35 Creative Rainbow Stacker Ideas (With Photos)

Wooden rainbow stacker extra blurred to demonstrate colors
Wooden rainbow stacker extra blurred to demonstrate colors

Discover the colorful wooden toy that inspires limitless creative play activities.

Get ready for your next play session, with these 35 creative rainbow stacker ideas. We’re here to help you find inspiration for you and your child to engage in purposeful play.

Our rainbow stacker is one of the most imaginative wooden toys available. Its bright colors, simplistic round shape, and varied sizes offer limitless playtime opportunities.

They’re one of the best open-ended play toys you can choose. Out of the box, there’s no limit to how many ways you can stack them. Plus, rainbow stackers pair well with other toys and household items. A unique experience every time.

Plenty of bright ideas ahead!

Creativity is inventing. Experimenting. Growing. Taking risks. Breaking rules. Making mistakes, and having fun.

— Mary Lou Cook

Build a structure

Your standalone rainbow stacker set offers infinite opportunities for constructive block play. No extras needed.

  • Construct a castle, tower, bridge, — or space station.
  • Try to build the tallest structure possible. Sky’s the limit!
  • Make a game out of it, and stack them according to size or color. “Biggest to smallest” or “Darkest to brightest”.
  • Recreate world monuments with a twist. “Roman rainbow colosseum” or “The leaning tower of pizza”.

Wear your stackers

Have fun with people and pets! For extra spatial experience, try wearing the pieces yourselves.

  • For larger rainbow stacker sets, you can turn your child into a mermaid (or merman).
  • Create a DIY playpen for your pet gerbil.
  • Play a game that reinforces learning body parts, by lying down and choosing which limb to cover.
  • Equip your dog a regal coat of armor.
  • Fashion an ethnic headdress, as long as you can suppress the wiggles.

Make an animal, character or object

Playtime with stacking toys means what you make is completely up to you and your kid. Whatever tickles your fancy is exactly what you should aim for.

  • What’s your child’s favorite animal? “Safari elephant” “Farmhouse rooster” or “Deep-sea octopus”
  • How’s the weather outside? “Friendly snowman” or “Blossoming tulip”
  • What did you learn at school today? “Coniferous pine tree” or “Boisterous rooster”
  • Is there a special holiday coming up? “Lucky leprechaun” “Easter Bunny”

Do a balancing act

Want to help your child build hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness skills? Leverage your rainbow stacker’s curved shape to play various balancing games. Have tons of fun in the process.

  • Build balance-focused structures to test the limits for gravitational equilibrium.
  • Play Jenga. Take turns removing one piece at a time, and try not to make it topple over.
  • Play reverse Jenga. First, set the rainbow segment as the base, upside down like a U-shape. Then, add smaller places onto each side. Take your time, and be careful. Don’t let it fall apart!
  • Make a seesaw, rocker, or teeter-totter for your other toy figurines.

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.

— Maya Angelou

Start an art project

Your rainbow stackers’ vibrant colors spark imaginative play with distinct aesthetic appeal. Let your child’s inner artist shine!

  • Draw a picture of your masterpiece with crayons or colored pencils. You can even cut a paper plate in half, and color in a rainbow!
  • Use your stackers to memorize the seven colors spectrum. Remember your friend, Roy G. Biv (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet).

Have fun with math and geometry

Rainbow blocks’ simple symmetrical shapes double as an educational toy. During playtime, you’ll introduce your children to counting, matching, and geometry.

  • Measure your family members’ heights. Lie down on the floor, and see how many segments tall each of you is.
  • Match similar pieces together, then count the number of pieces in each category.
  • Stack pieces into different patterns, and see how many variations you can create.
  • Explore symmetry by incorporating a mirror into your rainbow play experience.

Practice literacy and speech

Completing a structure is a notable achievement! And it’s the perfect opportunity to hear what your child has to say about it. Prompt your child to share their thoughts — or in writing.

  • Write a poem or short story about your creative masterpiece.
  • Play a spelling game for each of the colors in the structure.
  • List the colors in any specific order. From bottom to top, alphabetically, or from favorite to least.
  • Associate the colors with other things in the world. “As blue as a bluejay” or “As yellow as a banana”

Mix and match with other toys

Rainbow stackers play well with all kinds of children’s toys. That includes both other wooden building blocks and their non-wooden cousins.

  • Ready for some indoor sports, like mini-golf or mini-soccer? Setup your rainbow segments as goals.
  • Create marble runs or toy car tracks. Let the race begin!
  • Gather your child’s favorite stuffed animals or figurines together for a pretend picnic or tea party. You can role-play along, too!
  • Paired with a matching set of wooden rainbow semicircle planks, you can make a dollhouse or practical shelf for your child’s playroom.
  • Arrange an obstacle course to navigate with a remote-controlled car.

Decorate your home

Your rainbow stackers’ tasteful contemporary design makes it a perfect conversation piece. Even when the kids aren’t around, they’re a pleasant addition to your home decor. Who knew toys for kids could look so good?

  • Keep your stackers on the coffee table to entertain guests of all ages.
  • Set them on the window sill for a starburst of positivity every time you look outside.
  • Repurpose them as a decorative book stopper on your bookshelf.
  • Bring them to the office, to remind you of all the magical moments you and your child share at home.

Our task, regarding creativity, is to help children climb their own mountains, as high as possible. No one can do more.

— Loris Malaguzzi

Over to you!

There you have it! Over 35 ways to transform rainbow stackers into imagination infinity. The possibilities are truly endless.

What creative rainbow stacker ideas have you and your child come up with? Let us know in the comments below!

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