Best Wooden Grocery Carts To Start A Baby & Toddler Shopping Spree

Best Wooden Grocery Cart For Toddler And Baby
Best Wooden Grocery Cart For Toddler And Baby

Cute as a button — each baby- & toddler-sized shopping cart comes with a sturdy base and safety-first rounded edges. Made with natural wood and child-safe materials.

To pick the right one for you — look for things like:

  • A sturdy base – because a tipsy grocery push cart just won’t do
  • Match your child’s age – which is best for 1 vs 2 vs 3-year-olds
  • High-quality wood – especially by eco-responsible toy companies
  • Storage space – like baskets and shelves underneath

You’re all set! Now let’s check out the best-of-the-best play grocery carts & shopping cart walkers.

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Shopping on a deadline?

Shopping for a shopping cart in the nick of time? Let’s do this!

I took care of the investigative shopping spree for you — and boiled it down to just the best wooden grocery carts for toddlers and babies.

  • (01) Hape Wooden Toddler Shopping Cart — in a bold color palette – is the most popular wooden grocery cart for ages 3 to 5.
  • (02) Constructive Playthings Play Shopping Cart Set has sturdy construction and a natural canvas basket that’s oh-so-sustainable.
  • (03) Janod Wooden Eco-Green Baby Grocery Cart is recommended for tots as young as 18 months — with plenty of room for groceries.
  • (04) Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon doesn’t look like a shopping cart — but it’s the best for actually going to the store.
  • (05) Plan Toys Baby-Perfect Shopping Cart Walker is a simple-as-could-be wooden grocery walker for babies & young toddlers 2+ years.
  • (06) Melissa & Doug Shopping Cart — made from sturdy steel — is the world’s most popular kids grocery cart and too popular to omit.

Time to put your favorite shopping cart into your Amazon shopping cart.

A little ironic — but so much fun!

Because it’s 2021 — “wood” means modern design, baby & toddler safe, environmentally sound, and durable playability.

Need a grocery store for your grocery cart? We wrote a full review of the best wooden grocery store play sets.

(01) Hape Wooden Toddler Shopping Cart (For 3 to 5 Years)

The most popular wooden shopping cart for toddlers — in a beautiful bold color palette.

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Without a doubt — the Hape brand’s kids’ wooden shopping cart is the most popular eco-sustainable toy shopping cart on the market — sourced from sustainable forestry projects.

Standing 20” inches tall — it’s recommended for 36 months and up. But with proper parental supervision — I put it on par with the 18-24 month mark as other baby shopping carts on this list.

With a bold orange and blue color scheme — reminiscent of the Colorado Mountains — it’s a visually appealing toy for your eco playroom.

Playfully delicious — Hape brand’s toy shopping cart is perfect for building whole-body coordination, organizing heavy items beneath light items, and transporting groceries from one room to the next.

An award-winning toddler grocery cart from an award-winning environmental children’s brand — Hape’s got it all!

(02) Constructive Playthings Play Shopping Cart Set (With Canvas Basket)

The durable wooden play shopping cart with a natural canvas basket.

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The first differentiator to note about Constructive Plaything’s unique offer is — its grocery basket is made of all-natural canvas cloth. That’s the same kind of material as those reusable grocery totes.

As an eco-responsible parent, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about!

Below the basket is a lower storage area — to put heavy items like 12 packs of 12-ounce soda cans. Notice the upper shelf storage for lighter items too.

Smooth-sailing roller wheels and a conveniently positioned push bar make this durable yet lightweight food cart a breeze to maneuver.

At 19.25” inches tall — it’s recommended for 36 months and up.

(03) Janod Bright Green Wooden Baby Grocery Cart (For 18+ Months)

The eco-green toy shopping cart with food accessories included all-in-one.

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Lime green in color — and totally green in nature! Janod brand’s includes a large bright green wooden shopping basket and a lower storage area — both made of 100% wood.

At 21” inches tall, it’s small enough for learning walkers 18 months and up — definitely a shopping cart for the younger tots in the audience!

It includes one “Green Market” labeled paper sack — to encourage the right choice to the age-old question of “paper or plastic”.

Building good green habits early in life — plus an unstructured environment that helps kids problem solve how to go from crawling to walking — with the cart as support.

“He/She followed in the footsteps of his/her father/mother” — they say. Now it’s time to lead those footsteps in the right direction!

(04) Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon (With Plenty Of Storage)

The best baby, toddler, and young kids shopping cart for actually going to the store.

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Most baby and toddler shopping carts are made to resemble shopping carts found in the supermarket. Radio Flyer brand’s classic walker wagon looks more like a wagon.

OK, parents — let’s just put pretend play aside for a second.

For a real-life trip to the grocery store — Radio Flyer’s wagon is the best cargo-bearing baby and toddler walker of them all.

You miss out on the fun “supermarket-style cart” — but you benefit 100% functionality in return.

Radio Flyer brand has been around since my Grandfather was a boy — and they’re still relevant today. This particular model takes their classic red wagon and remixes it into a push and pull walker with tons of storage — for toys, for groceries, for whatever you want!

(05) Plan Toys Baby-Perfect Shopping Cart Walker (For 2+ Years)

The eco-friendly wooden shopping cart walker for babies (and less-is-more families).

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Plan Toys brand is well-known for their extensive line of sustainable play toys made of wood and all-natural materials!

This minimalist Scandi-style wooden shopping cart walker is best for babies 24 months and up. Yet big enough to support a 6-year-old child.

3 years is the standard age for most grocery cart walkers on this list — so Plan Toys’ 2 years old recommendation is one great reason to buy for your baby!

At just 16” inches tall (shorter than most) — it makes sense how Plan Toys is designed for earlier developmental stages than other toddler shoppers.

For those early steps — it’s got a sturdy base and rubber enforced wheels.

(06) Melissa & Doug Sturdy Metal Frame Toy Shopping Cart (Too Cool To Ignore)

The world’s most popular child-size metal shopping cart.

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Melissa & Doug brand’s sturdy metal frame kids shopping cart is so popular — I just thought you needed to know.

Over 6,000 five-star ratings (at the time of writing) means this may just be the works most popular kids’ grocery cart.

No, it’s not wood, but it’s recyclable through a metal-melting process. A metal grocery cart is better than a plastic grocery cart in my book any day of the week.

With a sturdy steel construction — every detail you’d find on a real supermarket cart sized down for children age 3 to 6 years old.

It’s got 360-pivoting safety wheels — plus “training legs” like training wheels for pushing a grocery cart around. (No more “cleanup in aisle 4”!)

Who ever thought you’d be shopping for a shopping cart!?

I hope you now see the difference between shopping carts made for babies vs shopping carts made for toddlers. It’s not always easy to determine when shopping online, but…

A grocery cart walker with a sturdy base and a height to match your child’s developmental stage will ensure the safest environment and the best alignment towards the milestones you look forward to from your little one.

It’s 2021, and these are not your grandfather’s wooden toys. Modern wooden shopping cart toys outperform plastic shopping cart toys any day of the week — plus natural wood doesn’t end up in a landfill.

Have a Mother Nature-approved shopping cart shopping spree — and have a wonderful day!

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