Best Pikler Triangle For Baby & Toddler Climbers

Best Pikler Triangle
Best Pikler Triangle

Let’s Pick Out The Perfect Pikler Triangle For Your Little Climber

It’s a best-in-class climbing toy to build gross motor skills that last a lifetime.

And so much more!

In our Pikler triangle parent’s guide, we illuminated everything parents should know. Things like:

  • What is a Pikler triangle?
  • What are its benefits?
  • What age is it for?
  • How to introduce it to your child?

Now, let’s dive deep into the best Pikler triangle models!

For your infant, baby, toddler, or kindergartener — there’s a Pikler triangle to meet your needs.

You got this!

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In a hurry?

Here’s a quick list of the world’s most outstanding Pikler triangles — each with a special reason why it’s great!

  1. Home For Dreams – Biggest foldable Pikler triangle
  2. Wood Grain Lab – Biggest transformable Pikler triangle
  3. Happy Moon – Premium transformable climbing ladder
  4. RAD Children’s Furniture – Best American-made Pikler triangle
  5. Wiwiurka – High-fashion colorful climbing frame
  6. Lily & River – America’s baby-sized climbing triangle
  7. Wood & Hearts – Best budget-friendly Pikler triangle
  8. PlayWilder – Outdoor Pikler triangle made in USA
  9. UpaEU – Most affordable transformable Pikler triangle
  10. GoodEvas – Best adjustable climbing frame

Top 10 Pikler Triangles: And Why They’re Great

1. Home For Dreams

The largest foldable Pikler triangle — quality, nice-looking, and great value.

  • Price: $$$ (Average)
  • Size: Large
  • Style: Foldable
  • Add-Ons: Ladder ramp, Rock climbing ramp, Rope net ramp
  • Colors: Natural wood, Rainbow rungs, Choice of 5 solid color rungs
  • Shipping: Fast (3-8 days)
  • Country: Georgia (Europe)

Price. There’s lots to love about Home For Dreams’ Pikler triangle — and the first is its re-imagined foldable style and large size at such a reasonable price.

Even if your child is still in their early months, I always encourage parents to opt for a large Pikler triangle, so that you’ll get more years of playtime out of it.

Size. Towering at 41” tall, with 47” long legs and extra-wide 34.5” rungs — you’re kid gets so much surface area to climb, explore, and practice motor skills.

You’ll notice the triangle is three-sided with a base piece other Pikler triangles don’t have. That takes a lot of strain off of the top hinge and results in an even more structurally sound construction.

Like other folding climbing triangles, it folds up nicely for space-saving when not in use. (So important!)

Add-Ons. Home For Dreams offers three extraordinary kinds of accessories to extend the playability of your Pikler triangle.

Their Pikler boards are double-sided — with a slide on one side and climbing apparatus on the other.

Choose between a ladder board with parallel ladder steps or a rock climbing board with kid-friendly climbing holds. You’ll see later that these are the most common styles available from most Pikler triangle companies.

And you’ll love this — compared to other companies, Home For Dream’s climbing boards are very affordable!

Check out their special rope net ramp too — an unusual accessory perfect for toddlers who are ready for a more challenging climb.

Colors. It’s available in natural wood or with tutti-frutti rainbow-colored rungs — the crowd favorites.

Or you can pick out your child’s favorite color — solid-colored rungs (blue, green, red, pink, or yellow). That’s a special little something only Home For Dreams lets you do.

Shipping. It ships from Georgia (the country in Europe). Expect speedy shipping with delivery in 3-8 days. (Faster than most USA-based companies.)

Shop Home For Dreams on Etsy

2. Wood Grain Lab

The largest transformable Pikler triangle — plus a bold color selection.

  • Price: $$$$ (Pricey)
  • Size: Large
  • Style: Transformable
  • Add-Ons: Rock climbing ramp
  • Colors: Natural wood, Rainbow rungs, Pastel rainbow rungs
  • Shipping: Fast (4-7 days)
  • Country: Latvia

Price. If you’ve never heard of transformable Pikler triangles before — you’re in for a treat.

Transformable Pikler triangles come with four or more segments connected by flexible joints — so you can set up your Pikler triangle in all types of different climbing shapes

Not just a triangle.

Compared to classic fold-only models, Wood Grain Lab’s transformable is a little pricey. But alongside other transformable models, it’s what you’d expect to pay for top quality.

(Wood Grain Lab offers fold-only models, too.)

Size. Wood Grain Lab offers the largest transformable Pikler triangle of all.

That’s such an advantage — I just can’t stress it enough.

In general, large Pikler triangles are a better investment, since growing toddlers and kids will get more years of climb time. Yet, large Pikler triangles are too big for babies.

Wood Grain Lab’s *large* and *transformable* solves this problem.

For infants, its transformability means you can set it up at a low slope — perfectly safe for novice climbers. So, it’s not too large for babies.

For older kids, its transformability and large size complement each other — allowing you to make even larger structures that even big kids can climb. So, it will be a very long time before your child outgrows it.

Add-Ons. The only area where Wood Grain Labs falls short is in their limited selection of Pikler triangle extensions.

While they only offer a reversible rock climbing ramp (with slide), its triangle-shaped wooden climbing holds look like candy confetti in your playroom. Simply adorable!

Colors. Wood Grain Labs does colors right.

Unlike most other companies, they offer a white-colored climbing frame in addition to the standard natural wood option.

Rung colors include natural wood, rainbow colors, or pastel rainbow colors — popular choices and absolute eye-candy.

Shipping. Expect speedy shipping from Latvia — with delivery to the USA in just 4-7 days. (Faster than most USA-based companies.)

Shop Wood Grain Lab on Etsy

3. HappyMoon 

The premium transformable Pikler triangle dreams are made of.

  • Price: $$$$$ (Very pricey)
  • Size: Medium-large
  • Style: Transformable
  • Add-Ons: Ladder ramp, Rock climbing ramp, Mini climber, Massage roller ramp
  • Colors: Natural wood, Pastel rainbow rungs
  • Shipping: Standard (8-14 days)
  • Country: Latvia

Price. HappyMoon’s premium transformable Pikler triangle is so amazing — I almost feel guilty sharing it with you. It’s innovative and beautiful, and exactly the kind of Pikler dreams are made of — but it costs a lot!

Able to adjust into over 20 different shapes, with a convenient and reliable safety lock system at each hinge — it comes at a premium price too.

Size. It’s transformable with 4 free-moving ladder segments each 22” long — so if you set it up in a normal triangle shape, it’ll have 43.5” long legs, 30.5 wide ladder rungs, and stand at 31.5 inches tall.

Add-Ons. Its standard attachments are reversible ramps that come with a slide on one side and wooden rock climbing stones on the other — in your choice of pastel rainbow or dark hardwood brown colors.

They’re very reasonably priced. I’m so glad HappyMoon doesn’t play the upsell game on you that way.

The ramps are shipped in two halves that you must assemble yourself. That’s a downside compared to other company’s ramps that come in one solid piece.

In addition, HappyMoon offers three specialty style ramps — a reversible ramp & slide with pastel-colored ladder steps, a mini climber just like a tiny Pikler triangle that attaches onto the rungs, and a roller ramp with rotating columns (so it’s like a back massage when your child slides down).

Even though special attachments cost significantly more — they are truly one of a kind!

Colors. It’s available in two color options — natural aspen wood for no added cost or with pastel rainbow-colored ladder rungs for just a tiny bit extra cost.

Shipping. The climber itself ships pre-assembled — so all you need to do is adjust the shape and fasten the hinge caps. The ramp requires minor assembly — with just a screwdriver will do.

The package ships from Latvia and delivers to the US within 7-11 business days.

Shop HappyMoon on Etsy

4. RAD Kids Furniture

An American-made Pikler triangle following the true Pikler philosophy.

  • Price: $$$$ (Pricey)
  • Size: Medium
  • Style: Foldable
  • Add-Ons: Short ladder ramp, Long ladder ramp, Extension Pikler ladder, Children’s art easel
  • Colors: Natural wood only
  • Shipping: Standard (5-13 days)
  • Country: USA

Price. In general — it’s not surprising to find an American-made product costing more than those made overseas.

Though a little on the pricey side, RAD Children’s Furniture makes America’s best overall Pikler triangle. It’s designed to be closely aligned with the educational principles that inspired the Pikler triangle in the first place.

Taking notes from Dr. Emmi Pikler herself and other RIE (resources for infant “educarers”) — RAD’s folding Pikler triangle is an absolute classic. Natural wood, safety-first features, and an excellent choice for traditional at-home Montessori environments.

Size. With 33.5” long legs and 28” wide rungs — and standing at 26” when opened — RAD’s large foldable climbing triangle is a good standard size — both engaging for babies and climbable for kids up to 4 or 5 years old.

RAD offers both small (24.5” long legs) and jumbo (46” long legs) sizes, as well. That means a space-saver if you live in a small apartment, or a classroom-sized climbing frame big enough even for kindergarten-aged kids.

Add-Ons. RAD also offers different-sized ramps — both short (46” long by 12” wide) and long (58” long by 12” wide). 

Even though RAD calls their 46” ramp “short” — it’s an ample size for in-home Pikler play. 

The 58” long, RAD’s “long” ramp is ideal for childcare centers. It’s the longest Pikler ramp I’ve ever seen.

RAD only offers reversible ladder ramps — double-sided as a climbing ramp with ladder steps and a slide on the other side. Definitely not the most exciting ramp style in the world.

For a hefty extra cost — however — RAD makes a children’s art easel that mounts perfectly on the Pikler triangle — truly one-of-a-kind. For artistic families, that might be the single best reason to choose RAD.

Colors. RAD’s Pikler is only available unpainted — in natural Birch and EuroPly wood tones.

Shipping. Even though RAD’s Pikler triangle is manufactured in the USA, its shipping time is on par with other companies shipping from Europe. Expect delivery in 5-13 days.

Shop RAD Kids Furniture on Etsy

5. Wiwiurka

The high-fashion Pikler triangle with nature-inspired color palettes.

  • Price: $$$$$ (Very pricey)
  • Size: Large
  • Style: Foldable
  • Add-Ons: Ladder ramp, Rock climbing ramp
  • Colors: Natural wood, Choice of 20+ rung color schemes
  • Shipping: Standard (8-14 days)
  • Country: Mexico

Price. Wiwiurka is a legend in the world of climbing triangles — hand-making bespoke folding Pikler triangles far before they became so popular.

Nowadays, with more and more new companies joining the space — my opinion is that Wiwiurka isn’t the best choice for most consumers.

But Wiwiurka still shines bright in one area — color selection.

Size. They offer Pikler triangles in both medium and large sizes — the large model standing at 37”, with 42” long legs and somewhat narrow 24.5” rungs.

At a lofty price for whichever size you choose — I recommend you opt for the large.

Add-Ons. Nothing too special here. Wiwiurka offers the ladder ramps or rock climbing ramp Pikler triangle extensions.

Both are reversible with a slide on the opposite side. Both are rather costly.

Colors. Color selection is Wiwiurka’s shining beacon of pride — and the one aspect they do better than any other Pikler triangle company.

Due to their size, Pikler triangles often become the focal point of the child’s room or playroom where they’re kept.

Wiwiurka offers a vibrant selection of over 20+ delightful eco-inspired color palettes.

Finally, a Pikler triangle that perfectly matches your other home decor.

Like choosing the perfect paint for your nursery room — Wiwiurka’s carefully curated color choices offer eclectic options far beyond common rainbow colors.

Imagine your Pikler in earth tones, sunset, aquamarine, monochromatic — or even made from exotic Caribbean Walnut hardwood.

Shipping. Wikiurka’s high-fashion Pikler triangles are made with love in Mexico and take 8-14 days to be delivered to the USA.

Shop Wiwiurka on Etsy

6. Lily & River

America’s favorite baby-sized Pikler triangle.

  • Price: $$$$ (Pricey)
  • Size: Small
  • Style: Foldable
  • Add-Ons: Ladder ramp, Rock climbing ramp
  • Colors: Natural wood, White rungs, Pink & white rungs, Blue & white rungs
  • Shipping: Fast (2-9 days)
  • Country: USA

Price. Lily & River’s Little Climber is on the somewhat pricey side — starting at over $200 for the climbing frame — which is about what you’d expect, if not a little on the pricey side.

Size. The Little Climber is smaller and wider than other Pikler triangles. With 28.25” long legs and 33” wide ladder rungs, it stands at just 24.5” tall.

That means it’s ideal for babies and young toddlers — but you won’t get as much playtime out of it as your child grows. Your child will outgrow it by age 4.

Add-Ons. I always recommend buying an attachment ramp alongside your Pikler — but Lily & River’s attachments are really expensive.

It’s another reason I’m thinking Lily & River’s high prices are unwarranted.

Lily & River offers two styles of reversible ramps with a smooth slide on one side. On the other side, you can choose between ladder steps or rock-climbing holds.

Colors. The Little Climber is available in all-natural unpainted style or with painted rungs — white, white & blue, or white & pink.

Aesthetic design is one area Lily & River does really well — their entire playroom product line incorporates Scandinavian-inspired minimal design.

So beyond the Pikler, Lily & River is a one-stop-shop to put together a great-looking play space — with a well-rounded variety of educational activities.

Shipping. Your Little Climber ships from Arizona, and delivers really fast — in just 2-9 days.

Shop Lily & River on Etsy

7. Wood & Hearts

The most affordable Pikler triangle — without compromising on quality.

Wood And Hearts Best Budget Friendly Pikler Triangle
Credit: Wood & Hearts (on Amazon & Etsy)
  • Price: $ (Very affordable)
  • Size: Medium-large
  • Style: Foldable
  • Add-Ons: Ladder ramp, Rock climbing ramp
  • Colors: Natural wood; White, grey or black frame; White, rainbow or pastel rainbow rungs
  • Shipping: Standard (8-18 days)
  • Country: Ukraine

Price. Hands down, Wood & Hearts’ affordable price tier is a great reason to get it.

I’ve you’ve ever searched around for Pikler deals on Amazon before — you know that most of them just look cheaply-made, poor-quality, and just not safe. And for a climbing toy, safety is really important.

With Wood & Hearts, you can save money and gain peace of mind. It’s well-made and baby-safe.

Size. What’s even more surprising is — at such a low cost, Wood & Hearts’ Pikler is pretty sizable.

Lots of other low-cost Pikler triangles are really tiny — and those companies just hope you don’t notice while shopping online.

Wood & Hearts — on the other hand — stands at 32” inches tall with 36.5” long legs and 31.5” wide rungs.

That’s almost as large as the best-of-the-best Pikler triangles at a fraction of the cost.

Add-Ons. Nothing out of the ordinary here. Wood & Hearts offers ladder ramps or rock climbing ramp Pikler triangle attachments — also affordable.

Colors. The other area Wood & Hearts does great is with their bold color selections.

No other manufacturer sells black- or grey-framed Pikler triangles. And white-framed is hard to come by, too.

They offer models with rung color palettes available in white, rainbow, or pastel rainbow too.

I’d go so far as to say Wood & Hearts is the Pikler king of primary colors!

But don’t worry — if it’s the natural wood look you’re after, Wood & Hearts has that too.

Shipping. Shipping from Ukraine, your package will arrive a little slower than from other sellers. Expect USA delivery in 8-18 days.

→ Shop Wood & Hearts on Amazon & Etsy

8. PlayWilder

An outdoor-ready Pikler triangle with economical package deals.

  • Price: $$$ (Average)
  • Size: Large
  • Style: Foldable
  • Add-Ons: Ladder ramp, Rock climbing ramp
  • Colors: Natural wood only
  • Shipping: Slow (18-30 days)
  • Country: USA

Price. PlayWilder makes the most affordable American-made Pikler triangle.

Even better — the more you buy, the more you save. And that’s major brownie points for PlayWilder.

So many other Pikler companies offer a low price for the frame, only to ding you with overpriced accessories.

First, Playwilder’s ramps are the least expensive of all! Furthermore, they offer bundles with multiple climbing triangles and ramps for compounding savings.

It’s a happy medium between buying wholesale and buying for your child alone.

Size. With legs at 41.5” long and ladder rungs at 30” wide — it’s a great size — approachable for the entire age spectrum — from the baby months to kids as old as 5 or 6 years old.

If you want a budget-friendly American-made Pikler triangle that’s even better suited for infants, PlayWilder has a modifiable Pikler triangle with removable leg extensions, too — tiny-sized for the early months and normal-sized when your child is ready.

Add-Ons. Nothing out of the ordinary here. PlayWilder lets you choose between reversible ramps with ladder steps or rock climbing holds.

Colors. Natural wood only, no paint. It’s all-natural Baltic Birch — both durable and free of harmful chemicals.

Shipping. PlayWilder Pikler triangles are made to order — that means you’ll have to wait a long while before it arrives in the mail. Expect delivery in 18-30 days.

Shop PlayWilder on Etsy

9. UpaEU

The most affordable transformable Pikler triangle.

  • Price: $$ (Affordable)
  • Size: Medium-small
  • Style: Transformable
  • Add-Ons: Ladder ramp, Rock climbing ramp
  • Colors: Natural wood, White rungs, Pastel rainbow rungs
  • Shipping: Slow (24-36 days)
  • Country: Lithuania

Price. UpaEU’s Pikler triangle lets you fashion all sorts of fun and funky shapes — at a much lower price than any other transformable Pikler triangle.

And that’s something to celebrate!

Size. Getting the transformable experience at a fraction of the price just has one minor downside — it’s a little on the small side.

If you set it up in a triangle shape like a regular Pikler triangle — its legs are 30” long, its rungs are 24” inches wide, and it stands at 26” tall.

It’s taller than other models (like Lily & River), but the narrower rung width does mean your child will have less lateral wiggle room — which is an important part of gross motor development where this particular model falls short.

Add-Ons. Another small downside. UpaEU’s ramp accessories don’t come cheap. It’s kind of an unwholesome upsell.

Even then, UpaEU is still the most budget-friendly transformable Pikler available.

Colors. UpaEU does a great job picking out colors. They’ve got tasteful options to satisfy almost everyone’s preferences.

Of course, natural wood is available — and they’ve also got models with Nordic-inspired white rungs as well as a model with pastel rainbow rungs — as pretty as could be.

Shipping. All the savings you get clearly has implications for shipping time too. Expect the slowest delivery of all — 24-36 days.

Shop UpaEU on Etsy

10. GoodEvas

An affordable and adjustable Pikler triangle adding flexibility into your Pikler play.

Goodevas Best Adjustable Climbing Frame
Credit: GoodEvas (on Amazon & Etsy)
  • Price: $$ (Affordable)
  • Size: Medium
  • Style: Adjustable
  • Add-Ons: Ladder ramp, Rope net ramp, Fitted Pikler tent
  • Colors: Natural wood only
  • Shipping: Fast (4-7 days)
  • Country: Ukraine

Price. Both affordable and adjustable — GoodEva’s is a Pikler triangle to pay attention to.

While it may look like a regular folding triangle — the hinge is actually adjustable to every 30 degrees.

That means you can adjust it at a safe low slope for your infant’s early months, and hike it up to a super-tall triangle climbing challenge for your older kids.

It grants you the flexibility to do other creative things “equidistant triangle” Piklers just can’t do — for example propping it against a wall for an ultra-high climber — just like any other ladder.

Size. With legs at 33.5” long and rungs at 28” wide — if you set it up as a perfect triangle it stands at 29” tall.

But since it’s got an adjustable hinge, that doesn’t do GoodEva’s Pikler justice.

This thing can be spread out as low as they go, and stand taller than any “equidistant Pikler triangle” — if you adjust it to an acute angle.

Add-Ons. GoodEva’s extras and attachments come at average prices — not a money saver like the Pikler frame alone.

In addition to the standard ladder ramp you’ve already seen — they’ve got a super cool rope net ramp offering something like children’s military training.

Check out their fitted Pikler tent, too.

Draping a sheet over your Pikler triangle to make a teepee or fort out of it is an imaginative activity the kids will love. GoodEvas makes it that much easier — with a play tent made specifically for the Pikler triangle.

Colors. Just natural wood colors here — though the hinge does have a nice red accent color to it.

Shipping. While it’s made in Ukraine, it’s warehoused in the USA. You’ll enjoy quick shipping times of just 4-7 days.

This Pikler’s low price and speedy shipping make it perfect for a last-minute gift.

→ Shop GoodEvas on Amazon & Etsy

Pikler Triangle Review: See For Yourself

Pikler Triangle Comparison Table: 

Home For Dreams$$$ (Average)Large• Natural wood
• Rainbow rungs
• Choice of 5 solid color rungs
Fast (3-8 days)Georgia (Europe)
Wood Grain Lab$$$$ (Pricey)Large• Natural wood
• Rainbow rungs
• Pastel rainbow rungs
Fast (4-7 days)Latvia
HappyMoon$$$$$ (Very pricey)Medium-large• Natural wood
• Pastel rainbow rungs
Standard (8-14 days)Latvia
RAD Kids Furniture$$$$ (Pricey)Medium• Natural wood onlyStandard (5-13 days)USA
Wiwiurka$$$$$ (Very pricey)Large• Natural wood
• Choice of 20+ rung color schemes
Standard (8-14 days)Mexico
Lily & River$$$$ (Pricey)Small• Natural wood
• White rungs
• Pink & white rungs
• Blue & white rungs
Fast (2-9 days)USA
Wood & Hearts$ (Very affordable)Medium-large• Natural wood
• White, grey or black frame
• White, rainbow or pastel rainbow rungs
Standard (8-18 days)Ukraine
PlayWilder$$$ (Average)Large• Natural wood onlySlow (18-30 days)USA
UpaEU$$ (Affordable)Medium-small• Natural wood
• White rungs
• Pastel rainbow rungs
Slow (24-36 days)Lithuania
GoodEvas$$ (Affordable)Medium• Natural wood onlyFast (4-7 days)Ukraine

Pikler Triangle Accessories & Add-Ons Comparison Table: 

BrandAttachment PriceLadder & SlideRockwall & SlideSpecial Attachment
Home For Dreams$$ (Affordable)YesYes• Rope net ramp
• $$$ (Average)
Wood Grain Lab$$$ (Average)NoYes• No
HappyMoon$$ (Affordable)YesYes• Mini climber
• Massage roller ramp
• $$$$ (Pricey)
RAD Kids Furniture$$$$ (Pricey)Yes (2 sizes)No• Extenstion Pikler ladder
• Children’s art easel
• $$$$$ (Very pricey)
Wiwiurka$$$$$ (Very pricey)YesYes• No
Lily & River$$$$$ (Very pricey)YesYes• No
Wood & Hearts$$ (Affordable)YesYes• No
PlayWilder$ (Very affordable)YesYes• No
UpaEU$$$$ (Pricey)YesYes• Toddler hammock
• $ (Very affordable)
GoodEvas$$$ (Average)YesNo• Rope net ramp
• Fitted Pikler tent
• $$ (Affordable)

Pikler Triangle Foldability: Do You Need Transformable?

What’s the difference between “transformable”, “modifiable”, and “adjustable” Pikler triangles?

All of these terms are related to foldability.

It’s 2021, and Pikler triangle technology has come a long way.

I always recommend you at least get a foldable Pikler triangle. Then we get into even more versatile foldability — and it opens up so many exciting opportunities to vary up the playscape.

  • Foldable Pikle triangles have two ladder segments and one hinge — so they’ll be open when in use and closed when put away for storage. Since Pikler triangles are bulky items, I highly recommend you at least get a folding Pikler triangle to save space.
  • Transformable Pikler triangles have more than two ladder segments, so you can set up freestyle climbing shapes — like houses, squares, and M-shapes.
  • Modifiable Pikler triangles allow you to add and remove ladder segments — for example, to set up a small climbing triangle for your baby and boost it taller when they’re ready for a more challenging climb.
  • Adjustable Pikler triangles allow you to set up different heights and slopes — because their hinge can be set up at varying degrees. Standard foldable Pikler triangles have a hinge that needs to be either fully open or fully closed.

Pikler Triangle Dimensions: How Do They Size Up?

It’s always really tough to tell the size of a Pikler triangle online — so here’s a helpful chart visualizing the range of sizes available.

Finally, you’ll get a good understanding of how big the climbing triangles are in real life.

It’ll also demonstrate why I always recommend getting a large Pikler triangle. Honestly, your child will outgrow a small Pikler triangle in no time.

Pikler Triangle Height Comparison Chart

Over To You!

When picking out the right Pikler triangle for your child — there’s so much to take into consideration.

I hope this Pikler triangle buyer’s guide has been most helpful for you in your journey of parenthood.

To make these reviews to be as unbiased and transparent as possible, I used rigorous criteria when choosing models and reviewing them.

The top ten list came from an exhaustive search for the best Pikler triangle manufacturers — and by now, I’m sure you’ve noticed my affinity for the transformable and colorful.

Just because I limited the list to the top ten — some other Pikler triangle brands just didn’t make the cut. I’d like to extend a few honorable mentions (in alphabetical order):

I looked for the best-selling model from each brand and did a careful apples-to-apples comparison — based on the things that matter when your shopping for a Pikler triangle.

By the way — if you’re only interested in American-made products, we wrote a buyers guide listing the best Pikler triangles made in the USA too.

Leave a comment below — and let’s talk anything and everything Pikler-related! I’d love to hear from you, and would be happy to answer any questions you have!

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