Best Pikler Arch & Rainbow Rocker For Your Active Toddler

Best Pikler Arch And Rainbow Rocker
Best Pikler Arch And Rainbow Rocker

Time to pick out the perfect Pikler arch — pretty as could be! Let’s rock and roll (and climb)!

As a two-in-one rocker and climber — the Pikler arch is a great gift for toddlers and preschoolers who are full of energy!

We’ve gathered the world’s best Pikler arches — so you can find the right fit for your little climber!

But before we get started let’s clear one thing up…

Pikler Triangle Vs Pikler Arch Vs Rainbow Rocker

Pikler triangle vs Pikler arch — which one are you looking for?

  • Pikler triangles are triangular and designed specifically for climbing.
  • Pikler arches are semi-circular and designed for both climbing and rocking.

(We wrote a separate review of the best Pikler triangles.)

You’re here for the arch? Great! Which type?

  • Climbing arches have round ladder rungs. They can be used for rocking, but they’re optimized for climbing.
  • Rocking arches (a.k.a. rainbow rockers) have flat broad cross-boards. They can be used for climbing, but they’re optimized for rocking.

It may seem like a nuanced difference — but makes a big impact on how your child will interact with it.

You’ll see what I mean — I promise.

Let’s rock and roll!

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In a hurry?

Where excitement and exercise become one toddler play activity, here’s our quick list of the best rainbow rockers and climbing arches for toddlers:

1. Kate Haa

The ultimate rainbow rocker that’s got it all — style, safety, and versatility.

  • Price: $$$$ (Pricey)
  • Style: Rocker
  • Colors: Natural, Rainbow, Pastel rainbow
  • Size: Large (Smaller option available)
  • Shipping: Standard (9-18 days)
  • Country: Latvia

Look to Kate Haa for bold colors, whimsical design, and an extra-large size that will grow with your child.

All that with a reasonable price tag makes Kate Haa my top recommendation.

Kate Haa’s colors are absolute eye-candy. Curvy cross-boards with very small gaps between each board make the perfect surface for your child to place their entire foot on.

A sturdy place to plant your foot means added safety. It means a comfy surface to sit or lay on. It means toys and stuffed animals you rock back and forth in won’t slip through the cracks.

There are just tons of benefits built-in to these well-designed cross-boards.

Plus, it looks like a funky wavy rainbow — the most unique of any toddler’s arch on the market.

Check out the grab-ability of those handles, too!

The entire inner circle of the frame is lined by open handles. So important!

In the beginning stages of learning to balance, your child will have a place to brace onto — always within the closest reach. Kate Haa’s got the best handles of all Rocker-style arches. (And climber-style arches don’t even compare.)

What’s more — lots of people have a tough time choosing between a climbing-style arch and a rocking style arch.

Rockers seem more versatile — workable for both rocking and climbing activities. But climbers — with ladder rungs and ramp extensions — just seem better for climbing.

Kate Haa’s world-class rocker solves this problem times a thousand!

They’ve specially created a reversible rainbow ramp — with ladder steps on one side and a smooth slide on the other. Viola! It’s a rocker that rocks with the best of them with a specialized climbing apparatus to balance out the play versatility.

Look closely, and you’ll notice that the ramp’s safety straps. Now, you can make absolutely sure the ramp won’t come loose while your child is climbing.

All that at about 2/3 the price of a Wiwiurka (ranked number two).

Hands down, Kate Haa’s is the best rainbow rocker this year!

→ See more from Kate Haa on Etsy

2. Wiwiurka

The high-fashion rainbow rocker with nature-inspired color palettes.

  • Price: $$$$$ (Very pricey)
  • Style: Rocker
  • Colors: Natural, Rainbow, Pastel rainbow, Earthtone, Coral
  • Size: Large (Smaller option available)
  • Shipping: Slow (25-32 days)
  • Country: Mexico

What’s to love about the Wiwiurka Waldorf rainbow rocker?

Just about everything — except the price.

Wiwiurka is the world’s most well-known Pikler arch brand.

Made extra-large for years of playtime, with broad cross-boards, and wide-open handles to grab onto — the brand name Wiwiurka is pretty much synonymous with the rainbow rocker.

Truly, Wiwiurka should be credited for popularizing the rainbow rocker in the first place. Their original rocker design is what most other Pikler arch makers draw inspiration from.

You’ll love their nature-inspired color palettes — offered exclusively from Wikiurka.

Things like earthtone, coral, rainforest — like you’re bringing a little piece of nature’s beauty into your home.

Not to mention — Wiwiurka has Pikler triangles in matching colors!

If I’m being completely honest, however — I don’t think Wikiurka is worth the price anymore. Maybe it was a few years ago, but not anymore.

With more competing companies — with very similar styles at a much lower price — I just can’t say that Wiwiurka merits the price.

I guess you could say, Wiwiurka is like the Tesla of rainbow rockers. Does it perform that much better than a Prius? Not really. Does it make you feel better about yourself to drive a Tesla? You bet!

→ See more from Wiwiurka on Etsy

3. Lily & River

An American-made Pikler arch with a comfy cushion included.

  • Price: $$$ (Average)
  • Style: Climber
  • Colors: Natural, White, Pink & white, Blue & white
  • Size: Medium
  • Shipping: Fast (3-11 days)
  • Country: USA

Lily & River is one of America’s favorite Pikler companies!

Not only is their patented Little Climber climb-ready for toddlers 18 months and up — it’s also fully equipped with a cushion that fits perfectly inside the inner circle of the arch.

Even before your little one’s old enough to climb, it works well as a nap-time floor cradle to lullaby your baby to sleep.

Very few other companies offer exact-fit Pikler arch cushions, and by making it a package deal included with the climber — that’s a really good reason to go with Lily & River.

Finished with a delightful soft color palette that natural that’ll look great in your child’s playroom — your Little Climber will match any of the other magical playroom goodies you get from Lily & River.

Lily & River offers an entire line of age-appropriate playthings that’ll look beautiful together. Kind of like an Ikea for growing kids.

Their Pikler arch is made in the United States and available at a reasonable price.

Plus, the fastest shipping of any Pikler Arch we’ve reviewed.

It’s no wonder why Lily & River is such a popular brand. Definitely worth a peek!

→ See more from Lily & River on Etsy

4. Wood & Hearts

Affordable Pikler climbers and rockers in a variety of unique colors.

Wood And Hearts Bold Colored Pikler Arch For Toddlers
Credit: Wood & Hearts on Etsy & Amazon
  • Price: $$ (Affordable)
  • Style: Both climber & rocker available
  • Colors: Natural, Rainbow, Pastel rainbow, Grey, White
  • Size: Medium
  • Shipping: Slow (15-24 days)
  • Country: Ukraine

Meet Wood & Hearts — home to both climber-style and rocker-style arches, with triangles and ramps too. Basically everything Pikler-related.

And their Pikler rocking arch is really something special.

You’re going to love the adjustable seats on their rocker!

Take a close look at their rocker, and you’ll notice knobs near the base at each end. That’s because you can adjust two of the cross-boards for your toddler to sit on.

Viola! You’ve turned your rocker into an indoor teeter-totter!

Don’t forget the rocker frame has 8 handles evenly distributed for easy grab-ability. Having something to grab onto is an important safety factor when your child’s rocking gets a little out of hand.

Plus, Wood & Hearts offers unique color palettes you just can’t get anywhere else.

Grey frame climber with pastel rungs? White frame rocker with rainbow rungs? They make climbers, rockers, triangles, and ramps to match!

If you fall in love with their color choices, that’s a good reason to pick Wood & Hearts for your playroom.

→ See more from Wood & Hearts on Etsy & Amazon

5. Simre Home Living

The budget-friendly Pikler climbing arch with a special-made baby cushion (sold separately).

  • Price: $ (Very affordable)
  • Style: Climber
  • Colors: Natural, Rainbow, Pastel rainbow
  • Size: Large
  • Shipping: Fast (5-11 days)
  • Country: Turkey

A Pikler arch under $100 (at the time of writing) is certainly something to turn heads!

As a bestseller with oodles of 5-star reviews — it feels great to save a buck without compromising on quality.

Basically, I think of it as a Lily & River alternative at about 2/3 the price.

Simre Home Living is one of the only climbing arch brands to offer a perfect-fit cushion for your baby or toddler to lie in — for example, to read a book or take a nap.

As a parent, I’m sure you’ll appreciate how climbing toys help your little one expend all that pent-up energy. After a good climb, just flip over for nap time. Serenity now!

One thing to note — the Lily & River’s Little Rocker comes with its cushion included in the set price. With Simre Home Living, you’ll need to buy the cushion separately.

And the cushion costs about the same amount as the climber itself.

I’m not a big fan when Pikler companies upsell their customers like that — but even so, Simre Home Living is still more affordable.

I’m also not a fan of the cloud-shaped base pieces. Pikler arches are better and safer for rocking when there are an ample number of handles along the frame. 

With Simre Home Living, your child will only have the ladder rungs to hold onto — there are no built-in frame handles at all. 

→ See more from Simre Home Living on Etsy

6. PlayWilder

Economical Pikler climbing arch sets made in the USA.

  • Price: $$$ (Average)
  • Style: Climber
  • Colors: Natural
  • Size: Large
  • Shipping: Slow (18-35 days)
  • Country: USA

One thing you’ll absolutely love about PlayWilder is — they offer economical Pikler sets that get less expensive the more you buy.

That’s in stark contrast to other companies who upsell with a hefty fixed price for add-ons and accessories.

Pricing for a single Pikler arch PlayWilder’s is already pretty good — especially considering it’s handmade in the United States.

Even better, PlayWilder lets you mix-and-match multiple arches, triangles, and ramps together into whatever combination you want — saves you a lot of money when you do.

Their climbing arches are made to order, so it could take a month or so before you receive your order. 

It’s nice to know someone’s making your Pikler arch especially for you, but that kind of wait time is pretty inconvenient.

→ See more from PlayWilder on Etsy

7. GoodEvas

A simple, well-designed climbing arch — perfect for an affordable Pikler set.

Goodevas Simple And Affordable Pikler Climbing Arch
Credit: GoodEvas on Etsy & Amazon
  • Price: $$ (Affordable)
  • Style: Climber
  • Colors: Natural
  • Size: Large
  • Shipping: Fast (5-9 days)
  • Country: Ukraine

GoodEvas is a brand I really like. They keep it simple — and focus on the basics that make a great Pikler set.

Their Pikler climbing arch fits the same ladders and ramps as their Pikler triangle — GoodEva’s is a great place to buy a 3-in-1 set with the entire kit and kaboodle.

Did I mention they offer some out-of-the-ordinary ramps — like a rope net ramp to give your toddler an extra challenge when they’re ready?

The arch itself includes nicely rounded handles at each end — allowing for extra grab-ability when used as a rocking arch.

There’s no feature especially unique about GoodEva’s climbing arch — however, with overwhelmingly positive reviews, I can’t help but deduce they’ve done the basics just right.

Plus, the convenience of buying on Amazon. Though it’s made in Ukraine, it ships fast from Pennsylvania.

I certainly recommend GoodEva’s to parents on a budget.

I understand that money doesn’t grow on trees, so I appreciate a good-value option when I see it.

→ See more from GoodEvas on Etsy & Amazon

8. RAD Children’s Furniture

A baby-sized climbing arch made with RIE principles in mind.

  • Price: $$$$ (Pricey)
  • Style: Climber
  • Colors: Natural
  • Size: Medium
  • Shipping: Standard (6-16 days)
  • Country: USA

In general, I really like RAD Children’s Furniture for its focus on the fundamentals of early childhood development.

They follow the teachings of thought leaders like Emily Pikler, Maria Montessori, and Magda Gerber. It shows through in the purposeful product designs they come up with.

At first glance, you can already see that RAD’s climbing arch is different from the rest. 

The ends of the arch curve out at a lower slower — and that makes it easier for children in the early stages of development to begin climbing.

At a medium size, it’s a little smaller than other large climbing arches we’ve seen on this list. 

On one hand, it means your baby will take their first climbing steps faster and safer.

On the other hand, it means you won’t get as many years of playtime out of this slightly smaller model.

If you like to support local businesses, that’s another reason to consider RAD’s. RAD’s is designed and manufactured in southern California — so it’s a 100% all-American small business.

Paired together with their Pikler triangle and your choice of short or long ladder ramps, RAD’s offer everything you need to create an indoor exercise station for your young toddler.

→ See more from RAD Children’s Furniture on Etsy

9. Cassaro

A global brand with every kind of rainbow rocker to pick from.

Cassaro Jumbo Xxl Waldorf Rocker
Credit: Cassaro on Etsy & Amazon
  • Price: $$$ (Average)
  • Style: Rocker
  • Colors: Natural, Rainbow, 
  • Size: Large
  • Shipping: Fast (5-7 days)
  • Country: China

Cassaro is another big name in the world of kids’ wooden play equipment.

As far as Wiwiurka-inspired rainbow rockers go, I’d go so far as to say Cassaro is the best budget-friendly option.

They’re made in China with New Zealand sourced wood, then warehoused and shipped from Texas.

That means you get a lower price! Benefiting from economies of scale across the global supply chain — quality Western-standard wood, with low-cost Asian manufacturing, and fast shipping from inside the US.

At the same time, you miss out on that homemade feel you’ll get from other U.S. and European Pikler makers.

I do recommend Cassaro at a lower price tier — however, If it’s in your budget, Kate Haa is much more appealing.

→ See more from Cassaro on Etsy & Amazon

10. Home For Dreams

The only climbing arch with a ride-on swing attachment.

  • Price: $ (Very affordable)
  • Style: Climber
  • Colors: Natural, Rainbow
  • Shipping: Fast (4-9 days)
  • Country: Georgia (The country in Europe)

With flat seats on each side of the arch, Home For Dreams is the only climbing arch that doubles as a teeter-totter for two.

On its own — that’s already pretty nifty. Sold separately, you can even add on a swing attachment so that your little one can ride it like a pony.

All the while, don’t forget that if you flip it rainbow side up — it’s a standard climbing arch with delightfully colorful ladder rungs.

With these special uses packaged at an extremely affordable price, that’s a really good deal!

Tons of fun both indoors and out — at a price parents can agree on.

→ See more from Home For Dreams on Etsy

Over to you!

There you have it! The best Pikler arches, climbing arches, rainbow rockers, and Montessori rockers that money can buy.

(Remember, the Pikler triangle is a different thing!)

I hope you learned a thing or two about the inner workings of the Pikler playthings, chose the ideal Pikler arch for your baby or toddler — and picked up a few play ideas along the way.

I’d love to hear about your child’s experience rocking and rolling — reaching and climbing. Let me know in the comments below!

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