Best Wooden Play Kitchen Accessories — The Buyer’s Guide To Expand Your Horizons

Best Wooden Kitchen Play Accessories Buyers Guide
Best Wooden Kitchen Play Accessories Buyers Guide

All you need is a few wooden play kitchen accessories to take your kiddo’s pretend play from drab to fab! Eco-friendly and full of opportunity for early years life skills learning.

I’m proud of the collection we’ve put together today! Bringing together the two of kids’ favorite play worlds — shopping at the grocery store and cooking in the kitchen.

I promise — you’ll get a birds-eye overview of the most popular wooden kitchen accessories — and pick your favorite toy company for wooden food and cooking accessories too. Oodles of fun!

We’ll cover every type of wooden kitchen toy available — so you can plan your kid’s collection to match their personality and preferences.

In 2021, the best kids’ kitchen play accessories are made of wood!

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Which Company Makes The Best Wooden Kitchen Toys?

For those of you just getting starting with your pretend play kitchen collection — maybe it’s time to start thinking about brand affinity.

Do you prefer any particular kitchen toy company?

Maybe it’s worth building your collection based on that company!

It’s an important question! Staying loyal to a single brand ensures a compatible and nicely matching playstyle across your growing collection. When you stick with just one toy company — the kitchen appliances, cookware, and food play well together even when from separate sets.

So, here’s my humble suggestion. It’s the wooden kitchen toy company hall of fame!

#1 — Melissa & Doug (First Place Prize)

The best-selling kids’ wooden kitchen accessories belong to Melissa & Doug brand.

Melissa & Doug offers the widest variety of pretend play toy sets too — just about every theme you could think up — play themes kids love — several different play sets in almost every role play category.

Well-known across North America as the standard in educational and pretend play toys.

Visit Melissa & Doug’s Store

#2 — Hape (Second Place Prize)

Hape differentiates itself by offering simpler, more eco-natural kitchen play kits.

Even though Melissa & Doug takes the top spot — Hape is the winner in certain categories.

Where Melissa & Doug feature realistic-looking wooden foods (in line with guidelines for Montessori materials), Hape abstracts their designs to allow for more imagination.

Just my own personal preference — I prefer Hape’s collection, but I’ve always rooted for the underdog!

Visit Hape’s Store

Top 13 Kitchen Play Accessory Types For Kids & Toddlers


Children’s cookware is the stable of any cooking set. Just like the heavy lifting Mom and Dad do before a big holiday dinner — it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get cooking!

Hape Gourmet Play Kitchen Starter Accessories Wooden Play Set (See it on Amazon) — Natural wood with white and yellow accents for a minimalist cook & serve play set.

Hape Kid’s Metal & Wood Chef Cooking Set (See it on Amazon) — A complete 7 pots, pans, and cooking utensils covering the best of both worlds — metal adds durability under (imaginary) high heat, and wood keeps this playset feeling natural!

Hape Wooden Cooking Essentials Toy (See it on Amazon) — A veggie-and-tools cooking play set medley with food cleaning and prep before you start stir-frying!

Hape Cook & Serve Set Wooden Pretend Play Cooking Accessories Set (See it on Amazon) — White-colored with appetizing red accents, here’s your future 5-star chef’s kitchen-to-table starter pack.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Kitchen Accessory Set (See it on Amazon) — With a stovetop cardboard box and 3 handy wooden pots and pans — just place it on any tabletop to make your 20-minute meal!

Fairy Item Shop Handmade Waldorf Kitchen Cook Set (See it on Etsy) — With chopped greens and health snacks — this tidy little handmade wooden kitchen accessory set is less realistic for more imagination.


“Oh Gosh — Did I forget the shopping list?!” Stock up on these playful wooden groceries to add variety into your kitchen play world. You might even find a wooden version of your kiddo’s favorite afternoon snack!

Melissa & Doug Fridge Food Wooden Play Food Set (See it on Amazon) — With 9 American household “Refrigerate After Opening” items — open your fridge right now and check what’s inside — it matches this play set surprisingly well!

Hape Healthy Basics Kid’s Wooden Play Kitchen Accessories Food Set (See it on Amazon) — Looking just like you got back from the corner store for a Saturday’s worth of basic groceries — with 10-pieces for 3 to 5 years.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Pantry Products Play Food Set (See it on Amazon) — From convenient snacks to lunch essentials — you’ll find 9 wooden pantry foods (probably) the same as inside your own kitchen cabinet.


Food crates are the most economical food accessory to cover more food groups and save money. They work great with wooden grocery store and marketplace playsets — so if you choose a food crate, check to make sure it fits your (current or future) wooden grocery store play stand.

Melissa & Doug Food Groups (4 Crates & 21 Wooden Play Food Accessories) (See it on Amazon) — Why pick only one type of play food — when you can get a set of 4 crates covering all the major food groups.

Melissa & Doug Hand-Painted Wooden Cutting Food Play Set (See it on Amazon) — Getting a food crate doesn’t always have to be about variety! This one’s great for its all-included basic foods cutting set.

Airlab Wooden Play Veggie Crate For Kids (See it on Amazon) — Just one farm-fresh food crate might be all you need — this one’s got all the bright-colored veggie types to get you started.

(04) FRUIT

Colorful and appetizing to the eyes, noses, and taste buds. For play objectives like pretending to cut fruits into slices — and for fostering a healthy child’s diet with plenty of vitamins and antioxidants.

Melissa & Doug Cutting Fruit Set (See it on Amazon) — By far the world’s most popular wooden cutting fruit set with a wooden play tray and velcro-fit fruits to slice.

Hape Fresh Fruit Wooden Kitchen Play Food Set (See it on Amazon) — A less-is-more fruit set with 6 delectable hand-sized fruits and a toy knife to cut them in half — not too much, not too little.

Plan Toys Assorted Fruit Kitchen Food Playset (See it on Amazon) — A speckled-skin fruit accessories set for babies and early years (18+ months) — sustainably made from rubberwood & non-toxic colors.

Drevo Smart Handmade Waldorf-Inspired Toy Fruits (See it on Etsy) — Handmade with Waldorf developmental principles in mind — try on this natural baby fruit set — for tiny tots 18 months to 4 years.

Little Felt Foodie Felt Play Fruit Plush Toy (See it on Etsy) — Handmade in California, here’s one people who like wood for its natural qualities will love. Hard wood kids cooking accessories match so well with soft felt kids’ fruit!

→ For a tutti-fruiti wooden play time — check out our full review of the best wooden fruit play sets.


To help the future generation rethink how we feed ourselves — vegetarian, vegan, or just well-balanced — maybe the world would be a healthier place if our plates were 66% vegetables instead of 66% meat.

Plan Toys Assorted Veggies Food Playset (See it on Amazon) — Includes a kid-safe wooden fruit knife and made eco-safe — ideal for babies and young toddlers (18 months and up).

Hape Magnetic Wooden Garden Vegetables (See it on Amazon) — 6 slice-able vegetables, a realistic-looking toddler knife — and I love that the toy veggies have removable cloth stems.

Take Me Away Cutting Vegetables Set for Kids (See it on Amazon) — With an easy-to-use veggie cutting tray — it’s an excellent set to match most kids’ needs (3 years and up).

Morgan’s Mercantile Natural Felt Veggies Set (100% Recycled Plastic) (See it on Etsy) — For people who love eco toys, these soft, fuzzy & adorable felt plush vegetables just might tickle your fancy!

→ For a vegetarian wooden play time — check out our full review of the best wooden veggie play sets.


When you arrive home — welcomed by the comforting aroma of fresh home-baked goods. “Yummy, yummy, in my tummy!” Flaky, gooey, crusty, and full of oven-baked pretend to play for your kids to turn the temperature up. “If you can’t stand the heat — stay out of the kitchen!”

Melissa & Doug Wooden Make-A-Cake Mixer Set (See it on Amazon) — An 11-piece set to bake a little wooden pound cake from floury batter to buttery baked!

Hape Mighty Mixer Wooden Play Baking Accessories Set (See it on Amazon) — A simple-is-beautiful automatic mixer complete with bowl, flower, and sweetness-to-taste brown sugar.

KidKraft Children’s Pastel Role Play Baking Set (See it on Amazon) — With a mixer and all the necessary ingredients to bake two wooden chocolate chip play cookies — it’s a well-rounded baking play accessory set in wood and plastic.

(07) MEALS

If your family’s like mine — then you’ve got some Hot Pocket and Hungry Man frozen meals hidden away in your freezer behind the fresh kale and seaweed crisps. Hey — after a stressful week at home and work — check out these restaurant-quality wooden mealtime accessories to find your comfort food.

Melissa & Doug Pizza Party Wooden Play Food Set (See it on Amazon) — With 54 toppings, and play places to prepare and eat each slice.

Melissa & Doug Fill & Fold Taco & Tortilla Set (See it on Amazon) — Mexican food is the ultimate finger food and this 43 piece set stays true to that — with slice-and-dice action, a skillet, and todos los zesty toppings. ¡Ole!

Melissa & Doug Top & Bake Wooden Pizza Counter Play Set (See it on Amazon) — For the industrious pizza-preneur — here’s how to pretend like you run your own pizza parlor at 3 years old.

Melissa & Doug Prepare & Serve Pasta Play Food Set (See it on Amazon) — When I was a kid, Lasagna was definitely my favorite weekly meal! Here’s a pasta-tastic play set with 4 different types of Italian felt noodles.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Sandwich-Making Pretend Play Food Set (See it on Amazon) — Stack up all the fixings for a hearty triple-stacker – or make a healthy balanced handheld lunch for two.

Melissa & Doug Grill & Serve Wooden BBQ Set (See it on Amazon) — Burgers, hot dogs, steak, or salmon — get all the backyard flame-grilled burger-flipping fun all in a single economical set.


It’s 2021 — and salads are more than just an appetizer! Have your toddler hand-pick their fresh-picked felt leaves and greens. Top it off with bright-colored wooden dressing bottles — ranch, french, vinaigrette, or honey mustard.

Melissa & Doug Slice & Toss Salad Play Food Set (See it on Amazon) — With a healthy number of 5-star ratings, it’s a 52-piece salad set in wood, plastic, and felt.

Hape Garden Salad Wood Play Kitchen Play Set (See it on Amazon) — And award-winning wooden salad set with fresh-cut felt veggies ready and a tossing bowl.


If your kiddo’s got a sweet tooth for bakery-themed pretend play — you just can’t leave the shop without grabbing a rich, creamy, chocolatey dish for after dinner. From cookies for Christmas to ice cream for every occasion — you’ll have to remember these alluring children’s play desserts are made of wood!

Melissa & Doug Wooden Frozen Treats Ice Cream Play Set (See it on Amazon) — Seeing all those colorful freezer pops and ice cream puffs is enough to make your heart melt!

Melissa & Doug Slice & Bake Wooden Cookie Play Food Set (See it on Amazon) — With cookie dough and everything you need to bake 12 sliceable wooden play treats.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Birthday Party Cake (See it on Amazon) — With 6 slices and a birthday candle for each — gather the kids around to sing “Happy Birthday” and decorate the cake with delightful toppings.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Scoop & Serve Ice Cream Counter (See it on Amazon) — A full freezer enclosure with all flavors of scoops and cones to stack and match.

Diane Rae Creations Felt Food Donuts For Kids Bakery Pretend Play (See it on Etsy) — Wood donuts sure are fun, but felt donuts never felt so good — fluffy and squishy just like real donuts.

Decorizma Wooden Ice Cream Bar Toy Set (See it on Etsy) — Sometimes ice cream bars look so good — you wish they’d never melt! This artistic ice cream set is “cool” enough to display on your coffee table.


A parent’s biggest weakness is that window between waking up and the first sip of coffee. Help your child understand your “please not this early” mindset with a caffeinated wooden play set to brew up a Starbucks or Dunkin-style cup of joe.

Hape Coffee Time For Two Wooden Coffee Maker Play Kitchen Set (See it on Amazon) — Take five minutes to be present in the moment with your little companion — it’s single-serve espresso packets for two, please!

Tiny Land Brew & Serve Wooden Coffee Maker Set (See it on Amazon) — Turquoise and pink with milk, cream, sugar, and stirrers for a little barista to make it exactly to order.

Melissa & Doug Brew & Serve Wooden Coffee Maker Set (See it on Amazon) — Looks just like the 8 ounce single-serve coffee maker I have on my own kitchen counter — Melissa & Doug is a brand that deeply understands the American household.


“Tea for two, or two for tea. Because I love you!” A summer’s afternoon with sunshine, good conversation, and a perfectly steeped cup of tea — a children’s limitless imagination and an opportunity for fun practicing social skills.

Wooden Educational Toy Wooden Tea Set Play Accessories Set (See it on Etsy) — This is the same children’s tea set found in pleasant pastel dreams with fluffy clouds and unicorns.

Hape Tea for Two Wooden Play Kitchen Accessory Kit (See it on Amazon) — Designed specifically for afternoon chatter between two best friends for real face-to-face time. “Will you take it as usual — with two sugars and a dash of honey?”


Replacing solid breakfast with an energy- and nutrient-packed smoothie is the one golden healthy life choice I’ve wanted to build for years (and tried and failed several times). Yogurt plus some fruits and veggies — add peanut butter to bump up the protein — and help your children foster the most impactful dietary choices from an early age.

New Classic Toys Wooden Pretend Play Kids Smoothie Maker Set (See it on Amazon) — Even the blender pitcher is made eco-friendly with wooden dowels!

KidKraft Children’s Wooden Smoothie Set (See it on Amazon) — With fresh healthy fruits for easy digestion and a toxin-free energy cleanse — talk about a healthy habit!


A toaster is truly the “Bread and Butter” of any kitchen. For a breakfast-time jam session, pop delightful wooden bread slices into the toaster and set the dial to crispy perfection!

Melissa & Doug Bread and Butter Toaster Set (See it on Amazon) — From toast to butter to plate, here’s a simple budget-friendly toaster just in time.

Hape Kid’s Pop-Up Toaster Set (See it on Amazon) — In nice little white lots of parents like, with bread, butter, child-safe knife, and a serving plate.

Tiny Land Toy Kitchen Wooden Pop-Up Toaster Play Set (See it on Amazon) — An interactive learning toaster with real toaster popping action — gratifying!

To start or expand your kid’s kitchen collection — accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! Thanks for shopping with Oddblocks today.

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