10 Types Of Indoor Wooden Climbing Toys To Level-Up Your Toddler’s Motor Skills

Best Indoor Wooden Climbing Toys For Toddlers
Best Indoor Wooden Climbing Toys For Toddlers

When your kid starts crawling on furniture, on shelves, on countertops, and everywhere else — it’s time to get a toy made for climbing.

I checked other toy review posts out there. They compare all kinds of climbing toys for kids of all ages.

But a buyer’s guide focused on the best indoor wooden climbing toys for toddlers? It didn’t exist — so here we are.

Today, I’ll take you a level deeper. Instead of just listing products, I’ll explain the important nuances of different types of wooden climbing toys. I’ll help you build a solid framework to decide which kind is best for you.

After all, the best indoor wooden climbing toys are designed to encourage toddlers to develop motor skills and self-confidence at their own pace. Each child is unique, so only you know what’s best for your toddler.

I’ll just help you get a little closer to finding the right toy. Let’s jump right in!

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In a Hurry?

Since there’s so much to discover — I wanted to quickly give you a bird’s eye view of the most popular types of indoor climbers toys.

Categorized and curated — here’s our quick list of the best toddler-friendly indoor wooden climbing structures for your home.

Pikler Climbing Sets

Transformable Pikler Triangles

  • Wood Grain Lab: Large transformable Pikler triangle
  • Happy Moon: Premium transformable climbing ladder
  • UpaEU: Budget-friendly transformable climbing triangle

Indoor Playgrounds

  • TodGym: Premium indoor toddler playground
  • Wedanta: Rainbow toddler climbing structure
  • GoodEvas: Kids’ climbing playhouse

Foldable Indoor Jungle Gyms

  • EZPlay: Panda Playground indoor jungle gym for toddlers
  • Clever Woody: Wooden foldable playground For kids

Foldable Indoor Monkey-Bars Climbing Sets

  • EZPlay: Koala Adventure foldable indoor toddler gym
  • Clever Woody: Foldable wooden indoor monkey bars

Swedish Wall Bars

Indoor Gymnastics Sets

  • GoodEvas: 3-in-1 jungle gym kids’ play set
  • Wiwiurka: Indoor wooden kids’ trapeze bar

Climbing Play Tower

  • Cassaro: Indoor tower slide & chalkboard
  • Leea: Convertible indoor play tower

Indoor Slides

  • EZPlay: Toddler indoor wooden slide
  • Hingi: Toddler Fuji slide with clouds
  • Yaya Wood: Kids’ wooden arch slide
  • Jupiduu: Indoor wooden kids’ slide

Rock Climbing Walls

  • Clever Woody: Wooden climbing wall for kids
  • Leea: Children’s climbing wall panels set

1. Pikler Climbing Sets (Triangle, Arch, Ramps)

Most other climbing toys reviews jump straight into the biggest and most expensive options out there.

But my honest opinion is that a Pikler set is the best place to start your search.

It’s toddler age-appropriate, takes up much less space, has less-expensive models available, and has entire sets for full versatility.

That’s something I think practical parents can appreciate.

I already shared a Pikler triangle parent’s guide and wrote an entire roundup review of the best Pikler triangles, so here I’ll just cover the basics.

The Pikler triangle is like an indoor climbing ladder for your toddler. Most models have two ladder sides that fold out into a triangle shape for climbing and fold down for easy space-saving when not in use.

The Pikler triangle is recommended for ages 6 months to 5 years — so if you buy early, you’ll get years of playtime. It’s ideal for older babies and toddlers to start their journey into climbing and gross motor skill development.

What most parents don’t know is that Pikler climbing equipment doesn’t just stop at the triangle. 

Pikler climbing sets include an entire family of accessories and add-ons that can be easily arranged and rearranged to transform your living room into a toddler gymnasium.

I’d recommend you get a 3-in-1 climbing set with a Pikler triangle, Pikler arch, and ramp altogether.

The triangle and arch offer unique climbing challenges. Plus, you’ll be able to adjust the ramp angle lower for younger toddlers, and make it steeper for advanced climbers — or use prop both ends of the ramp to build a bridge.

Imagine that! Stepped ramps, slides, rock climbing ramps, and rope ladders that prop against your climbing triangle and arch.

With a complete Pikler set, the possibilities are endless!

Top Picks & Why They’re Great:

Home For Dreams: Large foldable Pikler triangle

Check price on Etsy

At 41 inches tall, this is the largest foldable Pikler triangle available, and since you’re looking for a toy that can grow with your toddler — that’s super important!

Wood & Hearts: Budget-friendly rainbow Pikler triangle

Check price on Etsy & Amazon

Wood And Hearts Budget Friendly Rainbow Pikler Climbing Triangle
Credit: Wood & Hearts on Etsy & Amazon

With several attractive color pallets to choose from and a price much lower than most — this one’s the most affordable Pikler triangle without compromising on quality.

RAD Children’s Furniture: American-made Pikler triangle

Check price on Etsy

The “Made in USA” label goes a long way these days. If you pride yourself on supporting your local businesses, here’s an American Pikler company who’s serious about early childhood development.

Lily & River: Baby-sized climbing triangle

Check price on Etsy

For their curated collection of beautifully designed nursery play equipment, this is a small-sized Pikler triangle great for babies to go from crawling to climbing.

GoodEvas: Adjustable climbing frame

Check price on Etsy & Amazon

Goodevas Adjustable Climbing Frame For Toddlers And Kids
Credit: GoodEvas on Etsy & Amazon

Both affordable in price and flexible on angle, here’s a Pikler climbing frame that lets you adjust different climbing heights — low to the ground, high in the sky, and everything in between.

2. Transformable Pikler Triangles 

The original Pikler triangle was invented just about 100 years ago — and believe me, wooden climbing toy technology has progressed leaps and bounds since then.

Transformable Pikler triangles aren’t really triangles at all.

They have more than two ladder segments, so you can set up freestyle climbing shapes — like houses, squares, extra-tall rectangles, extra-wide monkey bars, and M-shapes.

It takes 3 minutes to adjust — and voila! You’ve got a new toddler climbing structure for every day of the week.

As a parent, you’ll be delighted to know — these things fold up neatly. Compared to the bulky indoor playground we’ll take a look at next, you’re going to save a ton of space.

Top Picks & Why They’re Great:

Wood Grain Lab: Large transformable Pikler triangle

Check price on Etsy

All the amazing climbing shapes offered by a transformable climbing frame — bigger in size for a larger-than-life toddler climbing experience they’ll never get bored with.

Happy Moon: Premium transformable climbing ladder

Check price on Etsy

Gorgeous design with innovative hinges that make setting up a new shape a breeze — but premium comes with a price!

UpaEU: Budget-friendly transformable climbing triangle

Check price on Etsy

A little smaller than other transforming climbing equipment — and that’s OK! This one costs much less than the others. Believe me — your toddler won’t mind.

3. Classic Indoor Wooden Playgrounds & Jungle Gyms

Indoor wooden playgrounds are the king of the jungle — fully equipped for climbing, sliding, hanging, and swinging.

With all the motor skill building climbing activities built into one single indoor play structure for your home — they are large and in charge — and your child can play with them every way possible.

That is — if you’re not tight on space.

Indoor jungle gyms do come in various sizes — but the smallest models still take up over a square yard.

The smaller you buy, the fewer types of play equipment it’ll come with. That means one less ladder — or say goodbye to the swing set altogether.

Top Picks & Why They’re Great:

TodGym: Premium Indoor Toddler Playground

Check price on Etsy

An all-in-one toddler play gym at a premium price. Available with either light or dark wood finish, it boasts every kind of ladder you could ever ask for — even a rock climbing wall.

And that’s just the beginning.

Wedanta: Rainbow Toddler Climber Structure

Check price on Amazon

Brightly colored with ladders, gymnastic rings, and a slide — a wonderful option, even if you’ll have to do without the sit-down swing.

GoodEvas: Kids’ Climbing Playhouse

Check price on Etsy & Amazon

Goodevas Kids Climbing Playhouse
Credit: GoodEvas on Etsy & Amazon

Like a child-sized home inside your home — made from natural wood specifically for active toddlers and preschoolers. For a full afternoon of climbing, sliding, and swinging — and a perfect way to play house.

4. Foldable Indoor Wooden Jungle Gyms & Playgrounds

Foldable wooden jungle gyms offer the large-scale playability of regular jungle gyms — plus, convenient space-saving storage.

For in-home use — how great is that?

When your toddler is done playing, just fold it up and set it aside for storage.

Notice the triangle shape with a foldable joint at the top. It takes just a minute to detach the slide and support beams in the middle — then the long legs of the play structure fold together as easy as could be.

By comparison, it’s true that foldable indoor playgrounds don’t have quite as many play items as their non-foldable cousins.

But it’s not so bad. Where non-foldable jungle gyms have three or four different types of climbing ladders — the foldable models have two or three.

Space-saving versus one less ladder? That’s a compromise I’m willing to make.

If you live in a spacious mansion — by all means opt for the full-sized indoor playground.

For the rest of us — foldable is where it’s at.

Top Picks & Why They’re Great:

EZPlay: Panda Playground Indoor Jungle Gym For Toddlers

Check price on Etsy

A less-is-more foldable playground — made in natural wood with a refined Nordic aesthetic to satisfy the minimalist inside you.

What’s even more minimalist is how it folds up like space-saving zen.

Clever Woody: Wooden Foldable Playground For Kids

Check price on Etsy

A brightly colored alternative to full-sized toddler play gyms — with fewer gizmos.

This one’s thoughtfully designed with a smaller climbing ladder and slide combo for toddlers, plus a sky-high ladder for more advanced motor skills.

Since your little one will want to play on this one for years to come, it’s a good thing you can easily tuck it away to make room for other activities.

5. Foldable Monkey-Bars Style Indoor Wooden Climbing Sets

Here’s a special type of indoor playground with full-sized monkey bars for advanced climbers — plus ladders and a slide below for entry-level climbers.

More than just monkey bars, it includes all kinds of climbing apparatus just like the other jungle gyms we’ve looked at.

The monkey bars are too high for younger toddlers to climb themselves, but in the meantime — they’ll get plenty of playtime on the easy-to-climb ladders, slides, and swings.

Swinging like a monkey on the lofty monkey bars is a goal your toddler will aspire to reach! They’ll get there once they grow taller and improve their climbing abilities.

This kind of indoor jungle gym is also foldable and easy to store. So important!

Top Picks & Why They’re Great:

EZPlay: Koala Adventure Foldable Indoor Toddler Gym

Check price on Etsy

With a lower-level platform suited for your toddler’s early years, and a high-rise monkey bar level to strive for, this one will teach your child persistence.

You both will look forward to the day you reach the top! Oh, and it folds away too!

Clever Woody: Foldable Wooden Indoor Monkey Bars

Check price on Etsy

An ultra-tall set of indoor monkey bars that pairs exercise with play! It’s designed with toddlers in mind, but large enough for adults to practice pull-ups.

Your child will love the variety of rope swings in this set. It’s the closest thing to professional kids’ gymnastics equipment you can find for your at-home use.

6. Swedish Wooden Wall Bars

Swedish wall ladders are designed for versatility — and can be used for gymnastics, strength training, and physical therapy.

Ever seen raised fitness bars at ballet studios and martial arts gyms? Here’s your toddler-friendly in-home substitute.

Blurring the lines between child’s play and athletic training, Swedish wall ladders help your toddler develop strength, stamina, balance, and range of motion.

Your little one’s quality of sleep will improve after an afternoon of fun and fitness.

Wooden climbing walls are specially designed for children, but strong enough to support adults’ body weight.

I’ve never been able to do a pull-up personally, but this might be your chance!

Top Picks & Why They’re Great:

Wedanta: Wooden Swedish Ladder Wall Set

Check price on Amazon

With a vertically-mounting climbing triangle, a slide ramp, and four unique gymnastics rope swings — here’s a vertical climbing wall with all the dings and whistles.

It’s a specialized wall gym fit for toddlers to have tons of fun and train for the gymnastics team too!

Clever Woody: Swedish Wooden Wall Bars

Check price on Etsy

Sturdy enough for both kids and adults — this is a heavy-duty gymnastics wall ladder with the standard accessories for added versatility.

As your toddler grows taller, you can adjust the removable climbing triangle to the appropriate height — to make it easier when needed and literally raise the bar as your child improves their climbing skills.

Joymor: Kids’ Climbing Wall Structure Set

Check price on Amazon

Much like both the Swedish climbing ladders we just looked at — this one at a lower price.

How great is that — when a climbing play ladder made for every skill level is also made to meet your budget!

7. Wood & Rope Indoor Gymnastics Sets (Ladder, Rings, Trapeze, Swing)

When I was a kid, I had all sorts of fun on my outdoor tire swing.

Nowadays, you can bring all that fun inside with toddler gymnastics sets that you hang from the ceiling.

Rope ladders, gymnastics rings, trapeze swing bars, and round disk springs — all made from natural wood and rope.

Each swinging apparatus comes with a sturdy metal carabiner at the top end of the rope. To hang these swings, you need to install a mount and hook into a stud in the ceiling yourself.

That’s more labor-intensive than other playgrounds and jungle gyms on the list — but just imagine all the space you can save.

When not in use, you can simply take it down — and storage is a cinch.

Since they use far fewer materials, these indoor wooden swings cost a lot less too.

If you’re handy enough to hang them yourself, then you can save a lot of money.

Top Picks & Why They’re Great:

GoodEvas: 3-in-1 Jungle Gym Kids’ Play Set

Check price on Etsy & Amazon

Goodevas 3 In 1 Jungle Gym Kids Play Set
Credit: GoodEvas on Etsy & Amazon

Hand-down, GoodEvas is the best pick for indoor wooden gymnastics swings.

Unlike other rope swings, these are specially made for indoor use. They offer gift sets at a good price, so you just install them once and your child can explore all different types of swings.

Their most popular is the 3-in-1 indoor swing set, but you can buy individually too.

Wiwiurka: Indoor Wooden Kids’ Trapeze Bar

Check price on Etsy

Wiwiurka is known for their gorgeous and eco-friendly toddler climbing toys — this multi-functional children’s trapeze swing is no different.

Designed with a broad bar, who handles at each end, and a triangular rope — it’s perfect for trying all kinds of swinging movements — especially spinning round and round.

8. Wooden Climbing Play Towers

What is a play tower? At first glance, it looks like a learning tower or kitchen helper — adjusted for purposeful play.

Wooden play towers can be used for everything from climbing and sliding to sitting and learning. 

It’s the king of multipurpose toddler toys.

It’s like a mini version of a full-sized playground gym — but with added versatility to span all sorts of toddler activities.

With toddler indoor play equipment like a step stool, a pop-out slide, a climbing bridge, and even a kid-sized chalkboard — they can be placed on different sides and set up to tackle all kinds of toddler education and play activities.

For helping in the kitchen, climbing in the living room, and doing preschool homework — this is a super versatile addition to your home.

It’s easy for a toddler to climb and its platforms can be adjustable to different heights as your little one grows taller.

Toddler climbing towers are another excellent example of an indoor toddler climbing toy that takes up a little less space — while enabling an awesome variety of play and educational uses.

Top Picks & Why They’re Great:

Cassaro: Indoor Tower Slide & Chalkboard

Check price on Etsy & Amazon

Cassaro Indoor Tower Slide And Chalkboard
Credit: Cassaro on Etsy & Amazon

With a reversible board that doubles as both a sturdy slide and an educational chalkboard — this wooden toddler play tower literally makes learning look like child’s play.

Put it in the playroom for climbing and sliding, or set it next to the kitchen counter to involve your child in daily activities.

Leea: Convertible Indoor Play Tower

Check price on Etsy

Leea Convertible Indoor Play Tower
Credit: Leea on Etsy

Offered in your choice of any delectable neon color — Leea takes the classic toddler tower and turns it into a funky new kids’ play station.

Its modular design makes it completely multi-purpose! Prop it on its side as a toddler activity desk, stand it up tall as a high chair for lunchtime, or extend the slide as an indoor play place.

It’s got a toddler-friendly chalkboard too!

9. Indoor Wooden Slides

Slides are a timeless classic playground favorite — and with these toddler-sized indoor versions, you can bring all the fun of the playground right into your home.

Climb up the ladder and slide down the slide — it’s those wholesome moments that parents and kids will cherish forever.

But it’s not the 1950s anymore. Wooden slides have come a long way!

Some are short — suitable for babies and young toddlers. But I’m most excited about the slides that stand a yard tall!

Your toddler will get a rush of excitement zooming down — but don’t worry. With safety rails along the slide — they’re made with safety in mind.

Crafted with natural materials — they’ll look much nicer alongside your home decor than any unsightly plastic monstrosity.

Top Picks & Why They’re Great:

EZPlay: Toddler Indoor Wooden Slide

Check price on Etsy

Standing a full 3-feet tall — Here’s a toddler climbing ladder and slide that towers above the rest. Available in natural wood or a bold color palette — it really puts the adventure back into indoor slides — plus it folds up for easy space-saving too!

Hingi: Toddler Fuji Slide With Clouds

Check price on Etsy

As a magical first-ever climbing toy for toddlers, this 3-feet tall wooden slide offers adorable clouds at the apex to make your little one feel like they’re on top of the world. Climbing those first steps is a big achievement. When your child does — hooray — I hope they feel great, like they’re floating on cloud nine.

Yaya Wood: Kids’ Wooden Arch Slide

Check price on Etsy

Available in your choice of white color or brown to match most nursery decor, this one’s shaped kind of like a friendly little elephant. At 24 inches high, it’s a perfect size for babies and young toddlers. The steps are level to the floor, and there are just three of them to climb up — so it’s an easy entry-level for early developmental stages.

Jupiduu: Indoor Wooden Kids’ Slide

Check price on Amazon

Jupiduu’s dimensions are almost identical to the slide we just looked at — but this one’s more expensive and its steps aren’t made level. Jupiduu boasts being the baby slide of choice for well-known celebrities, but I’d prefer any of the other slides on the list.

10. Kids’ Indoor Wooden Rock Climbing Walls

Here’s all the excitement and exploration of extreme outdoor rock climbing, minified down to a child-size and adapted for indoor play.

A truly exhilarating climbing experience for your active toddler — just like the mommy and daddy.

One thing to note — indoor kids’ rock climbing walls require pretty intensive DIY installation. So if you’re not handy with tools — it might be a no-go.

The easiest it gets is with modular wooden rock climbing wall panels.

The climbing holds are already fastened to the wood panel — you’ve just got to drill the panels securely onto the walls.

Not too difficult, but some experience with tools is needed. 

Or you could co the complete DIY route. By installing rock climbing holds directly onto the surface yourself.

A 90-degree angle would be too difficult for a toddler to get started with, so you’ll have to rig up your own wood panels and set them up at a more approachable angle.

Top Picks & Why They’re Great:

Clever Woody: Wooden Climbing Wall For Kids

Check price on Etsy

Here’s the best pick for families who actually rock-climb themselves.

Exactly like a professional rock-climbing wall with the climbing holds you know and love — just downsized to become age-appropriate for toddlers.

The modular boards come with the climbing holds and fastens included, so your little one will be climbing in time. Plus, you can unscrew and rearrange the climbing holds any way you like.

Leea: Children’s Climbing Wall Panels Set

Check price on Etsy

Leea Childrens Climbing Wall Panels Set
Credit: Leea on Etsy

Leea makes an interesting alternative that’s different from the style of rock climbing wall you’re used to. These are bulky MDF boards that protrude from the wall, with smooth openings to grab onto.

You’ll get a set of six boards — each in a unique neon color — to make a rainbow rock climbing course you kids will love to climb.

Toddler Climbing Toys 101: What You Should Know

Finding the best indoor wooden climbing toy for you

You’re a unique individual, and your toddler is, too. I can’t definitively tell you which indoor wooden climbing toy is best for you, but I can give you a good idea of what to expect.

Please take a moment to consider a few key points before deciding which wooden climbing toy is right for your family:

  • Price. Wooden indoor climbing toys are not cheap. We’ve already seen how wide the price range is — smaller models available starting at $50, and large as much as $1,000. (Oh boy.)
  • Shipping. Wooden climbing toys are shipped from all corners of the world — in bulky packages. Before you pull out your credit card, double-check whether or not the shipping cost and delivery speed are reasonable.
  • Assembly required. When your climbing toy arrives in the mail, it’ll most likely be loose pieces in a box. Double-check whether or not you’ve got the tools and know-how you need to assemble the toy yourself.
  • Space available. The floor space required to house an indoor climbing toy varies drastically by type. I made a point to show you which ones are foldable — and that’s especially important the larger the play structure is. Keep in mind whether or not you’ve got enough room for both play and storage, and since some of these climbers stand really tall — I’d recommend measuring your ceiling height before making your purchase.
  • Colors. Today’s kids’ wooden climbing toys are available in a range of modern color palettes. Which visual style is your favorite? One thing I’m sure we can agree on — the natural wood material feels much nicer in your home than any factory-made plastic climbing toy.

How do toddlers benefit from indoor climbing toys?

Motor skills & strength. The main benefit of climbing is gross motor skill development. What are gross motor skills? Basically, it’s your ability to coordinate and work large muscle groups together.

Think lifting your leg at the same time you’re moving your arm. Or switching the position of your entire body to bridge to between two lifts.

But the motor skills climbing toys help your toddler develop don’t stop there — they’ll learn balance, coordination, spatial awareness, and a whole lot more.

Remember, we’re not just climbing — we’re swinging, sliding, rocking, and more. That’s a really wide variety of movements your child will experience — all from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

It won’t take much time before your toddler learns how to climb up the toy, but you’ll notice it will take practice before he or she learns how to pivot around the top and climb down the other side.

That’s because transitions between different types of movements require more advanced motor skills — and that’s exactly what wooden climbing toys are designed to improve.

Keeping active also promotes muscle growth and strength. Climbing is a healthy way for young kids to burn tons of energy. After an hour of climbing, most toddlers be ready for a peaceful nap. That’s something parents can enjoy, too!

Cognitive skills & Emotional resilience. Are designed for children to problem-solve independently. Through trial and error, your child will eventually master even the most advanced climbing movements, and gain greater self-confidence.

You’ll definitely notice a boost in your toddler independence. Of course, climbing requires parental supervision, but it’s also really important to let your child explore on their own — and yes, make mistakes on their own.

By allowing your child the freedom to explore and self-direct, they will gain agency. The same kind of skills adults need to navigate their life and their career — the ability to make tough decisions.

Climbing over obstacles symbolizes persistence and resilience — and I just love that about climbing toys. Learning to stick with it and overcome mountainous challenges is a great lesson to learn early in life.

Why are wooden climbing toys better than plastic?

There are good reasons why lots of parents choose wooden toys, instead of climbing toys from other synthetic materials.

Wood is a non-toxic and natural material, so you don’t have to worry about your little one coming in contact with unknown icky synthetic stuff. Wood is also durable and long-lasting — which makes it ideal for the kind of wear and tear climbing toys take on.

Wooden toys are better for the environment too. CLimbing toys in particular are rather bulky and require lots of materials to put together.

By choosing natural materials you can feel good — knowing you did your part to protect the environment. Unlike their plastic cousins, wooden climbing toys won’t end up in a landfill.

As parents, let’s face it — we like the way wooden toys look. Plastic toys can be an eye-sore. Wooden toys have a tasteful appeal that fits well with other modern furniture. 

Since indoor climbing toys take up a good amount of space inside your home, the aesthetic appeal is even more important.

Whether you agree with it or not — I think wooden toys have a Montessori-feel to them too. And that’s one more positive point in favor of choosing wooden climbing toys.

Professional Montessori educators will be the first ones to tell you that not all Montessori toys are made from wood. In fact, for example sometimes plastic, more realistic-looking toys are preferred over stylistic kind of simplified wooden toys.

But the same doesn’t hold true for kids’ play equipment — and it’s OK to call them Montessori climbing toys. With an emphasis on simplicity and allowing your child to explore — wood is the perfect material for a sturdy Children’s climbing structure. That — I think — is well aligned with Montessori principles.

What age is best for indoor wooden climbing toys?

Most indoor wooden climbing toys are recommended for toddlers from 6 months up to 5 years of age.

The best time for toddlers to start playing with climbing toys is based on the individual child’s stage of development. When you notice your child starting to climb furniture and shelves around your house, that’s the perfect time to get a climbing toy for your nursery.

Since wooden climbing toys are adjustable and you can add new climbing toys to your collection any time, the climbing toys grow with your child.

As your child’s motor skills develop, you can set up a more advanced climbing environment.

Are indoor wooden climbing toys safe for toddlers?

Just like any baby or toddler activity, there is always the risk of injury. Modern wooden toddler climbers are built with toddlers in mind and include excellent safety features, like rounded edges, sanded wood, pinch-proof adjustments, and more.

Wooden climbing toys are designed for toddlers to problem solve, and figure out how to navigate the toy at their own pace. Sooner or later, it’s likely your child will take a fall.

Independent play does not mean unsupervised. It’s beneficial for your child to take on new physical challenges, but parental supervision is recommended at all times.

As a parent, there are a few common ways you can provide the safest-possible climbing environment for your toddler. For example:

  1. Place down soft mats or carpeting underneath the climbing toy as padding in case of fall.
  2. Remove all sharp, hard, or breakable objects from the climbing area. Think hardwood furniture, indoor plant pots, handheld toys, or any other object that could cause harm if fallen or stepped onto.
  3. Make sure your climbing toy is appropriate for your child’s stage of development. If your climbing toy is adjustable, start at the easiest setting, then adjust to higher difficulty when you know your child is ready. The old saying goes “you must learn to crawl before you can walk”.

Over to you!

There you have it, 2021’s best indoor wooden climbing toys for toddlers!

We’ve discussed what’s important to consider when shopping for wooden climbing toys, looked at today’s top wooden climbing toys, and learned how wooden climbing toys help your toddler’s development.

Starting from a ripe young age and early development stage all the way through climbing mastery.

You’ll be so proud of them when they get into the swing of things. Cheers! To the best indoor climbing equipment to boost your child’s gross motor skills, balance, and dexterity — all while building confidence and independence along the way.

After your child grows into adulthood — they’ll learn there are many obstacles to overcome. Why not start them off on the right foot, by providing an environment where they’ll learn to climb their way to success early in life.

I’d love to hear about your experience with indoor climbing of any kind!

Any neat tips or tricks other parents would benefit from? Let me know in the comments below!

I hope you found what you’re looking for. Let me know in the comments below!

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