Top 9 Toddler Pencil Cases / Pouches for Fine Motor Writers


For the first day of preschool — a trusty pencil case holds all your kiddo’s writing and schoolwork knick knacks.

Just like a backpack, the pencil case is a fashion statement. Between pencils, erasers, and scratch-n-sniff stickers, it’s time to show my new classmate a glimpse of my personality.

With an eco-friendly, appetizing toddler pencils case — all of a sudden — those preschool worksheets become much more engaging!

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Best Pencil Case for Toddlers’ First Day at Preschool

(01) CICIMELON Contemporary Colors Easy-Zip Pencil Case for All Ages 

Storing pencils in a convenient and multifunctional pencil case is possible with this yellow design from Cicimelon. It has a storage capacity of up to 50 pencils of different thicknesses, integrates two flexible internal compartments that allow you to organize pencil sharpeners, erasers, or any small item that requires a quick location at a glance. The opening system is zippered, one-way and very easy for small children to grasp.

Although, this model is fully compatible for teenagers and adults, for its multifunctional case feature. It integrates an external handle to be able to carry it hanging from the hand. Its total length is 18cm and its material is a washable, flexible and resistant canvas.

(02) ZIPIT Funky Monster Polyester Toddler Pencil Case (Googly Eyes, Patterns, Neons) 

A red monster pencil case will always be a fun option for storing pencils for the little ones. It has a storage capacity of up to 30 pencils and its zipper that simulates the mouth of a smiling blue monster measures 7.8 inches in length. Its peculiar design means that when the zipper is opened in one direction, the whole case can be disassembled, and in the opposite way, making a spiral shape, it closes with a single gesture.

It is made of flexible polyester, with blue monster design with glowing eyes, very resistant to wear and washable. It can also store calculators, scissors, erasers, pencil sharpeners… it adapts to various items, and is suitable for all ages.

It’s available in a blue monster style, and many more. A variety of case of the same brand, is this model in rigid format. The monster is still fun and smiling, but in red. The rigid pencil case format measures 8.2 x 5 x 3.15 inches and has a storage capacity of up to 60 pencils.

Its external material is polyester, very resistant and washable, and its interior is made of soft velvet, which allows not only to store pencils, but also more delicate items. The opening system is with side zipper, in one direction, with easy grip for the smallest of the house.

(03) Rocket and Fox Personalized Pencil Case with Your Toddler’s Name and Logo

For rocket lovers, this flexible pencil case is a very nice design. It is handmade and measures 21×14 centimeters. It can be personalized with the child’s name, making the case even more unique. You can choose between 3 colors for the bottom of the pencil case, being red, blue and black and the opening system is a one-way zipper. Internally it comes with a single compartment.

(04) ANGOOBABY Kid-Sized Soft Cotton Pencil Case with Simple Pull Zipper 

If you are looking for a pencil case made of cotton and linen, with a very basic but functional design and in beige tone, this option is ideal. It is a very flexible pencil case, pleasant to the touch, washable, measuring 7.5 x 2.0 x 2.8 inches and with a capacity to store up to 30 pencils.

Being a rectangular pencil case, it can be “multifunctional”, and perfectly serve to store personal items such as sunglasses, make-up…

(05) Tobe Tote Custom Name Canvas Pencil Case + Zip Pouch for Stationary and Supplies

Personalized items are very popular with children, because it makes them feel important and that we have taken care of the details when we give it to them. This cotton canvas case allows you to place the personalized name in 3D with a full color format. It is handmade, and its size is 9.75×6 inches.

It is not only suitable for pencils, but also to store your personal items for travel, your small toys… in short, a pencil case has unlimited uses. The background of the pencil case is beige and the letters are personalized in different colors.

(06) Sew You Monograms “Custom Embroidered Initials” Classic Seersucker Toddler Toiletry + Pencil Travel Bag

From the same brand of seersucker backpacks, personalized monogrammed carrying cases are available to match. The case is handmade, with cotton fabric and striped background, available in 9 colors, and with a capacity of 8x6x4 inches, the opening system is with a one-way zipper and the interior is lined with vinyl for easy cleaning.

Being a medium capacity rectangular pencil case, it can be used not only as a pencil case, but also as a travel bag.

(07) The Yorkshire Gift Co. Linen Pencil Case with Custom-Spelled Name and Rainbow Design

Anyone who likes rainbow patterned items may love this linen pencil case with a beautiful pastel rainbow, which can also be personalized with a name. It is made in the UK, entirely by hand and with linen material. The opening system is with a zipper in one direction, and its capacity is medium, for about 20 pencils at most. It has an external handle, which allows it to be carried hanging from the hand. It can be used not only to store pencils, but also as an extra case in a suitcase or purse.

(08) Mikaua Kid-Friendly Genuine Leather Pencil Pen Case with Zipper

For older children (over 9 years old) and adults, this leather case is a perfect gift that blends simplicity, practicality and minimalism. The case is handmade in Ukraine from genuine leather and features a steel zipper that opens in one direction only.

On the back side it includes an elastic band that serves to place it on a notebook or book, and prevents it from moving in the bag when carrying it. The total size is 20*12 centimeters, and you can choose between 4 colors: whiskey, chocolate, mustard, chestnut.

(09) Bee Keeper Quilts Cloth Pencil Carrier (with Individual Slots for Different Pencils)

This pencil holder is one of my favorites for children, it has a design in roll format, which allows you to organize the pencils or colors individually, and then roll it up to form a compact cylinder of fabric, which is tied with a ribbon. It is made of cotton fabric and corduroy, completely handmade and can store up to 24 pencils individually.

It has a super colorful design, fun and pleasant to the touch. I can assure you that children will love it, and visually the pencils look more orderly and easier to locate for them, when unfolding the roll. The roll measures 11″ x 11″ when open, and when closed it measures 7 inches.

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