Best Wooden Tricycles For Toddlers To Push, Pedal & Pop A Wheelie

Best Wooden Tricycle For Toddlers Babies And Kids
Best Wooden Tricycle For Toddlers Babies And Kids

So you think three wheels are better than one? Join the club! From “Baby Push Trike” to “Kids Pedal Tricycle” — we’ve got your top pick!

One of these eco-friendly and toddler-awesome wooden tricycles just might become your kiddo’s favorite thing to play with.

With practice on the trike from 1 to 4 years old — your kiddo may get so good, they skip the training wheels altogether! (At 4 to 6 years old — when the time comes for your kid to take on their first traditional bicycle.)

Plus, made from Mother Nature approved renewable wood — making eco-conscious shopping choices spreads smiles all across the supply chain.

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Busy Parent’s Wooden Trike Fast-Track (Top 5 Ranked)

For parents as busy as their toddlers — here’s our 15-second guide to the 5 best wooden tricycles for toddler riders from beginner to experienced.

  • (01) Kinderfeets “Tiny Tot” Bamboo Balance Tricycle-and-Bicycle (1+ Years)
  • (02) leg&go Fixed-Gear Wooden Kids Tricycle With Peddles (1-5 Years)
  • (03) Lil’ Rider Convertible Wooden Balance Trike-and-Bike (18+ Months)
  • (04) Hape “Scoot Around” 4-Wheel Ride-On Baby Trike (12+ Months)
  • (05) Top Bright Wooden Baby Tricycle Ride-On Toy (1+ Years)

As an ever-innovating melting-pot of toddler riding toys — you’ll probably like what you see in our full reviews of toddler-friendly wooden scooters, balance boards, or balance beams — each with environmentally sustainable options.

It makes you wonder what a little more “Balance” in your life might look like!

Best Wooden Tricycles For All Ages & Stages (Baby, Toddler & Kid)

(01) Kinderfeets “Tiny Tot” Bamboo Balance Tricycle-and-Bicycle (1+ Years)

Best for 12 to 24 months — it’s a “Transformable Toddler Tricycle” with an innovative frame that transforms from trike to bike in a matter of minutes.

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Ideal in size for 12 months to 24 months (and still big enough until 4 years old or 55 pounds) — the Kinderfeets brand is a trusted source for sturdy wooden toddler play gear — including a slam-dunk balance board, a best-selling balance bike, and all kinds of wooden ride-on toys.

This is the first “Transformable Toddler Tricycle” we’ll look at — with a 2-in-1 multi-functional ability to ride as a trike or as a bike.

Kinderfeets brand lets you switch between “toddler riding modes” — although standard bike tools are required, and working with the axles and bearings might not be the easiest thing in the world.

Here’s a huge plus for trendy parents. Take your pick from an awesome variety of colors — “Olive Green Sage” or “Soft Pastel Rose” or “All-Natural Bamboo”.

Because let’s face it. When it comes to your ride — style matters.

As a fresh renewable alternative to wood — Kinderfeet’s premium bamboo balance tricycle weighs 25% less in ultra-lightweight bamboo — just 6 pounds.

Would you ever believe we live in a world where you have eco-renewable alternatives to eco-sustainable shopping options? Hip, Hip, Hooray!

(02) leg&go Fixed-Gear Wooden Kids Tricycle With Peddles (1-5 Years)

The ultimate wooden toddler tricycle for outdoor peddling — “Transformable” into a balance bike — “Adjustable” for best-in-class ergonomics.

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For a kids tricycle with peddles — this is 2021’s top pick.

The toddler-sized pedals, fixed-gear drive system, direct-drive belt (instead of a steel chain), and inflatable rubber tires make for the ultimate outdoor tricycle riding experience. (It works indoors too.)

let&go brand’s “transformable” design offers a wide range of size adjustments to (1) switch from tricycle to bicycle and back, and (2) accommodate kids growing tall from 1 to 5 years.

Most unique — the radial seat adjustment offers the most ergonomic ride of all tricycles on the list.

You know that feeling when you get on someone else’s bike — and it’s tuned very differently than your own? let&go brand’s trike lets you fine-tune the overall shape of the frame — to find your toddler’s sweet spot.

Setup the seat at just 10” inches for the littlest ones, and quickly bump it up to 18.5” inches for more experienced toddlers. (The direct drive design lets you peddle both forward and backward.)

The bike length is a little less adjustable — just from 37.5” to 39” inches.

Practical toddlers ready to get some work done will love the removable rear cargo box — to carry along a haul of toys and toddler tools.

Some parents choose a tricycle as an alternative to a bicycle with training wheels. If you’re in this category — and leg&go’s pick still doesn’t tickle your fancy — maybe it’s time to just consider a regular kids’ bike with peddles and training wheels (like Schwinn or Royal Baby brand’s).

The tires (14” diameter in front, 12” in back) are more than ready for sidewalks and driveways — with performance alloy wheel hub and rim, tension-spokes, and knobby rubber treads.

(03) Lil’ Rider Convertible Wooden Balance Trike-and-Bike (18+ Months)

The best value option for parents & toddlers who love variety & rotation in their play.

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You’ve got 2 awesome options from the kids’ riding toys brand Lil’ Rider — and a choice between the 2-in-1 model in Red or the 3-in-1 model in Natural Wood.

The main differences are size, age range, and convertibility.

The standard 2-in-1 model measures 26” inches long with 14” inch high handlebars — appropriate for babies and young toddlers (ages 18 to 36 months). It converts between a 2-wheel balance bike and a 3-wheel push tricycle. It’s red.

(With kids’ trikes, the term “convertible” means “able to change into different types of kids’ vehicles”.)

The premium 3-in-1 model measures 40” inches long with 19” inch high handlebars — appropriate for toddlers and young kids (ages 2 to 5 years) converts between Recommended for ages 2-5 years old. Starting from the 3-wheeled tricycle you’re here for — it transforms into two different 2-wheeled “riding modes”. First, with the arch and seat flipped down low for beginners. Second, with the arch and seat flipped up high for seasoned “Lil’ Riders”. It’s unpainted natural wood.

For comparison — the Wishbone Design Studio brand makes a 3-in-1 Wooden 3-wheel toddler bike with white tire rims, but I think you’ll agree — Lil’ Rider is a far better deal.

(04) Hape “Scoot Around” 4-Wheel Ride-On Baby Trike (12+ Months)

What?! A 4-wheel wooden baby tricycle? Yep — it rides like a trike but has extra balance with a “double-front wheel” for gross motor beginners.

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Here’s the best pick for babies — when you’re little one starts scooting around on all fours, holding themselves up, and straddling house furniture — it’s the perfect time!

Best suited for babies and young toddlers (12-24 months) — The baby-sized wood frame measures 21” inches long with handlebars 15” inches high — with a lime-green color palette that’s as cute as could be!

If your kiddo shows signs they’re ready, and with proper supervision — your baby might be ready before the 1 year mark.

The “4-Wheel Tricycle Wheelbase” is a bit of an oxymoron — but it makes it all the more usable for early gross motor skills development. The “double-front wheels” are ≈8” inches apart, and the rear two wheels are ≈12” apart.

The wheels are plastic.

Result? A sturdy-standing trike that makes it easy for footloose walkers to start, stop, and steer.

The playroom-ready wheel treads are rubberized to prevent scratches, scuffs, or marks on hardwood floors — super important for an indoor tricycle (like this one).

(Nope — this type of wheel is not the best for the outdoors. Expect rapid wear and tear if used on rough sidewalk surfaces.)

(05) Top Bright Wooden Baby Tricycle Ride-On Toy (1+ Years)

“B-b-b-b-b-b-b-bad — Bad To The Bone!” — with red hot Harley Davidson style flames — it’s comparable to Hape’s 4-wheel trike design for 1 year old babies.

See it on Amazon

Top Bright brand’s wooden baby hot rod measures 22” inches long with a 10” inch high seat and 16” inch handlebars — quite similar to the Hape tricycle we just looked at in terms of size and frame.

Most notable — the “4-wheel Safety Tricycle” frame means it stands without being supported — and supports wobbly babies best.

The “Double-Front Axel” has a hidden safety feature. By limiting the turn radius to a maximum of 60-degrees — it’s steering and maneuverability that puts safety first.

(Because when a bike’s handlebars turn a full 360-degree — that can cause accidents when the steering column t-bones for a dead stop at 90 degrees.)

It’s got rubberized plastic wheels — standard for baby ride-on trikes primarily intended for indoor use (like both the Top Bright and Hape models).

One last nice thing to take home — assembling Top Bright’s trike requires no extra tools — great for those of us who aren’t very good with our hands.

Kid’s Trike Buyer’s Guide: Types of Trikes To Know Before You Buy

“Is a wooden trike worth it? Is wood my best option?”

If you’re like me — you look for an eco option when it’s available. But you can’t help but wonder if a more traditional (and less sustainable) kids item might cost less or work better…

Especially for an important purchase like a mini tricycle — something on which your toddler’s going to be zipping and zooming all afternoon — you deserve a reference point for comparison before breaking out your credit card.

Okay, let’s set the record straight!

First, we’re talking about intended for the toddlers to actively push or pedal and get moving all by themselves — not passive 3-wheeled baby strollers where parents push their kids.

Second, we’ll dive into the ins and outs of wooden trikes. But first, here’s a quick overview of other types of toddler trikes.

In the end — what matters is your child’s experience and growth. First graduate from pushing to peddling — then it’s off the Tour de France.

Traditional Kids Trike

Both top on the list and top of mind — traditional metal kids’ bikes with pedals are available for toddlers as early as X. Try Schwinn or Radio Flyer for two popular and trusted kids’ tricycle brands.

Kids Trike With Parent’s Push Handle

To take your toddler out on the town or a long afternoon in the park — it’ll be super-handy to have an adult-height push handle when your little one needs a little help. Both Schwinn and Radio Flyer offer metal toddler bikes with excellent ratings.

Stroller Trike

More like a 3-wheeled stroller than anything else, primarily intended for you the parents to push. Radio Flyer and Little Tikes brands both offer highly popular examples of this tricycle type.

Plastic Baby & Toddler Trikes

In terms of sustainability, plastic’s the worst. Bulky and hollow — certain parents would say this style looks like an eyesore. Here at Oddblocks, not really our style. Nevertheless, take a peek at Little Tikes or Thomas & Friends for two demonstrative examples.

Kids Scooter

We wrote a full roundup review of the best 2 to 4 wheeled wooden scooters for toddlers. Check out the familiar Lil’ Rider brand for a wooden option — or the ever-popular Razor brand for a metal option.

4-Wheeled Ride-On Baby Trike

For early ages for 12+ months — or even earlier in some cases — the 4-wheeled baby trike is technologically advanced for balance and safety during your little one’s wobbliest developmental stage. In the same style as the Hape or Top Bright wooden models we recommend — the XJD brand offers an economical and performant synthetic model in a variety of colors and styles.

“Three Wheels To Infinity!” — Thanks for shopping with Oddblocks today!

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