Best Wooden World Map Wall Art for Kids’ Room (Décor & Learning)


Where’s Uganda? How about Moldova? C’mon, can you find Wyoming?

I bet your child could answer these questions and any other ‘world map’ question you could throw at them within just a few short months of turning a small section of their wall into an amazing geography learning tool (and gift idea).

Get ready to send your kid to the head of the class — at least Geography class!

Plus an engaging way to get the kids ‘all aboard’ with your vacation plans — or for multicultural families to celebrate your heritage and identity.

Top 6 Review: Kid-Friendly Wooden World Map Wall Décor & More

A wooden world map wall art is just that, a wooden map of the world that you display on the wall of your home office, child’s room, or nursery. So, as a parent, you are naturally shopping for something that is child friendly for a toddler playroom or nursery.

You want a beautiful wood design that entices your child’s natural curiosity, beautifully designed, easy to mount, eco-friendly, and definitely non-toxic for kids.

Let’s jump right in — review the best-in-class world map options and let you, and the kids, decide which one is best for your family’s needs. I’ll introduce you to the uber-popular 3D wooden world map style, plus a few other significantly easier alternatives.

Let’s face it, we don’t all have the time or tools to install some elaborate wooden world wall map décor ourselves.

(01) Enjoy The Wood Push Pin World Map Wall Décor

Enjoy The Wood on Etsy and Amazon

enjoy the wood push pin world map wall decor
Credit: Enjoy The Wood on Etsy and Amazon

These wall maps are very unique and made from birch plywood.

The detail and quality are superb with overall satisfaction ratings on Amazon in the 90th percentile (at the time of writing).

You can track your travels throughout your life with push pins and flags or start planning your next vacation.

Remember when I was talking about tools and time? This 3D beauty comes with double-sided sticky tape which would make this a great family project and give the kids a real sense of pride and ownership in the map. After all, they put it up right?

(02) Map of X Large 3D World Map Woodtone Wall Art

Map of X on Etsy

A colorful worldly gift idea complete with detailed assembly instructions — and you can have this beautiful 3D world map on your wall in just a couple of hours.

Get it with each of the countries’ names, or with no country names at all — that’s right, just blank (with country borders as a clue). 

Or for the world geography nut — a map with full details with the countries, states and capital cities (USA, Canada & Australia) is available too. (Plus tons of tiny island pieces which now I know to exist.)

And I’ll let you in on a little secret — this ships for free in the US!

(03) Wood Trick Laser-Cut Plywood World Map Wall Décor

Wood Trick on Amazon

On the budget end of the spectrum — this plywood world map comes complete with several well-known landmarks like the Statue of Liberty in the U.S. and the Great Pyramids of Egypt, as well as several others.

Like a puzzle you piece on the wall one-by-one — expect 64 smaller pieces and 147 large pieces — each with more meticulous detail than the last.

Fun cartography learning goes into each and every piece.

You came for wall art — but maybe it’s the process of completing a puzzle that attracts you most. When it’s finished — I’m sure your entire clan will share in that sense of achievement.

Proudly displayed — fun, safe, and educational on your wall.

(04) Lenny’s World Wood-Framed Learning World Map Posters

Lenny’s World on Amazon

ROAR!!! Lenny’s World will get your child mov’in and groov’in all over the “world” on their super cool Dinosaur World Map Poster.

At a hangable 36” by 24” inch linen canvas poster on a teak wooden poster hanger, this is a great way to introduce your child to both dinosaurs and geography. I mean, who doesn’t like dinosaurs? Sign me up!

This is the perfect size and very durable for those little ones who just have to ‘pet the dinosaurs’.

Or constellations, zoo animals, vehicles, and more.

Since Lenny’s World specialized in kid-friendly wood-framed eco prints — they offer dozens of educational designs and a handful of different themed world map posters for hanging in a classroom, daycare, or playroom.

Make learning geography fun with whichever theme is the right fit for your family.

(05) Littlethings Wall-Hanging Wooden Nursery World Map

Littlethings on Etsy

What a beautiful addition to your new baby’s nursery! A great way to introduce your child to the world.

It is playful and colorful, not at all busy with names and landmarks. Fits right in with a Montessori-inspired ‘white on wood’ interior design feel.

When used as a toy, it’s best suited for preschool-aged children here so let’s start them out with the names of the continents and the oceans. When hung on the wall as nursery decor, it’s prime for a pastel nursery setting (but works in other rooms too).

Specializing in kids’ room decor — Littlethings brand’s world map is primarily purposed in living spaces with small children and babies.

Unlike the 3D wooden wall maps we looked at above — this type is made specifically for children. You enjoy the perks of child-safe materials and design, like water-based paint that can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

(06) Busy People Wooden World Map Puzzle for Toddlers & Babies

Busy People on Etsy

The aptly named Busy Puzzle brand is a primarily wooden puzzle company. They make wooden puzzles for young learners to develop motor skills and learn a kid-friendly theme along the way.

Countries are odd shapes — long and skinny like Chile or Vietnam, or oblong like the rest of them. Meticulously crafted by Busy People puzzle experts, rest assured the puzzle pieces fit well into the appropriate space. No two shapes are the same so each piece is a perfect fit — piece-by-piece, panel-by-panel.

Your choice of soft pastel or bold rainbow or colorblind monochrome will stimulate the senses and get the creative juices flowing.

These make perfect gifts for any occasion and up to 5 years old — busy items to learn the world. Start the learning process early with these fun-filled educational puzzles.

A childhood geography lesson. A lifelong world perspective.

These are all great options to bring life to your living space with a wide array of sizes, materials, and color schemes to choose from. There are options for all budgets and wall space.

And in case you haven’t noticed, these aren’t just for little kids…they’re for ‘big kids’ too!

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