Top 15 Wooden Farm Animal Toy Sets (Toddlers & Kids)


Time to take playtime out to pasture. With a cluck-cluck here and a moo moo there — Uh oh! — all these eco-friendly farm animal play toys just broke loose!

Expect a “Moo-smerizing” variety of wooden farm animal toys — figurines, blocks, puzzles, and more — to keep your kiddo learning and entertained until the cows come home.

For every age, stage, and learning objective — I’ll explain how each farm animal toy meets your specific needs.

Like a pig in mud, let’s roll.

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Best Wooden Farm Animals for Toddlers & Kids

  • (01) Melissa & Doug Farm Animal Wooden Peg Puzzle (Age 2-4)
  • (02) Le Toy Van “Sunnyfarm” Wooden Farm Animal Figurine Playset
  • (03) Battat “Discover Farm Animals” Wooden Baby Activity Cube (1+ Years)
  • (04) Melissa & Doug Wooden Toy Farm Magnets (Livestock & Equipment)
  • (05) The Wood Pecker Factory Organic Wooden Waldorf Farm Animal Figures
  • (06) Melissa & Doug “Fold & Go” Wooden Toy Barn (Plastic Animal Play Figures)
  • (07) Melissa & Doug “Take-Along” Wooden Sorting Barn Toy (2+ Years)
  • (08) Battat “Terra” Miniature Wooden Toy Animal Barn For Kids (Age 3+)
  • (09) Green Toys Recycled Plastic Farm Set (Barn, Truck, Animals)
  • (10) Tender Leaf Toys Wooden Country Farm Figurines & Display Shelf
  • (11) Manchester Woodcraft “Made in USA” Hardwood Farm Animal Playset
  • (12) Tender Leaf Toys Wooden Stacking Farmyard Play Set For Kids
  • (13) Melissa & Doug “Farm Friends” Realistic Toy Animal Figures (Wooden Box)
  • (14) Melissa & Doug “Farm Animals Calls” Wooden Sound Effects Puzzle
  • (15) Melissa & Doug Farm, Tractor & Animals Play Figure Set (3-5 Years)

(01) Melissa & Doug Farm Animal Wooden Peg Puzzle (Age 2-4)

Melissa & Doug on Amazon

A toddler-friendly farm animal peg puzzle (from 2 to 4 years old) with 8 of your favorite critters out to pasture — made from wood with Melissa & Doug brand’s 30+ years making child-safe toys.

Each puzzle piece — pig, sheep, horse, cow, rooster, hen with chick, duck with duckling, and barn — includes an easy-grasp plastic peg perfect for this stage of fine-motor development. (I kinda wish the pegs were made of wood, though.)

Remove the piece to see the exact same image printed in the blank underneath. That’s a big clue to your toddler. It’s what building recognition for shapes, colors, and animals looks like.

The colorful and cartoony farm scene puts it into a toddler-understandable context. “Why does the duck like to swim in the pond? See how the cow likes to graze on the lush grass patch, while the horse prefers to gallop in the open field?” Toddlers translate these ideas into language skills!

(02) Le Toy Van “Sunnyfarm” Wooden Farm Animal Figurine Playset

Le Toy Van on Amazon

For lovers of Holztiger German-made maple and beech wood animal figurines (each animal sold separately), Le Toy Van’s Designed-in-UK playset comes complete with 9 of your farm favorites.

This type of open-ended farm figurine lets kids’ imaginations run wild. Turn any flat surface in your home into a hoe-down play party!

Each farm animal included is a different size (made of sustainable rubberwood), but to give you an idea — the cow measures ≈4.75 inches long, 3.25 inches tall, and 1.25 inches thick. 

For younger toddlers — here’s a safety tip — the smallest parts (chick, goose, lamb, piglet) pose a choking hazard.

(03) Battat “Discover Farm Animals” Wooden Baby Activity Cube (1+ Years)

Battat on Amazon

It’s no coincidence family doctor’s and dentist’s offices put activity centers like this in their waiting room. Youngins can’t keep their hands off ‘em.

Ideal for babies 12+ months — Battatt’s baby activity box is the world’s most popular (based on the number of 5-star reviews at the time of writing) — and it just so happens to be farm animal themed! Coincidence?

It has 5-sides with unique learning gizmos and gadgets — a funky bead maze, peekaboo opening doors, a zig-zag race track, plus spinning farm animal blocks and columns. It literally “revolves” around farm animals.

One parent-approved aspect — every piece is securely attached to the box body, so you’ll never lose a part! (Secure parts prevent accidental swallowing too — that’s important for babies.)

Best-in-class — Bravo, Battat!

(04) Melissa & Doug Wooden Toy Farm Magnets (Livestock & Equipment)

Melissa & Doug on Amazon

A 20-piece magnetic wooden farm animals toy set — turning your refrigerator into a “farm-tastic” surface for motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

It’s intended for toddlers 2+ years old — when standing up straight and arranging magnets onto a vertical surface is a milestone to “moo-ve” towards.

The set includes common livestock (dog, goat, donkey, and more) as well as farm equipment and objects (tractor, apple tree, outhouse, and more). It also has a storage box to keep the toys organized and in one place.

(05) The Wood Pecker Factory Organic Wooden Waldorf Farm Animal Figures

The Wood Pecker Factory on Etsy

Not all wooden toys are created equally natural. The Wood Pecker Factory makes toys as Mother Nature intended.

Handmade exclusively from organic materials — figures shaped from ethically sourced Romanian wood, colors painted and protection using ground-water-based paint and varnish, and details tied on using natural cotton twine or manila hemp — even the toy packaging is recyclable!

The cow is one of the largest animals in the set — measuring 5.5” inches long and standing 4.5” inches tall. Chunky, bulky, and age-appropriate even for 18+ months — almost like a wooden baby teether. (But for smaller animals with smaller parts, wait until 36+ months to be on the safe side.)

(06) Melissa & Doug “Fold & Go” Wooden Toy Barn (Plastic Animal Play Figures)

Melissa & Doug on Amazon

If you’re looking for wooden animals, this one’s not for you — it’s anatomically correct plastic animals in this set. (Montessori purists will be happy with the “concrete” realistic look rather than cartoonish “abstract”.)

The wooden barn is where the magic happens. It’s perfectly portable wooden with double wooden handles. It’s both wood in material and “concrete” in style. (They’re not mutually exclusive.)

With 7 animal figures along for the ride (check out that turkey), the barn swings open 180 degrees — allowing kids (3+ years) full access to two stories of stables, corrals, and other cubbies for your growing collection of barnyard animals.

The front door of the barn features a true sliding door. Use the ladder and fence accessories to keep your livestock from breaking free! (Or for the next generation of animal rights activists, set them free.)

(07) Melissa & Doug “Take-Along” Wooden Sorting Barn Toy (2+ Years)

Melissa & Doug on Amazon

Another carry-along wooden barn toy — this time more “abstract” with chunkier and easier-to-grasp pieces — intended for younger toddlers 48+ months old.

If you’ve never seen a wooden shape sorter — this one’s a wooden farm animal shape sorter. Each animal piece has a unique shape that only fits through the matching opening in the barn wall. It’s a puzzle that promotes shape recognition and spatial awareness.

The barn has a flip-open roof, so your toddler can retrieve all the animals to sort them again. (Or store the animals inside.)

(08) Battat “Terra” Miniature Wooden Toy Animal Barn For Kids (Age 3+)

Battat on Amazon

The barn itself includes a plentiful variety of 20 highly detailed wooden, plastic, and metal parts. Open and close all the doors and windows just like a miniature-size real-life barn — even the roof unfolds for access to the interior, and the fencing folds like an accordion. Set the hay bales and water trough out to feed your hungry farm buddies.

Designed for toddlers 3+ years old — it stands 19.5 inches long, 13” tall and wide. That’s considerably bigger than both barns from Melissa & Doug — so that even kindergarten kids up to 6 years old can poke around the pasture.

It’s spacious enough to hold all 12 of the plastic animal figures — that’s 6 adorable parent and baby farm animal pairs, and a great opportunity to teach kiddos about biology’s reproductive basics. “Mommy, Daddy, how come the daddy rabbit is white but the baby bunny is brown?”

(09) Green Toys Recycled Plastic Farm Set (Barn, Truck, Animals)

Green Toys on Amazon

The main reasons why parents opt away from plastic toys are — they expose your child to icky chemicals and negatively impact the environment (produced by chemical reactions during manufacture, then again after disposed into a landfill for eternity). That’s why you’re here looking for wooden farm animals, right?

Green Toys uses a special type of 100% recycled plastic — proudly made in the USA. They take old milk jugs, then purify away the BPA, PVC, phthalates, and other dangerous impurities to food-safe levels.

The toy box is recyclable and made from recycled materials too — even the ink used to print details is natural soy-based.

All of a sudden plastic sounds pretty good.

The farm playset includes 12 hands-on accessories, including a moving-wheels push pickup truck like no other set on the list.

Gummy and grippy for little fingers, they’re recommended for kids 2+ years old. They’re dishwasher safe and ready for a rub-a-dub bathtime play session (to cleanse away that imaginary barn smell).

(10) Tender Leaf Toys Wooden Country Farm Figurines & Display Shelf

Tender Leaf Toys on Amazon

A premium alternative to Melissa & Doug’s “Farm Friends” wooden farm animal display shelf. Standing a full 14” inches tall, with an intricate construction of nooks and crannies to fit the entire gang.

With a yak, a llama, a tractor, and 9 other popular “Farmyard Pals” made from rubberwood — “Move over Rover, it’s time for an eco-friendly hen hizzy” — Tender Leaf Toys plants another rubberwood sapling for each tree they chop down.

(11) Manchester Woodcraft “Made in USA” Hardwood Farm Animal Playset

Manchester Woodcraft on Etsy

Manchester Woodcrafts — hailing from Vermont, USA (not England) — creates bespoke toys and decor from American-grown premium hardwoods. Each of 7 animal figurines is handcrafted with a rainbow effect combining several hardwoods into a single animal — maple (light), cherry (reddish), and walnut (dark).

“You shouldn’t judge a farm animal by its color.” With the rise in popularity of gender-neutral and diversity-proactive toys — progressive parents can look to Manchester Woodcrafts for handheld symbolism that all hues are beautiful, and you don’t need to fit into any single category.

The animals range from 3” to 5” inches tall suitable for 3+ year old toddlers’ independent play, or younger with supervision. Finished with food-grade oil — it’s naturally safe when playtime transitions into snack time, and your little one hasn’t washed their hands.

(12) Tender Leaf Toys Wooden Stacking Farmyard Play Set For Kids

Tender Leaf Toys on Amazon

Very similar to Tender Leaf Toys’ farm animal display shelf — but without the shelf. This wooden stacking toy features farm animal blocks with flat hooves and backs for stable stacking.

Beginners (3-4 years old) start with the big bull on the bottom, then stack on progressively smaller critters. Once those fine motor balancing skills level up (5-7 years), start with the tiny chick block as your base to erect a top-heavy farm animal tower. Explore all the possibilities in endless combination.

Plus a farm-themed fabric carrying bag to take it on the go for show and tell. Planning which piece to add next promotes social skills when playing together with friends.

(13) Melissa & Doug “Farm Friends” Realistic Toy Animal Figures (Wooden Box)

Melissa & Doug on Amazon

Standing at 13” inches tall and 15” inches wide, the upright display tray for Melissa & Doug’s budget-friendly toy animal figures set is slightly smaller than the Tender Leaf Toys.

The display shelf is wooden, but the farm critters are not. Realistic flocked figures are lightweight and velvety to the touch like animal fur — albeit not as durable as wood. (Also the reason I prefer Tender Leaf Toys’ take.)

Each cubby includes a backdrop image like a farmhouse landscape with unique scenes. The learning doesn’t stop at animal names. Choosing where to place this particular domestic beast is an opportunity to explore farm animals’ natural instincts and behaviors. “The ducky sure would like to swim in the pond, but the goat prefers to stay as high up the hill as possible.”

These 10 animals are made with the best quality material. The animal also has fun facts about them, making it fun and interactive for the children to have information. This toy also works great as a gift for children.

(14) Melissa & Doug “Farm Animals Calls” Wooden Sound Effects Puzzle

Melissa & Doug on Amazon

“Oink oink, nay nay, and a hearty hee-haw.” Melissa & Doug’s battery-powered (2 AAAs) wooden animal sounds puzzle features 8 animals-a-calling.

Age-appropriate for 2+ years old, it makes a sound as soon as you make a match. It’s a similar concept to Montessori-approved self-correcting matching cards. Each piece has only one match, so kids organically learn to associate the right sound with the right animal. It’s called “auditory reinforcement”.

Kids can’t help but mimic those silly farm sounds themselves, like forensics and drama for the itty bitties — goofs and giggles all afternoon.

(15) Melissa & Doug Farm, Tractor & Animals Play Figure Set (3-5 Years)

Melissa & Doug on Amazon

If you’re an actual farmer and raise actual livestock on your actual farm, you know raising livestock is not all fun and games — providing shelter and nourishment for the creatures who contribute to your livelihood. It’s hard work.

Melissa & Doug’s farm and tractor playset features a best-in-class variety of 33 pieces — between livestock, crops, and structures. Basically, everything is related to a farm.

It’s not uncommon for Melissa & Doug to include a tray with their open-ended wooden toy sets, but this one’s the biggest I’ve ever seen. At 17” inches long — it’s proof this is a well-equipped farm-themed block set.

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