got several toddler aircraft models to choose from!

Yeah — Green toys recycled airplane vehicle toys are action-ready and toddler-awesome!

(05) Guillows Balsa Wood Glider Plane

For your child’s first experience with a wooden airplane that flies — here’s your best bet.

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  • Age: 10 years and up
  • Size: ≈14” (L) 12” (W) H: 4“ (H) inches

Guillows brand’s Balsa Wood Airplane Twin Pack includes 4 planes total — 2 Sky Streak Glider and 2 Jetfire Stunt Planes.

The rubber band propeller-powered Sky Streak Glider can soar up to 50 feet. (Available to just buy one plane too.)

The Jetfire is designed for doing loops and flips mid-air.

Just like Fourth of July sparklers in the backyard, this is an activity that’s best suited for parents and young kids to do together.

It’s a little difficult for kids under 5 to operate by themselves. For a safe flight on a summer’s day — show your little one how it’s done.

Balsa wood is lightweight and durable for thin pieces like the wings of the plane — but sometimes flying wooden plane toys will crash harder than you intended.

It’s true — most balsa wood planes will eventually break. At under $30 (at the time of writing), it’s not something that will break the bank.

To protect your balsa wood plane from crash-landings, toss it on soft grass instead of concrete. Stay away from lakes and ponds, too.

Guillow brand makes wooden toy airplanes that fly for a sky-high parent-child backyard activity.

(06) Kind Woodpecker Personalized Baby Name Airplane

A premium-quality airplane gift & keepsake — personalized with your child’s name.

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  • Age: 6 months and up (safe for all ages)
  • Size: ≈9” (L) 6” (W) H: 4“ (H) inches

Kind Woodpecker brand makes masterfully handcrafted wooden air vehicle toys — and every other type of wooden vehicle toy you can think of.

For parents who appreciate nature’s beauty, you’ll love the tasteful combination of dark and light wood tones — not to mention the gorgeous natural wood grains on the surface.

It’s an all-natural toy that’s safety-trusted. Kind Woodpecker uses seven kinds of ecologically clean wood and finishes the toy plane with raw walnut oil.

If you want to engrave your child’s name into the body of the plane — simply enter the name before you checkout.

For little boys and girls who want to be a pilot when they grow up — I just can’t think of a more thoughtful gift than an airplane toy with your child’s name engraved on it.

For a personalized name airplane toy on a budget, check out Friendly Toys brand’s tiny wooden name plane for toddlers.

Definitely, a keepsake to cherish for years to come.

Thank you for flying with Oddblocks!

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve arrived at our destination. Thank you for flying with Oddblocks wooden toy reviews.

Handheld wooden airplane vehicle toys (hardwood) versus real-flying wooden airplane toys (balsa wood) — which airplane toy is right for your child?

Enjoy your journey! I hope you’ve found the perfect gift for the person in your life who loves planes!

We’ll see you next time on Oddblocks wooden toy airlines!

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