Top 10 Wooden Vegetable Toys & Veggie Play Sets (Kids & Toddlers)

Best Wooden Vegetable Play Set For Kids Toddlers And Babies
Best Wooden Vegetable Play Set For Kids Toddlers And Babies

Just how fun is that bushel of bright-colored kids’ wooden veggies? Modern vegetable toys made of wood offer top-notch playability — plus those eco-friendly positive vibrations Mother Nature appreciates.

It’s 2021 — “wooden” doesn’t mean “an old classic”. Vegetable toys offer bold shapes and colors plus masterful wooden craftsmanship — and try wooden play vegetables for the budding farmer, gardener, shopper, or chef in your home!

Vegetable toys open up a world of pretend play possibilities for toddlers and children (ages 2 to 6 years).

They’re hearty-vegetarian, farm-fresh, eco-safe, toddler-exciting, and parent-approved!

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Where to pick the freshest play vegetables?

Don’t let your tomatoes stay on the vine too long! Or you’ll end up with rotten tomatoes! 

For families busy preparing earth-to-table wholesome meals — here’s your productive product shopping list. 

Only best-in-class wooden play vegetable toys for toddlers and kids (ages 18 months to 4 years).

Before we get into the hearty details of these play vegetables…

You should know we reviewed the best wooden fruit play sets too. Pretend food play offers all kinds of avenues for childhood imagination and role play. Check out our full reviews to learn more — kids’ grocery markets, kids’ shopping push carts, kids’ cash register, play kitchen, and more on the way. 

Wooden veggie toys? The pretend possibilities are playtastic!

  • (01) Plan Toys Assorted Veggies Food Playset includes an eco-friendly toy knife & tray.
  • (02) Hape Magnetic Wooden Garden Vegetables are ideal for 3 years olds to chop veggies.
  • (03) Take Me Away Cutting Vegetables Set for Kids includes 9 bright-colored veggie types.
  • (04) Drevo Smart Waldorf Toy Vegetable Set is made with gentle natural materials.
  • (05) Le Toy Van Honeybake Collection Vegetable Crate Set offers farm-fresh food crates.
  • (06) All Alive Organic Wood Play Veggies is all-organic down to the canvas veggie bag.
  • (07) Top Bright Pretend Play Kids Vegetable Kitchen Set gives you a bonus lemon and fish.
  • (08) Mamuma Bird Natural Veggie Toys look hand-picked from a whimsical wild forest.
  • (09) SABO Concept Borscht Kitchen Vegetable Set turns toy veggies into art.
  • (10) Morgan’s Mercantile Eco Felt Veggies Set is made from 100% recycled plastic.

(01) Plan Toys Assorted Veggies Food Playset (With Knife & Tray)

Made baby-safe from tropical rubberwood & non-toxic colors — it’s the perfect vegetable set for babies and young toddlers (for 18+ months).

See it on Amazon

Plan Toys makes play veggies as bright and shiny as could be.

With perfectly rounded shapes and a glossy solid color finish — Plan Toys brand’s veggie collection may be the most eye-catching.

With a curvy-contemporary wooden tray and a minimalist wooden knife — the Plan Toys brand offers the best eco-friendly vegetable slice-and-dice play.

The green-inspired food toy fits right in with the Plan Toys brand as a whole.

Well-known for zero-waste manufacturing — made by the local community from local materials. They test the limits when it comes to how to operate a for-profit business that puts the issue of environmental impact first.

How cool is that?

Plan Toys knows their vegetables well. They offer lesser-known vegetable toys that might pique your interest — one set I think looks like wild forest vegetables, and another set is veggie spices grasping toy for babies.

Though not as popular — both really caught my attention!

(02) Hape Magnetic Wooden Garden Vegetables For Toddlers (Ages 3+ Years)

A perfect toddler set (age 3+ years) of 6 slice-able vegetables, a realistic-looking toddler knife, and removable stems.

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One special feature is — the vegetable stems are removable. Your toddler will get practice removing stems from fresh-cut veggies just like preparing a real meal.

A double-power magnet and velcro combo makes sure each piece of produce stays together. Even though the toy knife included is lab-tested toddler-safe — it’s still nice to know the veggies stay stable while your little one is still learning the ropes.

As a company, Hape takes responsible manufacturing seriously — to create innovative eco toys focused on quality sustainable materials and educational benefits for toddlers & kids.

Including six unique popular vegetable types — it’s the perfect number for your toddler to get experience with realistic-shaped wooden play vegetables

You miss out on the tray with this set — but Hape brand’s other less-popular veggie kitchen accessory set includes a tray and a variety of vegetable-slicing tools — a knife, grater, and peeler.

(03) Take Me Away Cutting Vegetables Set for Kids (With Velcro)

A surprise newcomer on the block — just the right size to match most kids’ needs (ages 3+ years).

See it on Amazon

I’ll be honest — Take Me Away isn’t a brand I’d heard of before. I looked through their selection of pretend play toys and outdoor kids swings — and was pleasantly surprised.

My straightforward opinion is Melissa & Doug fans looking for vegetables should get Take Me Away brand’s wooden cutting vegetables (ages 3+ years).

It’s too bad Melissa & Doug doesn’t make a veggie set to match their world-class wooden fruit cutting set.

Take Me Away brand’s complete pretend vegetable kit is one of the most well-equipped sets on the list. With a solid variety of nine popular vegetables.

Not too many and not too few — a 9-piece wooden vegetable set is suitable for two toddlers to play together.

Each has a velcro patch on the slice-side of the vegetable — so the veggie halves stay together (important for the cutting play experience).

Check out Victostar brand magnetic wooden cutting vegetable basket before you buy. It’s the closest thing to the Learning Resources brand’s ultra-popular plastic play veggie basket.

(04) Drevo Smart Waldorf Toy Vegetable Set (Hypoallergenic & Eco-Safe)

Handmade for babies and toddlers (age 18+ months) — here’s a Waldorf-inspired toy veggie set that’s healthy all-around.

See it on Etsy

Coated with natural linseed and linen oils with hypoallergenic properties — this is a perfect toddler gift idea to celebrate springtime sprouts or round up the autumn harvest — or any occasion really.

Ever heard of a “hypoallergenic toy”? It basically means the toy is allergy-free.

Especially good for children with asthma, allergies, or other sensitivities.

Especially good for a toy like play vegetables — bound to collect some slobber and saliva at some point.

Are you starting to see a difference between Montessori and Waldorf-style toys? Montessori is more “practical”, where Waldorf is more “whimsical”.

For lovers of all things close to nature — take a close look at Drevo Smart brand’s wooden Waldorf vegetable set. 

(05) Le Toy Van Honeybake Collection Vegetable Crate Set

A farmer’s market-style vegetable crate — part of a complete line of play food crates for every food group.

See it on Amazon

I honestly don’t know which I like more — the felt-stemmed play vegetables or the perfectly crafted farmer’s market play crate.

Le Toy Van Honeybake Collection is one of the wooden toy industry’s most comprehensive line of pretend play toys. Just talking about food crates — you’ll find fruits, fish, poultry, meats, cheeses, and more.

What makes Le Toy Van unique is how they allow you to hand-pick a curated collection of grocery and kitchen playthings — each sold separately.

The idea with these crates is — you upgrade to Le Toy Van’s Kids’ Market Play Shop, where a total of 6 crates fit perfectly.

Do note Le Toy Van veggies may look smaller than photographed online. For your perspective, the food crate is 6” inches long by 5” inches wide. The same “check the size before you buy” warning applies to every online purchase you make — I suppose.

(06) All Alive Handmade Organic Wood Play Veggies (With Canvas Bag)

Handmade from organic wood & homemade dyes — here’s a toddler play vegetable toy for families who care about a healthy earth.

See it on Etsy

I admire the All Alive brand for their eco-awesome toys!

Starting with organic alder wood — they make their own all-natural food coloring and flaxseed oil — for tye-dye-like colors both eco-safe and child-safe.

With “sunset sherbert” colors on each vegetable skin — ​​they still let the wood’s natural grains show through.

I love it when they do that — and fellow wooden toy aficionados will agree!

Did you know misshapen vegetables that look different from the rest usually get rejected from mainstream supermarkets? All Alive brand’s odd-shaped wood toy vegetables take a page from “ugly produce delivery services”.

I believe there’s a valuable lesson in diversity and inclusion here!

(07) Top Bright Pretend Play Kids Vegetable Kitchen Set

A toddler vegetable cutting set ready for the early age of 2 years old — plus bonus lemon and fish food play pieces.

See it on Amazon

Baby-ready at the ripe age of 2 years old (and lasting fun through to 5 years) — Top Bright brand’s veggie food cutting station serves up imaginative play starting from a young age.

The play food cutting set comes with 5 veggie items, 1 lemon, and 1 fish — which is a particularly well-balanced meal to teach your kids.

The vegetable halves stick together with velcro (like you’ve come to expect from other sets) — and a tray to make the set complete.

Top Bright is not the most regarded international toy brand — but with this garden-fresh set — they’ve done a great job.

(08) Mamuma Bird Natural Veggie Toys (With Cloth & Crochet Accents)

For naturalists families living green — these natural toy vegetables look like they were picked straight from a wild forest.

See it on Etsy

Whatever motivates you to trade convenience for sustainable habits in your daily life — here’s a wooden toy company that shares your values.

Mamuma Bird specializes in “untouched wooden toys” — as close to natural wood as possible. Their many organic vegetable play sets include ground-grown vegetables of all types — mostly legumes and cucurbits.

Each veggie play set is handmade to order — an added perk, knowing yours is 100% unique on this planet.

If you like this back-to-nature style of toys — I highly recommend you check out tree blocks by brands like Treemagination (made in the USA).

(09) SABO Concept Borscht Kitchen Vegetable Set (Concept Toy)

A modern artistic type of toy vegetable — designed for beauty, simplicity, safety, and sustainability.

See it on Etsy

A proud Ukrainian maker for design-inspired wooden toys — SABO Concept is a leader in Eastern Europe’s wooden toy renaissance.

Yes — the Wooden Toy Renaissance is happening as we speak!

This particular play food set includes all six main ingredients for the Ukrainian national dish — Borscht!

Potato, onion, carrot, beetroot, radish, garlic, and your cherished grandmother’s special ingredient. Made from natural European wood with safety-first water-based paint — and carefully sanded to perfection.

I love it when a toy company blurs the lines between toy and art — and SABO Concept has done exactly that.

And when you rep your cultural identity with flying colors — I gotta say More Power To Ya!

(10) Morgan’s Mercantile Eco Felt Veggies Set (100% Recycled Plastic)

For people who love eco toys — these soft, fuzzy & adorable felt toy vegetables may tickle your fancy!

See it on Etsy

“Eco Felt” is not just ordinary felt. With “Eco Felt” — since it has the same touch and feel of common felts — you’d never be able to tell it’s repurposed from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Morgan’s Mercantile brand removes plastics from the ocean and transforms them into eco-responsible children’s toys. 

That’s exactly the kind of company I like to support.

Your toddlers and kids (3+ years old) will love to get their hands on this stuff — a tutti-frutti assortment of soft vegetables in all shapes and sizes!

 enjoy carrots, green beans, snow peas, tomatoes, radishes, potatoes, and the lonely misunderstood eggplant.

Each type of vegetable is delivered “farmer’s market to kitchen table” in a recycled and compostable brown paper vegetable box.

Vegetables are part of a balanced diet — for food and play. Thanks for stopping by — and have a nice day!

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