Best Wooden Rainmaker Toys — Let Your Toddler Make It Rain!

Best Wooden Rainmaker Toys
Best Wooden Rainmaker Toys

Like a Native American rain stick for your little one, children’s rainmakers are inspired by an ancient rainmaking ritual.

Even if you’re not superstitious, you’ve got to wonder if there isn’t something special about that!

As a rattle shaker, rhythm maker, visual splendor, and child mesmerizer all-in-one — rainmakers are a truly unique sensory toy for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Simply flip the rainmaker around and listen to the soothing sound of raindrops — “Shhhhh…”!

I’ve hand-picked the best wooden rainmaker toys to share with you today. So relax, take your time, and let’s trickle down to an amazing selection of rainmakers!

Without further adieu — Let’s make it rain!

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In a hurry?

Here are my top 5 favorite wooden rainmaker toys to make “rain rain go away” into “rain rain play all day”!

Rainmaker toy shopping tips

Rainmakers come in a wide variety of styles — each with its own unique attributes. To set you up for success, here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing which rainmaker is best for your child.

  • Visual stimulation. Most rainmakers include transparent plastic tubes so that your child can see the colorful beads bounce around inside. Most people would say rainmakers made with 100% wood aren’t as visually stimulating as those with at least some plastic parts. If both natural wood materials and visual appeal are important to you, it’s a trade-off you’ll have to make.

  • Auditory stimulation. Likewise, some rainmakers — you can’t see inside them at all. These kinds are made primarily as a musical shaker toy. You lose out on the visual element, but if you’re trying to jumpstart your little one’s musical education (or rock’n’roll as a family band), that might not matter!

  • Price-range. The good news is, rainmaker toys are pretty affordable. Top-of-the-line rainmakers run around $30 to $40, with good quality low-cost options ranging from $10 to 15. You’ll find the right wooden rainmaker for your budget on my list.

  • Appropriate age. Even though I advocate for wooden toys, the truth is — for 12 months and below, most baby rainmaker toys are non-wooden. For solo-play, the wooden rainmakers on this list are generally recommended for 18 months and up.

To get you up to speed, TTPM made an excellent introductory video about the benefits of rainmakers and how to play with them. The video talks specifically about Plan Toy‘s rainmaker, but it’s good information in general!

Wooden Rain Maker by QToys

Best natural wood rainmaker

Check on Etsy

100% Natural Wood Rainmaker Toy By Qtoys
Credit: Qtoys on Etsy

For eco-conscious families, this is your top pick! A handmade rainmaker with 100% natural wood! Because sometimes, the materials used to make the toy are just as important as the toy itself. Since wood is non-transparent, the Qtoys brand had to come up with a creative way to let kids see the colorful balls inside.

Beaded Raindrops Rainmaker by Hape

Best visual design

Check on Amazon (Red, Blue)

red and blue beaded raindrop wooden rainmaker by hape
Credit: Hape on Amazon (Red, Blue)

All types of rainmakers offer that comforting raindrop sound, but where this one excels is its visual appeal! Available in two color variations — bright red and bold blue — Hape’s Beaded Raindrops includes an ergonomically designed easy-grip convex tube with solid wood caps on each-end. The interior is where the real magic happens! Its brightly-colored beads and segments will leave your little in awe as the beads trickle down.

Rain Maker Instrument Toy by Plan Toys

Best for making music

Check on Amazon

Made with natural wood, water-based dyes, and non-formaldehyde glue — the Plan Toys[LINK] brand is making eco-friendly toys music-friendly! When the mood is upbeat, your kiddo will love shaking it to the rhythm — and when it’s time for a nap, flipping it slowly has that tranquil rainfall sound, too. The tube is covered by patterned fabric,offeringe a classic texture for your budding musician to enjoy.

Double-Sided Wooden Rainmaker by Haba

Cutest rainmaker ever

Check on Amazon (Caterpillar, Plain)

caterpillar wooden rainmaker toy by haba
Credit: Haba on Amazon (Caterpillar, Plain)

As cute as could be, Haba’s wooden rainmaker is a double-sided rainmaker for double the fun and learning. On one side, the raindrop beads will follow a zig-zag track, and on the other, they’ll bounce all around on the way down like a pinball machine. It’s available in two styles with adorable colored buttons along the tube — one style even looks like a rainbow-colored caterpillar with a tiny smile at the top! With a reasonable price tag, this is one awesome birchwood rain stick.

Classic Wooden Rainmaker Toy by Battat

Most budget-friendly 100% wood rainmaker

Check on Amazon

As part of Battat brand’s line of “Loopty Loo” and “Zany Zoo” classic wooden toys, this all-wooden rainmaker is a low-cost option for parents who want to avoid plastic altogether. One exciting surprise is that it doubles as a rolling toy — making it a well-rounded sensory toy for toddlers to build motor skills.

Bamboo Rainstick Musical Shaker by Pick A Toy

Most budget-friendly musical rainmaker

Check on Amazon

While bamboo is technically a type of grass (not wood), it checks all the boxes when it comes to shopping for an environmentally friendly toy. With all that’s happened this year, we’re all pinching pennies where we can — and this makes an excellent budget-friendly gift for your little music lover.

Personalized Wooden Rainbow Rattle by Raven Skull Magic

Most thoughtful gift

Check on Etsy

What could be more memorable than a wooden toy with your name engraved in it!? When I found this gem, I just about jumped for joy! You can personalize the wooden caps with your child’s name or message to make the rainmaker all his or her own. Similar to the Hape rainmaker we looked at before, your little one can watch the beads trickle down through flower-shaped perforated plates for a mesmerizing visual effect.

DIY Rain Maker Kit by Mama May I

Best for crafty families

Check on Etsy

One of the great things about sensory toys is all the creative DIY activities parents and kids can do together. There are dozens of YouTube videos that’ll teach you how to make your own rainstick with a paper towel tube, but if you’re looking for something that’ll last a little bit longer — here’s the set for you!

Over to you!

For a well-rounded wooden sensory toy to stimulate your toddler’s sensory and motor skill development — the rainmaker is right up your alley!

We’ve learned a whole lot about the best wooden rainmaker toys available today, and I sure hope you’ve found one that’s right for your child. Let me know in the comments below!

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