How To Find Wooden Blocks Clipart & PNG

Wooden blocks clipart.
Wooden blocks clipart.

I feel your pain!

If you’ve been looking for wooden blocks clipart online, but just can’t seem to find the right one, welcome!

You’re in the right place.

I’ll show some easy methods I use to search out clipart and PNG with transparent background so that you can use them for your creative project.

The methods I’ll demonstrate to you will focus on clipart of wooden blocks and wooden toys, but can be applied to any clipart object you’re looking for.

Make a fun personal greeting card

Personalized digital greeting cards are awesome!

I make them for people close to me. Maybe for a birthday in the family, a friend’s baby shower, or any other cause for celebration.

I’m not very skilled at hand-drawing or calligraphy. And I live quite far away from many of my close friends and family. So, I make digital greeting cards instead. Nothing fancy, just has a nice personal touch.

It’s become a nice thing my friends and family look forward to.

And that makes me proud.

I think about what the person likes, and find images online to make a card especially for that person. It adds my own little touch of creativity, and lets the person know I listen.

Since I run an online shop for modern wooden blocks, I evangelize the benefits of playing with blocks to most people in my life.

I give wooden blocks as gifts all the time.

So, wooden blocks clipart is one of the things I incorporate into my cards most frequently. Adding pictures of the blocks, and a personalized message in alphabet block letters clipart — it just makes the gift that much more special!

A tiny disclaimer, here. This blog post focused on finding free wooden blocks PNG online. Many websites that offer free clipart will ask for proper attribution if used on your website or social media or for commercial purposes. Other websites offer paid wooden blocks clipart, with an entirely different set of rules and guidelines. If you’re using the clipart and PNG you find for a greeting card, that’s not a big deal. But please be aware of proper attribution and copyright rules, give credit where credit’s due, and just use common sense.

Avoid the headache

If you’ve tried before, you’ll know searching for wooden blocks clipart and PNG can become a major headache.

In my experience, you’ll run into the following problems:

  • The clipart you find is not free
  • An extremely limited collection of wooden blocks clipart
  • Ugly watermarks that make the image unusable
  • Websites with deceptive ads that look like download buttons
  • Websites that force you sign up before you can download

The method I’ll show you aims to solve all these problems for you, and help you find the perfect wooden blocks clipart for your greeting card.

Fast, free, easy to find what you’re looking for, and without any of the frustrations above.

Google image search for wooden blocks clipart

google image search for wooden blocks clipart

Not surprisingly, most people start their search with Google. Hey, that’s probably even how you found this blog post!

But the problem with searching websites on Google is that most of the top search results have those very same frustrating characteristics listed above.

Even if you try Google image search you might find a wooden block PNG you like, but you run into a different set of problems.

If you click the image you like, you’re taken to a website with the same problems listed above. If you try to copy the image from the search results, it’s usually low resolution and has a white background. If you try right-clicking then copying the image address, often it’s just the same low-resolution image. Not fun!

Don’t get me wrong, Google is really useful for search in general, but when you want to find high-quality clipart for your greeting cards, it’s not a great choice.

Bing image search for wooden blocks clipart

bing image search for wooden blocks clipart

For free wooden blocks clipart and PNG, I highly recommend Bing image search. Just search for the kind of block you want with the term “PNG” added on the end — for example “wooden blocks png”, “wooden airplane toy png”, or “alphabet block letter g png”.

This will ensure most of the results are PNG images with transparent backgrounds so that you can easily use them as clipart.

In the image search results, simply click the image you like then right-click to copy or save the image. 

Presto! Now you can paste the image into your favorite greeting card editor!

Try out different search terms

A quick tip if you’re searching for a specific type of wooden blocks clipart or PNG it to vary up your search term. Sometimes a minor clerical change will make the difference, like searching for “clip art” (two words) instead of “clipart” (one word).

You know best which type of blocks you’re looking for, but here are some examples to get you in gear. See how I started with a base search term, then varied between “clipart” and “png”?

Type of BlocksClipart Search TermPNG Search Term
Wooden Blockswooden blocks clipartwooden blocks png
Building Blocksbuilding blocks clipartbuilding blocks png
Wooden Building Blockwooden building blocks clipartwooden building blocks png
Wood Blockswood blocks clipartwood blocks png
Toy Blockstoy blocks cliparttoy blocks png
Alphabet Blocksalphabet blocks clipartalphabet blocks png
Rainbow Blocksrainbow blocks clipartrainbow blocks png

Remove background from wooden blocks images

Sometimes you’ll find the perfect wooden block image online, but it’s a JPG with a background color that clashes your greeting card color scheme.

Not all is lost! Here’s a little tip for Mac OS X users to make the background transparent, transforming the JPG image into a PNG image you can use as clipart. And I bet there’s a similar solution for Windows users, too.

  1. Download the image, and open the image using Preview, and app that all Mac OS X computers have pre-installed
  2. Click the Markup button in the main toolbar
  3. Select the Magic Wand tool in the Markup toolbar
  4. Anywhere on the background of the image, left-click and hold-down, 
  5. Slowly drag your mouse over background area, and you will see the background area magically being covered with a reddish color
  6. Continue to slowly drag until the red area covers the entire background and none of the object
  7. Stop holding the click
  8. Tap the delete button
  9. You will see a prompt asking you if you want to convert the image to PNG, tap yes to convert
  10. Done!

In a matter of seconds, you’ve removed the background from your wooden blocks JPG, and converted it into the perfect wooden blocks clipart image with a transparent background!

This tip works best for images with white or simple backgrounds, but with some practice, you’ll be able to work around wooden blocks images with more complicated backgrounds, too.

Here’s a swell idea! Say you’re buying wooden blocks as a gift. The website you buy from will often have an image of the building blocks on a white or light background. You can use this background removal method to make a PNG for the exact toy you bought. What better image to use on your greeting card than a picture of the actual gift itself?

Where to buy wooden blocks clipart

So far, I’ve shown you how to grab free wooden block clipart, but there are some great places online where you can buy clipart, too.

Personally, I find most websites that specialize in selling stock photos and vector art off-putting. Searching for the right clipart takes a long time, and you have to choose the type of license appropriate for your use. 

They might be perfect for a professional designer, but that’s not me.

For people making a greeting card, homeschoolers making a worksheet for their child, or school teachers making flashcards for their class — there are other people-friendly places to buy wooden blocks clipart. 

Here are two that I’d recommend!

Affiliate Link Disclosure – If you see a product you like and click through to buy it, I would genuinely appreciate it. I may earn a small commission — at no extra cost to you. It would mean a lot, thanks!

Etsy’s people-friendly clipart selection

alphabet wooden blocks clipart on etsy
Credit: MomNeedsCoffee on Etsy

Etsy is well known for its wide variety of unique handmade and vintage items. But did you know it’s a thriving marketplace where independent designers sell clipart, too?

From my experience, they’ve got the best selection of wooden blocks clipart of any marketplace out there! Even those hard-to-find clipart sets of alphabet blocks with all letters and numbers — you’ll find it there.

Clipart prices range from about $2 to $5 for a set of clipart, which isn’t much to pay given the time you save.

Searching Etsy for the right wooden blocks clipart is a breeze compared to Google, Bing, and other clipart-specific websites.

I’m guessing that’s because the seller can add both a title and a description for the clipart on sale, which increases your chances of matching for what you search.

Especially if you already shop on Etsy, then the clipart buying process is something you’re already familiar with. No need to sign up for a clipart-specific website you might only use once.

Teachers Pay Teachers’ excellent educational clipart

For teachers and homeschoolers, there’s a special online marketplace for educational clipart called Teachers Pay Teachers. It’s unique because all products are reviewed by education professionals before they can be sold on this platform.

As the name would suggest, the clipart and other creative digital teaching materials you find here are made for teachers by teachers. Gaining peace of mind knowing that your purchase is in support of an educator is an added perk!

Their prices run about the same, ranging from about $2 to $5 for a complete set of wooden clocks clipart. Sometimes a little more expensive, but it’s worth it to know you’re buying educator-approved materials.

Over to you!

I hope you’ve learned an easier way to find wooden blocks clipart.

Personally, this knowledge has saved me a ton of time and helped me make countless fun personalized greetings cards for family and friends.

I’d love to hear about your experience making greeting cards or teaching materials. Or if you have any questions about my methods for finding wooden blocks PNG, let me know in the comments below!

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