Best Building Blocks Made in USA

Best Building Blocks Made In Usa
Best Building Blocks Made In Usa

America’s building blocks renaissance is underway!

Building, stacking, and matching — the open-ended play experience is still as enriching as ever! That special feeling that takes you back to a simpler time.

Now with brand new visual appeal — building blocks are taking a bold step forward! It’s the most exciting time ever to get hands-on with an American-made block set.

For wooden toys made in America, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a look at the most beautiful building blocks made in the USA!

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In a hurry?

For kids’ building blocks with American appeal — here are our 15 top-rated blocks!

1. Uncle Goose – ABC Blocks

Made in Michigan

Uncle Goose Best Abc Blocks Made In Usa
Credit: Uncle Goose (Check price on Amazon)

Ah, yes! Uncle Goose took the classic concept of alphabet blocks and added a fresh modern design. The results are phenomenal!

In a contemporary red, orange, green, blue color palette — the 28-piece block set incorporates a carefully chosen element on each face of each block.

Each block includes two separate letters — one side texture engraved and the other printed smooth. Not only does it enhance the alphabet learning experience with a unique tactile feel, but also broadens the range of words you can spell out. For example, to spell the word “baby”, you need two “B’s”.

The blocks’ designs provide carefully thought-out educational experience — exactly the kind of thoughtfulness you can expect from a brand like Uncle goose.

One side has numbers and math symbols to teach basic math. Another side has animal figures and names to help your little connect their learning to the real world.

Uncle Goose is just one of those special companies — bringing you five-star wooden ABC blocks made in the USA!

See more from Uncle Goose on Amazon.

2. Maple Landmark – Budget Unit Blocks

Made in Vermont

Maple Landmark Best American Made Budget Unit Blocks
Credit: Maple Landmark (Check price on Etsy & Amazon)

Recommended for ages 12 months and up — here’s a perfect unit blocks starter set for your baby. Made from hard maple, you’ll be choosing an heirloom baby blocks set at an excellent value.

While other larger unit block sets cost upwards of $100, Maple Landmark’s economical blocks are a saving grace for new parents (who have an entire shopping list of other baby stuff they need to buy).

The set includes 21 pieces in 8 different shapes — an excellent way to start a collection of educational wooden unit blocks made in the USA!

The set is designed for babies, but just as fun for toddlers and young children, too. If you get the set early, your child will enjoy creative open-ended play for years to come.

Maple Landmark is best known for their masterful wooden name trains — so you can rest assured their blocks are 100% quality, too — sanded smooth with a chemical-free finish 100% baby-safe.

→ See more from Maple Landmark on Etsy & Amazon.

3. Rock Blocks – Balancing Stones

Made in Utah

Rock Blocks Best Balancing Stones Made In America
Credit: Rock Blocks (Check price on Etsy)

Tumi ishi wooden balancing stones are truly the hidden treasure of the block world. Inspired by ancient Japanese zen rocks — Rock Blocks are a soothing balancing toy for children and adults alike. 

Each set boasts its own unique tranquil color scheme, so it’s no surprise they make a unique gift for the people in your life who need a moment of relaxation in their day-to-day lives.

These odd-shaped wooden blocks offer a moment of peace and relaxation to break up the hectic stressful day and can help anyone gain a little headspace and calmness, even if they’re not ready for full-on yoga or mindfulness training.

Because mental health matters — both for children and adults.

As a modern version of the spiritual rock-stacking rituals practiced for generations, Rock Blocks help you achieve balance in your (and your child’s) life.

See more from Rock Blocks on Etsy.

4. Bannor Toys – Multi-Tone Hardwood Blocks

Made in Iowa

Bannor Toys Best American Multi Tone Hardwood Blocks
Credit: Bannor Toys (Check price on Etsy & Amazon)

Bannor Toys is one of America’s favorite handmade wooden toy brands — and their building blocks truly hold up their reputation for simplicity and quality.

As a wooden toy aficionado myself — I’ve got to say — multi-tone wooden toys are my absolute favorite. By curating different hardwoods of varying wood tones into a single block set — you get the ultimate all-natural feel.

From dark walnut to rich cherry and light maple — It’s a natural wonder encompassing the full spectrum of wood’s inherent beauty.

Visual appeal doesn’t mean you need to compromise on functionality or learnability either. Bannor Toys’ mixed hardwood blocks come in all sorts of variations — alphabet, numbers, sign language, personalized baby blocks — and even some sets with silicone block friends to play along!

Bannor Toys’ broad selection of beautiful blocks will simply blow you away!

→ See more from Bannor Toys on Etsy & Amazon.

5. Beka – Premium Unit Blocks

Made in Minnesota

Beka Best Premium Unit Building Blocks Made In Usa
Credit: Beka (Check price on Etsy & Amazon)

For special shapes unleashing limitless creativity — look no further than Beka’s deluxe block collection!

This is the kind of variety unit blocks are all about — half-units, units, double-units, half-pillars, pillars, half-flats, flats, double flats, columns, small half-circles, large half-circles, small triangles, large triangles, double triangles, roman arches, gothic arches, buttresses, quarter circles — it’s the whole shebang!

Beka really “leaves no shape unturned.”

These large wooden blocks are made in the USA through and through. The wood itself is sourced from Minnesota and Wisconsin, so you’re supporting American jobs across the entire supply chain.

Developing both logical problem-solving and creative imagination — Beka’s all-star maple unit blocks are the kind of blocks kids, parents, and teachers can all agree on.

→ See more from Beka on Etsy & Amazon.

6. Once Kids – Wooden “Lego” Blocks

Made in Texas

Once Kids Best American Made Wooden Lego Blocks
Credit: Once Kids (Check price on Amazon)

If you’ve never seen “Lego-style” wooden blocks before — you’re simply going to fall in love!

Think “Legos” made from eco-friendly natural wood. 

Available in either wood or bamboo — the blocks look just like Lego, and play just like Lego.

They’re almost exactly like Lego’s world-famous interlocking plastic bricks — except made of materials straight from nature. Once Kids’ Eco-Bricks collection transforms classic Lego play into more sustainable form.

Another big plus — they’re compatible with most of the other major interlocking block brands — so your wooden “Legos” can connect with whatever classic Legos you already have.

Once Kids’ innovative wooden blocks come with pieces of different lengths, some without prongs on top, and a few wooden wheel pieces too.

For an extra bit of creativity, kids are encouraged to color their creations — drawing directly onto the surface of the wood (or bamboo). Many of Once Kids’ wooden “Lego” sets come with color pencils included!

The reason I keep putting “Legos” in quotes is that I’m sure The Lego Group has some pretty stringent trademarks around the term “Lego”. It sure has a better ring to it than “interlocking construction blocks set” doesn’t it!?

See more from Once Kids on Amazon.

7. Roy Toy – Classic Building Logs

Made in Maine

Roy Toy Best Classic Building Logs Made In America
Credit: Roy Toy (Check price on Etsy & Amazon)

Remember Lincoln Logs, the old classic? Well, pass the torch to Roy Toy!

Roy Toys’ classic wooden building blocks are taking the log cabin block style and bringing it back into style.

Handmade in America’s north-east and certified safe for kids, Roy Toy’s wooden building logs carry an air of classic American nostalgia that few other toys can compete with.

A toy grandpa remembers fondly, with playsets themed like American frontiersman setting up homestead after claiming a plot of land in the West — the idea behind Roy Toy is as American as apple pie.

With the stylings of a rustic log cabin — Roy Toy’s classic USA building toys have lasted the test of time.

→ See more from Roy Toy on Etsy & Amazon.

8. Timberworks Toys – Modular Construction Blocks

Made in Missouri

Timberworks Toys Best American Modular Construction Blocks
Credit: Timberworks Toys (Check price on Etsy & Amazon)

Timberworks Toys help kids practice big-picture thinking!

These sizeable wooden construction toys are a much-needed reminder that “building” blocks — they’re made for “building” things.

Like Lincoln Logs for the 21st century — Timberworks’ Block City Building Blocks are made of long beams and square connectors for your child to build up towering skyscrapers straight into the sky.

Just imagine your kid’s sense of accomplishment standing next to a wooden block tower that’s even taller than they are!

And tall buildings are just the beginning — this large block set frees kids’ imaginations to build child-sized furniture, bulky ship-like vehicles, and complete city skylines.

Also known as American ToyWorks — Timberworks’ kids building sets are made of American-sourced solid hard maple and maple plywood. The blocks’ large size means they’re easy to put together so kids can focus on the big picture of their architectural project!

→ See more from Timberworks Toys on Etsy & Amazon.

9. Everwood Friends – Gem Blocks

Made in Minnesota

Everwood Friends Best American Made Gem Blocks
Credit: Everwood Friends (Check price on Etsy)

For children into glitter, rainbows, unicorns, and all things whimsey — Everwood Friends’ solid maple jewel blocks have exactly the kind of magical pizzazz you’re looking for.

Your little one can play with the blocks alone, incorporate with other block sets, or simply admire the shimmering beauty of a single block!

With rainbow gems embedded in every block — it’s the perfect aesthetic combination of natural wood and dazzling colors. Available in both single- and double-gem variations — you can mix-and-match block sets for playtime so vibrant it’s like a daydream.

Everwood Friends cares stands by their choice materials — both environmentally friendly and child-safe. The blocks are not painted or stained — leaving the wood’s natural beauty at its best with sparkly jewels to boast.

See more from Everwood Friends on Etsy.

10. South Bend Woodworks – Handmade Unit Blocks

Made in Indiana

South Bend Woodworks Best Handmade Unit Blocks Made In Usa
Credit: South Bend Woodworks (Check price on Etsy)

South Bend Woodworks is best known for their American-made wooden name puzzles — and you’d better believe with that all kinds of magic happened in their bustling Midwest woodshop.

Woodworkers love blocks, and South Bend’s craftsman are no different.

Their handmade wooden block toy sets are hand-cut with a medley of select hardwoods — maple, walnut & cherry — all in the same set. 

The set comes with 30 blocks ranging from 2.75 to 11 inches long — meaning these are large wooden blocks suitable for toddlers. With all the shapes you’d want from a unit block set — including rectangular blocks of all shapes and sizes — with some rounded bridge and lever pieces too.

A lot of the time unit block sets are geared towards preschools and kindergartens — the kind of organizations and businesses that have a budget to buy educational equipment — meaning they’re kind of expensive.

That’s another nice thing about South Bend’s blocks — you get a complete educational unit block set with just 30 pieces — at a much lower price.

Hear me out. If you’re a preschool teacher with dozens of kids, then you’re going to need hundreds of unit blocks — but for your child to play at home, this set is the perfect size — not too many, not too few.

See more from South Bend Woodworks on Etsy.

11. Uncle Goose – Baby Blocks

Made in Michigan

Uncle Goose Best Baby Building Blocks Made In Usa
Credit: Uncle Goose (Check price on Amazon)

You caught me! This is the second time I’m listing Uncle Goose here!

But I honestly believe they’re so good it’s worth a second look a second block set from one of America’s finest building blocks companies. Here’s a set of American-made baby blocks — that literally have the word baby written on them.

Handcrafted from Michigan basswood — I absolutely love all the block designs coming from the folks down at Uncle Goose. With alphabet letters, numbers, symbol patterns, and adorable elephants too — the set’s got that contemporary look Uncle Goose does so well!

For a baby shower, first birthday, or first mother’s day — this set makes a wonderful (and affordable) gift!

See more from Uncle Goose on Amazon.

13. Treemagination – Organic Blocks

Made in Texas

Treemagination Best Organic Blocks Made In Usa
Credit: Treemagination (Check price on Etsy)

Even if you’re you don’t identify as a treehugger — you’ve just got to appreciate the simple beauty in nature!

The folks down at Treemagination sure do. They believe that nature’s imagination has no limitations.

Treemagination’s signature series of “Tree Blocks” are made from naturally fallen hardwood branches — cut in shapes to maintain the tree’s original beauty, hand-sanded, and treated with organic child-safe finishes. 

Tree blocks? It just makes so much sense! These are organic wooden blocks just as nature intended!

See more from Treemagination on Etsy.

13. Palumba – Maple Unit Blocks

Made in Michigan 

Palumba Best American Made Maple Unit Blocks
Credit: Palumba (Check price on Etsy)

Palumba is the kids’ division of the well-known Camden Rose brand. Hailing from Michigan — the locally-owned business focuses on all-natural toys and children’s furniture.

Made from chunky solid maple — here’s a unit block set that’s Mother Earth approved! With every shape you’d want from a unit block learning set — squares, rectangles, triangles, half-circles, and arches — your little builder will not become bored anytime soon!

The thing you’ll really love is the wooden carrying case — which perfectly fits all 30 pieces of this heirloom-quality block set. Plus, when the blocks in use — it makes an excellent tray for other play activities.

If you’re looking for cube blocks — Palumba also offers an amazing set of multi-tone hardwood blocks — made with solid walnut, cherry, and maple for a completely triple wood tone effect.

All of Palumba’s building blocks are finished with their original baby-friendly food-grade beeswax blend for perfectly natural conditioning properties that’ll keep the blocks intact for the next generation — or as a hand-me-down to a younger sibling.

See more from Palumba on Etsy.

14. Keva – Maple Building Planks

Made in U.S.A.

Keva Best Maple Building Planks Made In America
Credit: Keva (Check price on Amazon)

If you’ve never heard about building planks before — you are in for a treat!

Wooden planks are an advanced type of building blocks designed for constructing elaborate structures from the ground up. 

Unlike Legos, there are no prongs or connectors — the pieces are more like flat Jenga blocks with added stability and balance. Because the structures you build feel like such an achievement — you won’t want to knock them over!

Building planks are suggested for toddler-ages kids and up — and adults love them too! Teaching the basics principles of physics with every plank laid down — Keva planks gives children first-hand experience with geometric design and constructive motor skills.

Made from premium maple wood in the U.S.A. — here’s a patriotic construction block set that’ll withstand years of hard-hat imagination.

See more from Keva on Amazon.

15. Tegu – Magnetic Blocks

Made in Honduras

Tegu Best Magnetic Blocks Made By An American Company
Credit: Tegu (Check price on Amazon)

Tegu is based in Connecticut and their blocks are made in Honduras, but when you hear their back story — I think you’ll agree — it makes for a worthwhile exception and a definite honorable mention. Under a mission statement, “We’re in Honduras by choice and we’re here to stay.” 

Its founders are both first-generation U.S. immigrants and set up a fully independent toy factory outside Tegucigalpa, Honduras — providing a healthy work environment for the locals, bringing wealth to the region, and passing on savings onto their U.S. customer base.

Did I mention — their blocks are magnetic?

Made of eco-friendly wood materials with magnets submerged below the smooth surface — invisible to the eye. That’s an important distinction from other magnetic blocks where the magnet is just “hammered in” to the block — left exposed on the surface.

Play-wise, magnets inside blocks remove gravity’s limitations — so your little one can build things other non-magnetic block sets simply cannot.

I truly believe magnetic block toys are the future of block play.

It’s like boosting open-ended play up a level into “free play” — the kind that lets your kids imagine and create brand new worlds.

Tegu’s 100% in the “last but not least” category!

See more from Tegu on Amazon.

In Wooden Blocks We Trust

There you have it — a coast-to-coast curation of the best American-made building blocks!

From simple classic alphabet blocks to fancy sparkly gem blocks — we’ve covered the entire spectrum of today’s American block toy revolution!

I’d love to hear from you! Which kind of blocks is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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