Top 5 Name Crayons & Custom Letter Crayons


Toddler-friendly crayons in chunky letters custom-made to spell your kiddo’s name. It’s creatively name-tastic!

Today let’s look at letter crayons for each letter of your child’s name.

What is a Name Crayon?

Crayons have always been part of children’s childhood — as a material to create art and inspire imagination with colors and contrast. A new way to draw with crayons is with — not pencil-shaped crayons — now it’s all about custom letter-shaped name crayons.

Perfectly graspable for tiny hands. Chunky and thick to avoid broken crayons.

Savvy Name Crayon Shopper’s Guide

If we add a “crayon color mix” to the crayons, a rainbow is formed — something different from traditional solid color crayons. With multiple colors fused into a single crayon you “paint” gradients of many colors — different with each stroke! Many of which are made with recycled crayons and allow to make this learning resource even more special.

They are without a doubt “a perfect gift for any child with a name”, and a very good option to give as forget-me-not birthday gift to guests to make it extra special.

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Best Name Crayons that Spell Your Child’s Name

Here is your creative kiddo compilation of the top 5 best brands for personalized letter crayons — custom ordered with your child’s exact name spelling.

(01) Art2extreme The Original Rainbow Name Crayon 

Art2extreme is the pioneer brand in creating personalized rainbow-style recycled crayons. The presentation is in recycled boxes, and you can visualize the name you choose from outside the box. You can customize it from a small name to a large one, and it is recommended for children from 5 years old and up because there may be small pieces when broken. Their colors are vibrant and the style so unique, making them the best for party and event gifts. A perfect gift for kids, and a fun way to give crayons a second life.

(02) Crafty Crayons Primary Color Custom Name Crayons 

Crafty Crayons is a brand that personalizes names with crayons in vibrant primary colors and up to 8 letters. They are delivered in a transparent box and their colors are very striking. A perfect option if you are looking for a more classic style in colors, but daring in the shape of the crayons. The size of the letters varies between 1 and 2 inches, and they are made of handmade recycled crayons.

(03) The Hermesch House Personalized Glitter Name Crayons 

If glitter is part of your style, The Hermesch House brand crayons are the perfect choice. A metallic crayon combining rainbow or neutral style crayons with glitter gives them that unique and different touch from the rest. You can order crayons with personalized color names as well as figures in the shape of stars, dinosaurs, unicorns, or even Nintendo controllers. 

They deliver the orders in gift boxes, and if the chosen name is very long, the packaging is in a thin transparent bag. 

The brand bets on doing the whole process by hand and does not use crayons with toxic derivatives, being their crayons are intended for children over 3 years old.

(04) Krayonshop Customized Neon Letter Crayons Gift Box

Krayonshop is a brand that not only offers personalized names in non-toxic and recycled crayons — but also expands its models to Easter bunnies, donuts, animals, and hearts. All of them are in rainbow format, which allows you to make less standard color strokes on the same crayon. Guaranteed fun.

They are packaged in 100% recycled boxes that can be used for painting and personalization. Undoubtedly, the packaging and shape of these crayons are very striking.

They have an option for packaging in a recycled cloth bag, for orders that includes a large quantity of crayons, at least 7 units, which are usually ordered for birthday parties or other events where the shape of the crayon does not need to be personalized (for example rainbow hearts).

(05) Honey Lavender Bows Tie-Dye Letter Crayons Gift Set 

The honey lavender brand offers personalized name crayons in multicolor or solids. They are made with 100% non-toxic crayons and the letters measure approximately 2 inches. If you are looking for a very Kraft style packaging with ribbon details and personalized also with the name on the box and pretty-as-could-be ribbon, this option is ideal.

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